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"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." —George Orwell

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Bush unworthy of Christian vote

A Texas woman who cast her vote for all Democratic candidates discovered her ballot marked for Bush/Cheney

Interpol pushing to be UN -Globocop

Wake up America, Communism is not dead 

ID theft: nasty, preventable


Possible UN influence over U.S. elections

Kerry supporters issue cocky predictions

Candidate seeks to expose 2000 Florida vote fraud cover-up

Iraq War and oil price spike

Judge rules against man who defended his home


Bush reelected; Kerry concedes

'Gay marriage' ban easily wins in 11 states
(A good first step to forcing the sodomites back into their filthy closets!)

Exit polls and ‘actual’ results don’t match; Evoting states show greater discrepancy

Judge assailed at Zundel hearing

B'nai Brith official quits after terrorism remark
(His crime? Being to blatant about it.)

Winner takes all!
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Pro-life leader says Bush's reelection could 'spell end' of pro-life movement

In quotes: World reacts to US vote

Neocon 'flex players' await Bush's second term

Arafat lapses into a coma

The long arms of Rabbi Elyashiv and of the Knesset
(Ever wondered if the 6 million figure was inflated "just a tad"? Then see "Shouting 'Gevalt!'"--Yiddish for "emergency"--to find out what Israel may have in store for you.)


Specter warns Bush on judicial nominees
(Recall that supposedly pro-life President Bush was instrumental in securing Senator Specter's win in the primaries and that Real News 24/7 was one of the only sites on the Web alerting readers of this treachery.)

Ashcroft likely to leave post

As Arafat clings to life
Israeli soldiers placed on state of alert

'Holocaust survivor's' claims queried

Hanoi urged US activists to run for office
(Just another rich commie? More on Kerry's subversive background.)


Bush pushes new agenda

Democrats get a lesson in morality
(True, but unfortunately, the values of many GOP faithful are not being served, as the lead article for November 4 clearly indicates--see below.)

Arizona passage of anti-illegal alien measure encourages other states 

Zundel not a threat, FBI ruled


Movement arises to block Specter

Controversial remarks by Sen. Arlen Specter, cautioning President Bush against nominating Supreme Court justices who would overturn the Roe vs. Wade abortion decision, have sparked a furious outcry from Bush's large conservative and Evangelical support base, and spawned a movement to ensure the Pennsylvania Republican does not ascend to chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee as expected.

Overnight, a website named emerged to help lead the charge.¼

Specter steams the local Right

China steps in firmly in support of Iran
(Let's see if we've got this straight: 1) President Bush said that any country supporting the perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks is to be considered an enemy of the United States; 2) he singled out three nations--Iraq, Iran and North Korea (the 'Axis of Evil')--as foremost among such terrorist enablers; 3) China is throwing its support to two-thirds of the 'Axis'--first North Korea and now Iran; 4) making China one of America's...most favored trade partners?)

US strikes raze Falluja hospital
(Great way to endear our troops to the populace, huh?)

Remote control planes take place of soldiers


Specter backpedaling for his political life against tidal wave of opposition
(Click here to sign petition blocking Specter appointment.)

Rumsfeld: Rule of Iraq assassins must end

Militants bomb Orthodox church in Baghdad

French 're-imposing' Ivorian calm

Girl Scout groups under fire again for Planned Parenthood ties


Battle for Falluja may take several days

US death toll rising in Iraq

US Supreme Court to be given ultra-conservative edge
(Oh, yeah. Right. We'll believe that when we see it.)

Spat over Specter may be subsiding
(Note that the Senator Rick Santorum, whose traitorous support, along with Bush's, was
indispensable in Specter's primary win over a pro-life foe, is now leading the charge to convince outraged Republicans to look the other way. We urge readers to sign the petition to block Specter's nomination.)

Illinois gun owners want protection for homeowners

States lining up to outlaw same-sex 'marriage'

Netherlands school hit by bomb


Did Specter cost Bush Pennsylvania?

Bush revives bid to legalize illegal aliens

Conspiracy theories abound after Bush victory

The men who could replace Arafat

House-to-house warfare in Fallujah

Iraqi official: Instability will bring chaos to region

Eye in sky may watch Chicago Parks workers


Veteran leader Yasser Arafat dies

Fallujah 'not end of story'

Values-oriented voters want conservative courts
(Were Bush half e pro-lifer many of his supporters believe him to be, he would--at the time he puts forth a court nominee--inform Specter and the Senate obstructionists that this is it; if they knock this one down, the next nominee will be even more pro-life, so they'd better get used to it.)

Arlen Specter - 'Bork' him

Promoting Kinsey, censoring grandma

Vanunu arrested by Israeli police

DVD of Fox News series on Israeli spying now available


Pomp and security to farewell Arafat

George Bush to be absent from Arafat's funeral
(The reason? Bush is said to have looked at Arafat as an obstacle to Middle East peace. But Sharon isn't an obstacle?!)

Bush, Blair meet to ponder Mideast options

Arafat's illness still a mystery
(Palestinians want to know: Did Israel poison him?)

Sharon: Arafat will 'get what he deserves'

US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq
("It's Orwellian. They do not want the public to know.¼")

Specter in hot water again over anti-Christian fundraising letter

They're throwing journalists into jail right here in the USA

Presidential candidates to demand Ohio recount

The Ohio factor: Did Homeland Security and the FBI interfere with the vote count?

Judge rules in favor of Terri Schiavo on nutrition stay
Terri's website  More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people

Protests over 'sexologist' movie

He’s kidding — right?


Bush calls for Palestinian state

Specter defends remarks about Bush's nominations
(But his comments on Judge Bork clearly show his Leftist bias.)

Smoke and Corpses

Charity: Fallujah situation 'disastrous'

NATO says Europe is failing to support Bush's war on terror

 Doctor suspects Arafat was poisoned, urges autopsy
(If there wasn't foul play, then why no autopsy?)

Numbers Game: 9-11, F-16 & 3.5 miles


Bush betrays conservatives already

Alberto Gonzales, tabbed by "conservative" President Bush to be the next Attorney General, has a Kerry-like record on social issues. So what else is new?!

Barely a week has passed since 84 percent of the nation's self-described conservatives cast their ballots for George W. Bush, and already the president and his administration have delivered at least two good, strong, swift kicks in the teeth to the voters who elected him. Speaking in Mexico this week Secretary of State Colin Powell acknowledged that the administration will revive its amnesty plan for illegal aliens, and in Washington Hispanic White House counsel Alberto Gonzales was named as the next attorney general.

Mr. Gonzales, considered a liberal on social issues, will be the main official to pick the next Supreme Court justices, including the chief justice. Since one of the major reasons why conservatives voted for Mr. Bush at all was that he would supposedly select more conservative justices than John Kerry, Mr. Gonzales' appointment is a nice wallop to the conservative face.

For driver's license, La boys preregister for Selective Service

US to deploy hyper-missiles
(Disarmament? What disarmament?  That's only for countries Israel doesn't like.)

Scott Peterson convicted of murdering wife and baby

Pro-life reaction to the Peterson verdict

Stop Arlen Specter from blocking conservative pro-gun judges

Presbyterian Church receives arson threat over Middle East policies


The reelection of George W. Bush: A possible bright side?
(Here's a column that shows Bush's record as being not quite as bad as feared. Trouble is that it comes from Left Hook, a self-proclaimed "radical youth journal.")

Powell said poised to leave Bush cabinet

US forces cleaning up in Falullujah

Fears grow for UK aid worker

Blair confronts his critics over special relationship with US

Global population implosion


Bush stained by specter of infanticide

U.S. begins probe in killing of Iraqi prisoner

Condi Rice tabbed to replace Powell
Israeli FM Silvan Shalom: "She is a true friend to Israel."

Rice's failure at NSC complicates new post

"Hillary for President '08" opens shop

Boy Scouts banned on bases
(For more on the anti-Scout attack, see our
special report)

What if the revisionists are right?
"To encourage Jewish emigration, the National Socialists worked closely with Zionist organizations, which were interested in encouraging the emigration to Palestine of as many Jews as possible.¼"

Strange science


Abortionists launch a drive to support Bush nominee Specter

The Manufactured divide
Rhetoric aside, little of substance separated George W. Bush from John Kerry — and a second Bush term will do nothing to reduce the size, expense, and power of government.

Why isn't Kerry using $50M unspent campaign money to fund recounts?
(Because he's part of the same Establishment as Bush, stupid! See above links.)

Woman hostage believed killed

Government looking at military draft lists

Dollar hits new low versus euro

Schivo case judge can be removed from the bench--immediately!

New Scientology link to Terri Schivo's persecutors
(For an in-depth look, see Scientology and Terri Schindler-Schivo: The death connection)
Terri's website  More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people


Bush ditches Jesus, pleases Jewish ADL

All ex-presidents but Ford on hand to open Clinton Library
(Shouldn't that be the Clinton Lie-brary?)

Unease over e-voting

Silenced priest warns of gay crisis

11-year-old advocate for modesty
(She shames all of those who say there's nothing that can be done!)

All ex-presidents but Ford on hand to open Clinton Library
(Shouldn't that be the Clinton Lie-brary?)

Unease over e-voting

Silenced priest warns of gay crisis

11-year-old advocate for modesty
(She shames all of those who say there's nothing that can be done!)


Henry Kissinger on Bush and the new world order
(Here are your marching orders, George.)

Judiciary panel backs Specter
(A vote that ignored vigorous opposition by pro-lifers, who vow to continue the fight.)

Urgent Alert: Vote Coming On Forced Mental Health Screening

Slipping Total Information Awareness thru back door ? RAND wants to 'connect the dots' about terrorist attacks (Note that John Poindexter, former head of the  now-'defunct' and totally Orwellian TIA program, sees a parallel between the two--and so do we.)

Researchers: Florida vote fishy

Israeli military seeks to exhume Gaza girl's body


Color them communists
"The most apparent example of the Communist/Masonic infiltration of an organization is its successful infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church.¼"

The collapse of the WTC (expert whistleblower's letter got him fired)
"We know that the steel components were certified to ASTM E119. The time temperature curves for this standard require the samples to be exposed to temperatures around 2000F for several hours.  And as we all agree, the steel applied met those specifications.¼" (Emphasis added)

Mystery remains over who killed Margaret Hassan


Judge can't help Zundel's wife

'Smart Dust' may soon be watching you


Immigration: a moral issue

Illegal aliens continue to enter the US at an alarming rate. It's time that those who keep pushing amnesty should listen to the people.

Among the ballot measures that passed resoundingly in the election is one that no conservative can afford to ignore — Arizona's Proposition 200. It is a measure that will require proof of U.S. citizenship for voting and proof of legal residency for many public services.

It passed with a 56 percent majority — a clear message from voters of their frustration with illegal immigration. What is most remarkable about this is that it is in a state where not only the governor, but also its famous senator, John McCain, opposed it, as did members of its congressional delegation.¼

Why Judeo (judaized)-Christians support war

Jewish dominance of America - facts are facts

Why Bush's America feels like Orwell's 1984

Air Force Academy bares anti-Christian fangs

A warrior has left us
(Reed Irvine fought media bias, founded Accuracy In Media. Although we didn't agree with him on every issue, we respected his determination to expose dishonest journalism.  May he rest in peace)



Bush, Fox optimistic about guest-worker program
(Since when are people who break into homes referred to as "guests"? Yet that's what this amounts to. Bush's plan will help businesses acquire a pool of unskilled workers who work cheap and take jobs from Americans, All the while taxpayers will be expected to subsidize the illegals.)

The illegal alien swing vote

Fallujah attacks expose new risks
("The white flag may be an international symbol of surrender, but in Fallujah it has become another tool of guerilla war.")

Reporter: Wounded Iraqi made no movements
(This needs to be read in the context of the preceding link.)

Pollard: Israel groomed jailed terrorist to head PA

Media myopia
Keeping the news media honest (We really need to make them honest, since they aren't that way already.)

The Josef Stalin Vote Fraud Page
(An interesting new webpage that looks at a famous remark about voting by the Soviet dictator and shows how it's become quite popular to quote it, as is shown by numerous examples from the new media--both "mainstream" and independent. It also includes a number of illustrations, including one of Stalin casting a ballot. From the Vote site.) 


Illegal immigrants must be barred from receiving all non-emergency benefits

Mass offensive launched south of Baghdad

IRS may no longer be able to ignore critics’ petition

GOP borrowing paves the way for Democrat tax hikes

Surrendering liberty to government security


Terrorist crossing: cover-up on the U.S.-Mexico border

Ukraine on brink of 'civil war'
(Vote fraud--Ukrainian style!)

Declaration of Independence banned at California school
(The Christ haters are back at it.)

Anti-'gay' exorcism dubbed possible hate crime
(While they're at it, sounds like the police department could use one, too!)


Swallowing a scorpion from Mexico

Immigration enforcement weakens since 9-11

What vote fraud?
(Dems pocket $52 Million, CNN ignores evidence, and officials stonewall...)

Stay out of Sudan's civil war
(Ignore neo-con warmongers)

Students free to thank anybody, except God
(The war continues to make atheism America's official religion, a concept totally at odds with President George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation.)

Property and the first Thanksgiving


Bush nominee Gonzales in group that backs lax immigration laws

17 Iraqi parties demand election delay

Crowds besiege Kiev government
(They play rough in the Ukraine; one  candidate appears to have been poisoned! ... more)

Arafat, the Kapo: He served the Israelis well

Dropping the anchorman


Bush to make third bid for guest worker plan

No amnesty, Mr. President

The unbearable wetness of the Rio Grande

Terrorist crossing: Cover-up on the U.S.-Mexico border

Government to investigate voting irregularities
(Look for a push to promote compulsory nationwide touch-screen voting by 2006--or 2008 at the latest--as the 'solution' to vote fraud.)

The Left's hidden victory in 2004

Why calling conservatives ''Nazis'' is such an inane and incongruous remark


Scandal-shocked Israelis ask: Has army lost its way

A leading Israeli rights group demanded the army chief-of-staff Moshe Ya'alon (right) resign.

Israel's once-unshakable faith in the morality of the army has been put to the test by a series of recent scandals, one of which saw a soldier empty his weapon into the body of a young Palestinian girl, who had been killed moments earlier on her way to school.

It has not been a particularly good couple of weeks for an army which proclaims itself to be "the most ethical army in the world."

Befitting behaviors

Israeli rights group calls for army chief’s resignation

Debt rises 53.5 billion in one day
(Courtesy of our "conservative" president.)

More information on push for NY grand jury over 9-11

China and Iran draw closer


Israel's military draws criticism after girl, 13, slain

Marines aided by robotic airplane in Iraq
(Similarly, the use of robotic planes is a very plausible alternative explanation for the 9-11 attacks. We have amassed numerous proofs in Section 5 -- 9-11 Cover-Up: Remote Control Planes of our Documentation and Resource Page.)

The Military Draft
("A mandatory draft is coming and it will come soon.¼")

Is annexation of Canada part of Bush's military agenda?
(Part of the move--along with Mexico--to bring about a American equivalent of the European Union?)

The campaign to decriminalize World War II history


Israel shocked by image of soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblock

Reward: $100,000 for proof of government claims how WTC came down!

FBI likely knew of Oklahoma bombing plot


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