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Documentation and Resource Page -- 2004/2005
for the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" Radio Ads & Programs

(The link for the audio of the 2002 radio ads is at the bottom of this page, and the link for the documentation for the 2002  radio ads is found here. )

To help us bring this radio ads strategy and the accompanying organizational strategy (see section 9 below on this page) to national prominence -- mail checks to: "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2005", PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 -- or -- to our educational arm: Cincinnatus Action Committee, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Many thanks.

On this page, you will find exhaustive documentation and expansive resources to back up the subjects and ideas raised on the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" one minute radio ads for 2002, 2004, and now 2005 (hear those radio ads here) -- and on the one hour programs ( -- The Radio Show) which aired on Sunday Evening October 17 and October 24, 2004, and which are to run on July 24 & July 31, 2005 at 9 PM eastern time on WKRC 550 AM radio and on the worldwide web at  --  The CDs for the two 2004 radio shows will be made available on this website shortly, and the shows also will be archived on this page.

NOTE: The "Reasonable Access" Law requires FCC licensed radio stations and television stations to carry ads and programs sponsored by federal candidates during election season. The stations mentioned below do not endorse the ads aired by "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" or any other candidate.

Let the documentation begin (See also the home page under "SEVEN LESSONS . . ." )


Section 1 -- Who Runs the Media

Summary: When you realize that one ideological group effectively controls all major media in the USA, and that they are using this media power to manipulate Americans into certain directions -- then you have the key to the beginning of understanding of recent history and current events.

And here's a key part of the agenda of the Ruling Elite -- the Permanent Revolution to dominant the world through finance and the power to issue money: These two articles also begin to explain the Ruling Elite of finance insisted on NAFTA and GATT -- and why the jobs of everyday Americans are being shipped overseas by those dominating American finance. All Congressmen and Senators who voted for NAFTA, GATT and related laws -- have betrayed America in a number of ways. See the book "The Great Betrayal" by Patrick Buchanan.

Who Runs the Media? Who Rules America?

Only Six Corporations Dominate America’s Major Media Outlets by Jim Condit Jr.

What is the Hayfield Research? You'd Better Find Out by Jim Condit Jr.


Section 2 -- Will there by a Draft in 2005?

Summary: Despite 2004 election eve denials by President Bush at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio -- as well as elsewhere, -- the Selective Service System (SSS) has been given at least an extra $14 million to re-set up all 2000+ Draft Boards in the USA, and a companion Appeals Board for each area. Contact with Selective Service volunteers in Ohio confirm that the process is proceeding full speed ahead. The goal originally stated on the Selective Service website for complete readiness is June, 2005.

This is a massive undertaking requiring the recruitment of 10,000+ Draft Board members and 10,000+ Appeals Board members. 80% of the positions were vacant in 2003 -- and the last time the Draft Boards were utilized was 1973, right before the Vietnam war was brought to an end. Also, a massive effort to get every high school in the USA to get every young man in high school registered for the draft has been underway for years.

Two bills sit in Congress, one introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Charles Rangel of New York, the other has been introduced into the Senate by Senator Fritz Hollings of South Carolina. As rumors spread about the coming Draft on the internet in early October 2004 -- primarily spread by pro-Kerry socialists like -- the Republican House rushed through a resolution against the Draft which passed 402 to 2. Don't be fooled by either group.

First, Kerry, if he had been elected, would have done the same as Bush will do -- both respond to the same Ruling Elite. Second, the Republican resolution against the draft was for the folks back home at election time. All that is needed is a 2nd Terrorist Attack -- orchestrated by the same traitorous forces which engineered 9-11 -- and cries of "We live in a new world" will reverberate throughout the land -- and the Congress will support a draft; unless enough Americans are on to what is happening.

Mothers Against the Draft -- the Premier Website on this Subject

They're Coming to Draft Young Americans!
This Network America e-wire was written when we erroneously believed that Dean would be the Democratic nominee. Just substitute "Kerry" for "Dean" while reading this e-wire, and you will be fine. The BBC article about the Bush administration setting up the draft boards -- to be ready in June, 2005 -- is included.

BBC Article about Revival of the Draft in the USA -- written in November 2003
The Bush Administration has put $28 million in the Defense Budget to set up Draft Boards and Appeal Boards across the USA to reinstitute conscription of young men and women.


Section 3 -- 2nd Terrorist Attack: Phase II of 9-11

Summary: There has been clever and sustained propaganda coming over the 5 Big TV Networks since early in 2002 to prepare American to accept another horrible Terrorist Attack. This is slated to be a "Phase II" of 9-11. As the first 9-11 terror attacks manipulated US troops into the Mideast -- a goal of World "Zionist Jewry" and the modern state of Israel since 1948 -- the second terrorist attack is meant to jolt America into accepting a Draft, expanding the war in the Mideast against other Arab countries, and accepting more police-state like controls on the domestic front.

2nd Terrorist Attack:Phase II of 9-11?
Once you realize that the preponderance of the evidence shows that the 9-11-01 terror attacks were an "inside job" -- see Section 5 below -- pulled off by traitorous elements within the US government and US military intelligence who are secretly loyal to Israel and the Jewish Supremist New World Order, then this section will become more relevant. A Second "Inevitable" Big Terror Attack has been constantly promoted in the Big Media since early 2002 -- precisely to condition Americans to feel that such an attack is inevitable -- and that the Arabs will do it. The Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite intends to use this Second Terror Attack to begin a draft of America's young people, expand the war in the Mideast by attacking more Arab countries, and take steps to initiate a police state in earnest here in the USA. That's what they want to do -- and all loyal Americans will want to stop them as soon as they figure out what's going on. The assembled articles behind this link prove a fast progression of Big Media articles in 2002 already trying to manipulate Americans into accepting a 2nd terrorist attack by "the Arabs."

Stranger Than Fiction
A very important work putting the 9-11 terror attacks as a contrived pretext for war -- into historical context.

20th Century Wars: A Pattern of Deception
Good summary of using "incidents" to create the pretext for war.

Assault on the USS Liberty
Israel wantonly attacked a USA target before in 1967 -- to try and blame it on the Arabs and start an attack apparently on Egypt (see "Operation Cyanide" in a google search) and
Two websites published by Alex Jones with an astounding compilation of information showing that the "official story" about the terror attacks on 9-11-01 -- is false. Also covering other "terrorist attacks" which appear to be suspect on the face of the known evidence. Also covers the use of contrived terror attacks and engineered crises throughout history to impose a police state upon the target population --- and, furthermore, demonstrating that the target population right now is US in the USA.


Section 4 -- Expand the War in the Middle East?

Summary: In October of 2004 -- US troops and mercenaries are preparing Iraq to be a launching pad to attack other Arab countries. US soldiers are being used as pawns by the Jewish Supremists who run the Big Media in the USA and the Bush administration. Kerry would have followed the exact same policies, and so will Hillary Clinton -- if she's computer-generated, er, I mean "elected" President in 2008.

Whose War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan (this article was written in March of 2003, before the Iraq invasion of 2003 began; however, it is completely relevant to the push now (July 2005) by the neo-cons to expand the war in the Mideast by next attacking Iran and then Syria.

Scott Ritter Speaks about the current situation in the MidEast
This talk was given in Massachusetts on June 23, 2005 -- you can hear the mp3 audio -- look at some pictures snapped during the event,  and read a newspaper article about the speech as well.

Ray McGovern, Former CIA Senior Analyst who worked under 7 Presidents -- Exposes Deliberate Intelligence warping by Bush Administration in lead up to Iraq Invasion of 2003.

Review of New Book exposing the Neo-Con Network
The High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper

US Troops Slated to stay in Mideast "Forever" 
(A Network America e-wire)

Al-CIA-duh pukes up computer on cue
(A Network America e-wire)
A website which carries excellent news updates on the Middle East quagmire
A website with excellent news on the Middle East quagmire and Ruling Elite attempts to expand "Patriot Act"
A shocking amount of information regarding the 9-11 terror attacks and the "war on terror."
A website which carries useful news updates and analysis on the Middle East quagmire


Section 5 -- 9-11 Cover-Up:
Inside Job by pro-Israeli Traitors in military intelligence and the Federal Government
via Remote Control Planes; Controlled Demolition of the WTC buildings

Summary: Americans have been exposed to three years of relentless propaganda from the 5 Jewish run TV Networks that the terror attacks of 2001 -- the 911 conspiracy -- involved 19 box-cutter wielding Arabs outsmarting the entire US Intelligence and military establishment -- all master-minded from a cave in Afghanistan. We are here to tell you -- that there was a 9-11 Conspiracy, but, it was masterminded by highly placed modern Israel-First Traitors and their allies high in the US Government. 9-11 was an elaborate magic show using technology which was little known to the public. The purpose was to enrage Americans against the Arab world in order to get Americans to accept a mass movement of US troops into the Middle East. The unfolding of events since 911 conform to the plans of the so called neo-cons as outlined on such websites as that of The Project for the New American Century (PNAC). The US is now building 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. These bases are to be used as the launching pad for future attacks against other Arab countries in the Mideast -- as US troops continue to be used as the strike force on behalf of modern Israel in the Mideast and Jewish Supremacy throughout the world.

Questions you may have about the terror attacks 9-11, 2001 -- and Some Answers (Click Here)

The first item below is for your entertainment and amazement. The 3rd item listed below, "Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots" -- is the one article you need to read to start to get a handle on the 9-11-01 terror attacks. Everything else in the section is excellent also.

The Lone Gunmen's "Pilot" Episode
Six months before the attacks on September 11th the TV program The Lone Gunmen, a spin-off of the popular X-Files series, aired an episode in which a conspiracy within the U.S. Government plotted to crash an airliner into the World Trade Center using remote control, then blame it on terrorists. Coincidence or did somebody know something? This webpage has a video clip and links to other sites on the show, including one with extensive clips.

9-11 Cover-Up: Remote Control Planes (Our own compilation of articles on 9-11-01, used in the 2002 election; still relevant)

* * * * * * * * * * * * Must Read * * * * * * * *
Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots
All those who still believe the Big Media cover story for the terror attacks of 9-11-2001 -- have one thing in common: they haven't yet read this article and absorbed its information.
* * * * * * * * * * * Must Read * * * * * * * * * --
The Rolls Royce of 9-11 websites; home of the ground-breaking article: "Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots"; This site also reproduces the article -- linked also immediately below -- from the Washington Post in 1999: "When Seeing and Hearing is not believing" -- an article which explains how cell phone calls or speeches can be fabricated once the experts have your voice on tape for a few minutes. At this website you can also see all of the important articles posted by Carol Valentine on 9-11 and related issues, including "Did NORAD send the Suicide Jets?" Parts 1 & 2, "Jewish Supremacists Hype Al-Jazeera", and "Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" 

When Seeing and Hearing isn't Believing
A reprint of a Washington Post article from February 1, 1999. Voice simulation is perfected, more or less -- enough to fool any relative. The cell phone calls of 9-11-01 -- supposedly from the hi-jacked planes -- seem to be fakes. Cell phones for over a few seconds seem to be impossible in planes flying hundreds of miles per hour (the phones can find a cell phone tower to link to, especially back in 2001). This article shows you that once you have taped (wire-tapped?) a person's voice -- you can reconstruct it to say things the person never said. Those who are incredulous at this conclusion -- need to see the movie "Forrest Gump."

The Woman at the Edge of the Abyss
 Famous picture of a woman standing in a gaping hole created by one of the 9-11 planes on a high level floor in the North Tower, minutes after the plane hit on 9-11-01. This picture gives the lie to the idea that intense heat from the Jet Fuel brought down both of the Twin Towers and WTC building #7.

9-11 Goes Mainstream in the Daily Mail of London, England!
Remote Control Planes, Cell Phone Calls, EVERYTHING! -- August 6, 2005, Daily Mail of London, circulation 2 million!

Ghost Riders in the Sky
Part I -- an alternative scenario for how the planes crashed in the WTC

Ghost Riders in the Sky Part II
Virtual cell phones calls on 9-11

Ghost Riders in the Sky Part III
Magic carpet Air Services -- how Mohamed Atta and his boys were CIA type patsies

Daniel Hopsicker's Research and Videos -- such as Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus (free video clips on this site); the Hopsicker research shows that the accused "Arab Hi-jackers" were in fact the "Lee Harvey Oswald" patsies for the 9-11-01 terror attacks. These US intelligence (read Mossad hiding within US intelligence) backed and financed patsies could not reliably fly planes according to the testimony of the people running the Venice, Florida flight schools. Hopsicker, a professional videographer who worked on documentaries for the big TV networks and parts of Hollywood before he followed the truth into forbidden territory regarding the drug trade in America, went straight to those running the flight schools in Venice, Florida as soon as that part of the 9-11 story hit the Big TV network news. He got the testimony of numerous "locals" of Venice, Florida on film -- before the Big 5 TV Networks had time to start brainwashing America with their Hollywood-written script for the "legend" (read lie) of 9-11.

 In Plane Sight
This video incredible footage from the Big TV Networks; includes clip of FOX reporter Jeff Birnbaum describing the 2nd plane which crashed into the World Trade Towers as having "no windows" and a blue streak painted around its nose; includes PBS interview of WTC owner Larry Silverstein, where Silverstein (slip of the tongue) admits they collapsed WTC Building 7 (which fell 8 hours after the Twin Towers) by controlled demolition techniques. (Hint: It looks just like the Twin Towers when it fell.) This video is incredible and we highly recommend it; they do not identify the possible traitors --- which is why you have come to find that out here!

Do a Google search for Barry Zwicker's The Great Deception and the Great Conspiracy -- where he takes the Big Media to task for covering up key aspects of the 9-11-01 terror attacks. These are DVDs.

ALSO --- see our other documentation page on 9-11 -- there is some duplication of items, but much additional info. Click here.


Section 6 -- Israel, and the organized Jewish Lobby (AIPAC, ADL, etc) in America,
friend or foe of the USA?


Assault on the USS Liberty

Israel's Sacred Terrorism by Livia Rokach
Online book: based on Moshe Sharett's personal diary; Sharett was in Ben Gurion's government from 1948 till 1954, and became Prime Minister of Israel in 1954-55. This book was first published in 1980.

The Books of Douglas Reed online
Finally most of the books of one of the greatest Eye-Witness Reporters of the 20th Century are online. Reed was a correspondent for the London Times and was on the scene for many of the critical events of the 20th century. He was in Russia at the time of the Communist Revolution in 1917; he was on the scene when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, and so forth. The book he was still finishing at his death, The Controversy of Zion, is not online here. The second have of that book is especially valuable regarding the history of the 20th Century.

This Age of Conflict by Ivor Benson
An excellent pamphlet for an introduction to the nuts and bolts of the 20th century.

Rachel Corrie -- Victim of Israeli State Terrorism

Picture of Rachel Corrie before she left Seattle for Palestine to protest Israeli persecution and murder against Palestinians.  (We endorse the picture, but not all of the politically-correct new age essay)

Picture of Rachel Corrie shortly after Israeli Thug soldier runs over her with bulldozer

Closest Eye-Witness to the Murder of Rachel Corrie

Photo Essay in Tribute to Rachel Corrie


Link TV -- Daily TV Reports and more on the other side of news in the Middle East, Iraq, etc.

The Rakovsky Interrogation, World War II, and the 'Unknown Light' of Fatima

Assassinations, Persecutions, and Graveyard Vandalism also known as
Letter issued to Frank Rich of the New York Times, Abe Foxman of the ADL, Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Institute, and James Rudin of the American Jewish Committee -- on the eve of the release of the movie The Passion of the Christ -- by Jim Condit Jr. Exposes the furor behind the Jewish Establishment's opposition to this one movie, and in effect attempt a pre-emptive strikes any phony "anti-Semitic" graveyard defacings, or violence, which would then have been blamed on the movie. A shocking wealth of knowledge contained or pointed to herein. "The website so effective that the ADL dare not speak its name."
Scholary inquiry into the Talmud, what it says, and interpretations of what it says.
Home of the two books coming out about how the so-called Neo-Cons tricked the USA into the Gulf War of 1991 and the Iraq War of 2003. The books are "Neo-Conned" and "Neo-Conned Again." The website has much interesting reading.

Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!  A site by Carol Valentine exploring the Talmud (highest authority of Judaism since the 2nd century)

"The Plot Against Christianity"
by Elizabeth Dilling.

Zundel in Prison, Truth, Lies, and the Holocaust -- Documentation Page
Zundel was arrested in Tennessee in 2003 for absolutely nothing, and then put in jail for honest scholarship on World War II and aspects of the Hollywood Version of the Holocaust. His research threatens the scam being run by the worldwide organized Jewish Lobby on the USA, Germany, and mankind. The Zionist Ruling Elite, i.e., the Founders of Israel, were instrumental in funding Hitler to power, and then worked closely with Hitler to round up everyday Jews in Germany and Europe, and then force the Jews chosen down to Palestine, in anticipation of the takeover of Palestine which happened in 1948, three years after World War II. When all out fighting erupted between Hitler and the Zionist bankers circa 1940, then many everyday Jews, many of them Orthodox Jews, were abandoned by the Zionists (see the book Perfidy by Hollywood Producer Ben Hecht, written in 1961, as a primer on this subject). "Jewish Soap", "Lampshades made out of Jewish skin", the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz to kill people en masse, and the very number of 6 million -- were deliberate and grotesque fabrications manufactured by the worldwide, organized Jewish Lobby -- to throw a perpetual guilt trip on European Americans in Europe and the USA, in order to make it difficult for anyone to criticize their traitorous and monstrous activities and agendas in our day, and to continue to extract billions of dollars from Germany and the USA. Just as the everyday Jewish people were used by the Zionists before and during World War II, with hundreds of thousands dying in the crossfire, the everyday German people were framed by the Zionists after the war, for a "Holocaust" that was planned and engineered by Zionist brains, and financed largely by Zionist money. Ernst Zundel set out years ago to defend the good name of the German people, and because he was so effective at it -- he now sits in jail in a German prison, charged with a thought crime. The Zionist Ruling Elite hopes to kill or put in prison all those who oppose their agenda in the years and decades ahead. In that sense, Ernst Zundel is a stalking horse for all honest people, including those valiant Jewish people, who oppose the agenda of the Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite behind the rising New World Order.

* * * * *

The following DVD is the responsibility only of and Jim Condit Jr., and no support or agreement with the thesis propounded therein in whole or in part should necessarily be imputed to Ernst Zundel or any of the other guests or subjects covered in the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" radio ads or one hour radio shows. With regard to all these radio ads and one hour shows, everyone is responsible for what he or she says only, and not for what anyone else says.

New! -- The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler -- DVD
-- This DVD features commentary and analysis by Jim Condit Jr. based on dozens of books and sources. A must DVD for those interested in World War II and our World Today; made originally primarily for historians and researchers, many "normal" people have also found it of gripping interest. This DVD is 140 minutes packed with sources that show there is a side to Hitler and the Nazis which is all but unknown --- the cooperation of Hitler and the Nazis with the Founders of Israel -- The Zionists -- throughout the 1930s and even in the 1940s. Who will be more angry at this DVD -- the ADL or the Aryan Nations? -- the myths both types of groups promote about Hitler and the Nazis is demolished.

(Archival footage is used only in the one minute introduction; books, pamphlets, and pictures are featured at many points during the commentary and analysis in this DVD.)


Section 7 -- Votescam: The Stealing of America -- or -- The Dangers of Computerized Votefraud vs. Honest Elections
Our companion website exposing how the Ruling Elite has stolen our Constitutional right to an open and honest counting of the ballots in 2004.

How a Private Company Counts our Votes on Election Night
an eye-witness report from Cook County on Election Night 2004 -- by Christopher Bollyn

What's Happening Right Now
An further explanation and elaboration of the implications of the Bollyn eye-witness report, immediately above.  How our right to know that our vote is counted properly is nullified by the unconstitutional delegation of the vote counting process to about 4 private mega-computer software companies. This unconstitutional delegation of authority and abdication of responsibility is happening in 99% of the 3100+ counties in the USA --  and is being perpetrated against the people of the United States by those who control each of these local Board of Elections -- by Jim Condit Jr.

How Our Votes SHOULD be counted each Election Night  by Jim Condit Jr.

Understanding the Real "2000 Election" Scam
by Jim Condit Jr.
Americans are now mere window dressing on election day -- adding credibility to a process that is now counted in secret (in 99% of the USA) -- providing cover for the 3 or 4 Ruling Elite companies which can fix all key elections from President to local coroner. We assert that a vigorous investigation is needed into companies such as Diebold, ES & S and Sequoia -- which we believe will show that such top mega-companies are owned by the same crowd, and that these top companies work together to make sure that the Ruling Elite's agenda remains on course and thrives by "electing" the "best" candidates -- from the Ruling Elite's point of view. Let the investigation begin!
This is the excellent website on "votescam" of Investigative reporter Lynn Landes

AP will feed 5 Big TV Election Night "Results" -- Where do they get these "results" ?? by Lynn Landes; an important story on the eve of Election 2004

"Voting Rights" Groups Block Talk of Machine Free Elections by Lynn Landes
The website of Bev Harris, who is now on the cutting edge of exposing the absurdity and corruption of computerized voting
The website maintained by Victoria Collier about the late James and Kenneth Collier, authors of Votescam: The Stealing of America.


Section 8 -- The Subject of Money: Taxes could and should be reduced from 25% of your check to 2% of your check and Usury can and must be ended in the USA

The Money Myth Exploded

The Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite is trying to bring (Trotskyite) Communism to the USA through Control of the Issue of Money via the Federal Reserve Board; by issuing Money Against American Productivity (good and services) and making sure their talented friends have virtually unlimited loans to gain a monopoly over all key industries (usually through 3 or 4 companies), this crowd is trying to establish a monopoly for themselves in all key areas of human endeavor. They also intend to take away private property as a right. Just as the Judeo-Masonic Elite took away private property from the Russian Farmers and "Communized them" circa 1917 to 1935 -- so their descendants, the current Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite intends to take away business ownership and the right to private property away from Americans and "Communize" them as renters and wage earners. Put another way, your grandfather owned a hardware store -- you work for Home Depot.


Only Six Corporations Dominate America’s Major Media Outlets by Jim Condit Jr.

What is the Hayfield Research? You'd Better Find Out by Jim Condit Jr.

More Essays by Terry Hayfield on the Permanent Revolution and the Current Financial Consolidation leading to Trotzkyite Communism under a new name in the USA. i.e., These essays are complementary information to understanding Agenda 21 -- see links immediately below. Hayfield's research and Agenda 21 are the "nuts and bolts" of how the world's Ruling Elite still push for an updated Communism. (Hint: the New Communists are the former Trotskyites -- the Neocons, such as Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, who now run the national Republican Party.) Hayfield's research proves the agenda of what some call "the Conspiracy" from the daily headlines.

Read about the Sinister Federal Reserve Board (FED) here



Section 9 -- The Action Program by which we every day Americans can take back the USA from the Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite

Citizen mobilization 2004

Yes, There is a Plan for 2004

The Most Important Office in the Land (The Precinct Strategy)

(See also the summary on the home page, item #7 under "The Seven Lessions . . .")


Section 10 -- How to view charges of "Anti-Semitism"

Fr. Denis Fahey speaks on Anti-Semitism
Speaking directly to Catholics, but enunciating principles applicable for everyone in this matter, this passage is taken from the writings of this Irish priest (1883-1954) who spent much of his life researching and exposing the Jewish leaders of Communism and Zionism, as well as their satellite, Freemasonry. Some of Fr. Fahey's books are: The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World and The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation. You can mail $6 to Cincinnatus Action Committee, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 -- and receive a hard copy of the booklet, "Fr. Fahey's Best Short Introductions" which is a manageable and very beneficial read. You can also read it online by clicking on the title.


Section 11 -- Plans on the Drawing Board for a Police State in the USA and around the World

Agenda 21 -- The Ruling Elite's Hoped for Blueprint for Tyranny:
Their New and Updated Communism for the United States (Agenda 21 means the Ruling Elite's Agenda for the 21st Century)

Nancy Levant on Agenda 21
Excellent introductory essay on Agenda 21

Lenin Look-Alike Michael Chertoff: Enemy of the people of the USA
The New Head of Homeland Security is the American Peoples' Greatest Enemy in the "War on Terror."
An essay by Henry Makow, inventor of the board game, Scruples, and important commentator on current events. and
Two websites published by Alex Jones with an astounding compilation of information showing that the "official story" about the terror attacks on 9-11-01 -- is false. Also covering other "terrorist attacks" which appear to be suspect on the face of the known evidence. Also covers the use of contrived terror attacks and engineered crises throughout history to impose a police state upon the target population --- and, furthermore, demonstrating that the target population right now is US in the USA.



SECTION 12 -- Crisis in the Catholic Church

Convincing bodies of evidence indicate that the same forces which altered France through the French Revolution in 1789, violently took over Russia in 1917, and tricked the US Congress into unconstitutionally delegating the power to issue USA money to the private company the Federal Reserve Board in 1913 -- staged a "silent" coup of the Vatican under the secrecy of the 1958 conclave; that this coup took place minutes after the election of the new Pope on October 26, 1958, at which point threats, including a threat to annihilate the Vatican and all the assembled cardinals with nuclear weapons, were delivered to the new Pope and the Cardinals (see Keys of this Blood by Malachi Martin, pages 590 to 610 for one indication of this; Martin writes of the "little brutality" of the 1963 conclave which involved a threat against the "very existence" of the Vatican city-state, which has caused some to surmise that the "big brutality" took place during the 1958 conclave, involving the same threat).

This coup was accomplished by October 28th (two days later), when John XXIII walked out on the balcony and was greeted with wild cheers of approval by the world press -- the Judeo-Masonic controlled press. Thus began the eclipse of the Church, as predicted by Our Lady of LaSalette in 1847.

When the moon temporarily eclipses the sun during a solar eclipse, the sun is still there, but blocked from our view for a time. Thus, at 6 PM on October 26, 1958, after the Cardinals had accomplished their mission under the guidance of the Holy Ghost and elected the new Pope, the powers of world darkness, using the secrecy of the conclave, laid hands through threats of violence, as it were, on the Church and the new Pontiff, and, by October 28th, 1958 succeeded in preventing his emergence, but instead presented in his place one of their own agents, Angelo Roncalli.

From that moment until this, an organization other than the Catholic Church, a counterfeit church (to use the words of Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerick), has controlled the Vatican, and has gradually revealed itself through the abominable changes it has introduced. These changes have included the changing of the architecture of Catholic churches wherever possible to look like Masonic Temples (see link below), the imposition of a schismatic liturgy in the vernacular worldwide in which the very words of Christ as recorded in the Gospels are changed in the consecration of the Mass; the calling of a false Council, Vatican Council II, even though the previous council, Vatican I, had never been adjourned; the introduction of errors involving both Faith and morals into the documents of this false council, an impossibility when a true council of the Church is signed by a true Pope; the wholesale replacement of traditional and time-tested Catholic textbooks with heretical and textbooks devoid of clear Catholic doctrine under the supervision of the Jewish "convert" "Cardinal" Gregory Baum of St. Louis; the invalidation of the consecration of Bishops by a completely new rite of consecration introduced by anti-pope Paul VI in 1969 (thus invalidating the "priesthood" of all the men who thought they were ordained priests by "bishops" "consecrated" in this new, invalid rite; the introduction of Communion in the hand coupled with the withdrawing of the Patent to catch any crumbs from the sacred species circa 1977; the evicting of men with true vocations from the seminaries while actively recruiting homosexuals to be "priests" since about 1971 (see "Good-bye, Good Men" by Michael Rose, although Mr. Rose fails to draw the correct conclusions from the excellent evidence he compiles), -- to name a few of the diabolically inspired changes introduced by the counterfeit church and its agents usurping the Papal chair.

Thus, the changes introduced since 1958 can now be scene, in retrospect, as not a reform, but a demolition operation against the traditions of the Church and the True Faith.

In a booklet about the 1958 conclave, Catholic writer and reporter, Joseph Breig (1905-1982), who was present as an observer before and after the conclave proceedings, wrote about the white smoke (indicating a Pope had been elected, had accepted, and had chosen a name) which billowed from the Sistine Chapel for a full 5 minutes at about 6 PM on October 26, 1958 -- before it turned (without explanation) to grey and then to black.

As evening was descending, Breig wrote the line which perhaps has more unintended meaning than any other written in the 20th century: “White smoke indicating a new pope, (and) gray, showing no agreement came five minutes apart, as darkness came over the Vatican...”
A site about the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church since 1958 and Vatican Council II.

Scripture Scholars, Ancient and Modern

Warnings from Heaven Suppressed

Roncalli's Pastoral Council: Vatican II (coming soon)

Who is changing the architecture in Catholic Churches to look like Masonic Temples?

Fr. Denis Fahey's Best Short Introductions
on the Kingship of Christ vs. Judeo-Masonry and its Revolutionary Movements in our day; convincing bodies of evidence indicate that the same forces which altered France through the French Revolution in 1789, and violently took over Russia in 1917, and tricked the US Congress into unconstitutionally delegating the power to issue USA money to the private company the Federal Reserve Board in 1913 -- staged a "silent" coup of the Vatican under the secrecy of the 1958 conclave. Fr. Denis Fahey died in 1953, so his writings obviously do not contain anything about what happened in 1958 or thereafter, but many believe his writings, -- by implication and by extension of the logical conclusions to the present day -- greatly explain what has happened within the structures of the Roman Catholic Church during the last generation.
Website of the Fatima Crusader; chronicles the events at Fatima, Portugal in 1917; claims world peace in our time can only become a reality when the requests of Our Lady of Fatima are heeded; advocate of the Fatima message of prayer and penance for individuals, and of the urgent need for the Consecration of Russia according to the instructions of Our Lady of Fatima as given by one of the child seers, Lucia dos Santos, who grew up to enter the convent and become Sister Lucy. Sister Lucy died in early 2005 at the age of 97. Click here to see a picture of Sister Lucy (seated) reaching out to touch hands with a visitor, the Director of The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson, a few months before her death.  (The grate Mr. Gibson is reaching through is standard in cloistered convents to separate the cloistered nuns from visitors. Since Sister Lucy was very frail at this time, another one of the sisters is helping to guide her hand in the photo.)




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for the 2004 Radio Shows

The websites of the guests who appeared on the October 17 & 24, 2004 " -- The Radio Show" sponsored by "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2004" are as follows:


For the October 17, 2004 Radio Show:

Michael Collins Piper, author of "The High Priests of War":

Edgar J. Steele, author and essayist:

Lynn Landes, investigator of the "Computerized votefraud vs. honest elections" issue:


For the October 24, 2004 Radio Show:

Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review:

Michael A. Hoffman II, author, speaker, newsletter publisher:

Michael Bray, Pro-Life Activist and Leader:

Fr. Nicholas Gruner, publisher of Fatima Crusader; chronicler of events at Fatima, Portugal in 1917; advocate of the Fatima message of prayer and penance:

Those associated with Carol Valentine sent in written material for for our radio shows describing two websites: -- the Rolls Royce of 9-11 sites and their thorough discussion of the Talmud




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The 4000 Americans who died on September 10th

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