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"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." —George Orwell

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Tel Aviv will choose the next President
"Contrary to widespread belief, it was more likely American voters in Israel, not Florida, who put George W. Bush in the White House four years ago -- a phenomenon that has Kerry's supporters in Israel vowing to do whatever it takes to make certain that doesn't happen again in November.

"Harvard Professor Gary King, co-compiler of a survey analyzing Florida's overseas vote in 2000, has no doubt that expatriate Americans gave Bush his victory four years ago. And while it's unclear whether the vote from Israel alone was enough to put Bush over the top, 185,000 U.S. citizens live there -- an undetermined number from Florida.

"Mark Zober, chairman of Democrats Abroad in Israel, said he has no firm figures but estimates that roughly 100,000 Americans in Israel are eligible to vote in the upcoming U.S. election, and that roughly 14,000 were registered in 2000."

Jewish Voters: Bush's Secret Weapon?
"If Bill Clinton was the first black President -- a moniker he relished -- then George W. Bush is the first Jewish President. After first disengaging from the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations and refusing to even lay eyes on Yasser Arafat, Bush went on to give Israeli Prime Minister and best Mideast buddy Ariel Sharon virtual carte blanche in his crackdown on the suicide-bombing Palestinans and then followed the advice of his fiercely pro-Israel neocon advisers and went to war in Iraq." 
Bush zeroes in on Jewish vote     Bush losing Arab American support

Kerry: "We will never compromise America's special relationship with our ally Israel"

"Across the Middle East, the United States and Israel are facing a range of crucial security challenges. We are not secure while Saudi donors fund terror, while Iran pursues a nuclear weapons programs and while Syria sponsors terrorist operations. We are not secure while Iraq is at risk of becoming a haven for terrorists. And we are not secure while Israel, the one true democracy in the region, remains the victim of an unrelenting campaign of terror. If we continue without a more effective strategy, we are not supporting our ally as best we can."

Ed Koch:  Bush vs. Kerry on Israel

(Real News 24/7: Of all the countries that the United States calls allies, is there any other one that gets this sort of attention from the candidates? Oh, and we'd love to see what Kerry's definition of a "true democracy" is. Considering that Israel is, by its own definition, a Jewish State, whose sectarian character does not permit religious freedom for non-Jews and who treats such people as second class citizens [at best], we must conclude that Kerry's use of the term is far different than that of most Americans, however erroneous the latter happens to be.) 

Pro-life group targets Republicans as well as Democrats
"Pro-life activists are including high-profile Republicans in their campaign against pro-abortion Catholics." (RN 24/7: Good, but here's
another one for your list.)  Substance abuse linked to abortion

Jewish man arrested over arson at Paris Jewish center
"French police confirmed that a man arrested in connection with what was first believed to be an anti-Semitic arson attack on a Jewish social center a week ago was a Jewish man who had worked there." (RN 24/7: While investigators said the arsonist was mentally unstable and committed the crime out of "revenge" for losing his job, this doesn't explain why "swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans like 'The world would be pure if there were no more Jews' were scrawled inside." Question: If the perpetrator was simply unbalanced, would he have had the presence of mind to fake a hate crime, rather than just vent his anger.)

'Passion' DVD poised to make Gibson richer
"If, as the Bible says, it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, Mel Gibson is in for a very tough afterlife. With "The Passion of the Christ" due out today on DVD and VHS, Gibson is poised to reap a second immense fortune from his controversial film about the final hours of Jesus."

FOOD FOR THOUGHT We recently were sent this link In Western Iraq, fundamentalists hold U.S. at bay, along with the following comment: "Notice the subtlety of yesterday's headline. Soon they will begin equating militias here to be in affiliation with al-CIAduh terrorists."


At the RNC, it's all in the bag
"Who would have thought they would have been such reasonably good guests, these protesters from such groups as the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, and the Spartacus Socialist Youth Club? Even the feared anarchists have yet to wreak any Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade mayhem on the streets.

"City organizers of the Republican National Convention, of course, had tried to pacify these proletariats with promises of discounts from Ben & Jerry's, Madame Tussaud's, and even the Museum of Sex if they promised to behave. And instead of sneering, "Let them eat cake," the New York powers that be were trying to give revolutionaries the same benefits as their reactionary counterparts."

 GOP 2004: Michael Moore Draws McCain Barb, Taunts from Crowd
"Much of the audience erupted in boos and then, turning to Moore, many delegates chanted "Four more years!"

"Moore exclaimed, 'Two more months!' He also said, 'I can't believe they'd mention the film and help the box office.'

"A short while later Moore exited, accompanied by heavy security. He told E & P on the way out that he was not fleeing: He had to speak to a Planned Parenthood gathering at a theater uptown."

The Coward of Vietnam: When Johnnie came marching home
"Johnnie came home and failed at a run for office until he got smart, stuck his wet finger up into a chorus of 'Blowin' In The Wind' and realized he could surf that rising tide of discontent into a cushy political seat. Trading on his commie ties (at his heart, this elitist with the snooty accent is just like the rest of 'em: commies out the mouth, all for the people-- while capitalists and privileged at the very top eating caviar with a philosophy chaser) Johnnie never passed up easy opportunity when it came his way."

Democrats attack Bush for terrorism remark
"Democrats were on President Bush's case even before Republicans opened their convention Monday, attacking Bush for saying the war on terrorism wasn't winnable."

RE-DISCOVERED! The Federal Marriage Amendment of 1868
"Most Americans are unaware that the United States has already passed a Federal Marriage Amendment. The Federal Marriage Amendment was passed by three fourths of the states in 1868."


According to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, suspected spy Larry Franklin worked at the Pentagon with the neo-con Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Jay Feith . Americans must insist that a thorough probe of  Feith and other Zionists of influence influence in Washington.

Israeli-Pentagon spy probe
Pentagon mole's ties to American Zionist  cabal
AIPAC, the Jewish lobbying juggernaut, operates in such high-stakes politics that it inevitably has been unable to avoid occasional unpleasantness. But almost universally, the largest pro-Israel lobby has found all the friends its has needed in Congress, on both sides of the aisle.

"More often than not, the politician who tried to face down the American Israel Public Action Committee came out the worse for it.

"Even friends in high places, however, have not made a perpetually smooth ride for AIPAC over the years. The latest scrape came with word Friday that FBI investigators suspect AIPAC has acted as middleman to funnel to Israel details of secret Bush administration deliberations about Iran, a murky assertion adamantly denied by the group."

Report: Suspected mole met Israeli, AIPAC officials as FBI watched
"The FBI last year monitored a Washington meeting between an Israeli Embassy official and a lobbyist for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), during which suspected Pentagon mole Larry Franklin joined the lunch meeting, Newsweek reported late Sunday."

White House remains silent on probe into alleged mole
"Bush is constantly warding off accusations that he had gone to war in Iraq for the wrong reasons and on the basis of erroneous considerations. The new accusations to the effect that Israel managed to manipulate the U.S.'s pre-war considerations, would only strengthen the accusations against Bush."

Former BBC Chairman: Blair tried to gag BBC war reports
"Tony Blair took the unprecedented step of writing a letter to the BBC to try to force it to soften its coverage of the war in Iraq, according to Greg Dyke, the former director-general of the corporation."

Uncle Sam hides more and more from Americans
"Three years after 9-11, the shroud of government secrecy is spreading as agencies strip information from their Web sites and withhold public information on the grounds it could help terrorists."

Terri Schiavo could have second chance if incumbent judge defeated
"There have been years of legal battles, legislation passed by the state legislature and efforts by the governor to save Terri Schiavo's life. But, help could be on the way if a local attorney wins his bid to unseat the judge who previously ruled to end Terri's life and frustrated her parents' efforts to save her."
Terri's website More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people."


 FBI intensifies probe of Israeli spying at Pentagon
he FBI has intensified its investigation of senior members of what was formerly known as the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans on suspicion that one of them passed highly classified U.S. military information to the government of Israel, according to federal law enforcement officials. In some cases, colleagues, former associates and members of other government agencies have been interviewed as many as four times by teams of FBI agents, FBI officials told United Press International."

FBI looks at Pentagon worker in Israel spy probe
"The FBI has evidence that a person who has been working at the Pentagon may be a spy for Israel, senior U.S. officials have confirmed to CNN." (RN 24/7: Knesset official: "Israel is not spying in the United States." Yeah, sure, we believe you. Really we do.)

Passport of 'hijacker' survived crash of United Airlines Flight 93
"Even if we are to entertain the notion that this piece of paper supposedly in the pocket of the suicide pilot who survived a crash which left aircraft parts strewn eight miles apart, do the two photographs shown above even represent the same person?"

A different theory about the Russian airliner crashes
More Mossad "false flag" operations?

ADL gets coach fired for 'discriminating' against Jewish cheerleader
"University of Georgia's fired cheerleading coach on Wednesday vowed to fight to get back the job she held for 12 years."


 The government says we need more government
he 9-11 Commission report, released late last month, has disrupted the normally quiet Washington August. Various congressional committees are holding hearings on the report this week, even though Congress is not in session, in an attempt to show the government is 'doing something' about terrorism in an election year. The Commission recommendations themselves have been accepted reverently and without question, as if handed down from on high."

Bush or Kerry¼ where's the choice?
"No, we have no choice in November. On one side we have an incumbent that is big government, and on the other side we have a challenger that is bigger government."

Bush versus Kerry: the fake debate

GOP convention --Calling all Marxists!
Over three days and nights, conference attendees are treated to an array of workshops that deliver a straight dose of utopian Marxism and class warfare - 'Visions for a Post-Capitalist Society,' 'Class Struggle in the 21st Century,' 'Participatory Economics,' 'The Barter System in Argentina,' 'Art and Revolution,' 'Anti-Capitalist Multi-Racial Coalition Building,' 'Life Beyond the Prison Economy,' etc."

The crime wave that wasn't
"Last year, the governor of Alabama proposed and then overwhelmingly lost a bitter referendum to increase taxes and boost revenue. Voters rightly saw the campaign as a slick attempt to expand the public sector's power, prestige, and wealth transfers by increasing the degree of legal plunder in Alabama's tax system."

Zionist neo-con timeline

June 16, 2004: Washington, DC. The 9-11 Commission investigating the September 11 attacks reports that there did not appear to be a collaborative relationship between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

June 22, 2004: Washington. Wolfowitz tells a House Armed Services Committee that the Pentagon had underestimated Iraq’s postwar insurgency and that the U.S. may have to keep a significant number of troops in Iraq for years to come.

July 5, 2004: Former U.S. Army General Janis Karpinski, who had been in charge of the Abu Ghraib prison when Iraqi detainees were abused and humiliated, tells BBC radio that she knew of at least one Israeli involved in the prisoner interrogation.


 Traitorous Kerry's reaction to the Swift Boat controversy

"What the Swift Boat controversy has done is show the world what many of us have known for years: John Kerry is a completely ruthless, calculating, pathological, overly-ambitious liar who will do anything to win the White House.

"However, as bad as things seem for him at the moment - and make no mistake that this controversy is the worst chapter in his campaign since the days of Howard Dean zooming ahead in the race a year ago - the fact that he is being proven to be a liar, an exaggerator, an embellisher and a fabricator does not automatically mean he will not or can not win in November."

Kerry won't release his war records
"Why won’t John Kerry release all of his documents and diary on his four-month service in Vietnam? Why? Because his version of how he amazingly received three Purple Hearts and Silver and Bronze stars in just four months without ever being hospitalized in combat is a mystery to just about everyone except John Kerry."

Hanoi Kerry flew Viet Cong flag while US troops died in Viet Nam
"Who wants a self confessed war criminal and traitor who flew the Viet Cong flag while US troops where still in Viet Nam as Commander in Chief?"

(Real News 24/7: As utterly contemptible as Kerry is, do supporters of the current president--a Skull and Bones member, initiator of an unjust war in Iraq based on fraudulent claims, phony defender of the unborn and the family, tool of the globalist interests--have any reason to boast?)

Russia downplays terrorism as cause for dual air disasters
"Russia went on high terror alert today after two passenger jets flying from a Moscow airport crashed at almost the same time -- with one reportedly sending a hijack SOS just before it went down."

Attack on Iraq mosque 'kills 25'
"At least 25 people have been killed and dozens injured in a suspected mortar attack on a mosque near the troubled city of Najaf, say hospital officials."

Keeping tabs on Congress
Find out how your representative voted on key spending and constitutional issues.


The Politics behind Fox News 

"This year, Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of the News Corporation, parent of the Fox Network, is listed as having raised over $50,000 for the Kerry campaign. The Center for Responsive Politics' website,, discloses Chernin contributions not only to Kerry but to Reps. Richard Gephardt and Howard Berman.

"Chernin's role in the Kerry campaign prompted the New York Times to ask: 'What do Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Brit Hume have in common? They all work under a Democratic fund-raiser.'"

(Real News 24/7: More proof, for those who need it, that there is an interlocking of major party interests at the top and that as stated in a recent column, the apparent opposition is really for cosmetic purposes  [that is, to con the American people into thinking they have a legitimate choice of candidates for federal offices, including the presidency]. The feature below provides even more evidence.)

Dick Cheney admits support for "gay marriage"
"Vice-President Dick Cheney has contradicted his own leader on the electorally controversial issue of gay marriage. Mr Cheney, whose daughter is gay, was unusually frank – siding with Democrats on the issue, saying gay marriage is a matter for the state and expressing his opposition to the Bush administration's position of seeking a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage."

General: U.S. forces tortured Iraqis
"An Army general has acknowledged for the first time that U.S. forces tortured Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib jail and his report said a colonel who headed the military intelligence unit at the prison could face criminal charges."

Terri Schiavo's estranged husband fails to show to second deposition
"For the second time, Terri Schiavo's estranged husband has failed to show for a deposition in the case surrounding whether or not he should remain as her legal guardian." Terri's website More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people."


Will Bush make war on Iran?

"Having made such a smashing success out of its war with Iraq, the Bush administration now seems to be pondering the glories of yet another one in Iran. In recent weeks, various administration officials and their amen corner in the neo-conservative press have muttered and mumbled about the perils of Iran suddenly developing—guess what?—'weapons of mass destruction.' Is there nothing that can embarrass these people?"

Neocon treason
"In 1997 (current Undersecretary of State Donald) Feith wrote in his 'Strategy for Israel' that the U.S. and Israel should conquer Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Moreover, Israel should reoccupy 'the areas under Palestinian Authority control,' though 'the price in blood would be high.'"

Tehran Threatens To Retaliate If Israel Strikes Nuclear Facilities
"Iran has reiterated that it will retaliate if Israel carries out a preemptive strike against its nuclear program. The escalating war of words comes as a top U.S. arms-control official has charged that Tehran may have nuclear weapons within three years if left unchecked."

American National Congress's unjust justice
"The mere mention of South Africa's appalling crime levels (more than 48,000 murders a year for a country that has a population of only 40 million), irritates the ruling African National Congress. Anyone who dares to bring up the subject is instantly called a 'racist.'"

Stealth Bush immigration betrayal
"The recent announcement by Border and Transportation Security Under Secretary Asa Hutchinson of two seemingly unrelated Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations—approved by DHS Secretario Tom Ridge and published in the federal register last week—amounts to a stealth Bush Betrayal potentially as large as the Administration’s stalled amnesty/ guestworker proposal. It leaves no doubt who is running American immigration policy: Vicente Fox and the government of Mexico."

Hands-on despotism in Iraq
"In the build-up to the December 1989 invasion of Panama, reports circulated in the American media that then-Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega killed several of his political enemies himself, personally dispatching each victim with a bullet to the back of the head."


Israeli sexpionage: The McGreevey, (Gary) Condit and Clinton Affairs

Is Golan Cipel, an Israeli national who served as an advisor to NJ Gov. James McGreevey advisor,  also a Mossad agent? And what was he, an alien, doing holding a sensitive government position in the US in the first place? These questions and others like them must be answered to protect our nation's security.

"The current Governor James McGreevey (above right, announcing his resignation) homosexual scandal is actually the result of yet another Israeli sexpionage operation targeting "sexually loose" Democratic Party government officials. Two other recent operations, that should be fresh in the memories of the American people, are the Congressman Gary Condit and the President Bill Clinton Affairs.

"In the parlance of the shadowy underworld of international espionage, the use of 'sex' by foreign spies to obtain information or concessions from government officials is called 'sexpionage.' The sexual seduction of high level government officials by foreign spies is usually of the illicit category which provides foreign operatives the added advantage of being able to better bribe the targeted victims which may be married with children. The operation may involve compromising the government officials through the use of professional prostitutes, underage girls (or boys) or by providing homosexual lovers to not yet 'out-of-the-closet' targets, as was the case with Governor James McGreevey of New Jersey."

Why Golan Cipel's Jewishness is important
"Everyone spies, French on America and vice versa, but only Israel, when it is caught, behaves as if America is the one that should be ashamed because it did not give Israel what Israel deserved to have and forced it to steal."

McGreevey accused of ‘smear campaign’
"'While employed by one of the most powerful politicians in the country, New Jersey Governor McGreevey, I was the victim of repeated sexual advances by him,' Golan Cipel said in a statement read by attorney Allen M. Lowy during a news conference in New York."

Cipel: I was threatened to keep quiet
"A former aide at the center of the sex and political scandal in New Jersey said he was told by associates of Gov. James E. McGreevey to be quiet or face deportation, according to his attorney. Golan Cipel, an Israeli national and former homeland security adviser, is the man the governor was referring to when he acknowledged that he had a homosexual affair and would resign, McGreevey administration sources say."

Secrecy shrouds US e-vote
"The three companies that certify the US' voting technologies operate in secrecy, and refuse to discuss flaws in the ATM-like machines to be used by nearly one in three voters in the presidential poll in November. Despite concerns over whether the touchscreen machines can be trusted, the testing companies will not say publicly if they have encountered shoddy workmanship."

O'Neill dares Kerry: 'Sue Me'
"Swift Boat Veterans for Truth spokesman John O'Neill dared Sen. John Kerry on Sunday to sue him for libel if, as Kerry's presidential campaign maintains, key claims in O'Neill's book "Unfit for Command" are not true."
Swift Vets for Truth (RN24/7: Funny, first Kerry called them war criminals, then alcoholics, and now crypto-Republicans. The only thing he can't do is refute their charges. Website includes video of 1971 debate between John O'Neill and the lying vet-turned-traitor!)

Mental health and world citizenship  
"In a recent article, I related that the Bush administration's Secretary of Education Rod Paige last October 3 declared that the U.S. is pleased to rejoin UNESCO where we could develop common strategies to prepare our children to become 'citizens of the world.'"

Fall's hottest fashion statement?


Upheld judgment against Rudolph is exercise in pro-abortion politicizing

"The Alabama Supreme Court has upheld a Jefferson County judge's ruling that accused abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph must pay $115 million to a nurse maimed in the 1998 blast.

"The high court on Friday affirmed with no opinion the decision of Circuit Judge Helen Shores Lee that the award stand despite Rudolph's efforts to have it dismissed. Rudolph had claimed that he wasn't properly served with the lawsuit filed in 2000 by nurse Emily Lyons and her husband, Jeff."

(Real News 24/7: This judgment comes a year after the amount was awarded. By way of comparison: the infamous McDonald's scalding coffee lawsuit garnered the injured party $2.7 million [later dropped to under half-a-million dollars], while the combined total of damages awarded to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in the O.J. Simpson wrongful death suits was only $33.5 million. We spoke to an attorney concerning the Lyons award and he expressed surprise that Alabama's Supreme Court would have upheld the outrageously high figure, which he said clearly showed a pro-Planned Parenthood bias on the part of the lower court judge. We did a Google search on Helen Shores Lee and found that she's a Democrat who's on the board of directors of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.  Whether or not she actually belongs to Planned Parenthood, the absurdly high amount of damages--especially the $50 million in punitive damages--leaves no doubt to her sympathies. As the Pro-Life News website states, what we're seeing in cases like this is the "using [of] tort judgments to publicly 'presume' guilt -- without proof -- before a criminal jury verdict finds the accused guilty or innocent.")

California professor convicted in hate crime hoax
"A Los Angeles County Superior Court jury in Pomona last week found Kerri Dunn guilty of filing a false police report and attempted insurance fraud, which is punishable by up to three-and-a-half years in prison." (RN 24/7: For background information on the Dunn incident, see our June 2nd feature, "Do-it-yourself hate crime.")

Arsonists destroy Paris Jewish community center, leave anti-Semitic graffiti  (RN24/7: Also faked?)

The upcoming election for cosmetic purposes only 
"Many political activists that were once involved in the two-party system like myself are dropping out of the 'occult' and voting for a third party candidate. We know we can't win at this point but our anti-two-party vote as it grows will get attention. "

More holes in the official story: The 9-11 cell phone calls
"While serious doubts regarding the cell calls were expressed in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, a new landmark in the wireless telecom industry has further contributed to upsetting the Commission's credibility. Within days of the release of the 9-11 Commission Report in July, American Airlines and Qualcomm, proudly announced the development of a new wireless technology --which will at some future date allow airline passengers using their cell phones to contact family and friends from a commercial aircraft." (Also see
The trouble with those 9-11 cell phone calls)


Secret society member Bush cheered by Knights of Columbus

"In a nauseating display of moral cowardice and mental illness on the part of Conservative Catholics, masonic secret society member George W. Bush appeared before the national convention of the Knights of Columbus and instead of being jeered and chased out of the convention center in Dallas on Aug. 3, was given repeated standing ovations and chants of 'Four More Years!' from thousands of Catholics, among whom were two ranking cardinals, Edward M. Egan, archbishop of New York, and Theodore E. McCarrick, archbishop of Washington.

Bush told the Catholics that both he and the Knights of Columbus organization were 'born' in New Haven, Connecticut (the Knights group was founded in Connecticut in 1882 as a Catholic fraternal alternative to the Freemasons). This macabre inside joke by Bush went right over the heads of the Knights, since New Haven, Connecticut is also the place where Bush was selected for initiation into the Masonic "Skull and Bones" secret society while a student at Yale University.
¼" (Real News 24/7: As Michael Hoffman writes in this article, there is a level of  "moral cowardice and mental illness" on display here, but what must also be noted is the  infiltration of the Catholic Church, not the least in the subversion of Catholic action groups such as the Knights. See also The Greatest Conspiracy

Catholics won't march to polls in lock step
"What's more, top Vatican official Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger announced last month that it's OK for Catholics to vote for a candidate who doesn't oppose abortion. If a voter feels a candidate's position on other issues outweighs his or her stand on abortion, Cardinal Ratzinger said, then the voter is free to support that person." (Also see
Actions by religious pro-lifers betray the sacred cause)

Charley Reese:  Conspiracy, or Stupidity?
"Most conspiracy buffs underestimate human stupidity. They see people they consider smart and powerful do stupid things, and they think the people must have some hidden ulterior motive. Surely people in such high positions, they think, couldn't do something that dumb." (RN 24/7: Regardless of the existence of what Charley calls "blundering diplomacy," the fact of political conspiracy is quite demonstrable. Certainly the two--conspiracy and stupidity-- are not mutually exclusive, as the Soviet Communists coined the term "
useful idiot" to describe the Westerners who unwittingly advanced the goals of the Reds. But the Communists, in a sense, have been use idiots themselves--pawns of something bigger, a movement seeking a one-world government that's commonly called the New World Order (NWO).  While those involved have usually kept a very low profile concerning it, British author and Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells actually promoted the NWO in his 1928 book The Open Conspiracy. No, Mr. Reese, in answer to your question, it isn't stupidity, but a well-organized drive to advance a criminal dream to enslave humanity that ultimately must be the focus of our concern. The quote of  James Forrestal, the first Secretary of Defense, is just as pertinent as when he uttered it over fifty years ago: "Consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If the diplomats who have mishandled our relations with Russia were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor." For more on Wells' book and its relevance to modern politics, see Joseph Sobran's column on the subject.)

Almost $9 billion for Iraq goes missing
"At least $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, according to a draft U.S. audit set for release soon. "

Poll shows more Americans favor Terri Schiavo's right to live
A new poll finds that a majority of those who take a stand on whether Terri Schiavo should live or die feel she should continue to be provided with food and water. Only a minority side with her estranged husband Michael that her life should be ended.
Terri's website More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people.


Pentagon hides depleted uranium dangers to deny medical care to vets

"Far from the radioactive battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, another war is being waged. This war, over the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons, is being fought between the military top brass and the men who understand the dangers of DU: former military doctors and nuclear scientists."

related LINKS

GULF LINK: Depleted Uranium

BBC NEWS | In Depth | Depleted uranium

BBC NEWS | In Depth | US to use depleted uranium

Kerry says Bush broke the law in TV ad dispute
" A simmering feud between the Bush and Kerry campaigns over a TV ad that denigrates Sen. John Kerry’s Vietnam war record moved toward the boiling point Friday as the Democratic nominee filed a complaint with federal officials that accused the president’s re-election campaign of breaking the law." (RN 24/7: Whether this complaint will be substantiated or not remains to be seen, but the bottom line is that the Kerry people wouldn't be whining if the
commercial wasn't so devastatingly effective!)

Will mainstream censor these 'delicate' revelations?
Whether Israel was directly or indirectly involved in the Sept.11 terrorist tragedy—or otherwise had advance knowledge of the impending attacks—the truth is that American Free Press has led the media in reporting news about this 'delicate' subject that no other media voice would touch. Here’s an overview of AFP's pioneering coverage by date of issue.¼"

Spanish doubletalk in election
"Bush and Kerry share indistinguishable platforms on the National Question. They both support mass immigration, linguistic Balkanization, multiculturalism and racial preferences. They both encourage illegal immigration and pander shamelessly. Both have pulled out the all the stops to attract the coveted Hispanic vote."


Conspiracy Realities

In the popular TV series, The X-Files, FBI agents sought to expose a plot in which a shadow group within the government helped prepare the way for an invasion by space aliens. Outrageous? Of course. But it's no more implausible than the conspiracy theory being advanced in real life by David Icke (right), who with a straight face insists that the leaders of nations aren't in cahoots with the space invaders--they are the space invaders. He is one of a number of Internet writers whose preposterous ideas are distracting from and discrediting the real conspiracies.

"According to New Age guru and spiritualist David Icke, our world is run by (and has been for thousands of years) a secret society of extra-terrestrial reptilians known as the Anunnaki. Mr. Icke, a former national spokesman for Britain’s radical Green Party, is a prolific author, whose books, videos and articles propagate a bizarre revisionist history of ancient civilizations, religions, world events, dynasties and famous people."

Sadr must be dealt with: Rice
"Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr cannot be trusted to keep his word and he must be 'dealt with,' US national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said. Ms Rice told CNN television the Iraqi government 'has been very clear with Sadr that he has to do some things, leave the shrine, that he has got to disband his militia.'"
Related article

Stolen laptops held sensitive airport-screening data
"Six laptops containing sensitive security information for airport screeners were stolen last month from a hotel near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport."

Kerry deals away his ace in the hole
"Senator John Kerry has made a colossal mistake by continuing to defend his October 2002 vote authorizing President Bush's invasion of Iraq. Last week at the Grand Canyon, Kerry said he would have "voted to give the president the authority to go to war" even if he had known there were no stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction -- Bush's original justification for war on Iraq."


Still no answer: Priest-writer refuses to expose murderous Satanic pedophile ring

Earlier this summer the well-known priest/author/sociologist Fr. Andrew Greeley was challenged to come forward with information he claims to have about a clergy sex ring in Chicago that may be responsible for more than one ritual murder. Most disturbing is the possibility that the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (right), one of the most powerful churchmen in America,  was involved with it.

"The clergy sex abuse scandal that has shaken the American Catholic Church in the last few years continues to make news nationwide and here in Illinois.

"Sheila Schreiber-Parkhill, a noted Catholic attorney who currently resides in Bismarck, North Dakota, has challenged priest-author and sociologist Father Andrew Greeley to reveal the information he claims to have in “safekeeping” about the activities of a clergy sex/pedophile ring that may have been involved with the 1984 unsolved murder of Chicago musician and professor Francis E. Pellegrini."

The beginning of the end of the Bernardin legacy
"Over the past 12 years, in sworn deposition, in accounts to investigators, in affidavits submitted in support of others' cases, in direct statements to Bernardin, in phone calls and letters to Church officials, and in correspondence with Vatican officials (all of which
RCF has examined), Agnes has testified to the following story:

"In the fall of 1957, in Greenville, S.C., Fr, Joseph Bernardin raped 11-year-old Agnes as part of a Satanic ritual that involved, among others, Bishop John Russell of Charleston. Brought to the event by an abusive father, Agnes 'was able, at first, to resist Bishop Russell physically, out of the knowledge that God had made me good, not bad as I was being told I was' (her words). As a young child, she had been victimized by a 'sadist' cousin, and her identity was based upon 'resisting bad things', which included Bernardin. Bernardin then showed kindness and approval of her resistance, in order to gain her trust and get her to relax, and then he raped her. He followed the rape with a perverted use of a host, in an attempt to make Agnes swallow the guilt of the event."

Bernardin's "gay-friendly" ghost
"Some years back, during the Chicago reign of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin (from 1982 to his death in 1996) conservative commentator Thomas Roeser, a solid Catholic, was on a program with Chicago homosexual activist Rick Garcia, a purported Catholic. After the program ended, Garcia told Roeser in a snide manner, 'I have more of an 'in' with Bernardin than you,” to which Roeser responded, “I’m sure you do!'"

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Fr. Andrew Greeley's dirty secret?

"Priest knew too much?"

The trouble with those 9-11 cell phone calls
"Before this new 'Pico cell,' it was nigh on impossible to make a call from a passenger aircraft in flight. Connection is impossible at altitudes over 8000 feet or speeds in excess of 230 mph."

Constitution should 'monitor' U.S. election
"It was such an outlandish and ridiculous suggestion when it came up in Congress last month that most of us immediately dismissed it as nothing more than rank partisan sniping. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-TX, recalling the contentious 2000 electoral mess in Florida, called for the United Nations to 'monitor' the U.S. Presidential Election in November in order to 'ensure free and fair elections in America.'"

General violated rules with 'Satan' speeches
"A U.S. Army general violated Pentagon rules by failing to properly clear speeches in which he described the war on terror as a Christian battle against Satan and should be punished, according to an inspector general's report obtained by Reuters on Wednesday."


Vietnam POWs say Kerry's words and deeds were used by guards to torture them

"John Kerry's bid to become commander in chief of wartime America has opened old wounds among some former Vietnam-era POWs who bristle over Kerry's antiwar activism and atrocity allegations during the Vietnam conflict.

"Those activities and statements, pushed out of sight by a campaign that spotlights Kerry's service in Vietnam, were used by the POWs' North Vietnamese captors to sap the morale of prisoners and U.S. troops still in the field in South Vietnam, former POWs told United Press International."

Watchdog's Big Brother UK warning
"The UK could "sleepwalk into a surveillance society" as a result of ID cards and other plans, UK information commissioner Richard Thomas has warned." (RN 24/7: Thomas is cited as drawing a parallel to Spain's dictator Francisco Franco. Big difference: Franco's intentions clearly were honorable.)

Harassment claims as FBI quizzes protesters
"The FBI has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases even subpoenaing them to forestall what officials say could be violent protests at the Republican national convention in New York."

Joseph Sobran: The Age of Omniphobia
Whenever government wants to claim more power over us, it assures us it’s for our own safety. Hence, in the age of omniphobia, the incredible frequency with which we hear the tell-tale words protection, defense, safety, security, and of course health, usually preceded by the words public and national."


Aftermath of church bombings: 40,000 Christians flee Iraq
"Forty thousand Iraqi Christians have left Iraq since a wave of church bombings killed at least 10 people two weeks ago, Iraq's displacement and migration minister said in press remarks Sunday.

"'The number of Christians who have left Iraq has reached 40,000, according to the latest statistics,' Pascale Isho Warda was quoted as saying in Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper."

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Iraq's Christian minority attacked; 5 churches hit, 11 killed in car bombs on a day of worship
"The Baghdad targets of the Aug. 1 terror attacks, according to MEC, were the Armenian Catholic Cathedral; Our Lady of Salvation Church; Saint Elijah of Heyra Church; and St. Peter and St. Paul Church. The Mosul target was St. Paul Church. MEC reported that police also found a bomb outside St. John the Baptist Church in Baghdad that failed to explode."

Church bombs: Top insurgent blamed - Aug 2, 2004
"Deadly weekend attacks targeting Christian worshippers in Iraq bear the markings of insurgent leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his operatives, Iraq's national security adviser said Monday."

Iraqi Muslims did not blow up Christian churches
"Having discussed the matter in detail with other experts on the Middle East, Christianity in Iraq and on Islam in Iraq, we have all concluded this is not the work of any Muslim group. There has never been any animosity between the Christian and Muslim communities in Iraq, in fact, they have stood toe-to-toe against the American occupation and they have resisted efforts by the Israeli office in Baghdad to become allied with Israel. "

Targeting tolerance
"The gates of Mar Illyas Church and the Al-Dawra Monastery -- the targets of car-bombings on Sunday -- were adorned with the statues of the Virgin Mary, sculpted by prominent Iraqi sculptor, Mohamed Ghani, a Muslim. The statues bear witness to Iraq's ethnic diversity: the Virgin is wrapped in an Iraqi abaya and wearing a traditional Basra head covering."

The forgotten church of iraq
"Many Christian communities in the Middle East (quite rightly) have a high profile because of the terrible persecution they face. By comparison the church in Iraq enjoys a relatively favorable position – but therefore relative obscurity, with worldwide attention focused on other parts of the suffering church."

Christians for Saddam?
"After the Divine Liturgy a few Sundays ago, I joined several other men from my parish for brunch. The topic of Iraq came up, and one of the men remarked that he had heard that there was a substantial Christian population in Iraq, and that
Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi foreign minister, was a Roman Catholic. He was shocked that a Christian could be associated with such a man as Saddam Hussein."

Politically incorrect and proud: Offending with the truth
"When people do speak out, they are labeled as 'racist,' 'xenophobe,' 'right-wing nut,' 'radical Christian right,' 'paranoid,' 'anti-Semitic,' 'bigot,' 'homophobe' and/or 'sexist' for openers. Rarely does the left present a cogent argument, based on facts and syllogistic reasoning, to refute a conservative or moral position. They play the race/victim/unconstitutional cards like a two-year old’s hissy fits."

Homosexuality: Principal enemy of the family
"Since the homosexual relationship is sterile by definition, it is destructive of the family; it is the opposite of the family, and the number one enemy of the family."


A war for Israel

"On March 13th, 2003, during a House appropriations subcommittee hearing on foreign aid, of which Israel has long been the dominant recipient, Secretary of State Colin Powell took the extraordinary step of assuring members of Congress that a 'small cabal' of pro-Israeli American Jews was not orchestrating President George W. Bush's drive toward war.

"'The strategy with respect to Iraq has derived from our interest in the region and our support of U.N. resolutions over time,' Powell said, in response to a question from the subcommittee's Republican chairman, Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe.

"On this occasion, as he had on others, Powell played the loyal soldier, joining in what
Haaretz's Nathan Guttman described as the Bush Administration's 'Every effort to play down Israel's role in the future military conflict... to remove any suspicion that the decision to go to war with Iraq is a pro-Israeli... step. But, as hard as the administration tries,' he wrote, 'the voices linking Israel to the war are getting louder and louder. It is claimed the desire to help Israel is the major reason for President George Bush sending American soldiers to a superfluous war in the Gulf.'" (Also see Gen. Franks says threat on Israel justified Iraq invasion.)

Terrorism and double standards
"When a Palestinian kills Israelis, he is considered by the US to be a terrorist. But, when the Israelis kill Palestinians, demolish their houses, confiscate their land and commit acts deplored by international law, the US defends the Israeli actions as self-defense against 'terrorists'"
Israel ploughs on with huge settlement construction (RN 24/7: Motto for Tel Aviv's "urban renewal": What's ours is ours and what's yours is ours.

Fed's Internet plan spawns new fears of cyber fraud
"With little fanfare, the Federal Reserve will begin transferring the nation's money supply over an Internet-based system this month — a move critics say could open the U.S.'s banking system to cyber threats." (RN 24/7: So now it's not just computer vote fraud to be concerned about. For more on the Fed, see


 John Paul looks weak as he joins pilgrims at French shrine.

"His voice weak, his legs unsteady as he knelt in prayer, Pope John Paul joined thousands of other ailing pilgrims Saturday at a cliffside shrine known for its miraculous cures, telling them he shares in their physical suffering and assuring them the burden is part of God's "wondrous plan."

"The rare reference to his own illnesses -Parkinson's disease and crippling knee and hip ailments -came at the start of a two-day visit to the shrine to the Virgin Mary, where Roman Catholics seek healing, hope and inner peace." (Real News 24/7: When he arrived, France's President Jacques Chirac formally and fraternally greeted John Paul II, stating:
"France and the Holy See are joined in the fight for a world which places Man at the center of every enterprise." Yet it is Grand Orient Freemasons and other non-believers place "Man at the center of every enterprise," but not true Catholics, who acknowledge Christ as the center. Instead of challenging this, John Paul in so many words turned his back on sound Catholic doctrine, confirming, instead, Chirac's linkage of the two by invoking the motto of the anti-Catholic French Revolution: Freedom, Equality, Fraternity. It's time people had better start waking up to what the post-Vatican Council II "Catholic Church" is all about. A good place to keep up with "a thousand-and-one" outrages committed at every level of that body is in the archives of Novus Ordo Watch. Prepare to be shocked. Oh, and by the way, while at Lourdes, John Paul II led the pilgrims in his own devotional concoction called the "Luminous Mysteries" of the Rosary. Given the Vatican's current chumminess with secret societies and Masonic mumbo jumbo, a friend suggested half jokingly that perhaps they should be called the Illuminati Mysteries!)

Terror alert for Pope's pilgrimage to Lourdes
"Unprecedented security measures were being finalized last night around the pilgrimage site of
Lourdes as France prepared for the arrival of Pope John Paul II tomorrow amid official recognition the event was a potential terrorist target.
"Police units specializing in biological, chemical and nuclear attacks were on standby after local officials said they were taking seriously the possibility that Islamist extremists might strike the center during the Pope's visit." 
Notre-Dame de Lourdes

Hecklers banned at Bush rallies
"The art of TV-friendly political stagecraft reaches new levels in this campaign. At 'Ask President Bush' events, even the president makes no bones about the fact that he's speaking to invited guests. " (RN 24/7: No wonder he's so popular!)

On Heterophobia: The brainwashing of straight America
"Actually, there is more strategy in the labeling of straights as haters than one might presume. It appears to be a deliberate tactic as a means in which to get the straight population to cower before the demands of the gay agenda."


What the Supreme Court really said about Jose Padilla

"Jose Padilla will have to be released -- unless the government somehow conjures up charges of treason or criminal acts. To be sure, the Supreme Court's June 28 opinion in Rumsfeld v. Padilla literally said nothing of the sort. In fact, it didn't reach the merits of the case at all. Still, the inescapable conclusion, based on the Court's same-day opinion in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, is that Padilla will soon be charged or freed.

"Here's what's happening: Jose Padilla is the U.S. citizen who supposedly plotted to detonate a 'dirty bomb' and use natural gas to blow up apartment buildings in Washington D.C., New York and Florida. Since his capture − not on the battlefields of Afghanistan or Iraq, but at Chicago's O'Hare Airport − he hasn't been charged with any crime. Yet since June 2002, Padilla has been held incommunicado in a South Carolina military brig − indefinite detention, without access to a lawyer until the government acceded to outside pressure in March 2004."

Official: No evidence attack is imminent
"The Bush administration has discovered no evidence of imminent plans by terrorists to attack U.S. financial buildings, nearly two weeks after the government issued startling warnings about such possible threats, a White House official said Thursday." (RN 24/7: CODE RED!--CODE RED!--CODE RED!--CODE RED!--CO-
¼Uh, neeever mind!)

Dead Brit soldier's family: Get troops out of Iraq
"My message to Tony Blair is we should not be there. Why are we in Iraq? It is my personal opinion only, but my message would be, get the rest of the kids out."


Kerry on Iraq: An echo, not a choice

"When it comes to Iraq, after all, Kerry sounds an awful lot like the guy who got us into this mess.







"Like Bush, he wants help from the UN, hopes our allies will send more troops and plans to bring our soldiers home when Iraq is stable. In 1964, Barry Goldwater ran for president on the slogan, 'A choice, not an echo.' Kerry is all echo and no choice.

"None of this should come as a surprise. Kerry had made the political error of opposing the 1991 Gulf war, which turned out to be a military and political triumph, and he was not about to repeat the mistake. This time, he favored a compromise requiring the president to return to the Senate before invading Iraq. But when it failed, Kerry dutifully joined the parade to war."

Nader defends Israel 'puppeteer' comments
"Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader stood by his characterization of the White House and Congress as 'puppets' of the Israeli government, in a letter sent to Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham Foxman this week." (RN 24/7: As the saying goes, the truth is the truth, no matter who says it--in this case, false opposition Establishment plant Nader.)

Wallace of '60 Minutes' arrested by taxi police
"No-nonsense TV newsman
Mike Wallace's tough questions got him arrested in Manhattan on Tuesday night when he asked two taxi officers why they were grilling his limousine driver, witnesses said." (RN 24/7: Let's get one thing straight: Wallace is no "newsman," but a leftist propagandist for whom the truth is, shall we say, an elastic term. In our view he should have been arrested long ago for his decades of deceiving the American people. Interesting that Mayor Bloomberg is taking such a public interest in this matter, isn't it? But, then again, what are friends for if not to go to bat for one another? Hey Mike, it looks like after this you're going to end up owing "Hizzoner" one nice puff piece on "60 Minutes".)


John Kerry’s self-contradictory statements on abortion

"Presidential candidate John Kerry turned a few heads on July 4, when he told the Dubuque, Iowa Telegraph Herald the following: "'I oppose abortion, personally. I don’t like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception.... I can’t take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist. We have separation of church and state in the United States of America.'" (RN 24/7: Aside from his admission that he will do nothing to protect the unborn, Kerry's statement is absurd on the face of it, first, because this sin of omission ignores the fact that the mythical "separation of church and state" hasn't prevented pro-abortion Protestants, Jews and atheists from legislating their beliefs on the rest of us. As the photo above shows, the hypocritical Mr. Kerry is advancing someone's [that is, the godless National Abortion Rights Action League's] beliefs , isn't he?)

China rapidly modernizes for war with U.S.
"During the last several months, there have been numerous hints in the Chinese and Taiwanese media indicating that war is more likely than believed here in the West."

Rep. Ron Paul: Police State USA
"Freedom is not defined by safety.
¼This doesn’t stop governments, including our own, from seeking more control over and intrusion into our lives. As one Member of Congress stated to the press last week, 'people who don’t want to be searched don’t need to come on Capitol grounds.' What an insult! The Capitol belongs to the American people who pay for it, not to Congress or the police."


Shots heard 'round the ward: Did vaccines cause autism?

"As parents of two severely autistic boys, Kevin and Cheryl Dass of Kansas City, Mo., face a world of heartache and worry.  Last year Kevin, a FedEx driver, and Cheryl, a part-time hairdresser, spent $27,000 on therapy for their sons. Financially exhausted, they are gnawed by these questions:

"How will they continue the special help that Dillon and Kyle, their 4½-year-old twins, so desperately need? Will the boys - who barely speak, are not toilet-trained and become severely upset when taken out in public - ever be able to live on their own? If not, what will become of them when Kevin and Cheryl are gone?  'It's torn our life apart, it really has,' Kevin Dass says.

"And, he insists, it didn't have to happen. The boys were born prematurely and alarmingly small. Yet at 3½ months, Dass says, they were given four immunizations in a single day, including three containing small amounts of mercury, a neurotoxin. 'They were still in the hospital on oxygen, staying alive, and they put this poison in them,' Dass says. 'They were fried. They were totally fried.'"

Autism: a Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning
"Autism is a syndrome characterized by impairments in social relatedness and communication, repetitive behaviors, abnormal movements, and sensory dysfunction. Recent epidemiological studies suggest that autism may affect 1 in 150 U. S. children. Exposure to mercury can cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions similar to traits defining or associated with autism, and the similarities extend to neuroanatomy, neurotransmitters, and biochemistry. Thimerosal, a preservative added to many vaccines, has become a major source of mercury in children who, within their first two years, may have received a quantity of mercury that exceeds safety guidelines." (For more, see our Vaccinations and your health features.)

Bush pick for CIA top job has insider's experience
"Porter Goss, nominated Tuesday to head the Central Intelligence Agency, brings a unique skill set to the job: He's been both an operative and overseer."

Terry Nichols apologizes, asks for forgiveness
"Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, addressing a court for the first time, proclaimed his faith in God and asked victims of the blast for forgiveness yesterday as a judge sentenced him to 161 consecutive life sentences."


Why homosexuals want what marriage has now become

"No prominent American commentator anticipated the rapid sequence of events that in early 2004 brought hundreds of homosexual couples—in Massachusetts, California, New York, Oregon, and elsewhere—before religious and public officials who were willing to pronounce them married. Sympathetic observers marveled at the bravery of gay activists and compared their wedding ceremonies to the acts of black civil-rights demonstrators in the Sixties. Unsympathetic observers expressed dismay at how brazen homosexuals had become in violating moral tradition and in defying statutory law. Conservative groups have subsequently set in motion a number of initiatives—voter referenda, legislative actions, and constitutional amendments—on both state and federal levels to prohibit further homosexual marriages and to invalidate those that have occurred. But amid all of the many pundits praising or damning homosexuals for breaking the marriage barrier, few have reflected on just what kind of institution homosexuals—who have never laid hold of marriage in the past—are now claiming. Indeed, if Americans scrutinize carefully the way the national culture has in recent decades re-defined wedlock for heterosexuals, they may well conclude that it is not homosexuals that have changed so much, but rather marriage itself. Far from being some astonishing development reflecting unprecedented new attitudes among homosexuals, homosexual weddings constitute the predictable (not natural, but entirely predictable) culmination of cultural changes that have radically de-natured marriage." (Emphasis added)

Missouri votes to bar gay unions
"Missouri voters have amended their state constitution to ban same-sex marriage -- the first election on the issue since Massachusetts legalized gay and lesbian weddings. Voters in 10 other states will face similar ballot measures in the coming months. Preliminary results showed that about 70 percent of voters agreed to add this sentence to the Missouri Constitution: 'To be valid and recognized in this state, a marriage shall exist only between a man and a woman.'"

How to protect marriage
"The threat of redefining marriage to include same-sex unions stems from activist judges, not state or federal constitutions. Thus the proper solution must be to limit the courts."

Attorney says DOMA challenge floodgates open
"The president of Liberty Counsel finds nothing surprising in the fact that a same-sex couple recently married in Massachusetts has filed a legal challenge against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). He says this lawsuit was to be expected, and more like it will undoubtedly follow."

related IssueS

U.S. church sermons being 'monitored' for anti-homosexual view

U.S. psychologists embrace same-sex marriage

John Kerry and the art of brainwashing
"The New World Order increasingly resembles a '50's Sci-Fi movie where the protagonist discovers his family and neighbors have been brainwashed and he begins to question his own sanity. If you watched the Democratic National Convention, you might be feeling the same way."

Vietnam vets organization blasts Kerry in new TV ad
"The new book UNFIT FOR COMMAND reveals dozens of shocking eyewitness accounts of questionable Kerry actions in Vietnam. Author John O'Neill, the man who took over John Kerry's Swift Boat, and co-author Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., have uncovered the bizarre truth behind Kerry's three Purple Hearts, his Bronze and Silver Stars, and the real reason Kerry served only four months in Vietnam. " (RN 24/7: So, numerous men who served with him are calling him a liar concerning his war record. which substantiates what we already know. Add that to his flip-flops on nearly every issue under the sun and it should be clear to anyone who hasn't had their mind dry cleaned that this man should never get elected president. It would be nice if this is all that was necessary to cast an informed vote for his main opponent, yet, to cite just two examples, Bush is hardly being honest when he portrays himself as a pro-life candidate and his administration engaged in a series of falsehoods to get the nation behind sending troops to Iraq. There is hardly a lesser of two evils when one looks behind the phony Left/Right rhetoric of these men, as is shown in our August 7th feature about them. Please note that a chapter of the book is linked.)


Sensing the eyes of Big Brother, and pushing back

"After saluting the flag and purring about a potluck invitation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the City Council of this town of 13,000 got down to the business of the night: a public hearing on whether to oppose the USA PATRIOT Act.

"Liberals quoted Newt Gingrich, the Republican former House speaker, who says the federal law passed just after the Sept. 11 attacks needs to be reined in to protect basic civic birthrights.

"Conservatives praised the campaign against the act by the American Civil Liberties Union, which says the law gives government unchecked power to rifle through an individual’s financial and computer records and bookstore purchases."

The conservative case against George W. Bush
"If [the PATRIOT Act] does not violate the letter of the Fourth Amendment, it violates its spirit. To cite two examples, the FBI has unchecked authority through the use of National Security Letters to require businesses to reveal 'a broad array of sensitive information, including information about the First Amendment activities of ordinary Americans who are not suspected of any wrongdoing.' Despite the Fourth Amendment's prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure, the government need not show probable cause: It does not need to obtain a warrant from a judge. And who can trust any law enforced by John Ashcroft, who single-handedly transformed a two-bit hubcap thief like Jose Padilla first into a threat to national security and then, through his insistence that Padilla, an American citizen, could be held without charges, into a Constitutional crisis? "

Israeli "art students" busted in Canada
"Guy Grinberg and Yukov Senior were ordered out of Canada on Friday after admitting they were the 'overseers' of a gang of young Israeli 'art students' selling cheap reproductions at inflated prices. The group had been operating in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer." (RN24/7: If you think all they were doing in Canada is ripping people off by selling junky "Made in China" paintings as fine art to further their "education," then they've got a "Rembrandt" they want to sell you at a price you not going to believe [It's a real steal! ]. For those unfamiliar with this spy cover, take a look at what some other Israeli "art students"
were doing in the US a few years ago. A related front for espionage is found in phony and equally crooked ,US-based, Israeli-owned moving companies.

 Kerry's abortion doubletalk
"Puzzling Democrats and other pro-abortion voters everywhere, John Kerry proclaimed to ABC News and its viewers that he believes life begins at conception. He made similar confusing statements in Iowa earlier this month when appealing to a largely Catholic based community."

EU labeling of Israeli products described as anti-Semitic boycott
"An agreement between Israel and the European Union that will limit trade to products exported from Israel proper -- not exports from the disputed territories -- amounts to an anti-Semitic boycott, the mayor of one of the largest West Bank settlements said." (RN 24/7: Leave it to a Zionist politico to trot out the "anti-Semitic" canard in a case where it's clearly irrelevant. When are people going to wake up to the fact that practically any time the term is being used, it's not to protest the hatred, mistreatment or unjust discrimination of Jews [which, theoretically, is what it's always supposed to mean--despite the fact that not all Semites are Jews, nor all Jews Semites], but simply a bugaboo to cower people into doing whatever is in the interests of Jewish supremacists. In practice, it comes down to being able to freely criticize Catholicism, Protestantism, Islamism and all other religions, but not Judaism.)  


Joseph Sobran: The Single Party

"Many pundits have noted that political conventions no longer excite us. They bore us to death. The nominations are already locked up before conventions even begin, so there is no suspense. Why even hold these empty political orgies?

"Well, they do serve one function: They support the fiction of the two-party system. Both parties pretend it makes a big difference which candidate wins. Both sides agree to pretend they aren’t essentially the same party."
More >

Whom do we elect?
"Many good Americans intend to vote for President Bush because, they believe, Senator Kerry would be even worse. In terms of stated positions, they have a point — no matter how far to the left Republican presidents such as George W. Bush move, liberal Democrats such as John Kerry are always willing to move even farther to the left, making the Republican president appear 'conservative' by comparison. However, Republican presidents are often more effective getting liberal programs through, since they can garner support from Republican congressmen who would likely oppose the same programs if proposed by a liberal Democrat president. The new Medicare prescription drug program is a case in point — it falls short of 'Hillary-care' but is still more than Mr. Clinton was able to accomplish on the health-care front during his eight years as president."

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Despite rhetoric, Bush, Kerry agree on many issues
"More broadly, many Republicans and Democrats in recent years have gradually coalesced, in broad terms, around a similar set of ideas: tax cuts instead of tax increases; global trade instead of protectionism; greater accountability in public school classrooms; internationalism instead of isolationism; and deficit reduction, at least as a spoken goal."

Bush or Kerry: Forever War is the Only Choice
"Kerry appears to be more pro-Israel than Bush. 'Arab Americans and American Muslims are left with a Hobson’s choice,' writes Linda S. Heard. 'Vote Bush and it is more of the same. Vote Kerry and there is a possibility it could get even worse.'"

Bush/Kerry: Not 'a dime's worth of difference'
And what about the perceived differences between the two major party candidates on social issues? Mr. Kerry is clearly pro-abortion and owned by the homosexual lobby operating within his own party. But Mr. Bush has continued Federal subsidies for Planned Parenthood, endorsed a 'modified' policy on human stem-cell research, and openly endorsed the participation of the homosexual Log Cabin Republican lobby in the larger Republican electoral strategy for the fall campaign."

Bonesman candidate 1A plays coy  on Meet The Press

Bonesman candidate 2A  plays coy on Meet The Press

Click skull for more

Chuck Baldwin: Bush, Kerry both pro-'civil unions' for sodomites
"Furthermore, Bush has not reversed Clinton's 'Don't Ask - Don't Tell' policy allowing sodomites to serve in our armed forces.
¼The truth is, both President Bush and John Kerry support civil unions for sodomites. My dear friends, regardless of rhetoric to the contrary, that is not a pro-family position."

Kerry 'will not change foreign policy'
"Rand Beers, the national security adviser to the Kerry campaign, opened a high-level briefing with a warning: 'In many ways, the goals of the two administrations are in fact not all that different.'"

Kerry or Bush, no matter: More 'regime change' to come
"Well, now we know that no matter who wins in November, we’re going to stay in Iraq as long as it takes and do whatever it takes to achieve final victory – whatever 'victory' means. The election will, however, decide which country is next to have its 'regime changed.'"

Kerry to continue Bush's Israel policy
"During their conversation, Kerry informed [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon that he has no argument with President George W. Bush's support for Sharon's rejection of a Palestinian right of return to Israeli territory."

Kerry doesn’t need or want anti-war activists "The Republicans have set the standard by which a US President will be judged, and listening to peace and social justice activists is not one of the desired qualities."

Kerry not thee only enemy of the unborn
(Real News 24/7: While John Kerry openly supports the destruction of children in their mothers' wombs, George Bush's stand is ultimately more contemptible, because while he hides behind pro-life rhetoric, his record shows that in reality he has done little or nothing to reverse the pro-abortion decision of Roe vs. Wade and has, more often then not, supported that decision, either tacitly or otherwise. The sources we've assembled prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt for any reasonably open-minded person. Hence, no one who sincerely wants to preserve the lives of the unborn can in good conscience cast their vote for either
Kerry or Bush, pro-life posturing of the latter notwithstanding.)

Billionaires for Bush or Kerry

Oh, and by the way,  did we mention that they're cousins?


Careful what you Bush for
"Senator John Kerry set himself up for defeat by making an issue of the conduct of the Iraq war, rather than the war itself."

Censorship USA: Libraries ordered to destroy government pamphlets
"The federal Government Printing Office has ordered libraries across the country to destroy five US Department of Justice pamphlets that provide how-to instructions on prosecuting asset forfeiture cases, invoking a rarely-used authority to order the removal of items the government routinely sends to hundreds of libraries."

Florida governor seeks new trial in Schiavo case
As a Florida Supreme Court showdown looms over the law keeping a severely brain-damaged woman alive, attorneys for Gov. Jeb Bush argued Friday that a new trial is needed to determine Terri Schiavo's end-of-life wishes. The governor's written arguments respond to those made by attorneys for Michael Schiavo, who is suing Bush over the constitutionality of a specially drafted law that blocked Schiavo's removal of his wife's feeding tube." Terri's website More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people.

Rights group: Bahrain royal tortured at Guantanamo
"A Bahraini rights group said on Saturday it had received reports a member of the country's royal family had been tortured at Guantanamo Bay."


Hinduism and terror

We are prepared to use violence. There is no limit.
Dharmendra Sharma
leader of Hindu extremist group Bajrang Dal

"In the past decade, extremist Hindus have increased their attacks on Christians, until there are now several hundred per year. But this did not make news in the U.S. until a foreigner was attacked. In 1999, Graham Staines, [click here for more] an Australian missionary who had worked with leprosy patients for three decades, was burned alive in Orissa along with his two young sons. The brutal violence visited on Muslims in Gujarat in February 2002 [see below] also brought the dangers of Hindu extremism to world attention. Between one and two thousand Muslims were massacred after Muslims reportedly set fire to a train carrying Hindu nationalists, killing several dozen people."

Real News 24/7: The accompanying feature is not meant as an indictment of all Hindus, any more than others we've carried are criticisms of all Jews, Muslims, Scientologists or other believers. While as Christians we do believe, that all of these are in one way or another false religions, we recognize that many who embrace these faiths ought not to be held responsible for the criminal acts of their co-religionists, except insofar as they condone such deeds. (Above, right, Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction)

"Several Hindutva organisations (notably the
Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal[?]) have been associated with anti-minority (for lack of a better word) violence by groups espousing Hindutva philosophies.¼While followers of the philosophy are rarely apologetic about violence, they do seek to rationalize it; in the case of Graham Staines, violence was excusable because of the greater violence done by conversion; in the case of the Gujarat riots, it was a justified response by outraged Hindus to the burning of 56 Hindu pilgrims in a train by a Muslim mob."

India's censor board bans riot documentary
"An award-winning documentary that chronicles one of India's most painful and deadly episodes of Hindu-Muslim violence has been banned by the country's film censor board, provoking its director to turn to the courts. 'Final Solution' is scheduled for release in 40 art house cinemas in Germany next month, where it won an award at this year's Berlin Film Festival. But in India, the Central Board of Film Certification has refused public screening of the film, saying it might trigger more sectarian violence."

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Christians attacked by BJP

Radical Hindu group: Temple will be built near razed mosque
"A radical Hindu group in India on Sunday, June 23, brushed off advice from the ruling BJP party to wait for a court ruling on a controversial plan to build a temple near the site of a razed mosque.¼Hindu hardliners want to build a temple on the ruins of the 16th-century Babri mosque in the northern town of Ayodhya, which was demolished by Hindu zealots in December 1992, sparking communal riots in which more than 2,000 people were killed. Hindus claim the Babri mosque was built over the birthplace of their god Ram." Profile: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad

 Vishwa Hindu Parishad bottles "health food" (RN 24/7: This article has no direct link to terrorist activities, but it provides an excellent look at the intellectual degeneracy of the group's practitioners. But here's an article that ties the two together somewhat.)  

Conspiracy unmasked! The murderous cult of Kali
"Rumors of a secret society of murderers in India were not entirely a novelty, but given the impenetrability of Indian society, as well as the activities of large groups of highwaymen and bandits (known as Dacoits and Pindari), these rumors were not deemed worthy of official concern, and were dismissed by the British. Even when a British officer named John Maunsell vanished while en route to Agra in October 1812, no cry was raised. Yet this indifference was about to change, and the agent of this change was an earnest, sober-minded young English soldier named William Sleeman.
¼Even in his early years in India, Sleeman must have wondered at the peculiar practices of those Hindus who worshiped the goddess Kali, the dark consort of Shiva who is said to feed on the blood of mortals and to haunt the burning-grounds (or ghats) where Hindus are cremated. Her hideous image is to be seen in temples throughout India. She is typically represented as black (one of her epithets, Kali Ma, means "black mother"), many-armed, and garlanded with human skulls with a long red tongue protruding from a screaming mouth. In temples dedicated to Kali, human sacrifices were once carried out, though by Sleeman’s time they had been discontinued in favor of goats."

Judaeophobia in the service of Israel
"It was no one less than a very renowned Israeli expert on Judaeophobia, Professor Dinah Porat who observed on the Israel state radio that there is a correlation between Israeli actions (we can say atrocities) and outbursts of Judaeophobia. This was for example the case in the early ‘80s following the Lebanon invasion or in the late 80s during the first Palestinian uprising, the Intifada."

Israeli settlers outraged over decision to let Palestinian police carry weapons
" Israeli settlers living in the territories expressed their outrage on Friday over a decision by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to allow Palestinian Authority policemen to re-arm. The decision came as Israel re-opened the Egyptian-Gaza border crossing after several weeks. PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia reportedly asked Mofaz to allow the re-arming of the police to prevent a complete decline into anarchy in the PA areas.

Chalabi linked with investigator's assassination
"Iraq's top criminal court is investigating allegations that Salem Chalabi, the organizer of the war crimes tribunal that will try Saddam Hussein, threatened an official days before the man was assassinated."


Vanunu: JFK murder conspiracy linked to Israel

My view is that Kennedy was assassinated because of his strong opposition to [Israeli prime minister] Ben Gurion.
Mordechai Vanunu

"Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu said that according to 'near-certain indications' US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, due to "pressure he exerted on then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona nuclear reactor."

"An Israeli nuclear technician, Vanunu was imprisoned for 18 years after revealing that Israel had illegal nuclear weapons technology. He was released in April 2004 and banned from talking to the media."

Vanunu speaks

Jerusalem Post coverage of Vanunu allegation
"Comments by freed nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu that Israel was behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy failed to bring smiles to government officials Sunday."

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The US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu
On top of all the other reasons that Israel hates Mordechai Vanunu is his 1986 turning from Judaism to Christianity, a "betrayal" and an unforgivable "sin" to the Zionists.

Still a prisoner: Vanunu ordered to stay in Israel
"Israel's Supreme Court has rejected a petition by former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu to be allowed to leave the country. "

Vanunu issues plea for asylum
Mordechai Vanunu: "I am ready to go to any state that will give me asylum or a passport to leave the country. I want to go abroad immediately. It could be Ireland, Norway, England, Canada, the United States or any country – just to leave the country because my life here is not good and I am under threat."

Israel has between 100-200 nuclear weapons: Vanunu

Fahrenheit 9-11; The other half of the story
"In addition to profits from oil resources and government war contracts, there is a second motive that also drives U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is the creation of a New World Order based on the model of collectivism, and it is supported with equal vigor by leaders of both major political parties. Mr. Bush and his team are deeply committed to that goal. Fahrenheit 9-11 gives no attention to that agenda and even goes so far as to claim that it plays no role in these events."

A wave of Jews returning to Russia
"The exodus has stirred up a discussion in Israel, said Boruch Gorin, head of the public relations department at the Russian Federation of Jewish Communities, which commissioned the study. On the one hand, millions of Jews already live outside Israel. On the other hand, 'living in Israel is an ideology, and that the people who sought a shelter in the country have been leaving is a blow to the ideology,' he said." (RN 24/7: Wait, isn't post-Soviet Russia, despite the
efforts of President Vladimir Putin, supposed to be a hotbed of "anti-Semitism"? Hardly where you'd expect Jews would want to go, is it? Unless, of course, false instances of hate crimes are being used to provoke a convenient persecution of enemies of the state. Further making this migration curious is Putin himself, who, despite what is noted above concerning his seeming good relations with Israel, he nevertheless is the same leader about whom columnist Ben Shapiro could write the following as recently as August 2002: "Even amid widespread speculation of an American invasion of Iraq, Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon ink a $40 billion trade deal with Saddam Hussein's regime.¼Russia sells arms to the terrorist state Syria. And Russia has close ties to Egypt both in the area of investment and in weapons supplies, despite Egypt's ambiguous/contrary position in the War on Terror." So, the idea that Russia is some haven for Jews is strange¼at least on the surface. It's a development that bears watching.) 

Egypt newspaper: Holocaust a lie
"Egypt's leading newspaper has published a series of articles that deny the Holocaust, and claim Jews invented 'lies of genocide' to extort the West and make possible the establishment of the Jewish state, prompting some Israeli lawmakers to express reservations about allowing Egypt to control security in Gaza after Sharon's withdrawal plan is implemented next year."


 America's Praetorian Guard

"The Roman praetors were first established in 367 B.C. They evolved into the Praetorian Guard that came to exercise great power, making and unmaking emperors and allowing political and military action outside of the law. What rules that were observed were announced by the issuance of edicts. The Guard was characterized by corruption and political venality and was closed down by Constantine in 312 A. D.¼ America's military is being used as the modern day version of the Roman Praetorian Guard."

The Praetorian Guard : The US Role In The New World Order
"In August, 1990, by invading Kuwait, Saddam Hussein gave the U.S. President the remarkable gift of of a golden opportunity for bold military action. President Bush seized the opportunity and rushed hundreds of thousands of troops to the area. None of this was accidental. Admiral Eugene Carroll Jr. of the Center for Defense information observes that the U.S. is not dealing with a 'crisis' in the Persian Gulf. Rather, Admiral Carroll notes, the White House has engineered a casus belli, a situation regarded as justifying war.
¼ "

The Roman Army of the Late Republic and Early Empire

Congressman Ron Paul: US Must Stay Out of Sudan
"Can anyone tell me how sending thousands of American soldiers into harm's way in Sudan is by any stretch of the imagination in the U.S. national interest or in keeping with the Constitutional function of this country’s military forces?"

Pagan Wins - Jesus Loses
"In 2001, Darla Kaye Wynne sued the Great Falls Town Council in South Carolina for invoking Jesus Christ and the Savior during meetings. Wynne practices Wicca, a neo-pagan, earth-centered religion. She said the prayers made her uncomfortable and were used to ostracize her from the community."
Related article  (RN 24/7: Stripped of its "neo-pagan, earth-centered religion" public relations image, Wicca is nothing other than witchcraft and in recent years has steadily been making inroads into mainstream, "overground" culture. It needs to be stopped and stopped soon, before it further poisons society.)

Woman jailed for asking question at public judiciary meeting
"No sooner were the words out of her mouth, than the D.C. Capitol Police hand cuffed Ms. Sassower, put her under arrest and incarcerated her for 21 hours. She was eventually prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office and was found guilty..."
More judicial malfeasance


Gen. Franks: 'I was wrong' about Iraq's weapons

"He reveals that Jordan's King Abdullah and Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak both warned him Saddam had and would use chemical or biological weapons against U.S. troops. 'And as it turns out, we got up in there as you know, we didn’t find WMDs. People ask me about that and I say, "I was wrong,"' says Franks."

Franks: Architect of wars at peace with self
"Echoing the Bush administration's mantra, he said Saddam Hussein's regime was a menace to the world and had to go. 'It's like having a serial killer sitting in your living room with a disassembled nine millimeter pistol laying on the table and a box of bullets, and you decide you're going to take your family and go to bed,' Franks said in an interview with The Tampa Tribune. 'Would you do that? H--- no.'"

(RN 24/7: Except that Saddam never used the phantom "nine millimeter pistol," even against US-led coalition forces, whose invasion was a clear and present threat to his regime and that it wasn't our "living room"--but Israel's--that he was sitting in. While Franks and other neo-cons now acknowledge their failure to find any weapons of mass destruction, despite an occupation of nearly a year-and-a-half, hypocritically defend the Iraq War, because to do otherwise is to admit that thousands of people have died in vain.)

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Who is General Tommy Franks?

Tommy Franks: Will America become a police state?

Reports that led to terror alert were years old, officials say
"Much of the information that led the authorities to raise the terror alert at several large financial institutions in the New York City and Washington areas was three or four years old, intelligence and law enforcement officials said on Monday. They reported that they had not yet found concrete evidence that a terrorist plot or preparatory surveillance operations were still under way." (RN 24/7: Two days ago, Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge was talking about
new and concrete evidence, which turns out to be neither new nor concrete. Good for a scare, however, and that may have been the idea all along.)

Misleading gun facts
"[T]he US wasn’t a high-crime area
until the 1960s, when our courts decided that leniency, understanding, and protecting convicted criminals would reduce crime.¼"

Israel applauds NZ's ban of David Irving
"Government officials in Jerusalem expressed satisfaction at New Zealand's decision to refuse Holocaust denier David Irving entry to the country, saying that granting Irving passage would have been viewed in Israel and elsewhere as an act of revenge for the recent passport scandal."
Related article (RN 24/7: It depends on who's doing the viewing: Only Israel could is spin David Irving--who, unlike recent Israeli visitors to New Zealand, is no danger to falsify or steal passports--being allowed to enter the nation as revenge for its own dishonest agents, but more realistically it appears to be a sop to Israel, after New Zealand broke diplomatic ties with the Zionist nation as a result of the arrest of Mossad "passport scandal." [See articles on our homepage.] David Irving's newsletter)


Scientology and Terri Schindler-Schiavo: The death connection

"L. Ron Hubbard's (right) 'we would rather have you dead than incapable' remark was in reference to those enslaved in Scientology, but its relevance to the drama in Clearwater Florida is evident. Indeed, Hubbard's death philosophy was echoed by the 2nd District Appeals judges who indicated that Terri Schiavo has only two choices: A miracle or death!" (RN 24/7: While we question some of the assertions made on the above site, the main contention is one that must be taken seriously, given the sinister nature of the cult in question. Also see recent news concerning the Terri Schiavo case on July 31.)

Scientology and Terri Schiavo, is there a connection?
Links and commentary from the
Free Republic website.

Terri's website More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people.


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Scientology Lies

Scientology Kills - The Morgue

Scientology associated deaths

The Scientology / Dianetics Comparative Theology Page

Bush calls for intelligence czar
"President Bush said Monday that he is asking Congress to create the position of a national intelligence director to serve as his principal adviser on countering terrorism."

Turkish hostage killing shown on video
"Footage of what appears to be a Turkish hostage in Iraq being shot dead has appeared on the internet. The videotape shows a group of masked men standing over a figure, who is then shot in the head three times."

Orthodox leader: US Jews have no right to criticize Israel
"A prominent member of America's Orthodox community, who was also a Senate staff member for three decades, spoke out last night against American Jews who publicly criticize Israeli policies." (RN 24/7: If we were talking about criticism of other countries, we might agree with the rabbi, but American Jews are continually hounded to support Israel by buying
Israel Bonds and similarly contributing in other such efforts, such as  the Israeli Relief Fund. So American Jews are entitled to criticize how their money is being spent and thus have a right to criticize Israel. For newcomers to our site, please take a look at our evidence showing what the controlled news media refuses to report, namely, that many American Jews oppose Israel and Zionism.)


Synagogue of Satan: Vatican advances New World Order

"As the New World Order continues to impose its hideous agenda, those who oppose it will eventually be prosecuted as anti-Semitic. The perfidiousness of having the UN approve anti-Semitism as a crime and then to have the churches equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism is unacceptable. This should come as no surprise. Those who hold the Babylonian Talmud in higher esteem than Sacred Scripture believe that they are not only God’s chosen, but the master race. They believe that the world was promised as their footstool. They consider non-Jews as beasts on an intellectual plane with cattle; that we are so stupid that we cannot see through this deception.

¼[T]his agreement established legal precedent for the persecution of those who will not worship the antichrist. The first step in this sequence was to get the Vatican to say that Jesus Christ was not the Jews’ Messiah; they are still waiting for him. In this statement, the Vatican put us on notice that the Great Apostasy (2 Thess 2:3) is here. They are deceivers. Bl. Joachim (d. 1202) said 'Toward the end of the world Antichrist will overthrow the Pope and usurp his See.' The coup took place during Vatican II. The Primacy of Peter has been replaced by collegiality; each bishop a 'pope' in his own diocese. This is not the Church of the Apostles, martyrs and saints." See related articles on July 15.

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From Ratisbonne to Reflections
Reflections on Covenant and Mission, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has submitted its contribution to an increasingly disturbing pattern of statements aimed at facilitating "interreligious unity." Exhibiting a rare display of honesty, the now infamous document goes beyond the previously uncontroversial claims that Judaism represents a still valid and potentially salvific covenant with God, and directly challenges the Church's mission towards the Jewish people."

Fr. Denis Fahey on Anti-Semitism
"[V]ery many are completely ignorant of the duty incumbent on all Catholics of standing positively for Our Lord's reign in society in opposition to Jewish naturalism. The result is that numbers of Catholics are so ignorant of Catholic doctrine that they hurl the accusation of Anti-Semitism against those who are battling for the rights of Christ the King thus effectively aiding the enemies of Our Divine Lord."

Government plans to raise terror alert level
" Police set up metal fences surrounding the Prudential building, blocked off two city streets, and armed themselves with assault rifles Sunday after federal authorities warned of a possible terrorist attack on it and other financial institutions."
Related article

Bushmeds and Bushmasters
"It appears the White House is trying to set a new standard for judges: IF THE FDA HAS CERTIFIED A MEDICAL DRUG (OR DEVICE) AS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, THE DRUG MANUFACTURER IS HOME FREE. No law suits. No judgments in favor of patients. No cash awards. No ability to rake the drug company over the coals. 'If the government (FDA) says a drug is safe and effective, then it is.'" (RN 24/7: This sort of thinking could, in light of Bush's
proposed nationwide mental health screening of the American people, lead to some very scary scenarios, such as: "If we say you're mentally ill, then you are," "If we decide you need to take these psychoactive drugs, then you will take them," and "If we say you need to be put into an asylum, then you will be put there." And, of course, should those running a government agency with an all-powerful jurisdiction in such matters, then there is nothing stopping them from using such power to find a legal way to dispose of the protestor, the politically incorrect and other "enemies of the state." A word about Jon Rappoport's website, which is linked to this page: While there are important points made by Rappoport, we feel it necessary to warn that his language sometimes descends into the gutter.)       

Satanists accused of ordering serial killings
"Police in northern Italy say they have smashed a vicious gang of satanists, following the arrest this week of three men accused of ordering the murder of at least five young people in the Milan area since 1998. "


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