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On Wednesday Secretary of State Colin Powell took part as the US's representative at a 55 nation 'anti-Semitism' conference in Berlin. What went totally ignored by the controlled news media was his visit to Berlin's new Lubavitch Center, a Hassidic group dedicated to furthering the teachings of the late rabbi, Menachem Schneerson (right), who has held an occult sway over the federal government for nearly 20 years.

America's New Government Church
"Unbeknownst to most Americans, the US Congress has been gradually changing the fundamentals of American law. The movement for change started as early as 1975, when Congress passed a resolution honoring the birthday of a prominent rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ("the Rebbe") of the Chabad Lubavitch sect (sometimes this sect is called "ultra-Orthodox"). The movement ratcheted forward in 1991, when Congress coupled Rabbi Schneerson's happy birthday message with a declaration that the United States of America was founded on the seven Noahide Laws.

The Noahide Laws promise deadly consequences for Christians.

More on Schneerson (Education) Day USA
"Upon seizing the reins of government, the new Noachide leaders will move quickly to implement a full agenda of reform. ... Full support will be given to Israeli forces to reinvade PLO-controlled areas, with military assistance offered where necessary. Jewish courts will be granted full legal sovereignty over Jewish citizens within each country, who will no longer be subject to the authority of gentile courts. The pre-existing Noachide judges and courts will replace the existing court system of each country, and the legal code will be drastically rewritten to conform to halacha.... .... And law and order will be fully restored through the establishment of internal security measures, again in accordance with Torah law. — Committee for Israeli Victory

related LINKS - Torah, Judaism and Jewish Info
"Official homepage for worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement."
"Jews and Hasidic Gentiles—United to Save America" (RN 24/7: Yeah, sure you are. By the way, the site has a vicious antichrist page, "Who was Jesus?"; it's file name is the Hebrew "yeshu," said to be a contemptuous play on Yeshua,--"Jesus" in Hebrew--and meaning "perish His name.")

The Seven Noachide Laws - Universal Laws for Humanity
From the Ahavat Israel website (RN 23/7:  Please note that the file name for this page is "goyim," since these are the supposed--or is that proposed--"commandments" for non-Jews. According to the "About" page, the expressed aim of the website is to aid Jews in correcting "the sin they committed 2,000 years ago!" And what might that sin be? "'Sinat Chinam', senseless hatred" is the answer. Certainly that's quite true of the Jewish leaders who conspired to have Christ killed, but no mention of that here. Oh well, close, but not quite!)

An apparently Jewish anti-Schneerson site, its main attack is on his alleged abandonment of black Ethiopian Jews to starvation, but with other criticisms as well. Links include ones (in English and Hebrew) favoring and hostile to the claim that he was the long-awaited "Moshiach" (Messiah).    


World Court orders changes in U.S. death penalty
"On March 31, the International Court of Justice, more commonly known as the World Court, ruled that the United States 'should provide by means of its own choosing meaningful review of the conviction and sentence' of 47 Mexican citizens currently on death row." (RN 24/7: For more on capital punishment, see articles of April 26.)

Ireland scraps plan for e-voting in June elections
"The Irish government has scrapped plans to use electronic voting for European parliamentary and local elections in June because its reliability has not yet been proven, Environment Minister Martin Cullen said Friday." (RN 24/7: A lead we should follow!)

The assault on Terri Schiavo continues
"Michael Schiavo won his fight to have his wife killed by dehydration. Now he won't even allow her parents to sit by her side."
Terri's website



The Bloody Cost

When four American military contractors were killed and their bodies mutilated by Muslim radicals last month in Fallujah, a statement from the assailants reminds us, writes columnist Charlie Reese, of the consequences of America's unconditional support of Israel.

Here's another bit of evidence that when the United States condones the bloody ways of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Americans pay for it with their blood.

I never saw this reported in the mainstream media, but libertarian Justin Raimondo quotes a group that claims credit for the murder and mutilation of four American mercenaries in Fallujah.

"This is a gift from the people of Fallujah to the people of Palestine and the family of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who was assassinated by the criminal Zionists," said the statement from the Brigades of Martyr Ahmed Yassin. "We advise the U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq and we advise the families of the American soldiers and the contractors not to come to Iraq."

In Fallujah, a nightmare scenario of urban war
"As Marines prepare to head back into the rebellious Iraqi city of Fallujah, the stage is set for the most dreaded type of ground combat: urban warfare. While military officers and civilian officials held out hope that negotiations could produce a peaceful resolution to the standoff, they stressed that force might well be necessary."

US Troops pull back, bomb Falluja on bloody day
U.S. Marines eased their grip on Falluja on Thursday, but details of a deal with former Iraqi army officers remained sketchy and new air strikes on the besieged city showed a month-old insurgency was not over.


Protesters seize cathedral in El Salvador, demand troops withdraw from Iraq
"Masked demonstrators who stormed the main cathedral in El Salvador's capital demanded the country's new president withdraw troops from Iraq and rehire dozens of fired government employees."

Israeli army says it killed doctor by mistake
"The Israel Defense Forces admitted on Thursday that it accidentally shot and killed Dr. Yasser Abu Laimun, 32, a resident of the village of Taluza, north of Nablus in the West Bank, over the weekend. The army apologized for the death of Abu Laimun." (RN 24/7: No doubt his family will be relieved to hear this 'clarification.')

Thinking the unthinkable or why it's time for America to take a deep breath and abandon the United Nations
"'War without the U.N. is unthinkable,' pronounced Polly Toynbee, grande dame of Britain’s Guardian, a year ago, just before it happened. For a certain type of person, any action on the international scene without the United Nations is unthinkable. And, conversely, anything that happens under the U.N. imprimatur is mostly for the unthinking.  No matter how corrupt and depraved it is in practice, the organization’s sunny utopian image somehow endures."  (RN 24/7: While the author of this article suggests reforming the U.N., we believe that it cannot be reformed because it was established on a false premise: the establishment of a one world government--often referred to by the euphemism, 'the new world order.' An alternate group of free nations working together for the promotion of international cooperation and opposition to the aims of Communism and other subversive governments would be preferable as an alternative to the U.N., which actually has Communists as equal partners, despite their contempt for human rights. No abandoning of the U.N. should be done without the firm understanding that it can no longer be headquartered in the United States. For more on why on this issue, see 
Get US out! of the United Nations and United Nations global communist agenda for starters.)




Fifty-nine years after the big three prepared a post-Nazi Europe at the Yalta Conference, voices in the US government are now calling for a similar meeting with Russia. But the legacy being invoked is a dubious one.

U.S. wants new Yalta plan with Russia
"The United States is proposing a Yalta-style understanding between it and Russia in an effort to thaw relations that have become increasingly chilly. On March 25, senior administration officials led by deputy National Security Council adviser Stephen Hadley met with senior Russian officials in Washington at the Hay Adams Hotel to hammer out a new entente between the U.S. and Russia."

(RN 24/7: It's interesting that a comparison with the Yalta Conference [photo, below right] would be made, especially considering the disastrous consequences of that meeting: The slavery of central and eastern European nations, the forced repatriation of millions back to Soviet Union, where they faced imprisonment or worse, and the start of the Cold War. Given such a sad and bitter history, it takes considerable chutzpah to invoke the tragic name "Yalta" and attach it to current dealings with the Russians. That such a monument to evil diplomacy is mentioned in the context means that the meetings should be watched with the utmost interest. Tens of millions of people suffered for decades as a result of the first Yalta, will the second have a similar effect?  Ironically, memory of the Yalta Conference is also being revived at a time when those same countries are about to enter the European Union, a move that one observer says "finally buries a world order drawn up at Yalta in 1944 when Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill agreed to spheres of influence that led to the division of Europe." But is that world order really dead or merely reconfigured in a less overtly threatening--but every bit as dangerous--way? Considering that "ex-Communist" leaders like Russia's Vladimir Putin and Uzbekistan's Islam Karamov are still in power, it is not unwise to view the alleged changes with a very healthy dose of skepticism.)

related LINKS

The Yalta Betrayal
"The great Roosevelt, who, more capably than either Churchill's Foreign Office or his own Communist-
infiltrated State Department, "handled" gallant Kremlin Joe, now had little time left for such trifles as losing
the few million East Europeans who, because of their breeding and background, would be the best guarantors
of a civilizations of men rather than of robots.

 The Yalta Conference: February 4-11, 1945
"Agreements reached included: 1) the demand for Germany’s unconditional surrender 2) the establishment of a 'provisional government of national unity'  in Poland 3) a promise that the USSR would enter war against Japan 4) matters of the United Nations and other matters including those pertaining to Islands in Asia and the repatriation of Soviet citizens."

"Forced repatriation to the Soviet Union: the secret betrayal"
"When Churchill and Eden traveled to Moscow in October 1944 to meet with Stalin, the Foreign Secretary offered the unconditional return of all Russian POWs. To Vyacheslav Molotov's suggestion that Soviet citizens should be returned regardless of their personal wishes, Eden replied that he had no objection. At Yalta in February of 1945, however, the Americans balked.


Bush 'visit' to 9-11 panel won't be recorded
"There will be note-takers in the room but no official record made when President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney appear before the 9-11 commission tomorrow, the White House said yesterday." (
RN 24/7: Won't be recorded--or reported! More rule by stealth government.)

The Crucifixion of the Palestinian People  Part 2: Generation of Warriors
"We find a generation of unique warriors in Gaza because, as a young woman named Shirine, from Gaza City told me, 'they are robbing us of our dreams.'  I call them the 'Human Bombs.' I spent one only week alone observing children in Gaza." (Part 1)

Terri Schiavo's parents want visitation rights restored
"The parents of a severely brain damaged woman at the heart of a right-to-die case say her husband has blocked them from visiting her for nearly a month. They are asking a judge to intervene."
Terri's website

Iran censors approve 'Passion'
"In Kuwait, senior Shiites have called for the movie's screening because, as one cleric said, it 'reveals crimes committed by Jews against Christ.'"


Pro-aborts, communion
and the American bishops

(For more on this subject, see articles of April 23rd)

Cardinal not 'comfortable' denying Kerry communion
Good news for John Kerry and the rest of the "Deadly Dozen" U.S. senators: A U.S. bishop in charge of enforcing church doctrine isn't up to the task. 'I have not gotten to the stage where I'm comfortable in denying the Eucharist,' Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop of Washington, D.C., fretted today."

Washington's cardinal equivocates on communion for pro-abortion politicians
"McCarrick also refused to name Kerry specifically, with whom he has recently met privately. 'To the best of my knowledge, no one is talking about anyone in particular. And certainly in the United States we're not talking about anyone in particular.'" (RN 24/7: What a joke! What a sick, pathetic excuse for a Cardinal! Appointed to the post by John Paul II! Boy, he sure knows how to pick them!)

Sanctions mulled for politicians
Catholic politicians who advocate policies contrary to church teaching on abortion and other issues may risk sanctions that fall short of denial of Holy Communion, the head of a U.S. bishops task force examining the problem said Tuesday."

(RN 24/7: More empty--but revealing--words. McCarrick says he hasn't "gotten to the stage where I'm comfortable in denying the Eucharist." Please note what he doesn't say. Nowhere does he state what any priest or bishop worthy of the name would say, namely that he would be horrified at the thought of permitting someone to receive who is a public sinner and who necessarily would be receiving sacrilegiously. No, that doesn't bother him. And why isn't he comfortable in denying such a person communion, for if he believes what the Roman Catholic Church has always taught about the Blessed Sacrament, that it truly the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ under the appearance of bread and wine, then he would also believe that he has a solemn duty as a cleric to guard the dignity of the Sacrament from those who dare receive it unworthily. Of course, all of this presupposes that the communions John Kerry and others of his ilk receive are of the Blessed Sacrament and not merely bread, a point that is not conceded in some traditionally-minded circles. Equally laughable was McCarrick's remark that he might impose some lesser sanction, such as: "no honorary degrees from Catholic universities, no honors from dioceses, or no invitations to speak from Catholic institutions." Now, none of these penalties even remotely satisfy what Catholic moral teaching calls for concerning the mortal sin of enabling baby killers, but even if they did there's no reason to believe that they'd be enforced, save in a diocese here or there. One only needs to recall how John Paul II said that Swiss Modernist priest and author Hans Küng, a radical "expert" at Vatican II who is a major figure in the trashing of the Church and who denies virtually every Catholic teaching, could not be considered "a Catholic theologian"--a typically toothless pronouncement from Rome that hasn't prevented Küng from publishing his heretical books or appearing as a featured speaker at schools like Notre Dame and Xavier Universities. And then there's the Boston Archdiocese that has publicly stated that it doesn't intend to limit Kerry's communions, despite what the Vatican suggested. And yet there are still people out there who think all of this is Catholic? File them under "G" for gullible!



Vote Fraud? Specter ekes out win against conservative challenger
"Moderate Republican Sen. Arlen Specter [photo to the left] beat back a tough primary threat Tuesday, barely defeating a conservative congressman who lacked support from party leaders but gained momentum by casting the four-term incumbent as too liberal." (RN 24/7: Here's another instance where the supposedly pro-life President Bush showed his true colors, when he joined with the National Abortion Rights Action League in supporting Specter. Take a look at the comparison of candidates from contender Pat Toomey's [photo to the right] website for make-no-mistake-about-it proof of the falsity of the Bush image: Social and Cultural .)

Lack of resolution in Iraq finds conservatives divided
Neo-conservative William Kristol: "If we have to make common cause with the more hawkish liberals and fight the conservatives, that is fine with me, too"

The unfolding FTAA battle - How they voted
"Understanding the dynamics involved in previous congressional votes on NAFTA and other so-called trade pacts is key to stopping the dangerous erosion of our sovereignty. Accompanying this article is a list of the votes of senators and congressmen on these crucial issues.


Israeli Myths
"The myth that Israel is a democracy: It is not a democracy in the western sense. It is an ethnic democracy. Twenty per cent of Israel’s citizens are Israeli Palestinians. They are entitled to vote, and they are required to pay taxes, but they do not have equal rights.

A Muslim who acted in Mel Gibson's "Passion": How the film moved Abel Jafri
"What impressed me most was the physical and moral suffering of this innocent man. Like a hurricane, blind and senseless violence knocked him down. Today, people continue to let themselves be carried away by hasty judgments, without reflection, without a conscience, manipulated by pressure groups that defend their personal interests." Rabbi Daniel Lapin:
Just wait till the Muslims see it "With perhaps one in five Americans already having seen it, The Passion continues to rack up attendance records. Would you like to hear an amazing statistic? In spite of dire warnings by some Jewish groups, no American Jews wending their way homewards from the synagogue have been set upon by crucifix-wielding Christians intent on wreaking revenge for the death of Jesus."


Britain's National ID Cards
(For more on this subject, see articles of April 25th)

"Every man and woman in the land will be a number on a colossal database"

£2,500 fine threat for ID resisters
"People who refuse to register for the government's planned ID card scheme could face a 'civil financial penalty' of up to £2,500, it has emerged."

Scottish rights groups angry as new ID cards unveiled
"Volunteers from Glasgow will be among the first to test plans for compulsory identity cards. But the news, revealed today, has already sparked anger among Scottish civil rights groups."




Death Decisions

Several myths about the death penalty have been reported but continue to be debunked upon closer examination. The Liebman study at Columbia University, 'Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995,' released its results in 2000 claiming serious flaws in the system, including a high 'error' rate. It was later revealed that the misleading 'error' included any issue requiring further review by a lower court, even when the court upheld the sentence.

"In 1965 Robert Lee Massie killed Mildred Weiss in San Gabriel, California while robbing her and her husband. He received the death penalty. However, in 1972 all the death sentences in California were commuted to life, so in 1978 Massie was paroled. On January 3, 1979 Robert Massie shot and killed San Francisco liquor store owner Boris Naumoff and wounded a store clerk during yet another robbery.

"On February 6, 2001 San Francisco District Attorney Terrence Hallinan addressed a San Francisco court refusing to file a motion to set the execution date for Robert Lee Massie. Hallinan told the court, 'The death penalty does not constitute any more deterrent than life without parole.'" Robert Lee Massie

Man gets life term in killing
"More than a year after a Tigard (OR) man's violent death, the healing has begun. Cameron Gassner, 21, died Jan. 13, 2003, after sustaining dozens of stab wounds and cuts in his Meadow Creek apartment.

"Terrence Lynn Tardy Jr., 22, surrendered to police eight days later in connection with the slaying and was supposed to go to trial last week on a charge of murder. Instead, on Friday Tardy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison with a mandatory minimum of 25 years before he is eligible for parole.

"'Your behavior is satanic and you are toxic to society,' Gassner's mother, Linda Marie of Portland, told Tardy through her tears at Friday's sentencing."


Capital Punishment Statistics From the U.S. Department of Justice

Death Penalty Links A comprehensive listing of links concerning capital punishment. If you can't find it there, it's probably not on the Internet.


Bush Administration sponsors conference with pro-abortion groups
"Some conservatives on and off the Hill are angry that the Department of Health and Human Services has teamed up with critics of the Bush administration to hold a conference on global health and reproductive rights that will likely promote policies contrary to the president’s." (RN 24/7: Great! If President Bush is as pro-life as some would have us believe, surely he must be outraged at this. Our litmus test is: If heads roll at HHS, then we're prepared to reassess our view of him, but not a moment sooner!)

Saddam's WMDs have been found
"New evidence out of Iraq suggests the U.S. effort to track down Saddam Hussein's missing weapons of mass destruction is having better success than is being reported." (RN 24/7: It remains to be seen exactly what has been found. Remember last year's discovery of a "bio-warfare lab" that was hyped to the sky and then quietly forgotten when that identification proved dubious. But the while question of whether he had them or not is really beside the point. These weapons were supposed to make him a great threat to the United States, but he didn't even use them to defend his country when invaded by American forces, when all was lost.) 

How Washington gouges us at the pump
"Gasoline itself has become less expensive because the industry has become more efficient. The pump price is higher because government has also become more efficient at picking consumers’ pockets."


news & views

Expert doubts reliability of electronic voting "Computer security expert Rebecca Mercuri says Americans want to know their votes count and that they have an indisputable way to recount those votes. 'What we got, really, was the exact opposite of what I believe we wanted to go in the direction of,' said Mercuri, who has researched electronic voting for 14 years and is a computer security expert with Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government."

'Touch' voting a worry "Growing concerns over the accuracy of the state's new high-tech -- and high-priced -- election systems could leave voters longing for the days of punch-card ballots and hanging chads."

The vexations of voting machines
"Electronic voting is 'a rickety system with poor federal and state oversight,' says Kim Alexander, president of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation. 'It has produced an endless stream of bad news.'"



UK: National ID cards to be tested
"Trials of identity cards are to be launched next week, the BBC has learnt. The pilot will involve 10,000 volunteers and be run from the Passport Office in London and three other centers around Britain. The government hopes the pilot scheme will pave the way for compulsory identity cards for everyone within the next decade."


Should we carry national ID cards?
"January 14, 2002 — All 19 suspected terrorists who hijacked American jets and subsequently crashed them in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania had obtained Social Security numbers, James Huse, the inspector general of the Social Security Administration told Congress last week." (
RN 24/7: Putting aside for the sake of argument the question of whether there even were any hijackers, suppose there were and as is reported here, they had Social Security numbers. Huse and proponents of national ID cards, who want essentially to turn SS#s into identification numbers for the proposed cards, claim that this can help fight terrorism. But let's get into the mind of one of the hijackers for a moment. If the aim is to create mayhem against the hated enemy, America, from within her borders and to do this it is absolutely essential to avoid detection, which of the following do you do: Obtain a genuine SS card bearing your real name or have a fake card made that gives you a fictitious name? Obviously, the latter, of course. And this is why this main argument for mandatory national ID cards falls flat on its face. It's false for the same reason the argument that registering guns will reduce crime is false: Those people bent on doing criminal activities are not going to do anything to give themselves away to law enforcement authorities. while those same authorities don't need to know about the details of law-biding citizens' lives. For a current case in point, see
Massive alien ID fraud ring in Oregon.)   

 Privacy International--National ID Cards "PI has released a new FAQ on the National ID card and a guide to responding to the consultation document along with historical overviews of the ID card controversy." Epic- ID cards archive "National ID cards have long been advocated as a means to enhance national security, unmask potential terrorists, and guard against illegal immigrants. They are in use in many countries around the world including most European countries, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand."  

National ID Cards: New Technologies, Same Bad Idea   "Larry Ellison, chairman and CEO of Oracle, made headlines recently when he advocated the creation of a national ID card system as a way to address airport security in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. 'We need a national ID card with our photograph and thumbprint digitized and embedded in the ID card,' Ellison said. And to get things rolling, Ellison has even offered to 'provide the software for this absolutely free,' he said."


Kerry jumps on Sharon bandwagon
"In an interview with NBC television, Kerry declared that he supports the separation plan, as well as President Bush's letter to the Sharon government." (RN 24/7: Part of the mentality of 2004 presidential candidates involves groveling before the Sharon and company. So what else is new?)

China's military buildup raises concerns in US
"From the Pentagon to Capital Hill, China's military buildup is causing renewed concerns in the United States as the Asian giant arms itself to deter any separation moves by Taiwan or American involvement in a cross-strait conflict." (RN 24/7: Oh, so now they're concerned. Such a buildup would never have been possible, had it not been for the considerable aid the Communist Chinese received from her American enemy. See, for example, William Norman Grigg's article, "Building the Red Dragon" for documentation.)

"Terri's Law" could be overturned by court decision  "A Florida appeals court decision could pave the way to declaring Terri's Law unconstitutional. On Friday, the Second District Court of Appeals affirmed Douglas Baird's decision to keep the lawsuit filed by Terri's estranged husband Michael in his court." Terri's website



Finally, there is a much-needed questioning of the touch-screen machines, but this must be followed up with an impartial study of the dangers of all computer voting, because many of the risks inherent in touch-screen are to be found in the other voting machines, as well!

E-voting under fire
"A growing number of federal and state legislators are expressing doubts about the integrity of the ATM-like electronic voting machines that at least 50 million Americans will use to cast their ballots in November. Computer scientists have long criticized the so-called touch-screen machines as not being much more reliable than home computers, which can crash, malfunction and fall prey to hackers and viruses."

Arizona state senators vote unanimously to ban paperless touch-screens
"State senators voted Thursday to block the state from using touch screen voting machines unless they also produce a printed record. Sen. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Tucson, said there is a need to ensure that votes cast by Arizonans are accurately recorded. And that means being able to do a recount."

Diebold May Face Criminal Charge in California
"After harshly chastising Diebold Election Systems for what it considered deceptive business practices, a California voting systems panel voted unanimously Thursday to recommend that the secretary of state decertify an electronic touch-screen voting machine manufactured by the company, making it likely that four California counties that recently purchased the machines will have to find other voting solutions for the November presidential election." RELATED STORY:
Diebold knew of legal risks "Attorneys for Diebold Election Systems Inc. warned in late November that its use of uncertified vote-counting software in Alameda County violated California election law and broke its $12.7 million contract with Alameda County."

Maryland sued over touch-screen voting
"The Maryland State Board of Elections has been sued because its touch-screen voting machines cannot produce an immediate paper record. The Campaign for Verifiable Voting filed suit Thursday in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court asking that the state ban the use of the 16,000 touch-screen Diebold voting machines it plans to use in November election."

Ohio legislators push for touch-screen paper receipts
"Ohio lawmakers say they don't want concerns about the security of electronic voting to prevent 27 Ohio counties from replacing punch card voting machines in time for the November election. A joint House-Senate committee on ballot security for touch-screen voting systems has recommended that the new machines print paper receipts that allows voters to check their selections."


Rocket attack kills five US soldiers
"Volleys of rockets struck the capital's crowded Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City on Saturday, hitting a busy market, smashing into a home and killing at least seven Iraqis. Outside Baghdad, insurgents rocketed a U.S. military base, killing five soldiers."

Patrick Buchanan:
Bush outsources Mideast policy
Speaking of the Palestinians, they were dealt a lethal blow," exulted a jubilant Ariel Sharon, 'It will bring their dreams to an end.' Sharon was bragging about his trip to Washington where he bullied Bush into selling out the Palestinians as thoroughly as Neville Chamberlain sold out the Czechs at Munich.

Extremism in the defense of liberty
I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy,' said the Duke of Wellington of his troops, 'but, by God, they terrify me.' I feel much the same way about some of those who purport to be on our side in the so-called Global War on Terror (GWoT)."

Station fined $4000 for Castro prank
"A radio station that crank-called Cuban President Fidel Castro and broadcast the recording should be fined $4,000, the Federal Communications Commission said."
Related column "The Federal Communications Commission has no sense of humor, even when it comes to a crank call to Fidel Castro." (RN 24/7: Two thumbs up for the clever pranking, even if it was just a publicity stunt to get the struggling station some listeners. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find an audio clip. [If anyone is aware of a link, please let us know so we can share it on the website. Here's the station's home page, in a typically butchered Google translation. And for those who'd like to give the feds a piece of your mind for this absurd fine, here's the FCC's
home page.)



Vatican official: Pro-abortion politicians banned from communion--sort of
 VIDEO   TEXT  "A top Vatican cardinal said Friday that priests must deny Communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, but stopped short of saying whether it was right for John Kerry to receive Communion."

Cardinal Arinze's presentation on communion Instruction
Text of his remarks with link to the document

Kerry Affirms Support for abortion 'rights'
"Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry delivered an unabashed defense of abortion rights on Friday just hours after a top Vatican cardinal said that priests must deny Communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion rights."

Priests: Communion not denied for New England pro-abortion politicians
"Members of Congress from southern New England are largely Catholic and predominantly favor of abortion rights, but bishops in the region said Friday they would not deny Communion to the politicians, despite the latest pronouncement from the Vatican."

Are Leftwing politicians beyond blackmailing US bishops?
"American Catholics watch in stunned disbelief as pro-abortion politicians thumb their noses at the Catechism and Canon Law. But Catholic (and non-Catholic) writers are beginning to speculate that the lack of action on behalf of the Bishops may have less to do with spinelessness, and more to do with extortion and hard ball politics.

Real News 24/7 analysis:
The news that a Vatican official has pronounced on the subject of the policy concerning communion and pro-abortion politicians really isn't news at all, its just more typical post-Vatican II "Catholic" confusion. Prior to the Second Vatican Council, any Cath
olic  helping to facilitate an abortion would have had more to worry about than missing out on Holy Communion--he would have been excommunicated. But after that misbegotten council, everything became murky. Instead of being counseled to follow Church teaching on moral issues, Catholics are often being told to follow the open-ended " your conscience." And this is how many married couples routinely frustrate the primary aim of matrimony through birth control, how weak individuals are persuaded that it's "okay" to indulge twisted same-sex Sodomite desires, how women justify having their unborn children killed by abortion "doctors" and how "Catholic" politicians like Kerry and Kennedy are permitted to continue acting as facilitators for the abortion industry.

Although the un-official pronouncement at the Vatican press conference call technically would require the submission of these politicians, it is, as so much else in this Catholic-in-name-only religion, only smoke and mirrors. (And the best in that church just can't see it: For example, Judie Brown, who has done much good work as the head of the American Life League , has written a column entitled Why Don't Catholic Politicians Practice What the Catholic Church Preaches?  The pretty obvious answer, for those who have eyes, besides the fact that they're not Catholic, despite claims to the contrary, is that they don't practice it because no one with authority is making them! And the latest sound and fury from Rome ultimately is no different.) In the real (read pre-Vatican II) Catholic Church the punishment for such public sinners would have been swift and severe and unequivocal: an excommunication that would have prevented them from frequenting the Sacraments anywhere, anytime, until such time as they repent and do public penance.

But Vatican II changed all that: In 1973, when Supreme Court Justice William Brennan supported the majority pro-abortion opinion in Roe v. Wade and was not excommunicated, it was clear that the Catholic Faith was being betrayed by the very men sworn to protect it. Now, over thirty years later, this betrayal has become the norm and the Vatican response is so weak-kneed that it even suggests that there might be times when it's permitted to give what passes for communion to the pro-abort politico (The reasoning is wrong, however, because the true Catholic teaching is that a known public sinner must always be refused Communion, even when a priest is "surprised," because the scandal of giving it to someone who is openly sinning--and thus clearly receiving it sacrilegiously and committing another grave sin--is immense! To argue otherwise is to show an ignorance or contempt for Catholic moral teaching.)

No matter, because there are even other built-in loopholes that will be exploited, because "Reformed" Rome has been sending out mixed signals, condemning "abuses," often most forcefully, but in the end never doing anything substantive to put an end to them. (To invert the famous "Teddy" Roosevelt remark: It talks harshly and carries a toothpick.) And none of this is lost on the Democratic "kill kult." Kerry, for example, lectures the Vatican about "separation of Church and State," how abortion is a woman's "right" and how he will continue to "follow his conscience" when carrying out his duties as an elected official. Kennedy also says he won't back down either, while noting that this wasn't from John Paul II, but only one of his underlings. Of course, it's easy for them to be bold when the bishops of New England say they will continue to "minister" to pro-abortion leaders without any concern over what the Vatican says.

And why not? This "every bishop calls his own shots" mentality has also been the norm since the Council under the heading "collegiality." So what, if some of them (a very small minority, as it turns out) say they'll go along with the Vatican request (and bear in mind, that's all it is, anymore--a request--except, of course, when it comes to someone like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (right) doing something to challenge the false reforms, then they get hammered with a "command" not to defend Catholic Tradition). Many (most?) others won't go along with the latest ruling and no one, least of all Rome, has any interest in stopping them. This has gone on for decades and isn't about to change now.

Indeed, it is an accepted principle by the Conciliar Rome, which makes the whining by certain conservative voices in that church about how terrible it is that these bishops are "in schism from the Pope" more than a little silly. (Or take the tack of the author of the "blackmail" link above, as though the fear of being blackmailed is the motivating factor of the bishops' failure to denounce the politicians' stand on the issues, while ignoring the fact that many of them share the same beliefs.)

Until the authority vacuum is filled by Christ-centered leaders, then nonsensical (but deadly serious) fiascos like the one that's just unfolded are going to continue with no end in sight. It's time that those who call themselves Catholic--and really mean it--wake up to what the enemies of the Church have wrought. There must be a general housecleaning of those men who hold positions within the institutional structures of the Catholic Church, but who are really CINOs (Catholic-In-Name-Only). And this does not involve just a few men in robes and miters--their number is legion--and it is something that must start at the top!   


Ex-NFL star killed in combat in Afghanistan
"Pat Tillman walked away from millions in the NFL to fight for his country in Afghanistan. He paid with his life. The former Arizona Cardinals safety was killed Thursday night in a firefight while on combat patrol. A specialist with the elite Army Rangers, he was 27. "(RN 24/7: While we have been opposed to the sending of American troops to fight in the Middle East on what we believe to be specious grounds, we respect those soldiers who are risking their lives in what they feel is the defense of their country. We note Pat Tillman here, not because his sacrifice is any greater than those others who have lost their lives, but because he did "the unthinkable": He turned his back on fame, millions of dollars and a very bright future to stand up for his country in a time of crisis. The day after the 9-11 attacks, he said in an interview: "My family has … gone and fought in wars and I really haven't done a damn thing as far as laying myself on the line like that, and so I have a great deal of respect for those that have and what the flag stands for." He enlisted without fanfare shortly after that. An American hero.)

9-11 could have been prevented
"From Richard Clarke to Condoleezza Rice, the security establishment agrees on one thing: there was no sure way to stop the attacks of September 11, 2001. Maybe, maybe not. But if that is correct, it doesn’t get the Bush administration and its predecessors off the hook. The very inability to prevent terrorism is a powerful argument against the interventionist polices they followed for decades."

Taiwan rejects US warning over defense
"Taiwan rejected US warnings over its controversial plans for a new constitution on Thursday, setting the stage for further rocky relations with its sole protector against China."

Eugenics - a 'science' of evil
An exhibit on Nazi medical practices raises frightening issues for today
¼and tomorrow.



Real News 24/7 takes an in-depth look at the environmentalist 'faith' behind the holiday, a twisted mindset that places nature before people.

Let's make Earth Day a religious holiday
On April 22, millions will dutifully engage in the now-familiar rituals and incantations of America’s fastest-growing religion.

In public places, they will gather to listen to sermons...about the sins of human selfishness, about redemption through self-abasement, about the duty to exercise stewardship of the earth.

In schools, they will indoctrinate their children in the gospel according to John...John Muir, that is.

In their homes, they will engage in symbolic acts of digging through germ-laden garbage for recyclables, by denying themselves the pleasures of eating meat, and by setting their thermostats below the sinful level of human comfort.

The cause for this mass religious outpouring is, of course, Earth Day. In just a few decades, it has become an unofficial holy day, displacing in the hearts of our countrymen (and in the memories of those who publish calendars) such reactionary occasions as Jefferson’s birthday.

(RN 24/7: The author's unrelenting attack on the fallacies of the environmentalist movement, "Environmentalism or individualism?" can be found on the same site by clicking the 'My Manifesto' link.)

Earth Day on the campaign trail
"President Bush, trying to shore up his environmental record against attacks by Democratic rival John Kerry, on Thursday called for restoring or protecting as many as 3 million acres of wetlands over the next five years."

Saving The Earth (excerpts from Brave New Schools)
"I pledge allegiance to the Earth and all its sacred parts, Its water, land and living things and all its human hearts."
--the Earth Pledge. A look at how America's children are being indoctrinated into the humanistic Earth Day religion.

Arsons believed to be work of ELF
"The words 'Earth Liberation Front' -- called a top domestic terrorism threat by the FBI -- were signed on a note found amid an array of unexploded firebombs this week at a home-construction site in Snohomish County."
Hints of eco-terror

Stone Phillips is Wrong About Air Pollution
"Stone Phillips’s
Dateline report on coal emissions was misleading. Such is sometimes the price of press freedom. But that’s why we should always take our news with more than just a grain of salt."

Diaperless baby movement: No more Huggies for tree huggers?
"'There is a way to have a baby and NOT use diapers,' says one website advocating diaperless babies. Parents are urged to get in tune with their infant's body signals and hold babies over toilets, buckets and shrubbery or any other convenient receptacle when nature calls."

related LINKS
(a brief cross section of Earth Day proponents and their critics)


International Earth Day- The Official Site

Earth Day - US Government Portal
Just a reminder (if any is needed) of the federal government's leading role in all of this.

Earth Day 2004 - EnviroLink Resource Guide

EPA - Earth Day 2004

Earth Day Canada

Its acronym taken from the name of the earth goddess of ancient Greece, here's a group dedicated to the elimination of incinerators and no-burn alternatives.

Green Cross International
The 'environmentalist' Communist front group founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, former dictator of the Soviet Union, who has been
described as "the quintessential 'watermelon Marxist' – green on the outside, red on the inside."

Greenpeace International
Long-established environmental advocacy group
Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Radical "animal rights" group whose criminal antics have done much to alert Americans as to the true nature of the movement.

Sierra Club
The granddaddy of the environmentalist groups and still one of the most powerful.

Other Earth Day links
Including 'spiritual' websites, such as Global Meditations.

" The site promotes "alternative environmental approaches, including locally based 'eco-innovation,' outcome-based regulations, quasi-market pricing strategies, corporate and individual stewardship, property rights enforcement as a means of protecting the environment from polluters, and the cultivation of environmental aesthetics."

American Land Rights Association
ALRA and its members are dedicated to the wise-use of our resources, access to our Federal lands and the protection of our private property rights.

Debunking the animal rights movement. Many links, too.
Ditto. Be sure to check out the new anti-PETA TV commericals.

Eco-Imperialism - Green Power. Black Death. - Paul Driessen
Examining the consequences of a carrying out the the agenda of enviromentalism--a philosophy that declares that pristine nature has intrinsic value in itself, and that regards Man and his activities as intrusive threats to the so-called ecological balance? - Fighting Tree Huggers
A really fun site for everyone except PETA-types, where web pages include "recipes," "facts" and "photos," and most of them have those oh-so-cute drawings by little children, such as adorn the tree hugger sites, only with a very different message. Not to be missed is the email received from a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission employee, who called the site "interesting in a warped sort of way" but warned, "you may be getting hits from children who are searching for information for school projects. I am sure their parents are not pleased with what you are promoting.
¼" But how can she be so sure?  Maybe they like barbequed manatee!
Not 'con' so much as wary of the claims of environmental extremists and favoring private initiative and innovations.

People Eating Tasty Animals
The other PETA!

The New American - The Earth Charter
Links exposing this globalist Charter, of which former Communist dictator Mikhail Gorbachev said "My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount,' that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond."

More links on environmentalism
Numerous resources about this dangerous movement


Bush: World should thank Sharon for 'withdrawal' plans
"U.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday rejected international condemnation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and said world leaders owed him a 'thank you' for his plans for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank."

Republican 'moderates' advance liberalism
"Slowly, reluctantly, grassroots conservatives are waking up to the fact that their agenda is being systematically undermined and thwarted. Worse yet, this is consistently happening at the hands of Republicans. The GOP controls the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House. The overwhelming majority of Supreme Court Justices are Republican appointees. And Republicans hold the majority of state governorships. Yet the moral bankruptcy of the counterculture relentlessly advances." (RN 24/7: This has been going on for decades and they're just now starting to figure this out?! One need only go to the government's Earth Day portal linked above, where the visitor is greeted with a photo of President Bush prominently displayed, to see this in action.)

Locked on course to wider war
"The American public has been deceived and locked on a course toward conscription and a wider war. 
On April 20 Republican Senator Chuck Hagel acknowledged the deceit when he urged the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to support the restoration of compulsory military service."

Internet photos of fallen GIs ignore Pentagon ban

Israeli theater wants to screen 'The Passion of The Christ'
"The Tel Aviv Cinemateque said on Thursday it believes everyone has the right to make his own choice about the film, regardless of religion."



Judge refuses to throw out Oklahoma City bombing case
"A judge refused to dismiss the murder case Wednesday against Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols (left) and restricted defense attorneys' ability to argue there was a wider conspiracy than the government has acknowledged." 

The Nichols Trial: Summary of the evidence
A review of evidence from the 1997 trial.

McVeigh’s friend ready to go public on OKC conspiracy
mpending testimony in the Oklahoma state trial of accused and federally convicted Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator Terry Nichols could blow the lid off the long-simmering FBI and Justice Department cover-up of the actual facts about the tragic federal building bombing."

 Okla. City kin still seek Coconspirators
"For Jannie Coverdale, the search for suspects in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed her two grandsons and 166 other people did not end with the arrests of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols."

Did OKC bombers join TWA 800 plot?
(RN 24/7: The contention of this World News Daily article, that there's a al-Qaida connection to the Oklahoma City bombing is popular in some circles, including some of the links below, but how plausible is it. After all, the idea of American-hating Muslim extremists teaming up with "super patriots," who purportedly bombed the Murrah Building in retaliation for the deaths of American citizens, would, at least on the surface, seem to be a bit of a stretch. Was there a conspiracy? No doubt. A cover-up? Clearly. Were certain people in the government aware that an attack was going to occur? They were.  But after that, what really is known is surprisingly little, but it is known that Elohim City, the White Supremacist enclave where McVeigh had ties, was being run by FBI informants.)

related LINKS

The Oklahoma City bombing (Additional explosive charges/bombers?)

Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee

Oklahoma City bombing cover-up

Issues In Focus - Oklahoma City Bombing

The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror


Hostage-takers in Iraq small, unknown groups with grand names
"They appear almost every day - previously unknown groups claiming responsibility for attacks against coalition forces, the kidnappings of foreigners or the deaths of Iraqis who cooperate with the U.S.-led coalition."

TV elite downplays Kerry vs. Russert
"Tim Russert's Sunday grilling of John Kerry could have been a high-profile news story which resulted in much pundit evaluation, as President Bush’s grilling from Russert was in February. Kerry fumbled over Iraq questions and backed away from his wildest Vietnam overstatements. But the networks have largely ignored the mess."

Bush, law challenged in Schiavo Case
"The lawyer for a man seeking to end his severely brain-damaged wife's life argued Monday that Gov. Jeb Bush shouldn't be allowed to gather new evidence in the case because the judge has all the information he needs to decide if the law keeping Terri Schiavo alive is unconstitutional. The governor's lawyer countered that questioning is needed because lawmakers were uncomfortable with Michael Schiavo's motives in wanting to withdraw food and hydration from his wife.
Terri's website



Columbine Marks 5 Years Since Tragedy


"A sign in front of Colorado's Columbine High School says, 'A Time to Remember, A Time to Hope.' Five years ago today, two students at the Littleton, Colo., high school carried out the worst school shooting in American history, killing 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves."

School massacre one of many fatal incidents nationwide with a 'Matrix' tie-in

The Matrix movie puts out a message in a Trench Coat with a blazing gun and duffel bags full of bombs. The two boys in Littleton wore Trench coats, had blazing guns and duffel bags full of bombs.
Michael Hoffman
"The Columbine Matrix"

Teen killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ( above left, respectively, with photo of school) were "inspired" to commit mayhem, in part, by The Matrix, even to labeling their gang the Trench Coat Mafia, patterned after characters in the film, including 'Neo' (above right, played by Keanu Reeves). But Columbine is only the bloodiest of many Matrix-related murders in which social malcontents have acted out their frustrations against the world. While it can't reasonably be said that the movie or its sequels 'made' anyone kill, the high number of such occurrences makes it likely that the series somehow serve (along with other influences, such as the incessant death imagery of much extreme music [metal and rap] and violent video games) as triggering mechanisms. Couple this with a lack of a spiritual life and/or a dysfunctional family and the recipe for disaster is complete. The first two articles that follow demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt what for many is The Matrix's lethal lure, while the concluding articles speculate whether such an effect was actually intended

' The Matrix' and murder
"Although millions of moviegoers find the "Matrix" movies harmless escapism, the dark thrillers may be fueling deadly delusions in some tormented souls."

The Matrix defense
"Josh Cooke doesn't remember what he was thinking at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 17, when he went up to his room after eating dinner with his parents. He remembers what he was listening to on his headphones -- 'Bodies,' by metal drones Drowning Pool -- and what he did. 'I just kinda looked over at my `Matrix' poster,' he says, 'and then I looked over at my gun.'" (RN 24/7: Whatever ill effect the film may have had on Cooke, surely the lyrics of the song mentioned here, off of the album Sinner, probably didn't help: "Driven by hate, consumed by fear/Let the bodies hit the floor."

Did the 'Matrix' films program teens to murder?

The Columbine Matrix
"The System doesn't need MKUltra anymore. The media culture itself is now so far gone it functions like MKUltra. True, most kids will not 'go Postal.' But certain attuned ones will and that's all the System needs. It's all about brutalization and desensitization. Ask any soldier what happens on the killing fields. You are brutalized. Violence becomes an exercise, like walking the dog. Shakespeare said, 'Tis not good that children should see any wicked thing,' but modern youth see such things every day, sometimes every hour or even every minute."

The Trench Coat Mafia was made in Hollywood
"Hitler's birthday was April 20 but these kids--if indeed they were seeking to pay perverse tribute to Hitler with their carnage--had no idea who Hitler was. They are simply taking the Jewish media image of Hitler which is obsessively broadcast and published on a weekly basis, and embracing it as their Hitler. In other words, Hitler for them is a symbol of Nietzschean power and defiance, beyond good and evil, beyond compromise and it is to that image that they may have attached themselves."


Martial law promoted on 'Nightline'
"Will the US be under martial law by June, 2004? That is the impression some are expressing after witnessing a recent episode of Nightline (4/7/2004), with Ted Koppel. On this particular program Koppel is host to Richard Clarke, former Reagan officials Edwin Meese III and Kenneth M. Duberstein; former Clinton official Sally Katzen, author James Mann, and former Bush official Richard Clarke. The subject matter is named The Armageddon Plan."

Patriot Act: first foreigners, then Americans
"The Patriot Act has become a symbol for a much broader range of concerns about this administration's abuse of civil liberties in the war on terrorism. Many of those are real abuses that warrant real concern, but don't stem specifically from the Patriot Act. Rather, they stem from initiatives that the Bush administration undertook outside the authority of the Patriot Act, such as the mass preventive detention campaign that John Ashcroft undertook after Sept. 11, which to date has led to over 5,000 foreign nationals being detained."

The strange, mysterious, eternal allure of Adolf Hitler  
"This article is of interest because it sheds some new light on how Hitler was perceived during the decade of the 1930's and after the war. Some of the quotations below may help solve the mystery of this giant figure of the 20th Century."

Hitler didn't want World War
"This is not an attempt to exonerate Hitler. His ideology of Aryan racial supremacy and his treatment of 'inferior races' are abhorrent to me. My own grandparents were murdered by the Nazis."



What Darwin Didn’t Know


In a challenging new book, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons uses advances in science since the time of Darwin to attack the fundamental tenets of evolution theory. The author writes:

The Problem of Complexity
Complexity is another major problem for Darwin's theories. In On the Origin of Species, he wrote, "The eye to this day gives me a cold shudder." Imagine walking past the fanciest Ferrari ever made and assuming that only evolution was responsible for its existence. There is a parallel logic. First came the wheel, then the cart, the wagon, the unicycle, the bicycle, the Model-T Ford, a sedan, a convertible, and then a Ferrari. It should be obvious to any passerby that this car was man-made, not derived from a series of mutations (accidents)…and yet many people believe that the human body, a considerably more complex machine, came about, in part, through a series of lucky genetic accidents. (Accidents, in my mind, are burns and broken bones.) Nearly all accidents (mutations) in nature are either silent and useless, extremely challenging, outright deforming, or simply incompatible with life. They are not capable of creating complex individuals who can paint beautiful pictures, write wonderful stories, repair cleft palates, debate political issues, or build racing cars.

Purchase information

related web sites

Access Research Network
A site promoting intelligent design, whose friends include authors Michael Behe (Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution), William Dembski (Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology) and Phillip Johnson (Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism).

Intelligent Design network
Seeks objectivity in origins science by
promoting the scientific evidence for intelligent design.

"Scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism."



Remote control plane drops bomb in test
"A robotic plane deliberately dropped a bomb near a truck at Edwards Air Force Base on Sunday, marking another step forward for technology the U.S. military hopes will one day replace human pilots on dangerous combat missions."

(RN 24/7: If a bomb can be dropped from a plane by remote control, then buildings can be crashed into with planes piloted by remote control! See our webpage
9-11 cover-up: remote control planes for documentation.) 

Experts fear recent events will spur terrorists
"Israel's assassination of a Hamas leader and Bush's support of Sharon's unilateral plan seem sure to inflame anti-Americanism."

Workers told to train replacements
"When computer programmer Stephen Gentry learned last year that Boeing was laying him off and shipping his job overseas, he wasn't too surprised. Many of his friends had suffered the same experience. What really stunned him was his last assignment: Managers had him train the worker from India who'd be taking his job." (RN 24/7: Adding insult to injury!)





Endless fake terror alerts: Fear-based mind control

"The ultimate form of control is fear and the fear that you could lose your life at any moment elicits a Pavlovian response towards those who claim they can protect you. Trauma based mind control is not a conspiracy theory and can be observed naturally after people have been subject to distress. The New World Order know this and that is why the U.S. and British governments issued a spate of fabricated terror alerts immediately after September 11 and continue to do so to this day. Concurrently we are reminded daily that it’s not a matter of if but when the next large terrorist attack occurs."

 Fear Factor Mental Enforcement (Pavlov's Dogs)
"There is a scary child's story which some of us heard as kids which has a goblin encroaching on a child's home. It goes, (this very evil goblin saying) 'Johnny I'm on your first step, Johnny I'm on your second step, Johnny I'm on your third step, Johnny I'm on your porch, Johnny I'm at your door....and so on.' My point is, now the story is much more serious because the goblin (the government) is saying to us, 'Johnny, I'm in your automobile; Johnny I'm in your business; Johnny I'm in your marriages; Johnny I'm in your religion; Johnny I'm in your schools, Johnny I'm in your finances; Johnny I'm even in your home; Johnny I'm controlling your personal life."'


More on Fear-based control


US will not negotiate for soldier release
"The United States will not negotiate for the release of an American soldier being held by insurgents in Iraq but is working to win the freedom of hostages there, top administration officials have said."

Bush's dangerous arrogance
"American foreign policy consists entirely of self-interest, never more so than in an election year when a first-term President is pursuing an extra couple of per cent of Jewish votes in Florida and Ohio."

Israel kills new Hamas chief: Second assassination after Yassin's murder
"An Israeli helicopter missile strike on a car in Gaza City on Saturday killed top Hamas leader Abdel Aziz al Rantissi." 

Another "extrajudicial killing" of a Palestinian political leader
"The killing of a paralyzed and wheelchair-bound leader (who could easily have been arrested), set off shock waves throughout the region. Turkey, which in recent years has become an ally of Israel, accused Sharon of 'terrorism'. India, which had hosted Sharon just weeks before, stated it was appalled.

Hamas promises bloodbath
"Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas has vowed 100 revenge attacks after Israel's assassination of its leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi." 


New evidence indicates FBI's complicity in Waco massacre

"More than 10 years after a raid by federal agents went horribly wrong at the Branch Davidian church near Waco, Tex., a Tucson lawyer says he has evidence in his possession that implicates law enforcement personnel in the deaths of 80 men, women and children following a 52-day standoff of their compound.

"Attorney David Hardy believes that the 100 agents involved in the raid at Waco had received military training at Ft. Hood, an Army post located 50 miles south of Waco. The team included a public information officer who alerted the news media to standby for a story that weekend. There would be a story—in addition to four agents who were killed, six civilians would die, signaling the beginning of the media blitz at Waco, said Hardy."

Other Waco links:

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

The Waco Massacre

From our archives:  Wesley Clark Part V: Waco and Kosovo (Viewer advisory: Due to a photo graphically showing grisly remains, this webpage is recommended for mature readers only.)


Tape shows captive American soldier, latest in upsurge of hostage-taking in Iraq
"An American soldier missing for a week was shown unhurt but clearly frightened in an Arab television broadcast in which the 20-year-old was surrounded by masked gunmen who offered to exchange him for imprisoned Iraqi fighters and claimed they had more hostages."

Neoconservative applauds White despoliation In South Africa

tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide is upon us this week, and some predict yet another African genocide is about to unfold in Sudan. In South Africa, however, where wicked white supremacy was dismantled (also a decade ago) and black majority rule established, all is happiness, a veritable cakewalk to utopia, according to neo-conservative pundit Max Boot."

Council on Foreign Relations: Max Boot
Member information for this influential and "respectable" subversive

Also see our Special Report, Mandela's Communist ties ignored as world celebrates his birthday   with  newly added links .

Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial only weeks before 9-11?
"Like most of the Bush cabinet, Attorney General John Ashcroft took commercial jets when he traveled. But on July 24, 2001, he changed that practice and began flying in chartered government jets."
Others not using their frequent flier miles that day

The real battle over 'The Passion'
"Mel Gibson is famous for war movies, but "The Passion of the Christ" was supposed to be something completely different. Little did he know that it would launch him into the middle of a battle that has been going on for a long time: the battle for the Holocaust."



The Crucifixion of the Palestinian People

According to columnist Charles Colson, much of the blame for the tragic events can be traced to the influence of the so-called Christian Zionists and their unconditional support of Israel. While they uphold the Sharon government's claim of security as the reason for the walls that are closing in around the Palestinians, a leading Israeli peace group says the real motive is political.

"Israeli official sources claim that suicide bombers from Palestine have killed 248 Israeli under the age of 18 years since the Intifada began in 1987.  Human rights groups say 2931 Palestinians have been shot or bombed to death, including 541 children, in just the last four years.  Men in uniform deliberately fractured the arm of a 10-year old boy named Kamal, and the life was crushed out of an American girl named Rachael under a Caterpillar bulldozer.  'Suicide bombers' are blamed, directly or indirectly, for nearly every death in Israel.

"This writer has consistently argued that it is far more accurate to lay the responsibility for deaths on both sides on the doorstep of “Christian-Zionist” leaders of American churches and “celebrity media Christians” who, we find, are more bloody handed than a handful of young adults with crude homemade bombs. Were it not for these failed religious men of peace there would be no suicide bombers, there would have been no Day 911, Iraq would not have been destroyed and 600 dead American military would still be alive, as would countless Iraqis who been killed. (See Ending Our Plague)."

Palestinian Teenager Shot Dead in West Bank Barrier Protest
"A 15-year-old Palestinian boy died after being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers during a protest against the West Bank separation barrier, medics said."

The Separation Wall is not about security
A refutation of some of the official claims of Ariel Sharon and his allies. From the website of Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace group. 

To divest or not to divest
"The Palestine/Israel conflict marked its fifty-fourth year, the Intifada (civilian uprising) marked its third year, but the conflict is just surfacing on US and European Universities. Awareness stems from an i
nternational campaign to divest from companies that operate from illegal Israeli colonies on Palestinian lands, violating international laws."



Bush, Blair support UN Iraq plan, Israel's land claims
"President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair signaled support on Friday for an interim government to take power in Iraq on June 30, Bush saying the plan under development by a UN envoy is 'broadly acceptable to the Iraqi people.'"

9-11: No evidence of hijacker Muslim 'terrorists'
"Why hasn't either the Bush administration or some element of law enforcement in the United States issued a single solid piece of evidence connecting the hijackers to the hijacked airplanes?

"Why don't the alleged hijackers appear on the airport security videos?

"Why aren't there credit card records of their ticket purchases?

"Why did FBI director Robert Mueller say very publicly to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco that nothing on paper connected Arab terrorists to 9/11?"

Troops blast rock and rap 'music' in siege of Fallujah
"In Fallujah's darkened, empty streets, U.S. troops blast AC/DC's 'Hell's Bells' and other rock music full volume from a huge speaker, hoping to grate on the nerves of this Sunni Muslim city's gunmen and give a laugh to Marines along the front line." (RN 24/7: What does it say about today's military that they would subject the Iraqis to sleepless nights by the playing of this degenerate, degrading, immoral music? This sort of psych-warfare truly borders on the diabolical. There is something very sick in all of this, sick and twisted. Cruel and unusual punishment indeed. A sure way to endear us to the Iraqi people it is not!)


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