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Latest News and Analysis for May 2003

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Postings from May 31 to May 16

5-31-03 Olympic, abortion bomb suspect Rudolph captured  "[Eric] Rudolph, 36, faces federal charges in the July 1996 bombing at Centennial Olympic Park, which killed a Georgia woman at the Summer Olympics and injured more than 100 people.

 He is also suspected in bombings at an Atlanta abortion clinic and a gay nightclub, which caused injuries, but no fatalities."

5-31-03 Barricades protect Geneva from G8 protesters and other news updates

5-31-03 RED ALERT: Bush needs another 9/11 "The idea that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by a group of suicidal maniacs who envied our freedoms is beginning to wear thin. It wasn't the Al Qaeda that stonewalled any investigation into why this happened and then delivered the ultimate insult to victim families by appointing Henry Kissingerto head up an investigation.

5-31-03 Divisions on Iran rattle Bush team "Some neoconservatives, such as former CIA analyst Reuel Gerecht, have even dangled the idea of pre-emptive military strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities if Tehran does not come clean on its suspected programs."

5-31-03 Why Baghdad fell without a fight Top Iraqi general bought off by the CIA?

5-30-03 Wolfowitz: Weapons claim made for "bureaucratic reasons" Yes, but is it true?

5-30-03 MI6 led protest against Blair's WMD dossier "The intelligence agencies' anger was heightened in February when another "intelligence" dossier put out by Downing Street contained information lifted from academic sources and included a plagiarised section written by an American PhD student."

5-30-03 "I simply don't believe the whole thing was a lie" In UK, pro-war pundits keep faith in reasons for war while MPs reveal discomfort that house may have been misled."

5-30-03 Sobran: Patriotism, Mom and the Bums "Bill Clinton once told us, 'You can’t love your country and hate your government.' You most certainly can. Many perfectly patriotic Americans found Clinton himself loathsome, disgusting, and shameful. It was because they loved their country that they hated having him symbolize it to the world."

5-30-03 Warning: Seat belt nazis on the prowl 

5-30-03 Scandal linked to first Bush's White House still covered up
"'Conspiracy of Silence,' a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed.…"(emphasis added)


5-30-03 POW "torture photos" investigated

5-30-03 US soldiers kill three teens at wedding

5-30-03 Gallup: Public remains skeptical of news media

5-30-03 AIPAC hijacks "road map" Snap quiz Who declared: "What happened to all those nice peace plans. Israel's governments have mobilized the collective power of US Jewry—which dominates Congress and the media to a large degree—against them." Give yourself half a point for effort if you named Rep. Jim Moran, Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran or any other well-known "anti-Semitic." But the correct answer is Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery (who, no doubt, is ridiculed as a "self-hating Jew" by rabid Israel Firsters). 

5-29-03 Arabic magazine: Al-Qaedi plans to poison US water supply and other news updates

5-29-03 Bush administration avidly pro-WMDs—when it wields them "The Bush administration has been increasing its support for missile defense while dismantling the international arms-control regime both by withdrawing from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and by putting forth a new nuclear-war-fighting doctrine. Whereas Reagan left office saying that a nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought, two decades later, the word coming from the Bush administration is that nuclear weapons are here to stay."

5-29-03 Clear Channelization of America starts on Monday Thanks to the FCC, on that date speech in America will be a little less free, independent voices a little less likely to be heard.

5-29-03 Neo-conservatives move quickly on Iran "Overshadowed until last month by their much louder drum-beating for war against Iraq, the neo-cons' efforts to now focus US attention on 'regime change' in Iran have become much more intense since early May, and have already borne substantial fruit."

5-28-03 Fascism—Packaged as Democracy and other lies of US/UK plutocrats… "Was Soviet communism merely another side of the same coin, perhaps, known only to a secret cabal of world leaders? Interestingly, Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in 1917, gives a clue. He's widely credited with the following quotation, 'The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.' Whom did Lenin brutally eliminate when he rose to power? Communists.…" (Among other victims, we hasten to add. While we don't agree with the politics of the linked site here, there is nevertheless some very important information in this article; regarding the above quote, it is instructive to recall that Lenin was bankrolled by the some of the same big financial houses [e.g., the Warburgs] that helped Hitler—see Professor Anthony Sutton's classic studies, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.) Fascism should rightly be called corporatism as it is a merger of state and corporate power.—Benito Mussolini (pictured)

5-28-03 "War on Terror" has made the world worse—Amnesty International "What would have been unacceptable on September 10, 2001, is now becoming almost the norm," Amnesty's Secretary-General Irene Khan told a news conference, accusing Washington of adopting "a new doctrine of human rights a la carte". The London-based watchdog also condemned Israel for committing war crimes and Palestinian militants for crimes against humanity.

5-28-03 India, Pakistan restore diplomatic ties …and other news updates

5-28-03 Colorado bans Mexican ID cards One small step in the direction of immigration sanity.

5-27-03 Rumsfeld to CFR:  "Aggressive opposition" possible against Iran …and other news updates

5-27-03 Poison water terror fears 

5-27-03 Two US soldiers killed in ambush

5-27-03 Israeli settlers vow: "We will never leave"  "For Elyakim Haetzni, a vitriolic pioneer settler in Hebron, Sunday's Israeli cabinet vote in favor of the road-map for peace in the Middle East was an act of 'national treason.'"

5-27-03 Tehran defies America with nuclear program

5-27-03 Al-Qaeda arrests in Iran

5-27-03 The fictional war on terrorism "Stop squandering money and our civil rights on boneheaded data-mining schemes like Total Information Awarenessand recruit some old-fashioned spies to infiltrate extremist groups. Charge the Guantánamo detainees with a crime or send them home; their legal limbo is an international embarrassment. Stop fingerprinting Muslim tourists--it's insulting and does nothing to prevent terrorists from entering the country."

5-27-03 Researchers: Google could be five times faster

Will "road map" lead to Middle East peace?

5-26-03 White House welcomes Israeli approval of peace "road map"   …and other news updates

5-26-03 Sharon backs "road map" But is jeered by members of own party

5-26-03 Israelis, Arabs praise "road map" at EU talks

5-26-03 A very mixed marriage Bush's push for Israeli-Palestinian peace plan "will hit a potentially impenetrable roadblock at home: the deepening alliance between Jewish supporters of Israel and the growing ranks of Christian Zionists."

5-26-03 Israel's nuclear arsenal Which just goes to show that all WMDs are not created equal. (Click on "Picture Files" in the left column, then click on "Israel's arsenal.")

 5-26-03 US plans death camp Tribunal to play judge, jury and executioner for detainees

5-26-03 House bill: Voting machines must have paper trail


5-26-03  Memorial Day history and information

Retired Major General Anthony Zinni's call for peace was totally ignored by the news media

The late commedian Red Skelton's  memorable  commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance is every bit as moving as when he first shared it on his television show in 1969— what he said about the phrase "under God" is even more telling today than back then. (This link has the text, but it links, in turn, to an audio of his recitation.)

5-26-03 American Life League plans 70-acre campus for life  (Visit ALL's website.)

5-26-03 US internet giant pulls down Züdel website Shape of things to come for "Holocaust" revisionists?

5-25-03 Bush administration reportedly has cut off contact with Iran  There's an alleged Iranian connection to the recent "suicide bombings" in Saudi Arabia.

5-25-03 Lawmakers: Iran's rulers should be removed

5-25-03 Pro-Israeli Americans push Iran issue On May 12, Irving Kristol wrote in the Weekly Standard: "The theocrats ruling Iran understand that the stakes are now double or nothing…as success in Iraq signals the death knell for Iran."

5-25-03 Boeing security head warns of surveillance "Middle Eastern" types have been seen watching Boeing's facilities in Seattle and elsewhere

5-25-03 N Korea ratcheting up tension despite aid "North Korea warned again on Sunday that South Korea cannot avoid 'an unimaginable disaster' if the North faced tougher measures by the United States and its allies over the nuclear crisis."

5-25-03 NASA: Columbia crew could have been saved

5-25-03  The Israeli Roots of Hamas

5-25-03 How rumors become news "The U.S. authorities never did specify any credible source for their reports of an attack in the Al-Hamra district of Jeddah."

5-24-03 On rescuing Pvt. Jessica Lynch and forgetting Rachel Corrie The Israeli army got away with murderand now all activists are at risk

5-24-03 Algerian anger rises with earthquake toll  "As the death toll mounts toward 2,000 so has Algerians' frustration. Local Arabic and French-language newspapers were filled Saturday with editorials that condemned everything from substandard building practices to the ineptness of government officials in coordinating rescue efforts."

5-24-03 Smallpox vaccine linked to new problems The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over fifty of the people receiving the shot have had heart inflammation, a reaction that the CDCP hadn't expected.

5-24-03 Why were there no fighters to intercept places on 9/11? Official accounts riddled with contradictions

5-23-03 Officials 'Never Thought of an Airplane Being Used as a Missile' Oh, really? Then why did the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) plan and conduct tests, respectively, before the 9/11 attacks?! The NRO actually had a simulation scheduled for the morning of September 11th!

5-23-03 Army seizes apparent $500 million in gold near Syrian border and other news updates

5-23-03 Jason Blair isn't the only deceiver He managed to to fool his editors at the New York Times. But it looks like the U. S. miltary deceived the news media concerning the "heroic" rescue of Pvt. Jessica Lynch. (Soon to be a TV mini-series!)

5-23-03 Expert questions authenticity of al-Qaeda tape

5-22-03 Two more Iraq officials in custody …and other news updates

5-22-03 "You've been living in a dream world, Neo"  In the movie, "The Matrix," most of the people's minds are are controlled by the computers who rule the world. Columnist David Brownlow sees it as disturbingly similar to real-life America: "The premise of the movie, while science fiction, quite accurately sums up the political situation in our country. The parallels are uncanny. And it’s enough to take your breath away.…The dream world we are living in has become a nightmare. And it is quickly enslaving all of us."

5-22-03 Byrd: Iraq War "fuel" for terror The Virginia senator said the administration's apparently false claims about weapons of mass destruction as a pretext to wage war  raise "serious questions about prevarication and the reckless use of power."

5-21-03 Bush vows no let up in terror war The president's remarks came on the heels of the Department of Homeland Security raising the nation's alert status to the "orange," or high, indicating a strong threat of terrorist attack.

5-21-03 U.S.-U.K. plan to control Iraq indefinitely nixed by Russia

5-21-03 Clear Channel ties to the Bush Administration Oh, so that's why they were organizing all those pro-war rallies.

5-20-03 Pataki declines Masons' invitation New York Governor George Pataki has backed out of his June initiation. (Gee, does this mean the Governor reads Real News 24/7?) Now, if he'll only do something about changing his pro-abortion and pro-homosexual policies! It's being claimed that he had not been aware of the Catholic Church's opposition to Freemasonry, which is more than a little hard to believe, but possible if he believes the errors widely promoted since Vatican II (for more on this, read our feature story, "George Pataki: Master Mason"). Here's a different article on the subject from Newsday.

5-20-03 Zionists call "road map" satanic The Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit, held in Washington, was the occasion for much nonsense, such as Gary Bauer declaring that terrorists "don't understand why Israel and the United States are joined at the heart." 

5-20-03 Saudi official: al-Qaeda still plotting…and other updates

5-20-03  TV viewing advisory:  If you're planning to watch the final part of the mini-series "Hitler: the Rise of Evil" tonight, you owe it to yourself to first read Real News 24/7's SPECIAL REPORT: "Hitler, Nazism and Zionism" to find out what CBS won't be telling you about der Führer.

5-20-03 WAR CRIMES: U.S. psychological warfare in Iraq Saddam's supporters are broken down by being forced to listen to the dark, pounding music of rock groups like Metallica for hours on end. Sgt. Mark Hadsell: “These people haven’t heard heavy metal before. They can’t take it.” No wonder they call us devils!

5-20-03 All the lies, fiction and bias that's fit to print When reporter Jayson Blair recently was caught falsifying news stories, he was not the first New York Times reporter guilty of journalistic malpracticenor the worst. Walter Duranty reported from the Soviet Union during the reign of dictator Josef Stalin. But far from giving his readers an accurate picture of the murderous thug, he portrayed Stalin as a great statesman. "Thus during the great Ukrainian famine of the early 1930s, which Stalin engineered to crush millions of peasants who resisted his policies, Duranty dismissed other correspondents' reports of mass starvation and, though secretly aware of the full scale of the horror, effectively reinforced the official cover-up of one of history's greatest man-made disasters."

5-19-03 Bush vows to pursue "road map"…and other updates

5-19-03  Mel Gibson praised for his Traditional Catholic beliefs Movie critic Ted Baehr is also critical of Christopher Noxon's anti-Mel article in the New York Times, saying it "dripped with sarcasm as it sliced and diced Mel Gibson for directing a movie on the last 24 hours of Jesus' life entitled 'The Passion.'"


5-19-03 Israeli Occupation Forces seal off West Bank, kill Palestinian child

5-19-03 The terrorists' turn at bat  Pat Buchanan: "Are we willing to suffer continuing casualties in an endless war to stay on in the Middle East and "democratize" a region where tens of millions do not want us and thousands hate us enough to kill us until we get out and go home?"

5-19-03 Virus mimics Microsoft e-mail "Palyh has been particularly clever because, unlike some of its predecessors, it makes little effort to lure people into opening it."

5-19-03 The other side of Holocaust denial Dr. Henry Makow, whose grandparents died in Nazi camps, writing about "Holocaust" denier, Ernst Zundel (photo, left), says: "Zundel's claims are repugnant, but he has a right to be wrong. Society needs people to dispute the historical record. One may be right. If spreading false information is a crime, shouldn't we also lock up Tom Brokaw?"

5-19-03 Questions of mass destruction

5-18-03 Pentagon official: Weapons search could take years  We saw this one coming a mile away. (See our Special Report: Weapons of Mass Deception?)

5-18-03 Authenticity of Baghdad celebration photo challenged  The Memory Hole website accuses the London Evening Standard of doctoring a picture of jubilant Iraqis that it used on its front page. The Standard insists the photo is genuine. You be the judge!

5-18-03   special report  What tonight's TV movie, "Hitler: the Rise of Evil" won't tell you (among other things): 1) Hitler and other Nazi leaders sought to move Jews to Palestine, but were rebuffed by Zionists According to a Jewish Satmar scholar: "While the mass genocide of European Jewry took place, several plans were arranged to rescue as many Jews as possible. Rabbi Michael Ber Wisemandel and Joel Brand, among numerous others, arranged with silent approval from Hitler and German SS leaders, plans for the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Jews."  MORE


5-18-03 Suicide bomber disguised himself as religious Jew "Wearing a Jewish skullcap and carrying a prayer shawl, the Palestinian suicide bomber who blew himself up on a Jerusalem bus at the start of the Israeli working week Sunday blended in with the passengers he ultimately killed, police said.

5-18-03 IRS takes property after computer error; refuses compensation, declines to apologize In case you missed it. Subtitle: It's ours now!

5-17-03 Terror blasts rock Casablanca

5-17-03 Zimbabwe groups condemn expulsion of U.S. reporter Yet another foreign journalist forced out. Andrew Meldrum's "crime"? Same as the rest—exposing the tyranny of Marxist Robert Mugabe. 

5-17-03 "Dirty bomb" victims may be shot British police consider plan that would authorize killing civilians.

5-17-03   special report   Who's been changing the Inside of Roman Catholic churches? And Why? Here is a report within the special report on Governor George Pataki, listed immediately below. This report is FULL of pictures. While at first glance this article may seem to be "insider baseball for Catholics" visitors will be astounded at the visual evidence that Catholic parishes around the USA are being transformed to look like Masonic Templesas fast as the men in the Bishop's chairs think they can get away with it. We also explore the question: Just what was Paul VI doing in that spooky United Nations meditation room?

5-16-03   Feature Story   Governor George Pataki:: Master Mason This feature story has much more to it that may appear at first glance. It delves into an aspect of our times which has impacted almost every human being in Western Civilization.

5-16-03 Senator John Kerry revealed to be a Bonesman So both presidential candidates in next year's election may end up being Skull and Bones members. "Bones don't care who wins,'' said author Alexandra Robbins, whose book, Secrets of the Tomb, pierced the secrecy shrouding the 171-year-old society. "If Kerry wins, it's still a Bones presidency.'' (Please watch for our upcoming special report on the Order of Skull and Bones…coming soon.)


5-16-03 France says it was the victim of White House lies  French officials have lodged a formal complaint accusing the Bush administration a "disinformation campaign" that falsely claims France provided military and diplomatic aid to Saddam Hussein's government.

5-16-03 $350 billion tax cut passed by Senate

5-16-03 Rocket fuel residues found in lettuce Bush administration imposes gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency. The substance, perchlorate, can damage the thyroid gland and cause birth defects.

5-16-03 Photos of the lunar eclipse

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