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Satmar Hasid Acknowledges Zionist Sabotage of Himmler's Plan for WWII Rescue of Jews

Here is a recent statement from a Satmar scholar, translated fromYiddish:

"Before the war, the Zionist leaders proclaimed a massive international boycott against the German government. This aggressive policy poured fuel upon an already inflammatory situation, and consequently it helped start the Holocaust.

"While the mass genocide of European Jewry took place, several plans were arranged to rescue as many Jews as possible. Rabbi Michael Ber Wisemandel and Joel Brand, among numerous others, arranged with silent approval from Hitler and German SS leaders, plans for the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Jews, especially Hungarian, from Nazi persecution.

"Every single plan was undermined and destroyed by the Zionist leaders and the Jewish Agency.

"Rak B'Dam Thieye Lanuh Ha'Aretz' was the policy of the Zionist movement. In English: 'Only With Jewish Blood Can We Claim For, And Be Given A Land."

End quote from the Satmar Jewish scholar.

Hoffman: Do we ever hear about the preceding in the establishment media? This is why I probe and this is why I doubt the official line. I feel sorry for people who do not use their minds to question.

David Irving on Himmler (from Goebbels-Mastermind of the Third Reich [London, England: Focal Point, 1996):

After Gobbels's had ordered the Kristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass") attack on some German Jews, Himmler attempted to protect these Jews. On Himmler's orders it was " all police authorities to restore law and order, protect Jews and Jewish property, and halt any ongoing incidents." (Goebbels, p. 276).

Himmler on the Night of Broken Glass: "...I suspect that Goebbels, in his craving for power, and also in his empty-headedness, started this action at a time when the foreign political situation is very grave..." (Goebbels, p. 281).

Hoffman on Himmler: Himmler was no angel of course and at Posen he spoke with callousness of the liquidation of Jewish civilians by the Nazis in terms of military necessity.

However, we are impelled in strict obligation to the accuracy demanded of all truly objective historians as well as fundamental fairness to the German people, to always place evil Nazi language and actions in the context of evil Allied language and actions.*

The "glorious Allies" exhibited a similar level of contempt for German civilians. The liberal London daily newspaper News Chronicle wrote:

"We are in favor of wiping out every living creature in Germany--man, woman, child, bird and insect." (Goebbels, p. 461).

The documentary record establishes two honorable facts concerning Reichsmarshal Himmler.

1. In 1943 he commissioned SS Judge Konrad Morgen to investigate, arrest and prosecute brutality against concentration camp inmates by Nazi personnel. Some such personnel, including Nazi camp commandants, were executed on Himmler's orders. Whatever the ultimate fate of the camp inmates, Himmler proscribed bruality against them. This resonates with American jurisprudence--even a condemned prisoner is not to be punished by "cruel and unusual" means.

2. In late 1944 Himmler established contacts with Jewish leaders for the evacuation of Jews out of Nazi areas of control.

These contacts were rebuffed at the instigation of the Zionists, as the Satmar Jewish commentator points out. The Zionists required the greatest number of Jewish deaths in areas of Third Reich control, in order to teach a summary lesson about the need for the creation of a secular (basically atheist) "Jewish state" in Palestine. The resulting misnamed "state of Israel" was secretly funded by our "glorious Ally--'Uncle Joe" Stalin (through a Czech pipeline) and Stalin provided key support for United Nations recognition of the Israeli entity.

It was a Zionist partnership with the Nazis and the Communists that lead to the creation of the Israeli state.

Rabbi Stephen Wise, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are the real founders of the "state of Israel."

*World War Two was not "The Good War." World War Two paved the way for the downfall of the white race and the degeneracy we see everywhere today.

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