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Latest News and Analysis for May 2003

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Postings from May 15 to May 1

5-15-03 State Dept. issues terror alert after 34 killed in Saudi attacks Al-Qaeda blamed for bombings

5-15-03 U.S. wholesale prices drop biggest on record

5-15-03 Bush, Roh urge nuke-free Korean peninsula

5-15-03  Donald Rumsfeld was director of company that sold nuclear reactors to "Axis of Evil" partner, N Korea, in 2000 Less than a year before becoming secretary of defense, he was making $190,000 a year on the board of a company that cut a deal with the Communist regime for two light water reactors. Rumsfeld says he "did not recall it being brought before the board at anytime," despite the sale being for $200 million. (If he wasn't "in the loop" for a sale of this magnitude, just how was he earning his handsome salary?). However, a spokesman for the Swiss-based company, ABB, disputes this, saying "board members were informed of the project." According to authorities, including Pentagon hardliners, light water reactors can be used to produce weapons-grade plutonium. 

5-15-03 Security chiefs worry about police state According to a poll released Monday by CSO magazine, nearly one third of chief security officers (CSOs) and senior security executives are worried that the United States could be on its way to becoming a police state.

 5-15-03  SPECIAL REPORT   Gorbachev comdemns U.S. policy in Iraqi War  Former Soviet dictator accuses Bush Administration of engaging in imperialism and failing to abide by the United Nations resolution and of bringing "democracy" to an end in the United States. His moralizing is hypocritical, as his regime committed many atrocities in the Afghanistan War (1979-1988). The controlled Western news media (along with political and religious leaders) were from the start instrumental in pushing him as a "good" Communist , then they failed to expose his false reforms and to this day have continued their complicity by promoting him as some great elder statesman..…More 

5-15-03 Homeland Security pushing for the use of remote control planes for 24-hour surveillance Need to tighten border patrol reason cited for using drones.

5-13-03 Rachel Corrie, 23 year old US College Student, was recently murdered by an Israeli Soldier and his bulldozerSee why there has been no international outcry over this unspeakable outrage

5-13-03 -- The "Partial Birth Abortion" Bill is a COMPLETE BETRAYAL of the unborn by the Republican Party. Columnist David Brownlow tells it like it is. Pro-lifers have lived in a fog for 30 years, refusing to recognize that the Democratic and Republican party at the national, state, and county levels are effectively controlled by the same Ruling Elite, i.e. the top echelon of Judeo-Masonry. The only answer is for tens of thousands of pro-lifers to enter the Republican and Democratic Parties at the neighborhood Precinct level. For the whole strategy, and we might add the ONLY STRATEGY afoot, see Citizen Mobilization 2004 at the top in the left sidebar column on our home page, Pay special attention to "The Precinct Strategy: The Most Powerful Office in the Land."

5-13-03 MSNBC's Website Reported One of President W. Bush's "Whopper Falsehoods", then buried it, and then YANKED it. -- This is one of dozens of examples in the last few months of false stories being floated by the Bush Administration or the 5 Big TV Networks, only to have the story dropped without much ceremony a few days later. These blatantly false stories are meant to plant false memories in the minds of the public. This technique is working for the Ruling Elite -- one poll showed 62% of the American people believed that Iraq was behind the 9-11 terror attacks, despite the TOTAL lack of evidence to support such a conclusion.

5-7-03    Feature Story  Mel Gibson's "The Passion"A Traditional Catholic interpretation of the Crucifixion draws fire from Christ deniers. 5-12 ***NEWLY UPDATED ***

 5-6-03  SPECIAL REPORT: WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION? NO "WMDs" FOUND NEARLY TWO MONTHS AFTER US TROOPS INVADED IRAQ: Last fall Real News 24/7 was one of only a precious handful of websites around the world to bring its readers info about the hushed-up speech by Bush military advisor . . . More 5-9 ***NEWLY UPDATED ***

5-6-03   Feature Story    WHO IS GENERAL TOMMY FRANKS? Centcom refuses to answer questions about General Tommy Franks biographical history. Who is this guy who's been put in charge of US armed forces?


5-5-03 "CRITIQUE OF FOX (FAUX) NEWS" "America’s Fox News network has been demonstrating since the start of the war in Iraq an amazing lesson in media hypocrisy," writes Rogel Alper, a columnist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.  He contends that Fox News has become nothing but a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration.

5-5-03  THE UNION OF SOVIET STATES OF AMERICA? It's not breaking news, but it hasn't exactly made the cover of Time, either. The former (?) head of the KGB (the Soviet Union's dreaded secret police),  General Yevgeny Primakov, has been hired as a consultant at the Office of Information Awareness (OIA). One of his first "contributions" to the War on Terrorism is to urge the issuing of "internal passports." Are your papers in order, comrade? [NOTE: There is some rather crude language in Al Martin's article and in the one below. As mentioned in the first  piece, Martin may have been the victim of some disinformation.] For all conspiracy buffs out there, we have a little bad news: The OIA has removed its creepy eye-in-the-pyramid logo (shown above), as well as biographies of Director John Poindexter and other staffers, from its website. Real News 24/7 guesses that too many Americans were being spooked by the bizarre design, which likely is a fair representation of the Office's intentions…just a little to obvious.  To read about about the OIA's decision and see a larger version of its gone-but-not-forgotten symbol, please click on the logo. 

5-4-03   POWELL PROTECTS ISRAEL, REJECTS SYRIAN WMD PROPOSAL During discussions with Syrian President Bashar Assad, Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed the Bush Administration position that now is not the time for a United Nations resolution that would ban "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMD) in the Middle East, a goal sought by Syria and other Arab nations. The country in that region with the by far the greatest concentration of WMDs is Israel, which has a history of doing as it pleases in violating international law concerning such arms, so it may well be asked when—if not nowwould be an appropriate time to put the clamps on it. WEAPONS OF MASS DISTORTION How language has been manipulated and mistreated in the Iraqi War.

5-3-03   Feature Story   Beltway Blowhard Finally exposed as a Phony—Bill Bennett, The Gambler

5-6-03  SPECIAL REPORT: DISSECTING the "Neo-con" Fraternity: Bill Bennett, Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz  . . . Who are these people who are now running the Bush Administration and the country? . . . More

5-2-03 PATRICIA IRELAND MOVES FROM NOW TO YWCA This confirms the suspicions of all who have had doubts about the appropriateness of the use of "Christian" in Young Women's Christian Association. Yet her hiring won't take the group any place it already hasn't traveled:  "For one thing, if you're worried that the YWCA will become pro-abortion with Ireland at the helm — sorry, too late. The YWCA cannot become pro-abortion; it already is pro-abortion."

5-1-03 TWO UNARMED IRAQI PROTESTORS SHOT BY US TROOPS   This article demonstrates that many (most?) of our American soldiers in Iraq have been forced into an "occupation" mode. It describes American soldiers facing about 1000 unarmed Iraqi protesters. Even though 99.99% of Iraqi civilians encountered by American soldiers have been unarmed -- it is understandable that no American soldier wants to be be the next sudden death at the hands of a surprise lone Iraqi attacker or suicide bomber. While this article describes a very volatile situation involving thousands of unarmed, angry Iraqi protesters -- the result was several unarmed Iraqi citizens shot dead. A growing number of Iraqis do not have sympathy for American boys away from home but, rather -- are looking at our American soldiers as occupiers -- occupiers analogous to Israeli soldiers who oppress Palestinians. This article demonstrates a side of the current situation in Iraq which is NOT being emphasized to the American people by the Big Media.

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