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2005 --

Zundel in Prison -- Truth, Lies, and the Holocaust -- and Western Civilization

Zundel in Prison, Truth, Lies, and the Holocaust -- Documentation Page
Zundel was arrested in Tennessee in 2003 for absolutely nothing, and then put in jail for honest scholarship on World War II and aspects of the Hollywood Version of the Holocaust. His research threatens the scam being run by the worldwide organized Jewish Lobby on the USA, Germany, and mankind. The Zionist Ruling Elite, i.e., the Founders of Israel, were instrumental in funding Hitler to power, and then worked closely with Hitler to round up everyday Jews in Germany and Europe, and then force the Jews chosen down to Palestine, in anticipation of the takeover of Palestine which happened in 1948, three years after World War II. When all out fighting erupted between Hitler and the Zionist bankers circa 1940, then many everyday Jews, many of them Orthodox Jews, were abandoned by the Zionists (see the book Perfidy by Hollywood Producer Ben Hecht, written in 1961, as a primer on this subject). "Jewish Soap", "Lampshades made out of Jewish skin", the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz to kill people en masse, and the very number of 6 million -- were deliberate and grotesque fabrications manufactured by the worldwide, organized Jewish Lobby -- to throw a perpetual guilt trip on European Americans in Europe and the USA, in order to make it difficult for anyone to criticize their traitorous and monstrous activities and agendas in our day, and to continue to extract billions of dollars from Germany and the USA. Just as the everyday Jewish people were used by the Zionists before and during World War II, with hundreds of thousands dying in the crossfire, the everyday German people were framed by the Zionists after the war, for a "Holocaust" that was planned and engineered by Zionist brains, and financed largely by Zionist money. Ernst Zundel set out years ago to defend the good name of the German people, and because he was so effective at it -- he now sits in jail in a German prison, charged with a thought crime. The Zionist Ruling Elite hopes to kill or put in prison all those who oppose their agenda in the years and decades ahead. In that sense, Ernst Zundel is a stalking horse for all honest people, including those valiant Jewish people, who oppose the agenda of the Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite behind the rising New World Order.


The following DVD is the responsibility only of and Jim Condit Jr., and no support or agreement with the thesis propounded therein in whole or in part should necessarily be imputed to Ernst Zundel or any of the other guests or subjects covered in the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" radio ads or one hour radio shows. With regard to all these radio ads and one hour shows, everyone is responsible for what he or she says only, and not for what anyone else says.

New! -- The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler -- DVD
-- This DVD features commentary and analysis by Jim Condit Jr. based on dozens of books and sources. A must DVD for those interested in World War II and our World Today; made originally primarily for historians and researchers, many "normal" people have also found it of gripping interest. This DVD is 140 minutes packed with sources that show there is a side to Hitler and the Nazis which is all but unknown --- the cooperation of Hitler and the Nazis with the Founders of Israel -- The Zionists -- throughout the 1930s and even in the 1940s. Who will be more angry at this DVD -- the ADL or the Aryan Nations? -- the myths both types of groups promote about Hitler and the Nazis is demolished.

(Archival footage is used only in the one minute introduction; books, pamphlets, and pictures are featured at many points during the commentary and analysis in this DVD.)

9-11 Terror Attacks, Phase II of 9-11 as promoted in the Big Media
The Rolls Royce of 9-11 websites; home of the ground-breaking article: "Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots"; This site reproduces the article from the Washington Post in 1999: "When Seeing and Hearing is not believing" -- an article which explains how cell phone calls or speeches can be fabricated once the experts have your voice on tape for a few minutes.

Phase II of 9-11:
Once you realize that the 9-11-01 terror attacks were an "inside job" pulled off be traitorous elements within the US government and US military intelligence who are secretly loyal to Israel and the Jewish Supremist New World Order, then this section will become more relevant. A Second "Inevitable" Big Terror Attack has been constantly promoted in the Big Media since early 2002 -- precisely to condition Americans to feel that such an attack is inevitable -- and that the Arabs will do it. The Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite intends to use this Second Terror Attack to begin a draft of America's young people, expand the war in the Mideast by attacking more Arab countries, and take steps to initiate a police state in earnest here in the USA. That's what they want to do -- and all loyal Americans will want to stop them as soon as they figure out what's going on. The assembled articles behind this link prove a fast progression of Big Media articles in 2002 already trying to manipulate Americans into accepting a 2nd terrorist attack by "the Arabs."

20th Century Wars: A Pattern of Deception
Good summary of using "incidents" to create the pretext for war.

Stranger Than Fiction
A very important work putting the 9-11 terror attacks as a contrived pretext for war -- into historical context.

Assault on the USS Liberty
Israel wantonly attacked a USA target before in 1967 -- to try and blame it on the Arabs and start an attack apparently on Egypt (see "Operation Cyanide" in a google search) and
an astounding compilation of information showing that the "official story" about the terror attacks on 9-11-01 -- is false. Also covering other "terrorist attacks" which appear to be suspect on the face of the known evidence.

The Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite is trying to bring (Trotskyite) Communism to the USA through Control of the Issue of Money via the Federal Reserve Board; by issuing Money Against American Productivity (good and services) and making sure their talented friends have virtually unlimited loans to gain a monopoly over all key industries (usually through 3 or 4 companies), this crowd is trying to establish a monopoly for themselves in all key areas of human endeavor. They also intend to take away private property as a right. Just as the Judeo-Masonic Elite took away private property from the Russian Farmers and "Communized them" circa 1917 to 1935 -- so their descendants, the current Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite intends to take away business ownership and the right to private property away from Americans and "Communize" them as renters and wage earners. Put another way, your grandfather owned a hardware store -- you work for Home Depot.

Terry Hayfield's Articles on the Permanent Revolution
 i.e., Complementary Information to Understanding Agenda 21 -- immediately below. Hayfield's research and Agenda 21 are the "nuts and bolts" of how the world's Ruling Elite still push for an updated Communism. (Hint: the New Communists are the former Trotskyites -- the Neocons, such as Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard.) Hayfield's research proves the agenda of what some call "the Conspiracy" from the daily headlines.

The Money Myth Exploded
The anti-dote to the Federal Reserve Board and the "Commune-izing" of America

Agenda 21 -- The Ruling Elite's Hoped for Blueprint for Tyranny:
Their New and Updated Communism for the United States (Agenda 21 means the Ruling Elite's Agenda for the 21st Century)


Nancy Levant on Agenda 21
Excellent introductory essay on Agenda 21

Lenin Look-Alike Michael Chertoff: Enemy of the people of the USA
The New Head of Homeland Security is the American Peoples' Greatest Enemy in the "War on Terror."
An essay by Henry Makow

Israel and the Organized Jewish Lobby -- Friend or Foe of the USA?

Israel's Sacred Terrorism by Livia Rokach
nline book: based on Moshe Sharett's personal diary; Sharett was in Ben Gurion's government from 1948 till 1954, and became Prime Minister of Israel in 1954-55. This book was first published in 1980.

The Books of Douglas Reed online
Finally most of the books of one of the greatest Eye-Witness Reporters of the 20th Century are online. Reed was a correspondent for the London Times and was on the scene for many of the critical events of the 20th century. He was in Russia at the time of the Communist Revolution in 1917; he was on the scene when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, and so forth. The book he was still finishing at his death, The Controversy of Zion, is not online here. The second have of that book is especially valuable regarding the history of the 20th Century.

This Age of Conflict by Ivor Benson
An excellent pamphlet for an introduction to the nuts and bolts of the 20th century.

Rachel Corrie -- Victim of Israeli State Terrorism

Picture of Rachel Corrie before she left Seattle for Palestine to protest Israeli persecution and murder against Palestinians.  (We endorse the picture, but not all of the politically-correct new age essay)

Picture of Rachel Corrie shortly after Israeli Thug soldier runs over her with bulldozer

Closest Eye-Witness to the Murder of Rachel Corrie

Photo Essay in Tribute to Rachel Corrie


The Rakovsky Interrogation, World War II, and the 'Unknown Light' of Fatima

Assassinations, Persecutions, and Graveyard Vandalism also known as
Letter issued to Frank Rich of the New York Times, Abe Foxman of the ADL, Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Institute, and James Rudin of the American Jewish Committee -- on the eve of the release of the movie The Passion of the Christ -- by Jim Condit Jr. Exposes the furor behind the Jewish Establishment's opposition to this one movie, and in effect attempt a pre-emptive strikes any phony "anti-Semitic" graveyard defacings, or violence, which would then have been blamed on the movie. A shocking wealth of knowledge contained or pointed to herein. "The website so effective that the ADL dare not speak its name."

Scholary inquiry into the Talmud, what it says, and interpretations of what it says.
Home of the two books coming out about how the so-called Neo-Cons tricked the USA into the Gulf War of 1991 and the Iraq War of 2003. The books are "Neo-Conned" and "Neo-Conned Again." The website has much interesting reading.


The Crisis in the Catholic Church
A site about the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church since 1958 and Vatican Council II.

Scripture Scholars, Ancient and Modern

Warnings from Heaven Suppressed

Who is changing the architecture in Catholic Churches to look like Masonic Temples?

Fr. Denis Fahey's Best Short Introductions
on the Kingship of Christ vs. Judeo-Masonry and its Revolutionary Movements in our day
Website of the Fatima Crusader; chronicles the events at Fatima, Portugal in 1917; claims world peace in our time can only become a reality when the requests of Our Lady of Fatima are heeded; advocate of the Fatima message of prayer and penance for individuals, and of the urgent need for the Consecration of Russia according to the instructions of Our Lady of Fatima as given by one of the child seers, Lucia dos Santos, who grew up to enter the convent and become Sister Lucy. Sister Lucy died in early 2005 at the age of 97. Click here to see a picture of Sister Lucy (seated) reaching out to touch hands with a visitor, the Director of The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson, a few months before her death.  (The grate Mr. Gibson is reaching through is standard in cloistered convents to separate the cloistered nuns from visitors. Since Sister Lucy was very frail at this time, another one of the sisters is helping to guide her hand in the photo.)

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