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Postings from June 30 to June 16

6-30-03 Trading Away Jobs and Liberty "'Outsourcing,' 'offshoring,' 'human resource realignment,' 'training your replacement.' These are words that send chills through millions of workers in IT ('information technology') and other hi-tech industries. They also send waves of anger and depression. In the tragic case of Kevin Flanagan, they are being blamed for his suicide.…"


6-30-03 One Republican against Bush "Scott Ritter, former U.N. chief weapons inspector, is a self-professed conservative Republican who admitted to the audience he voted for Bush three years ago.
Since then, Ritter said, Bush has lied to the American public about the true situation in Iraq, particularly in regard to the weapons of mass destruction, which American forces, to date, have failed to locate."

6-30-03 Church of the Nativity excommunicates Bush, Blair "Spokesman of the Orthodox Church in the Holy Lands, archimandrite Attallah Hanna declared that U.S. President George Bush, his Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, British Premier Tony Blair, his Foreign Minister Jack Straw have all been deprived from visiting the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem."

6-30-03 Israeli likens BBC program to Nazi press The Anti-Semitizer Bunny: It keeps going…and going…and going…and going…!!!

6-30-03 Jewish leader's drug scandal shakes German Jews "Germany's most prominent and controversial Jewish leader has dropped out of sight in the midst of a drugs possession investigation, triggering a media spectacle that has shaken the country's small Jewish community." Michel Friedman was the target of a 2002 attack by the late anti-Zionist politician Juergen Moellemann, who stated that Friedman's "arrogant manner" fanned the flames of anti-Jewish sentiment. More on the impact of Friedman scandal


6-30-03 The Death of Law "I woke up this morning and realized the Constitution was dead. The cadaver isn't really stinking yet, so not everyone knows, but I'm pretty sure it's as dead as the proverbial doornail."

6-30-03 Gun nuts Quick, name the gun nut who said: "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms"? This from a website that not only demolishes the arguments of the anti-gun lobby, but, at the same time,  manages to be very entertaining (some of this site requires the user to have Flash). Oh, and the answer to the question? Thomas Jefferson.

6-29-03   The War in Iraq

American counterinsurgency operation nets 60 arrests in Iraq “We go in with such overwhelming combat power that they won’t even think about shooting us,” Lt. Col. Mark Young said before the start of the operation. War is not over, U.S. warns "The United States warned yesterday that the war in Iraq was not yet over. As US forces discovered the bodies of two soldiers, missing since Wednesday, and a guerrilla ambush killed a further serviceman and wounded four others, a senior American officer warned: 'The first clear message that we have to take out of here is that this war is not over. I think that is pretty clear to all of us.'"  Tikrit believe Sadaam is back "Nobody thinks the Americans will ever capture Saddam alive, even though he may be right under their noses. 'Saddam is protected by God. He is walking around Tikrit. He will never be captured because God is with him,' said Ali Waseem."

BBC, government feud over Iraq report
"A dispute between Britain's biggest broadcaster and Prime Minister Tony Blair over the government's use of intelligence information in making the case for war in Iraq has turned personaland nasty. Blair's combative communications chief is accusing a British Broadcasting Corp. reporter of lying, and neither side is backing down."

6-29-03 Since When Does Patriotism Mean Love of Big Government? "No one in Washington wants to dismantle any federal program or department. Even the once-despised National Endowment for the Arts gets a huge spending boost from these "conservative" Republicans. Ditto for federal spending for education, energy, agriculture, commerce, etc., and ad infinitum. And if you think all that's bad, wait until this new Homeland Security Department grows up. There won't be a shred of freedom left!"

6-29-03 Supreme Court looking less conservative "In blockbuster rulings on affirmative action and gay rights and in less heralded decisions this term, a Supreme Court dominated by conservative jurists looked less conservative than it has in years."

6-29-03 Dignity and solidarity "The official Israeli policy, no matter whether Ariel Sharon uses the word 'occupation' or not or whether or not he dismantles a rusty, unused tower or two, has always been not to accept the reality of the Palestinian people as equals nor ever to admit that their rights have been scandalously violated all along by Israel."

6-29-03 Arabs seen as new villains in Hollywood "Now the Apache have become respected native Americans, the Iron Curtain gone, and Russia almost an ally, Arabs are pretty much the only villains in town. According to a new report, they are portrayed in a derogatory way 96 per cent of the time." Shooting the Arabs Professor Jack Shaheen has spent 20 years cataloguing Tinseltown's portrayal of Arabs in over 900 movies. He's found that, with very few exceptions, Arabs are presented in the movies as "subhuman" and detestable to a degree that the studios would no longer dare with any other ethnic group. Arab youths need positive images in media In Disney's Aladdin, notes Shaheen, “The evil, manipulating Jaffar character (left) is the only character with  exaggerated Arab features,…" (None of this should be surprising, considering that the film industry is almost completely run by rabidly anti-Arab Israel Firsters, who have made Hollywood An Empire of Their Own.) What percentage of the time in the movies are, say, Jews portrayed in an unfavorable light? Real News 24/7 hasn't researched this, but our hunch is the answer must be hardly ever. From Exodus to Schindler's List, one film after another depicts them in a positive way, to the point where it well may be that they are shown in a sympathetic fashion 96 per cent of the time! To paraphrase Shaheen's remarks concerning the incessantly negative Arab characterization, this isn't to say that Jews shouldn't ever be positively portrayed, but that the overall approach needs to be much more balanced.  

6-29-03 One man's art is another's trash Janitor is a true connoisseur of modern "art."

6-28-03 Is your television watching you? "Could the federal government find out what you're watching on TV? Even if you're not the subject of a criminal investigation? If you're a satellite TV or TiVo owner, the answer is yes, according to legal experts and industry officials."

"The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard."

—George Orwell, 1984

6-28-03 Two huge U.S. intelligence centers go up in Iraq "The new installations will greatly enhance America’s military, intelligence and electronic command and control over Iraq and its neighbors, notably Iran and Syria." (Real News 24/7: There's foreign aid to Israel and, then, there are the freebies!)

6-28-03 Conspiracy too monstrous to conceive: cognitive dissonance "The battle is not between left and right."

6-28-03  Flirting with fascism  Neocon theorist Michael Ledeen draws more from Italian fascism than from the American Right.

6-28-03 Live from Dubai, it's Baghdad Bob!!! Yes, Iraq's former Minister of Information and master of the wildly inaccurate statement, Mohammed al-Sahaf,  has survived the war. "Al-Sahaf had been a regular sight on TV before and during the US-led war, sporting military garb and a beret with dark hair peeking out. He boasted of non-existent Iraqi military dominance and hurled insults at coalition forces and their leaders. His outlandish claims and insults during the war bemused fellow Arabs and made al-Sahaf a notorious figure in the West, where dozens of Web sites, T-shirts, and dolls ridiculed him." Here's a website dedicated to Saddam's court jester extraordinaire.

6-27-03 Australian Jews protest David Irving film "The Jewish Community Council of Victoria state said it had asked the Equal Opportunity Commission to challenge plans by the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) to show Irving's (right) "The Search For Truth in History." Council President Michael Lipshutz: "All around the world it is now recognized that Holocaust denial is anti-Semitism."

French Editor Jailed For “Questioning” Holocaust The computers and archives on disks seized at his house have been apparently permanently confiscated.

Other revisionists under fire "Four months ago, Canadian history scholar Ernst Zündel was also arrested on a minor visa violation. Even though he is married to an American citizen, he was deported (the Patriot Act made that possible) to Canada and banned to return to the United States for the next 20 years." This link also includes photos and audios of all the speeches from the Barnes Review Conference (June 19-22), including Hutton Gibson, author and father of actor Mel Gibson, on "the Declining influence of Roman Catholicism"; Tito Howard updating news about the U.S.S. Liberty; retired FBI special agent Ted Gunderson on "What the System knew about 9-11 and FBI corruption since J. Edgar Hoover," Thomas K. Kimmel, grandson of Admiral Husband Kimmel, about how he seeks to clear his grandfather's reputation, who was unjustly blamed for allowing the Japanese sneak attack at Pearl Harbor; a Holocaust revisionism panel, and much more. (Click on "Broadcast" to access audios.)  

6-27-03 From our "Believe it or not" department: Company fined $6,000 for answering customer's question, "Is any of this stuff made in Israel?"

6-27-03 Our government-controlled pressCIA Origins
"Katherine Graham, for decades owner of the Washington Post, had this to say to top CIA officials as the Berlin Wall was starting to crack. ‘There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.’"

6-27-03 Pro-life Group to Lead Demonstration at Clinic Where Diana Lopez Bled to Death After an Abortion "When and Where: Protest to be held Saturday, June 28, at 9 a.m. in front of Planned Parenthood at 1057 Kingston Ave. in Los Angeles. Survivors, a nationally known pro-life youth organization, will be leading the event and is calling for the immediate firing of Dr. Maltzer and a statewide investigation of abortion clinics."


By a 6-3 vote, the Justices overturn a Texas law banning homosexual relations, thus effectively opening the way for deviant sexuality throughout the United States. "Gay" groups announce celebrations in 35 cities around the nation, but others are appalled. "Given that the court is now governed by an elite group that reflects the liberal opinion of major universities and even corporate boards, I think they will continue to function as a wrecking ball in our culture and destroy the legal framework for having a family-friendly society," said Robert Knight, director of Concerned Women for America's Culture & Family Institute. [Real News 24/7: June 26, 2003 is destined to will go down in history, along with January 22, 1973 (the day the Court's Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortion), as a date upon which a tremendous evil was visited to American society.]  Pro-family group denounces decision Focus on the Family's Vice President of Public Policy Tom Minnery: "With today's decision the court continues pillaging its way through the moral norms of our country." 

The official website of The Supreme Court of the United States

Fight for the preservation of traditional families!
Support the Federal Marriage Amendment.

 Kentucky priest convicted of homosexual abuse of boy "This defendant, more so than any other, needs to be in prison,'' prosecutor Michael Mann said. He said the 55-year-old [Rev. Daniel] Clark (shown, right) "had a chance to change and he didn't.' [Real News 24/7: Like 99% of the so-called pedophile priests, Clark's victims of choice were young boys—he and the rest of them ought to be identified correctly for what they are: predatory homosexuals. The Book of Gomorrah (Liber Gomorrhianus) an eleventh-century treatise on the sins of clerical homosexuality and pederasty is still important reading. Had the post-Vatican II church utilized this work in its seminaries, instead of heeding the Siren call of sociologists, fewer Rev. Clarks would be running around (at least not swearing Roman collars and being addressed as "Father"). Also, the widespread policy of bishops to coddle these men would not be rampant. See Goodbye, Good Men for information on how so many the seminaries went so bad. 

BBC: Anglican church divided over proposed homosexual bishop "Thirty-five church leaders urged openly gay Canon Jeffrey John to withdraw his acceptance of the position when they met in Oxford on Wednesday night."other religious news

6-26-03 Nuke program parts unearthed in Baghdad backyard WMDs "missing link"? Well, maybe in the sense that the "Piltdown Man"—a jawbone and part of a skull—was fraudulently passed off as mankind's missing link. Or, as the the author of Baghdad's WMD "evidence" says, this is the same as finding a couple of screws and deciding it's evidence of a car.  

6-26-03 The Myth of Tiny, Little Israel: Zionist Tentacles Everywhere "The facts go and on, one has but to look at UN reports on these matters of Israeli abuses to see that it would take me dozens, nay hundreds of pages to cite all the abuses of even the last dozen years—not to mention the previous and ongoing atrocities being committed in the name of 'security'—very much like Hitler needing more and more land for Germany’s 'security.'"

6-26-03 Israelis Exonerated in Rachel Corrie's Death  The cover-up continues. Whether Corrie was murdered, as the International Solidarity Movement (ISMthe group she was part of) maintains or was her death was unintentional, as Israel contends, is at a very basic, non-political level, irrelevant. The official ruling holds that the bulldozer driver can't be held accountable, since he didn't see her, but this explanation doesn't wash. The simple truth is that ISM activists had been confronting the bulldozers all day, so every driver had a grave obligation to make certain that they had clearance before proceeding, just as a someone driving through a school zone must go forward with due caution. This being said, the driver who ran over Rachel Corrie was , at the very minimum, guilty of willful negligence resulting in her death. But there is no justice for the enemies of Israel as the family and friend of Rachel Corrie have discovered. Rachel Corrie Memorial website  A bulldozer driver speaks "I didn't see dead bodies under the blade of the D-9, but I don't care if there where any." (This article originally appeared in an Israeli newspaper and is reprinted here by Gush Shalom, the Israeli peace group.)

6-26-03 Pentagon whistleblower reveals CIA/DoD fiascos "In a world exclusive, Al Martin has published a news story about a Department of Defense whistleblower reveals that a US covert operations team had planted 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' (WMDs) in Iraq – then 'lost' them when the team was killed by so-called 'friendly fire.'"

6-26-03 Where is Saddam? Could he be in Hawaii? "Rumors are no novelty in Baghdad, where papers regularly print articles, complete with front-page photographs of white-bearded Orthodox Jews, about a Zionist conspiracy to buy up the city's best real estate"

6-25-03 Left, Right take aim at Bush aide White House Chief Counsel Alberto Gonzales' name is being thrown around as a possible Supreme Court nominee, but he may find the going tough. "Conservative purists are attacking his stance on affirmative action and abortion decisions rendered as a Texas Supreme Court justice. Liberals are challenging his role in White House decisions they say threatened civil liberties." Gonzales waiting for date with the Supremes Background of the potential Justice (puff piece from MSNBC News). Conservatives want Alberto Gonzales kept off the Supreme Court Some feel he could be another David Souter: "Thirteen years ago, then-White House chief of staff John Sununu called Souter's nomination a "home run" for conservatives. But today, Souter is firmly in the high court's liberal bloc, supporting abortion rights, affirmative action and a high wall of separation between church and state." Gonzales supports secret military tribunals Transcript of his interview with Jim Lehrer on PBS Newshour "We, of course, are in an extraordinary time, Jim. And these call for different kinds of measures."

6-25-03 Dad seeks inquiry in Dodi's death "Mohammed Al Fayed, the owner of the Harrods department store, asked a Scottish court today to review a decision turning down his request for a public inquiry into the death of his son in a car crash in France that also killed Princess Diana."

6-25-03 Official: Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah agree to three-month truce with Israel "We in the Fatah movement demand that the Israeli government respond to this initiative with a comprehensive halting of aggression against the Palestinian people."

6-25-03 Ernst Zundel's wife, seeking political asylum for him, writes to…Vladimir Putin  Not a good idea. To find out why, see below for 6-16 articles on Putin.   

6-25-03 Flashback: 9/11—Plane crashes into "symbol of American power" in D.C. It's not what you think.

6-24-03 DARPA, PNAC and the Perfect Killing Machine Popular movies and TV shows like Robocop (right), The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, to name a few, have dealt with characters who have been electronically transfigured into part human, part machine. They were fiction, but the reality may be nearer than you think. DARPA, the same folks who brought us the Total Information Awareness office, have announced the formation of the Brain Machine Interface Program, which could bring about an army of cyborgs.  "While Stepford soldiers may not be marching onward just yet, technology is headed in that direction. Researchers at the State University of New York in New York City successfully implanted electrodes into a rat's brain and turned it into a remote controlled robo-rodent."

6-24-03 Six British soldiers killed in Iraqi ambush "It was the biggest daily death toll sustained by coalition forces since March 23, three days after the start of the war to topple Saddam Hussein."

6-24-03 Blix criticizes U.S. accusation on Iraq's weapons "'It is sort of puzzling I think that you can have 100% certainty about the weapons of mass destruction's existence, and zero certainty about where they are,' he said."

6-24-03 One big reason why peace is so elusive in the Middle East Rabbis meet in Jerusalem to condemn "road map" "The agreement called `the road map' is in complete contradiction to the wisdom of the Torah," declared a statement issued by the Federation for the People of Israel and Land of Israel, who met in what described as an emergency meeting on Monday in Jerusalem. Rabbis say Torah forbids road map compliance "The road map is worse than Oslo," declared former Knesset member Rabbi Haim Druckman. The Jerusalem Post described the more than 500 rabbis in attendance as right wing and centrist.

6-24-03 Mueller: FBI making strides in war on terror He described the Patriot Act as "essential" and decried "misperceptions" about how its powers might be misused. Mueller reorganizing FBI into a tool of oppression "Robert Mueller was the first FBI Director to speak at an ACLU conference and his buddy John Ashcroft was also invited to speak, but declined. Whatever one may justifiably think of the American Civil Liberties Union, they asked some questions that a whole lot of people have been asking." [Real News 24/7: Let's keep in mind that this is the same ACLU that permits high-profile member Alan Dershowitz to promote torture as a tool in the "War on Terrorism" (no civil rights for Arabs?) on nationally-aired TV talk shows.]

6-23-03 Trilateral Commission clear in directing world government "World banker David Rockefeller is very clear: The states, the peoples, the governments and the economies of world must serve the needs of the multinational banks and corporations." The on-going conspiracy to create a one world dictatorship Salient quotes about the push for global tyranny. Mankind's tormentors: a brief history of the international bankers "In order for these potential rulers to take control of the world through subversive tactics, the dominating world powers had to be brought to their knees. The power of the Church had to be decimated as well as the French, British, and Germanic Empires."  The Trilateral Commission official website

6-23-03 SUPREME COURT RULINGS ON INTERNET PORN, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Taxpayer-funded libraries must shield children from Internet porn  Conservatives call affirmative action rulings 'disgusting' and 'disappointing' Official website of The Supreme Court of the United States

6-23-03 An Iraqi 'quackmire' in the making US sergeant to The Washington Post: "The war is supposed to be over, but every day we hear of another soldier getting killed. Saddam [Hussein] isn't in power anymore. The locals want us to leave. Why are we still here? "

6-22-03 Now Bush blames failure to find WMDs on looters Oh, no, it's Washington's answer to Baghdad Bob! For the uninformed, Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf aka Baghdad Bob aka Comical Ali, has become a cult hero in the West due to his slightly surreal and unintentionally funny (and, on rare occasion, accurate) pronouncements during Iraq War II. A few examples of his comedic genius: "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" "We will welcome them with bullets and shoes." "Listen, this explosion does not frighten us any longer. The cruise missiles do not frighten anyone. We are catching them like fish in a river." "I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad." "We are winning!" Here's a website dedicated to Saddam's court jester extraordinaire. The loutish looters, delirious in their folly, have hidden the Weapons of Mass Destruction, but believe me, we shall mercilessly root them out like wild pigs, every one of them!!! 

6-22-03 Sharon applauds the killing of Hamas leader Road map? I thought you brought the road map.

6-22-03 Bush-backed feature film of 9/11 casts him as scourge of 'tinhorn terrorists' "You laugh at me and I'll shoot you where you stand."

6-22-03 Traffic cameras raise Big Brothereque fears "A lot of people's anxieties are tied into the Patriot Act . . . and its eroding of civil liberties."

6-21-03 Media silent on Clark's 9/11 comments Retired general and Clinton crony Wesley Clark tells Meet the Press that the Bush White House urged him to say Saddam was behind attacks, but provided him with no evidence.

6-21-03 Wesley Clark: The best candidate not running Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist joins a growing number promoting a Clark run. On 6-20, Clark went from outright denial that he was a candidate to "maybe." Now, who's the War Party.?

6-21-03 Wesley Clark—a war criminal? Not so fast with those endorsements!

6-21-03 Flashback: NATO has installed a reign of terror in Kosovo…with the able assistance of "the best candidate not running."

6-21-03 No Prior Warning At WTC On 911? Corrected casualty assessments now indicate that the only major tenant of the World Trade Center to suffer suspiciously light losses on the morning of Sept. 11 was the FBI.

6-21-03 Bush's shift Israel was swift The day after President Bush delivered a rare public criticism of Israel last week, he sat down to dinner at the White House with 100 Jewish leaders and did some damage control." (Just ask yourself one question, Mr. President: "Do I want to be reelected?")

6-21-03 U.S.S. Liberty attack recalled After 36 years, survivors still seek full Congressional investigation.

6-21-03 China's missile tests…and more news "Inside the Ring"

  6-20-03 Flashback: Clinton's Jewish Connection Much has been made of the the Israel First orientation of the Bush Administration—and rightly so. But it would be a mistake to think that the Zionists only began to exert power in the White House with the 2000 Election. So, in the spirit of non-partisan, equally opportunity president-bashing (and reflecting on the possibility that a Clinton might one day again haunt the Oval Office), Real News 24/7 presents Bill Clinton's kosher political diet. The late Israel Shahak, a courageous Israeli who spoke out against war crimes committed by his country, wrote: "The tremendous influence of the Jewish establishment upon the Clinton administration found its clearest manifestation in redefining the 'occupied territories' as 'territories in dispute'. The Palestinians are understandably angry. But lest they be accused of anti-Semitism, they cannot, God forbid, talk about Clinton's 'Jewish connection'."  (Emphasis added; for much more of and about Shahak's writings and work, see our special report, Jews against Zionism: The hidden protest.) 

6-20-03 Charley Reese: Road map to nowhere "[I]t is immoral in the extreme for the United States to condone the criminal acts of Israel, which include: assassinations of its political opponents; demolition of houses; the uprooting of olive trees and other agricultural products; the sealing off of towns and villages; mass arrests without charges; imposition of curfews; murder of civilians, including children; and confiscation of land and water resources."

6-20-03 Why no objection to Israel's WMDs In the name of security, Israel has continued to stockpile biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Never forget that Middle East "peace" is always peace as Israel dictates!

6-20-03 Theater of deception: Bush, Sharon and Abbas "George W. Bush, it appears is an adept thespian. Look at the way he kept telling the world that he was 'doing all I can not to go to war with Iraq'when, in fact, he'd made the decision months earlier to definitely go to war against Iraq."

6-19-03 Finland: PM resigns over use of classified Iraq documents "Newly elected Finnish Prime Minister Anneli Jaatteenmaki, the country's first female prime minister, announced her resignation yesterday after being accused of lying to parliament over her use of classified documents on Iraq. She had been in office just 63 days." Squeaky clean Finns red-faced by PM leak scandal "Finns, who pride themselves on having stable, smooth governments, were stunned over Jaatteenmaki's actions, though many voters in other parts of Europe may be puzzled that a leader should quit when allegations remained unproven." Police investigate Jäätteenmäki's actions in "Iraqgate"


6-19-03 C.I.A. fears terrorists may have jet  "A Boeing 727 jet that made an unauthorized take-off from Luanda airport three weeks ago may be in the hands of terrorists, United States officials say." [Real News 24/7 comment: What better to divert attention from the missing WMDs than a missing 727?]

6-19-03 U.S. troops "shoot civilians" "American soldiers in Iraq today make the astonishing admission that they regularly kill civilians."

6-19-03 NATO considers plan to expand "peacekeeping" outside Kabul  and other news briefs

6-19-03 Goldstein sentenced for plotting to bomb mosques Curious, but none of the accounts mentioned "terrorist" or "hate crime." Seems the court and the news media are giving him a free pass on that regard.

6-18-03 Canada to allow homosexual "marriages" Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien said he will file a bill to permit same-sex marriages, a change that would make Canada only the third country where homosexual couples can legally wed. Flow of "gay" immigrants predicted Now, if only they'd stay there.  A potential U.S.-Canadian thorn: "gay weddings" But American sodomites see the change as "a powerful tool to break down the remaining discrimination here."

A few reactions from Canadian religious groups (at posting these were the only online stories):

Real News 24/7 readers in the United States are again encouraged to Support the Federal Marriage Amendment and urge their representatives at national, state and local levels to see that no repetition of Canada's bad example occur south of the U.S.-Canadian border. (We urge readers in other countries to fight against same-sex marriages in their country, as well. And we extend to our Canadian readers our deepest sympathy and hope that they soon can overturn this insanity.)  

6-18-03 Israel may retaliate for girl's murder Why is it always called murder when an Israeli child is deliberately killed by Palestinian extremists, but only an "accident" or "collateral damage" when a Palestinian child is deliberately killed the Israeli Defense Forces?

6-18-03 Knesset forbids citizenship to Palestinians who marry Jews "A controversial government bill that would halt granting citizenship to Palestinian residents of the territories who marry Israelis passed its
first reading Wednesday in a stormy Knesset session." Proponents said citizenship would be too risk, since it allowed free passage around the country, but one MK opposing the bill likened it to Germany's
World War II-era Nuremberg Laws." (How different the mentality of Israel's Zionist ruling class is from its "ally," the United States. In America, foreigners who immigrate here are considered citizens, not enemy agents.)

6-18-03 Life with Big Brother: Shot forced on newborn against objections of parents "What was supposed to be a joyous occasion – the birth of their first child – turned out to be an Orwellian nightmare for a young Colorado couple whose newborn was vaccinated for hepatitis B over their religious and philosophical objections, while armed guards stood by to prevent them from intervening."


6-18-03 Author warns of new legislative push for doctor-assisted suicide "With advocates for doctor-assisted suicide pushing for legislative passage in Hawaii and Vermont, the author of an updated book on the subject has issued a bleak warning. Wesley J. Smith writes that physician-aided suicide could evolve into a widespread practice of doctors refusing to treat certain patients because they are too old or too sick."

6-18-03 A supreme act of treason "Unlike other pieces of legislation which typically assault our liberties one at a time, the Patriot Act completely shreds the Bill of Rights. Our Founding Fathers would have never even debated such a proposition; they probably would have reached for their guns."

6-18-03 Lawmaker seeks toy gun ban No, we're not making this up.

6-17-03 Bring me the head of Frank Keating! Refusing to recant, Keating resigns as church panel chief  What would happen if, after being picked by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to head a panel on priest sexual child abuse (popularly referred to in the news media as "pedophiles," but, in reality,  predatory homosexuals), you said some of the bishops "act like La Cosa Nostra and hide and suppress [evidence of abuse]"? Well, if your name is Frank Keating, you would be asked in less than friendly terms to resign. Keating,  former Oklahoma governor, infuriated Godfather—er, Cardinal—Roger Mahony of Los Angeles so much that he ordered a "hit" on the candid chairman.     (L.A. cardinal critical of governor overseeing sex abuse panel) In the letter tendering his resignation, Keating was anything but contrite, making a distinction between the Church founded by Jesus Christ and what he sees as its polar opposite: "It is not a criminal enterprise. It does not condone and cover up criminal activity. It does not follow a code of silence. My remarks, which some bishops found offensive, were deadly accurate. I make no apology. To resist grand jury subpoenas, to suppress the names of offending clerics, to deny, to obfuscate, to explain away; that is the model of a criminal organization, not my church." (Emphasis added) Well said, Governor!  No wonder they forced him to resign—instead of being the yes man they desired, Keating sounded more like someone ready to drive the money changers out of the Temple (or the mob bosses out of hiding). Unfortunately, as usual, the victims are the ones who'll suffer more (Keating resignation seen as a setback). Real News 24/7 salutes Frank Keating for opposing this evil in high places and standing tall for principle even when forced to resign, but in so doing, we feel obliged to add: Governor, you should have seen this coming— your ouster only confirms the validity of your remarks! The USCCB is not willing to do any thing substantive about the rottenness in its midst and you were canned precisely because you insisted that they  confront the rottenness and dispose of it. Your ouster should be lamented, not only by every Catholic, but by anyone eager to see justice served on behalf of the victims of the predator priests and an end to the system that condones and covers up such evil. (For a book exploring the origins of "pedophile priest" problem, Real News 24/7 recommends Michael Rose's Goodbye, Good Men. In it, he looks at the the homosexual underground in Catholic seminaries, a phenomenon that has grown to pandemic proportions since the Second Vatican Council. Rose interviews dozens of ex-seminarians who were often ostracized, not because they were "gay," but because they weren't; who were told they didn't have a vocation to the priesthood, not because they lacked piety, but because they were too pious! While we don't agree with all of his conclusions and we think he has wimped out by refusing to use the term "conspiracy" in addressing the issue (as though it was a coincidence that all of these seminaries went bad in the same way and at the same time!), we still believe the book merits our commendation for the way it conclusively proves that the evil fruit of the predatory priests manifested today is the direct result of bad seeds were planted decades ago. 

6-17-03 "Jane Roe" wants a ban on abortion  "Norma McCorvey, who joined the anti-abortion fight nearly 10 years ago and says she regrets her role in Roe v. Wade, said the Supreme Court's decision is no longer valid because scientific and anecdotal evidence that has come to light in the last 30 years has shown the negative effects of abortion." Roe no more Norma McCorvey's website.

6-17-03 Section 861:The law they hope you never read "I’m speaking of fraud on a scale so massive and so enduring it could only be perpetrated by the federal government. That is to say, a federal government operating way outside of the limits mandated by the Constitution."

6-17-03 Federal Reserve Interventionism "The bedrock of the U.S. economic system for nearly the past century has been the policy of interventionism. Specifically, intervention in the financial markets by way of central bank money lending operations and easing (or tightening) of interest rates." Federal Reserve System/central banking archive G. Edward Griffin on the Fed: "What are its objectives? What are the objectives of any cartel? To make money for the members of the cartel, to improve the profit margins of the members of the cartel and to stabilize themselves in the marketplace. That is the true objective of the Federal Reserve System."   Abolish the Fed petition "The consequences of wealth confiscation by the Federal Reserve mechanism are now upon us. In the current decade, corporate debt is soaring; personal debt is greater that ever; both business and personal bankruptcies are at an all time high. Interest on the national debt is consuming half of our tax dollars and we are facing an international trade deficit for the first time in history."

6-16-03 Why Putin is different "The word in Washington is that Jacques Chirac 'will have to pay for the line he took during the war.' Gerhard Schroeder won't see the White House again, at least not from the inside, say administration hawks. And Vladimir Putin? Ah, he's a different story - nobody is planning to put him on the gallows of American public opinion." Putin: ally or terrorist? "Counting Vladimir Putin as an ally against terrorism ignores his career in the murderous KGB/FSB and his ongoing support for terrorist regimes and organizations."

6-16-03 Expert to expose WMD "exaggeration" "A former senior Australian defense analyst who resigned in March claiming the government was exaggerating the Iraqi threat is to appear before British MPs probing intelligence on Baghdad's weapons programs, it emerged today."

6-16-03 BBC poll: World opposed to Bush and Iraq War

6-16-03 It's time for them to go "Bernie says the media has learned a little trick -- that the American people will believe what they are told by the media to believe. It must be true, because like George Orwell said, 'All happenings are in the mind--people believe what you put in their minds.'"

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