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Postings from June 15 to June 1

6-15-03  Israeli Spy Ring For the past year-and-a-half a story with critical implications for America's future have been effectively suppressed by pro-Zionist elements within the U.S. government and new media. It is of vital importance that this cover-up be exposed.  According to What Really Happened: "Fox News, alone of all the media, actually ran the story as a four part broadcast, and put the story up on its web site. Then, without explanation, Fox News erased the story from their web site and have never mentioned it again. CNN followed by "Orwellizing" their report of the two hour advance warning of the WTC attacks sent to Odigo employees. But far more telling is the admission made by a US Official in part one of the Fox News report that hard evidence existed linking the events of 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the more than 200 Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, but that this evidence had been CLASSIFIED."

6-15-03 In the land of the free, a freedom worth fighting for "We all want to be secure, of course. We all want to 'win the war on terrorism.' But at what cost to our basic values as a nation? "

6-15-03 Poll: Many Americans misinformed about Iraq, 9/11 attacks Gee, can't imagine how they got that way.

6-15-03 Thought crimes "Not only have we failed to find WMDs, but it appears that the Bush Administration knew all along of the slim possibility of finding any in Iraq. The administration withheld this information as it pressed its case for war.…"

6-14-03  What's happening? An interview with Noam Chomsky "The Bush administration, let me repeat it again, they are not conservatives; they are statist reactionaries. They want a very powerful state, a huge state in fact, a violent state and one that enforces obedience on the population. There is a kind of quasi-fascist spirit there, in the background, and they have been attempting to undermine civil rights in many ways."

6-14-03 Father's Day: A reluctant defense

6-14-03 Biographies of Neo-cons: Richard Perle "He worked as an aide to former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and was an author of the 1996 report 'A Clean Break' prepared for Netanyahu, which has proved to outline with uncanny prescience the way things have developedor from the Arab point of view deterioratedin the Middle East since then.…"

6-13-03 Fibbing it up on Fox DatelineApril 22: On his show, The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly states that if no WMDs are found within a month from today, then that spells big trouble. He promises to explore the issue a month later. (On a earlier program he said that the failure to find them would damage the credibility of the Bush administration. DatelineMay 22:  O'Reilly fails to live up to his promise to make a big stink if no WMDs are found by today. (But, then again, that's not what he's being paid for.) Media Watch: Fox News at War This video from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation examines how Fox covered the Iraq War, plus footage from al-Jazeera and NBC. Amusing and informative.

6-13-03 Too early to use the "I" word about Bush? Jules Witcover of the The Baltimore Sun, believes it is too soon to talk about impeachment, writing: "Practically speaking, Mr. Bush's popularity and stature as a wartime president make it unlikely right now that anybody in Congress would consider taking the drastic step of introducing articles of impeachment against him." [Real News 24/7 comment: Bush assured the world last Fall that he had undeniable proof that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, a statement now shown to be untrue, thus he no longer is entitled to "popularity and stature as a wartime president," since that war is an unjust war.] 

6-13-03 Smoking guns and mushroom clouds "Six months before the United States was dead-set on invading Iraq to rid the country of its alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD), experts in the field of nuclear science warned officials in the George W Bush administration that intelligence reports showing Iraq was stockpiling chemical and biological weapons was unreliable, and that the country did not pose an imminent threat to its neighbors in the Middle East or the US."

6-13-03 Poll: Israelis oppose military strikes "The survey in the Yediot Ahronot newspaper found that 58 percent of Israelis believe that Israel should temporarily halt the killing of militants to give the new Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, time to establish himself in his position.…The poll also showed that 67 percent of Israelis agree with recent statements by Sharon that Israel must end its occupation of Palestinian areas."

6-12-03 Viewpoint: US support for Israel "crucial" Crucial to Israel, perhaps, who has been on Uncle Sam's dole for over fifty years now. In that length of time, the two nations have a perfect understanding: Israel has never repaid a "loan" and the United States never asks it to! When it comes to begging money from the U.S., Israel is a little like the description of a baby: A big noise at one end and no responsibility at the other. (Oh, by the way, has anyone come up with even one cogent reason why it should enjoy preferential treatment over the other nations in the Middle East?)

6-12-03 States craft budget plans, tax increases A state-by-state rundown.

6-12-03 Remember Kosovo? And why you should "What is happening in Iraq now is merely a re-run of what happened in Kosovo. Because the Empire got away with murder, literally, launching a clear war of aggression and occupation while spinning all sorts of preposterous lies about it, Kosovo made Iraq possible. Never forget that."

6-12-03 Suppose you wanted to have a Permanent War "Amid the all-around rejoicing, however, the power elite appreciate that nearly two years have elapsed since September 11, 2001, and the public’s panic has begun to subside. That won’t do. Accordingly, on June 9 the government released a report that there is a “high probability” of an al-Qaida attack with a weapon of mass destruction in the next two years. If no such attach should eventuate, of course, then the authorities will have to release another such terrifying report at the appropriate time. Got to keep people on their toes“vigilant,” as the Homeland Security czar likes to say."

6-11-03   Extensively Expanded 6-16-03    SPECIAL REPORT Massive Media Cover-up! Jews against Zionism: The Hidden protest Anti-Zionist orthodox Jews protest against Israel "On Sunday, June 1, 2003 at 5th Ave. and 59th St. in Manhattan, NYC a group of anti-Zionist Jews demonstrated against Zionism and the Zionist State celebrated by marchers in the so-called Israel Day Parade." As improbable as it may seem to the uninformed, there are a significant number of Jews in the United States, Great Britain, Israel and elsewhere who oppose Zionism, Zionist oppression of the Palestinians and even the very existence of the State of Israel itself! More

6-11-03 Powell, Rice's credibility at risk "The administration’s refusal to allow international inspectors into Iraq to participate in the search increases the likelihood that many in the world would believe that any belatedly found weapons were planted to justify Bush’s war."

6-11-03 Republicans limit probe of Iraq intelligence The Congressional cover-up commences.

6-11-03 An informed citizenry: telling trend takes hold "Congress directly rebuffed Attorney General John Ashcroft's attempt to set up a neighborhood snitch program in the existing Patriot Act. But that didn't stop police departments in the East and Midwest from launching their own private 'civil defense' programs, a polite description of a snitch network, and tying them together into a communal database.

6-11-03 FBI Denies Mix-Up Of 9/11 Terrorists "In September 2002, Mueller told CNN twice that there is 'no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers.' After that admission a strange thing happened - nothing. No follow-up stories. No follow-up questions. There was dead silence and the story disappeared. It was almost as if no one wanted to know what had happened.…" Clueless at CIA and FBI "A new government report predicts that al Qaeda may try to launch a chemical, biological or nuclear attack on shopping malls or supermarkets. Meanwhile, the U.S. can’t find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and is draining a Maryland pond in a desperate attempt to find some evidence concerning the post-9/11 anthrax attacks that killed five people here. You don’t have to be a Bush-basher to question whether U.S. intelligence agencies know what they’re doing."

6-10-03 U.S. hunt for banned weapons slows "The slowdown comes after checks of more than 230 sites — drawn from a master intelligence list compiled before the war — turned up none of the chemical or biological weapons the Bush administration said it went after Saddam Hussein to destroy."

6-10-03 Vatican plays down email threat to John Paul II  Officials at the Vatican played down Saturday the importance of an email message which threatened an attack on the Pope during his current visit to Croatia. Poles vote overwhelmingly to join European Union "Polish-born Pope John Paul II called EU accession 'an act of historic justice.'…EU campaigners were opposed by a loose alliance of ultraconservative Catholics worried about an erosion of traditional values and by radical farmers who warned that Poland's 2 million sustenance farms would disappear under western competition."

6-10-03 North Korea's nuclear threat …and other news briefs

6-10-03 Canadian court backs same-sex unions "The right to marry should be extended to same-sex couples, Ontario's Appeal Court ruled Tuesday in a decision that effectively deems Canadian law on traditional marriage unconstitutional." Oppose such decisions in the United States! Support the Federal Marriage Amendment.

6-10-03  Bush scolds Israel over assassination attempt "Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a car carrying a senior Hamas leader today, wounding him, killing two others and jeopardizing the U.S.-backed road map to Mideast peace. President Bush criticized Israel, saying he was "deeply troubled" by the strike."

6-10-03 Sketicism mounting about motive for war  "Facing mounting worldwide skepticism of repeated U.S. assertions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, President Bush declared Monday that he is "absolutely convinced" that his administration will be vindicated."

6-10-3 Mobile lies Remember when President Bush assured us that those trailers captured in Iraq were proof that Saddam's scientists were engaged in making biweapons? Oops! It turns out they're actually part of an Artillery Meteorological System sold by the British to the Iraqi army in 1987. 

6-10-03 Charley Reese: Medical malpractice crisis "High-toned scholars at Harvard have estimated that doctors knock off about 90,000 to 100,000 people a year with innocent mistakes or plain malpractice. That compares, by the way, with about 1,400 accidental deaths from firearms."

6-9-03 'Free the 5' group backs convicted Cuban spies "Five Cuban men convicted of spying in the United States have spawned a loyal following in the United States, led by activists who have long supported the Cuban revolution." Despite Cuban Media Blitz, Little Hope for Five Imprisoned Spies "Cuban schoolchildren memorize their poems, musicians venerate them in song, and larger than life portraits of their smiling faces are now as ubiquitous in Havana as those of martyred revolutionary icons Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos." Free Cuba Foundation An anti-Castro Cuban-American site that includes a large selection of links.  

6-9-03  Dead for a Lie "John Straseskie who had served in the Army and National Guard for 26 years expressed anger at the loss of his son in a war that that he now thinks was sold under false pretenses. 'He put our troops over there to finish what his dad didn't do. They found no weapons of mass destruction,' he told the Capital Times, a Madison, WI. newspaper."

6-9-03 Iraqis poisoned by nuclear waste

6-9-03 Blair spin doctor apologizes for dossier Alastair Campbell, Mr. Blair's director of strategy and communications, apologized to the head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, after it was revealed that parts of the dossier, Iraq: Its Infrastructure of Concealment, Deception and Intimidation, were lifted via the internet from a 12-year-old thesis by an American student. Campbell to be fall guy? "The political future of Tony Blair's closest lieutenant was in serious doubt as he came under attack from Labor heavyweights inside and outside the Cabinet."  Pre-invasion report: Saddam not a growing threat "The six-page report, produced by staff working for the Joint Intelligence Committee, said there was no evidence that Saddam posed a significantly greater threat to the West than in 1991"

6-9-03 Bin Laden "shunned Iraqi terror link-up" "Osama bin Laden rejected proposals to plot joint terror attacks with Saddam Hussein's regime, according to two captured al-Qaida leaders."

6-9-03 WMD quotes—before and after the invasion

I have no doubt we're going to find big stores of weapons of mass destruction.
Defense Policy Board member Kenneth Adelman
March 23, 2003

U.S. officials never expected that "we were going to open garages and find" weapons of mass destruction.
Condoleeza Rice
May 12, 2003

6-8-03 Right wing Columbian group cuts talks, claims young people massacred and other news briefs.

6-8-03 Monkeypox or "wag the monkey"? Reports of illness take media attention from Bush's missing WMDs.

6-8-03 TIA redux: still bad math "The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, which launched TIA, claims that the new TIA is designed 'to protect U.S. citizens by detecting and defeating foreign terrorist threats before an attack.' But the core of the new TIA is the same as the old: a database of public and private records to be analyzed for patterns indicative of terrorist activities."

6-8-03 Muslim charities sue "60 Minutes"  "Two Virginia-based Muslim charities are suing CBS for $80 million, claiming a "60 Minutes" report falsely linked them to Osama bin Laden."

6-7-03 Is lying about the reason for war an impeachable offense? Absolutely, says former White House Counsel John Dean: "To put it bluntly, if Bush has taken Congress and the nation into war based on bogus information, he is cooked. Manipulation or deliberate misuse of national security intelligence data, if proven, could be 'a high crime' under the Constitution's impeachment clause."

6-7-03 Report: No proof Iraq had chemicals  "The Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon's main spy unit, stated in a report last fall that there was 'no definitive, reliable information' that Iraq was producing or stockpiling chemical or biological weapons, casting the most serious doubts yet on the Bush administration's prewar contentions that Saddam Hussein was operating a widespread gas and germ warfare program." Another nail in the Bush credibility coffin!

6-7-03 Some analysts of Iraq trailers reject germ use American and British intelligence analysts with direct access to the evidence are disputing claims that the mysterious trailers found in Iraq were for making deadly germs. Yet another nail in the Bush credibility coffin!

6-7-03 Ex official: U.S. distorted evidence for war  "The Bush administration distorted intelligence and presented conjecture as evidence to justify a U.S. invasion of Iraq, according to a retired intelligence official who served during the months before the war." And yet…well, you get the picture.

6-7-03 Truth is out about detainees; Ashcroft should step down  " Despite the claim by Attorney General John Ashcroft in a Sept. 17, 2001, memo that the detainees were 'persons who participate in, or lend support to, terrorist activities,'' not one of them was charged with a terrorism-related crime."

6-7-03  Gains for Germany's Jews "Germany's parliament unanimously approved a landmark agreement Friday that puts the country's fast-growing Jewish community on a legal par with Germany's main Christian churches, which are Lutheran and Roman Catholic." …and other news briefs

6-6-03 Violence dulls Mideast peace hopes Just a day after the summit, Israeli forces on Thursday shot and killed two Palestinians in the West Bank, a sign the 32 months of violence Washington had hoped to end was unlikely to abate.

6-6-03 Hamas cuts off talks with Abbas The militant Hamas group ended talks with  Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas after he made what it deemed unacceptable commitments at a U.S.-led summit with Israel in Aqaba, Jordan.…and other news briefs

6-6-03 Moellemann death disputed German politician "caused own death" "But a former colleague said he found the suicide theory difficult to believe. 'That doesn't fit the picture I have of Juergen Moellemann, because he was a fighter,' said former foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher. 'When he suffered a setback - and this wasn't the first time - he started over again.'" Anti-Israel German politician did not kill himself: friends "One of the prominent German politician’s close associates added there was nothing that could have possibly pushed him to commit suicide." On The Moellemann File website (hostile, but with much important information) posting of March 12th, 2003 are two items that alsowould seem to go against the suicide claim: a book of his, Klartext für Deutschland (Straight-talk for Germany) was about to be published and "Moellemann seems to be getting ready to launch a new populist party in time to compete in the 2004 local elections in some of the former East German states" It was a 2002 campaign flyer of his, critical of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Michel Friedmann, a leading German Jew, that led to his political downfall (and death?)—it allegedly was paid for by illegal campaign funds.

6-6-03 Cheney's CIA visits pressured us: analysts "Multiple visits to the CIA by the United States Vice-President, Dick Cheney, created an environment in which some analysts felt they were being pressured to make their assessments on Iraq fit with Bush Administration policy objectives, intelligence officials said."

6-6-03 Weapons dossier "sent back six times" Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith repeated his call for a full independent inquiry into whether intelligence documents on Iraq's weapons were changed on the orders of Downing Street to strengthen the case for military action.

6-6-03 Antivirus-killing virus threat upgraded  "Antivirus companies warned PC users on Thursday that a variant of the nine-month-old Bugbear virus has started spreading across the Internet, installing tools on infected computers that let intruders control the systems."

6-6-03 Protect the traditional marriage—sign the Federal Marriage Amendment petition Why? "The Massachusetts Supreme Court is expected to rule this summer that homosexual marriage is legal. Because of the "full faith and credit" clause in the U.S. Constitution, that means that every other state may be forced to accept the legalization of homosexual marriage by recognizing the Massachusetts law." The Federal Marriage Amendment assures that "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman."  (Also see the related article about the amendment posted on this page on June 1st.)  

6-6-03 Top 100 corporate criminals of the decade

6-5-03 Suicide or foul play? Prominent German anti-Zionist politician dies under mysterious circumstances Former minister Juergen Moellemann, 57, perishes after becoming detached from his parachute while skydiving. A paratrooper when in the Army, he was highly experienced in the sport. He had gotten into trouble for what some called "anti-Semitic remarks" and, more recently, for fraud and improper party funding. "Though many Jews agreed with his criticisms of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon," reports the BBC, "correspondents say this type of behavior is still widely considered unacceptable in Germany for non-Jews." (See also obituary, related stories and video clip.)

6-5-03 Fresh Israeli incursion Hours After Aqaba Summit   "Ten Palestinians were injured and several houses demolished in a fresh incursion by Israeli occupation forces on the West Bank and Gaza Strip Wednesday, June 4, hours after a U.S.-led summit in Jordan’s Aqaba promised better future for the Palestinians and an end to more than a century of occupation and daily aggressions."

6-5-03 Alleged "20th hijacker" may be tried before military tribunal Zacarias Moussaoui is an American by birth, yet the Bush administration seeks to strip him of his Constitutional rights.

6-5-03 Jim Traficant's letter from prison "I know why I was targeted: I was not afraid of the government, and I had learned too much!"

6-5-03 Dead in the Water BBC Documentary on the USS Liberty.

6-5-03 Examples of hate speech Gee, do you think the ADL has a dossier on these guys?

6-5-03 Phyllis Schlafly: Why is Bush perpetuating Clinton policies? "President Bush seems to have forgotten that his steadfast support of Second Amendment rights was the main reason he carried the Democratic states of Arkansas, Tennessee and West Virginia in November 2000.  If he had lost any one of those, Al Gore would be president."

6-5-03 A woman suicide bomber ambushed a bus near Chechnya, blowing it up and killing herself and at least 17 others, report Russian officials.  …and other news briefs.

6-4-03 Congress passes abortion bill "After years of battling, abortion opponents are close to succeeding in their fight to outlaw "partial birth" abortion. The House voted 282-139 on Wednesday to ban the controversial procedure. The bill already has cleared the Senate, and President Bush has promised to sign it into law." Full text of House Resolution 760: The Partial Abortion Act of 2003.   (A reason for pro-lifers to celebrate? Before answering, please read David Brownlow 's column on the subject.)

Bush administration supports pro-abortion side of "Wanted" poster dispute
"The White House said the court should leave undisturbed a ruling against anti-abortion protesters for listing personal information about abortion clinic employees on the Internet and on posters." Government targets "Wanted" anti-abortion posters Tom Breca of the Thomas More Law Center says the current rulimg "makes it very difficult for nonviolent people to speak up and voice their convictions."

6-4-03 The truth, the whole truth and nothing but "This is potentially very serious," said one Congressional aide. "If it's shown we went to war because of intelligence that was 'cooked' by the administration, heads will have to roll, and not just little heads, big ones."

6-4-03 U.S. tribunals in Cuba reflect contempt for the Constitution "Why is the U.S. government holding the trials in Cuba rather than in the United States?There’s one — and only one — reason: to avoid the constraints of our Constitution — the document that U.S. officials purportedly take an oath to support and defend."

6-4-03 Pat Buchanan: War party's saber rattling "Should we undertake war on Iran, there is surely no doubt as to the outcome. But few believe it would be a 'cake walk,' with only 125 U.S. dead and Iran's capital falling with only token resistance."

6-4-03 Snow Job "How is it possible for an economy to be 'strong' with people going broke at a record rate...and businesses unable to make any money?"

6-4-03 Charley Reese: Stop the foreign work program "These programs allow foreigners to take American jobs while millions of Americans are unemployed. The whole idea was a fraud to begin with."

6-3-03  SPECIAL REPORT   WMDs? Seeing is believing (Weapons of Mass Deception, Part II) Another month has gone by and US troops in Iraq still haven't found any WMDs. As the Bush administration continues to bat .000 (unless one wants to count the purported biolabs, but more on that in a moment), the concern over this failure grows more widespread. And at the same time, the powers-that-be grow ever more defensive, to the point where Secretary of State Colin Powell, speaking in Rome, weakly insisted: "There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It wasn't a figment of anyone's imagination." (Cited in We didn't imagine weapons: U.S..)

6-3-03 Conspiracy theories thrive after Wellstone's plane crash "In Internet chat groups, political Web sites and the published reports of several leftist academics, conspiracy theories about Wellstone's death last October maintain a life of their own, particularly in northern Minnesota."


6-3-03 N. Korea warns of war amid South's shots "A South Korean patrol boat fired eight shots from machine guns into the sky to force a North Korean vessel back into their territory, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. The North Korean boat turned back in five minutes, it said."

6-3-03 Iraqis Protest U.S. Presence, Women Body Searches "Thousands of Iraqi Muslims marched through Baghdad Tuesday, threatening violence unless U.S. troops withdraw from the country and venting their anger over body searches of women in the capital.…Some threatened to chop off the hands of any soldier who tried to search an Iraqi woman. Security searches are common at checkpoints in the city. 'It is unacceptable in Islam that a man searches the body of a woman. The American troops are doing that to our women,' cleric Ali Baghdadi said."

6-3-03 Report: CIA believes Saddam Hussein alive in Iraq  " In Internet chat groups, political Web sites and the published reports of several leftist academics, conspiracy theories about Wellstone's death last October maintain a life of their own, particularly in northern Minnesota."

6-3-03 Rudolph to be tried in '98 clinic attack "Sean Devereux, an Asheville lawyer assigned to represent Rudolph during his hearing here, described his client "as a reflective individual, and he has a lot to think about. He is not an uncaring person." Devereux interview

6-3-03 When eminent domain = theft "In many cases, the homes were considered blighted because they lacked three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and an attached two-car garage."

6-2-03 Appeals for mention of Christian heritage ignored in EU constitution

6-2-03 Privacy, free speech collide in hate speech case "A federal jury slammed the Anti-Defamation League, which publicly attacked the Quigleys, with a $10.5 million verdict for, among other things, defamation. The national, New York-based group, acting through its Denver office, falsely accused the Quigleys of being militant anti-Semites, invaded their privacy and broke federal wiretap law, the jury found."

6-2-03 Jewish settlers attack Palestinian farmers, seize crops Road map? We don't need no stinkin' road map!

6-2-03 The Eric Rudolph Files  Rudolph hunt, capture had an impact on community "I think they're just pinning stuff on him," said Sarah Anderson, 20, as she ate and kept an eye on her 2-year-old son, Payne, who was playing nearby. "I'm sure he did some of it. Other stuff, I don't think so."  Mom believes Rudolph is innocent "An anti-abortion crusader?" Patricia Rudolph chuckles, shaking her head. "He never ever spoke to me about abortion. Never ever."  The hunt for, capture of Eric Rudolph A page with several links.

6-2-03 Al-Qaeda operatives may be in the US, officials say No WMDs are anywhere to be found and war fervor is on the wane. The public is clamoring for explanations. What to do for a much needed diversion? No problem. Simply press the Terrorist hot button for instant fear.

6-2-03 War crime threat to Blair Ann Nichol's, who's son died in the Iraqi War, thinks Prime Minister Tony Blair should be prosecuted as a war criminal if no WMDs are found. "If they don't find any weapons of mass destruction then this war has been based on a pack of lies and they have put all of our sons and daughters lives on the line for a lie."

6-2-03 USS Liberty memorial made by survivors

6-1-03 United States, Russia warn Iran, North Korea President continues to insist Iraq did have prohibited arms.  (He's calling the the so-called "mobile biological laboratories" weapons, but Pentagon and US weapons experts say the labs don't qualify as WMDs.)

6-1-03 Federal Marriage Amendment introduced in House Freshman Representative Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) says the purpose to "protect the sacred institution of marriage" from attacks upon the traditional family structure. …and other political updates. Rep. Musgrave's website


 6-1-03 Supreme Court yet to rule on race, "gay" sex, free speech cases

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