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Primer Articles and Press Release

Seven American Jews Run Most of the Media
(from rense.com)

Read our intro to "Who Rules America" here.

Who Rules America? -- Updated 2004, with full color pictures of all the Media Moguls!
(UPDATED: This is the best written short article on who owns and runs the media in the USA. The authors require that those who post the article -- post it in full, so we do so here, even though we disagree with some of the mean spirited language in it.)

Special Note on Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News Channel: For some reason the authors of the above article say they can't verify that Rupert Murdoch, who poses as a New Wave Catholic, was raised Jewish. This question was settled by Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press when he uncovered articles about Murdoch in the Australian press from the early 1980s, before Murdoch rose to worldwide prominence. No one questions that Murdoch is one of the most ardent Zionists in the world -- he even describes himself that way. He sponsors pro-Zionist mega-events, and even flies over Israel in planes with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. You can find Bollyn's article about Rupert Murdoch and his Jewish upbringing here (scroll down to the subheading: "Murdoch's Jewish Roots") -- and historian David Irving's take on Rupert Murdoch's ancestry can be found here. The fact that this "conservative" was running centerfold nudes in one of his British newspapers as he founded FOX CABLE NEWS --- should have given us a clue that Murdoch is trying to where a mask.


Who Rules America? (written circa 2000 -- no pictures -- see link immediately above for update)
(This was the 2000 version of what is at the link above -- the best written short article on who owns and runs the media in the USA. The authors require that those who post the article -- post it in full, so we do so here, even though we disagree with some of the mean spirited language in it. But the research is valid and of vital importance to every American.)

The Jewish Establishment
by Joseph Sobran (excellent column)

“In Our Hands”
by Joseph Sobran (excellent column)


Jews United Against Zionism, Press Release, January 11, 2001
charging Zionist Domination of the Media

In Depth Documentation of Jewish Control of the Media

If you are wondering whether any of the above short articles are distorting or exaggerating the facts, you can remove all doubt with the avalanche of evidence and documentation contained in the chapters below, which is divided into three parts, from the on line book “When Victims Rule.”

Jewish Influence in the Mass Media, Part I      76 pages


 Jewish Influence in the Mass Media, Part II   123 pages


Jewish Influence in the Mass Media, Part III   103 pages


The Permanent Revolution: Controlling Media by Controlling Money

The following two articles deal with the "Permanent Revolution" run by the banksters who run the deceptively named Federal Reserve Board (which private corporation issues virtually all US money since 1913). The FED favors certain corporations by granting them unlimited credit to begin buying up all the competition in their chosen field. For instance, Clear Channel, the giant of talk radio, is reportedly offering privately owned radio stations 3 times what the station is worth. Most people sell, -- resulting in a few rich individualsto create a financial monopoly in every area of human endeavor. They do this by granting virtually unlimited credit to 3 or 4 corporations in each area of human endeavor, such as Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot in the office supply industry.


Only Six Corporations Dominate America’s Major Media Outlets by Jim Condit Jr.

What is the Hayfield Research? You'd Better Find Out by Jim Condit Jr.


Two Recent Examples of the Brutal Results of Zionist/Jewish Domination of the Newsmedia -- Resulting in the Distortion of our National Destiny

You Want Conspiracy? The Open Conspiracy of Coordinated Big TV Censorship in the 2000 Presidential Year

On one of the 2002 radio ads, Ad #2: "5 Big TV Networks"
we refer to a protest march against the Sharon Government held in New York City in late February, 2002, by 25,000 Orthodox Rabbis and their followers. This was reported in the April 2002, edition of The Free American newsmagazine under the title, “Orthodox Jews March in New York Protesting Zionist Control of Israel. Where was the mainstream media?” (Pictures of large protest was included)

This issue of the Free American can be ordered for $5.00 per issue, and the address can be found at the following at www.freeamerican.com -- ( the article carries Rabbi G. J. Neuberger's speech at the protest rally on the “treason of Zionism.”). You can call the Free American to order at 877-423-3250.


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