(Note from the Real News 24/7 Editor: Those who wrote "Who Rules America?" will not allow the paper to be published unless it is published in full. Since it is the best article out on the subject available, we publish it as part of this section. However, we do not endorse any of the mean-spirited language addressed indiscriminately towards whole groups of people. The main thrust of the article, the exposure of the individuals who now own almost all major media in the USA, as well as the mindset these Media Moguls adhere to, is very valid information, and constitutes necessary reading for every American.)


Introduction to "Who Rules America?"
by Jackie Patru, webmaster of www.sweetliberty.org

     Several years ago when I received the following article - or I should say its forerunner - I tossed it off as anti-Semitic and slanderous.  Over the past ten years material sent to me by networkers and listeners were filed (because I'm a pack rat) after little more than a glance, which file eventually became three; and a couple of books which have multiplied times twenty.  

     I didn't want to use the "J" word, so my file was titled "Zionism".  Little did I know how appropriate the file label was. Now I seethat my hesitance in using the "J" word - even printing it on a file folder in the privacy of my own home - was part of the brain-washing that I had absorbed by osmosis over the years.

     The day I picked Nesta Webster's book off the shelf - a little book titled "Germany and England" - was the day my journey began.  As I read about the Bolshevists in Russia and the "J" word kept popping out at me from her pages, I had more or less the same knee-jerk reaction.  Again, in the privacy of my own home I felt uneasy and confused at the same time, because a renowned and respected historian was using that "J" word and accusing some of them of dastardly deeds.

     Since that time about three years ago nearly all of the books have been read and I have poured over the papers in those three fat hanging files and I still feel the need to preface an article like this in case you would react as I initially did by wanting to go into denial. . . .  

     Please read the following article with an open mind, and if you don't believe it you can verify it for yourself, as the author suggests.  Keep in mind the intense and non-stop psychological conditioning being used by major media today to rouse the American people to a war that promises to be ".... maybe forever".  Little boys (and girls) today are intended - when they come of age - to be cannon fodder in "their" New Endless War on Terrorism.  It need not be.  

-- Jackie --  October 25, 2001

P.S. A tape I highly recommend for listening is Steven Jacobson's audio tape entitled "Media Mind Control in America." Steven Jacobson is one of the many Jewish individuals who opposes the dominant leadership of Zionism today. (You can find this and much else at www.sweetliberty.org  ).

~ End of introduction ~