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Section I: Who Runs the Media? 2 ads


1. Who Runs the Media?


2. 5 Big TV Networks 


Section II: Class of 2003 – 1 ad

3. Class of 2003


Section III: 9-11 Cover-Up: Remote Control Planes – 2 ads


4. Remote Control Planes


5.  Tom Clancy and 9-11


Section IV: Hoffman Lenses – 1 ad


6. Hoffman Ad


Section V: 2nd Terrorist Attack – One Ad


7. Overview of 9-11 and a 2nd Terror Attack


Section VI: Big Iraq Attack


8.  Gulf War Vets


9.  Iraq War


Section VII: Noahide Laws vs. US Constitution


10. Merry Christmas, AND OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!


Section VIII: USS Liberty


11. Assault on the USS Liberty


Section IX: Votescam by Computer


12. Hand Counted ballots

Those who cast the votes, decide NOTHING; --- those who COUNT the votes decide everything.”

That quote has been often attributed to Communist Tyrant Joseph Stalin.

Bu the important thing is, it’s TRUE.

Adam Osborne, the man credited with building the world’s first PC, said in his 1979 book, “Running Wild” – that elections should never be entrusted to computers.

In July 2001, -- MIT and Caltech issued a study finding that hand-counted paper ballot systems --- are more reliable than computerized touch screen voting systems.

Since 1979, our local Cincinnatus Action Committee has been warning the public about easily rigged computerized election systems, which now “count” the votes for 99% of this nation.

The answer is NOT federal control. The answer is paper ballots – hand counted in public – by randomly selected neighbors – in each neighborhood polling place.

THAT would make it impossible to computer rig an election from a central location.

For the full story go to and find “votescam and death threats” and email your contacts around the nation to go to Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.


On October 22, 2002, the above ads 1 through 9, and 12, began airing on WLW (700 AM) and WKRC (550 AM) in Cincinnati, Ohio. On November 4, 2002, ads 10 and 11 air on these stations. Spot 3, "The Class of 2000" aired on WEBN on November 1, 3, and 4. The end of the 2002 campaign for playing ads is midnight, November 4, 2002.



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