1. Who Runs the Media? (Audio)

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1. Who Runs the Media? (Text)

If Osama Bin Laden's agents took control of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX, we Americans would need to know.

Well, Bin Laden's agents don't control the Big Media, (pause) – but people who love Israel first, and America second – do.

The current government of Israel believes it has a divine right to vast tracks of land in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan – and Iraq. 9-11 was the springboard for a war in the middle east by which Israel hopes to steal that land.

Israel wants Americans to go to war with the Arabs for Israel's benefit.

That's why the Israel Firsters who own and run our Big media are not telling us the truth about 9-11, “the war on terror”, the conflict in the middle east – or about why they are pushing us into war against Iraq.

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