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The WTO trap
("In the aftermath of World War II, a coterie of international elitists proposed a constellation of multilateral economic organizations to supplement the United Nations: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the International Trade Organization (ITO). In 1947, a delegation of U.S. diplomatic officials attended a conference in Havana intended to finalize the framework for the ITO.")

Ballot scam: Pollsters, media implicated in vote fraud

Israeli spy's passport sparks row

Gary Webb murder conspiracy: Was he 'suicided'?

'Make the pie higher'
(A 'poem' by George W. Bush. We're not sure what the 'W' stands for, but it isn't Wordsworth!)


HAARP suspected
in killer tsunami

"It is widely known the USA has many Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the latest scuttlebutt on the Internet is that one of these, the HAARP was used to create the massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean.

Suspicions are rife especially when there are so many coincidences, the biggest being this quake occurred 12 months to the day from the last big quake in Iran.

There seem to be many anomalies in the weather patterns of this planet and they are becoming more frequent, strange weather patterns that never occurred before, for instance, snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, in a country that has an average summer temperature of 50c.

Read the entire article >

Tsunami relief
(Links from Google)

Also see

Was killer tsunami a manmade disaster?
(In 1997, it was publicly maintained that climate can be remotely altered--even catastrophically--by terrorists. Who was the lunatic fringe conspiracy theorist making the claim? None other than Secretary of Defense William Cohen.)

HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) home page

HAARP--Wikipedia page

Holes in heaven? -- A documentary

Tsunami links at

Who owns the media?

Dollar alarms

Why "The Passion" still troubles me
(Nearly a year after The Passion of The Christ triumphant premiere, the ADL's Abe Foxman still can't leave it alone. And why not, as this pseudo issue gives him a great propaganda op to spew his slurs against Catholics --particularly Mel Gibson--to the gullible Jews whose contributions line the ADL's coffers. Since he's seen the film, it's difficult to believe, even aswe would prefer to err on the side of charity, that Foxman doesn't know that he is grossly misrepresenting the film and its producer, as when he alludes to Gibson's purported 'depiction of the Jews as representing the devil." Meanwhile, Foxman's Hollywood counterparts prefer a pro-Commie biopic over Mel's masterpiece.)


Governments knew of quakes but didn't evacuate
(Population control?)

Illegals estimated to number 18-20 million

 'Sons' of sodomites anger Catholic parents

Poland hunts Israeli, 86, over 'revenge' killing of Nazis

Satan is playing for keeps
(The epicenter of the culture war's heart of darkness.)


HAARP: Vandalism in the sky?
("In 1994 the US Air Force revealed its Spacecast 2020 master plan which includes weather control. Scientists have experimented with weather control since the 1940s, but Spacecast 2020 noted that 'using environmental modification techniques to destroy, damage or injure another state [is] prohibited'. Having said that, the Air Force claimed that advances in technology 'compels a re-examination of this sensitive and potentially risky topic'.")

Baghdad governor assassinated

US military hints at staying in Afghanistan for decades

Iraqi insurgents threaten attack inside United States
(A threat issued over the Internet by 'the Islamic Army of Iraq,' a shadowy group whose existence, like that of Al Qaeda, is questionable. Such an attack would play into the hands of those who seek to turn America into a police state and maintain a permanent presence of U.S. troops in the Middle East.)

San Francisco considers handgun ban

California clergy abuse settlement for $100 million

Oppose the draft? It's already here
(What's being discussed here is involuntarily extended active duty. While this is a serious problem that needs to be opposed, it shouldn't blind us to the ongoing drive to reinstate the draft, which will come about unless enough Americans challenge it.)


Media linking killer tsunami to global warming
(It figures. Blame the people who use aerosol cans, drive cars and own factories. Anything to further the drive towards world dictatorship. But never,  ever mention what ought to be the real climate change concern.)

Another United Nations insult

Mexico publishes virtual 'how-to' guide for illegal aliens
(Will anyone in the Bush Administration doing anything to actively oppose this? Don't hold your breath.)

Source: Pervert government lawyers advised Philadelphia police at 'OutFest' event


Russia also has HAARP-style technology

Earthquakes--Natural or Manmade?
(Includes more information about Russian HAARP)

Latest gun control propaganda from the controlled news media

Democrats interrupt electoral vote count, force debate on Ohio elections

SpongeBob, Barney video promotes 'gay' tolerance in schools
(To make matters worse, its being done in the name of 'family')


The military's Pandora's Box

Las Vegas hit by freak snowfall

Warm weather causes rare winter allergies

General fears 'spectacular' Iraq attacks

Some conservatives caving in regarding Gonzales

NYC council OKs anti-gun measure


Was Tsunami seismic (tectonic) warfare?

Bush outlines US tsunami relief efforts

Government tsunami relief: A foreign aid disaster in the making
('The billions of dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies) being sent to Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and other devastated areas are bound to do some good; it would be impossible to spend all that tax money without some of it leaking out to benefit some of the disaster victims.')

Private US tsunami giving soars
(And 'may even eclipse the $350 million in aid committed by the U.S. government.')

Tsunami relief
(Links from Google)

 Israel issues warning on eve of Palestinian vote

'Gay' Abe?
('Was Abraham Lincoln ... gay? Was Honest Abe living a lie, denying who he was? Was his marriage to Mary Todd, which produced four sons, a sham?')

Dark forces and the tolerant followers
(Herd thinking is the very substance on which tyrants rely, because they know their propaganda machines will be accepted by the herds.")


German Jews, pro-abort politicos and 'ecumenists' want churchman's head for 'Holocaust'-abortion comparison

Cardinal Joachim Meisner's (right) remarks unwittingly outraged organized Jewry. which damns any view that doesn't adequately conform to the 'Holocaust'-as-unique-and-greatest-tragedy-of-history myth.

A German cardinal on Saturday said he regretted comparing abortion to the genocides carried out by Hitler and Stalin, which sparked a public outcry here, and claimed to have been misunderstood.

"I regret that it has got to this pitch," the Roman Catholic Cardinal of Cologne, Joachim Meisner, said, stressing that he would never have made such a comparison if he had thought it could have been open to misinterpretation.

Read the entire article>

Commie spymaster hired by Homeland Security

Palestinians elect new president
(Mahmoud Abbas is elected Palestinian Authority president by a wide margin.)

Latest guard deployment includes mostly women

Audit finds anti-terror dollars used to fund lawn-mower races in Texas


'Holocaust' group's annual report on 'deniers'  includes Gibson, Irving, Zundel and ex-Buchanan aide
(Also included was Abbas, newly-elected Palestinian president, whose doctrinal dissertation sought to prove the 'technical impossibility' of Nazi gas chambers.)

Ohio letter seeks illegal contributions

Dov Zakheim: 'Israel should act promptly and resolutely to correct severe image problem in US'
(Sorry, but there's much more needed than a mere public relations makeover.)

'Passion' wins People's Choice Award for Favorite Film Drama


Is abortion genocide?

Bush nominates new Homeland Security chief

A dirty little secret about Federal taxes

CBS firings: a 'good start' or 'superficial reforms?'

Palestinian olive farm family uprooted
(Eminent domain Israeli-style--as far as the eye can see!)


Cardinal does not apologize for abortion-'Holocaust' remark

Bush warns Congress on Social Security

The high price of official lies

Kissinger dismissed as CIA adviser


Angering B'nai B'rith

U.S. gives up search for Iraq WMD

Bush Admin hiring of ex-KGB chiefs to develop internal passport

Making killer flu


Jewish groups, legislators criticize Prince Harry's Nazi costume
(Question: Would there be this kind of outrage if Harry had been wearing the Communist hammer-and-sickle? Answer: If there was, you can bet the controlled news media wouldn't be making an issue of it.)

Duchess: Prince deserves a break | and David Irving's commentary

Jews hail Chertoff nomination

Chertoff involved in Vince Foster death coverup?
(More on Foster 'suicide'.)


Prince Harry was at fault; Cardinal Meisner was right
(But not everyone thinks Prince Harry's gaff is all that serious.)

Germans seek swastika ban

Living in a state-run world

FBI retires Carnivore
(But looks for other ways to do Internet spying.)


The War for America's soul

While President George Bush said some of the right things about the need for religion in the Oval Office, his record (including the betrayal of the unborn, support for illegal aliens, 'gay' partnerships and Zionism), hardly suggests him being the sincere, even sainted Christian envisioned by his followers (see photo right). Nevertheless, his remarks do point to the war that is being waged for America's identity.  

On January 11th President Bush said that he doesn't "see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord," but that he is always mindful to protect the right of others to worship or not worship.
    Mr. Bush told editors and reporters of The Washington Times in an interview in the Oval Office that many in the public misunderstand the role of faith in his life and his view of the proper relationship between religion and the government.
    "I think people attack me because they are fearful that I will then say that you're not equally as patriotic if you're not a religious person," Mr. Bush said....

Read the entire article>

National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination
Protecting and Promoting the Christian Faith and Our Religious Heritage. (Many excellent links)

Judge: Inaugural prayer okay

Report: U.S. conducting secret Iran missions

Homeland Security exodus alarms terrorism experts

Hillary: Bush lacking on abortion
(Lacking, true, but lacking in this way!)


Florida college bans The Passion of the Christ; launches campaign against free speech
(READER ADVISORY: Events in blasphemous, immoral play are discussed in the linked press release.)

New tape shows JFK fumed over civil rights pressures
(Note that President Kennedy properly saw this as a state--not federal-- issue; it is at that level that it should be dealt with by changing the state laws or, if a majority of citizens seek to keep the old laws, then those opposed must accept them, work to change them or move to another state.  Unfortunately, that truth has been subverted and the federal government unconstitutionally interferes with something that isn't any of its business.)

King's niece to join pro-lifers at March For Life

Both sides espouse King on 'gay' unions
(Those trying to put Martin Luther King in the traditional values, anti-pervert camp forget that one of his closest advisors, Bayard Rustin, was an openly 'gay' Communist. For more on King's less than inspiring hidden legacy, see  our January 16th 2004 report.)

America's nervous breakdown: Another legacy of the 60s

Reviving the Draft

Mel Gibson's secret meeting with Fatima visionary


No Kid Rock, but F-word still present
(The Bush inaugural's youth concert backed off Kid Rock invitation after pro-family groups protested, but still got its message across: To the traditional values crowd that re-elected G.W.--We really pulled a fast one on you, didn't we?!)

Planned Parenthood remembers its honored ally, Martin Luther King

Neocons turn their attention to Iran

KGB and STASI reinforce Homeland Security. For whom?

Prince Harry refuses to to go Auschwitz
(It's time somebody stood up to them!)

Do Jews run Hollywood? You bet they do--and what of it?


America's road to Communism

Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirms Rice
(Kerry and Boxer were dissenting votes. Talk about being partisan hypocrites! They supported a liar when it came to Democrat Bill Clinton, but not the Republican liar Condi Rice. For an extensive--though probably not exhaustive--list of her deceptions, click here.)

Democrats attacks Rice over claim of 'mushroom cloud'

With a Little Boy in the back
("We drove a full-scale WMD 800 miles across the United States and no one stopped or questioned us." This article is troubling on a number of counts,  not the least that it might provide a pretext for the Feds to take away more of our liberties in the name of security, such as setting up checkpoints at state borders.)

Orwellian version of 'The Merchant of Venice' opens in movie theaters
('Shylock undergoes a tinsel-town facelift and becomes a sort of Tudor-era 'Holocaust' victim in a new film version of "Merchant," featuring a star-studded cast, headed by Al Pacino.' So, Shakespeare's genius is perverted in this mutilation of his classic, writes Michael Hoffman Meanwhile, a Jewish reporter in the UK attacks the film for inadequately purging itself of Shakespearean 'anti-Semitism'.)


Missiles deployed for Bush inauguration

An inauguration in Wonderland

The Bush Administration's "Enabling Act"
In early December, the Justice Department quietly placed on its website a memorandum from 2001  entitled "The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Military Operations Against Terrorists and Nations Supporting Them," a document that sets out, on behalf of the Bush administration, a plainly totalitarian view of presidential power.)

"Gay" Republicans on board for Bush "reform" agenda

'Roe' asks court to ban abortion

Condi Rice/Steady on, toward disaster
(Where Senators also operate in a Wonderland.)

Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria

New Statue of Stalin to be Erected in Moscow
(As ordered by Russian President and 'ex'-KGB chief Vladimir Putin. Communism dead in the Kremlin? Nyet, comrades!)


President Bush's Judeo-Islamo-Christian inaugural address

Bush's 'over the top' speech reveals divisions

About Bush's 'hand sign thingie'

Bush regime still wants to pick your child's brain
(Now entering the second term, there's seemingly nothing stopping them.)

Destroying abortion myths

Leftwing activists and corporate America

Jewish leaders thank John Paul II
(For his betrayal of Christ. Besides his craven apologies for supposed sins against the Jews, his un-Christian wailing at the Temple Wall, his all-religions-please-God, pray-along visit to the Rome's leading synagogue, etc., etc., his refusal to baptize Jewish child of Catholic adoptive parents is yet another Judas kiss on the cheek of He Whose Vicar he is supposed to be.)

Israel to carry out assassinations in other countries (including the United States)

Reformed Sanhedrin searches for 'King of Israel'
(Their historical counterparts falsely condemned the Jesus of Nazareth, the true King of the Jews, to death; now they want to make one of their own choosing.)


Bush's democracy crusade defies public opinion

Bullies and their pulpits

U.S. safely passes latest terror milestone

Condoleeza Rice warned Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11
(But she didn't know the attacks were a possibility. No, really, honest...didn't have a clue!)

Israel’s secret agenda funds Arab terrorism

Second term Bush can't count on Putin

Magnifying the enemy


How lying marketers sold Roe v. Wade to America

In one of the most successful marketing campaigns in modern political history, the "abortion rights movement" – with all of its emotionally compelling catch-phrases and powerful political slogans – has succeeded in turning what once was a heinous crime into a fiercely defended constitutional right.

During the tumultuous 1960s, after centuries of legal prohibition and moral condemnation of abortion, a handful of dedicated activists launched an unprecedented marketing campaign. Their aim was twofold: first, to capture the news media and thus public opinion, and then, to change the nation's abortion laws....

Read the entire article>

Roe v. Wade abortion anniversary marked by pro-life rallies, events

President Bush declares Sanctity of Human Life Day
(Again, G.W. talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk for the unborn. When are people going to wake up to the utter  phoniness of this man's 'pro-life' stand?)

Joe Scheidler: Lincoln's words apply to 'Civil War' over abortion

Bush and Washington: a tale of two Georges

Bush Sr.: No shift in foreign policy
(Read his lips: No new wars.)

It's Mel Gibson vs. Michael Moore in an epic Oscar face-off

Israeli joker in the Iranian poker game


Roe v. Wade  rallies held across U.S.

Bush addresses abortion foes staging annual protest of Roe v. Wade
(Of course, he didn't march with them. See related story from yesterday headlines.)

Religious Americans less likely to favor compromise on abortion issues

Should anti-Bush journalists be tried as 'spies'?

Iraqi insurgency growing larger, more effective

Phony Cardinal Jean-Marie (nee Aharon Dov) Lustiger to sub for John Paul II at Auschwitz
(At the forefront of Jewish efforts to subvert the Catholic Church, this false convert, who some say could be JPII's successor in the Vatican, has never renounced his Hebraic roots. As for Auschwitz, where Lustiger's mother is said to have died, it is now evident that millions fewer died in the camp than the long discredited official figure of four million, which means the much-claimed six million Jewish deaths at the hands of the Nazis is also wrong, which does not. of course, excuse any of the unjust executions of innocent people--Jewish or otherwise--killed by that regime. But it is also unjust to perpetuate an untruth that grossly inflates the actual figures and to attack as 'anti-Semitic' anyone who attempts to correct them, even those who find Nazism abhorrent!)

Group fights proposal to allow men in women's bathrooms

'Satan's cheerleaders'
(Obviously, some of those who use a hand signal associated with Satanism do some mistakenly thinking that they are making a similar non-occult sign. Still, you'd think they'd want to come up with something less confusing. For more on this curious phenomenon, click here.)


   GOP's choice of pro-abortion RNC co-chair questioned
   Pro-life Dem battles to become DNC chair

America's greatest travesties

War party's atrocity porn
"The horrific experience of Iraqi woman Jumana Hanna -- supposedly imprisoned, raped, and tortured for years on the orders of Uday Hussein -- was cited by the Bush administration and its supporters as 'reason alone' for the war. But Hanna's story -- like the rest of the administration's case -- was a tissue of fabrications.")

Oscar bids reflect industry's discomfort with religion

Fox News: Too fair, too balanced
("[Bill O'Reilly's] 'independence' rubbed conservative viewers the wrong way when he jumped on the "let's discredit the Swift Boat Veterans" bandwagon last year.")


Abortion is un-American

9-11 truth movement only just beginning
(But the truth about 9-11 or the Iraq War isn't beginning to be sought in the least not sought enough. Here's what Senators should have but didn't key on during the Condi Rice confirmation hearings. Their failure to do so assures us of continued  deception in the Bush State Department.)

Vote machine maker settles over her whistle-blower suit

ACLU behind Illinois' forced 'gay' hiring law

Wiccans receive military approval to gather

Jewish groups: Genocide studies must emphasize 'special importance' of 'Holocaust'

Accuser testifies he was sexually abused by disgraced priest
(The accused,  Paul Shanley, has a sordid past that includes participation at organizing meeting of 'gay' pedophile group. Is Shanley an enemy change agent who infiltrated the Catholic Church  in order to bring it down?)

Hindu militants threaten nuns

Animal-human hybrids spark controversy
(Now on sale for a limited time at Monsters-R-Us!)


Unborn child's abortion pain bill Introduced, pro-life groups supportive
(Supportive of what?! This bill really perpetuates the status quo, promoting the abortion equivalent of lethal injection, which gained wide acceptance as a 'painless' alternative to less 'humane' forms of capital punishment. A murdered baby is just as dead one way or the other, so don't be deceived into believing that this is somehow a pro-life measure--it isn't. Worse, it deceives pro-lifers into thinking they're doing something constructive, when in reality they're making abortion more palatable, as in: 'It's not so bad; the procedure is quick and the baby doesn't feel any pain.) 

Wake Up! Bush is serious

Auschwitz marks 60 years of survival and liberation

European Parliament condemns "revisionist views " of the 'Holocaust'
(The EU's take on this, which includes promotion of 27 January as 'European Holocaust Memorial Day,'  is essentially that of the 'Holocaust' industry, which is that all other acts of genocide are to be minimized. As a reminder that there have been many such crimes--some much greater in scale than the that of the Nazis--here is a table of genocides and politicides since 1945.)

Sharon: ‘No one cared’ about Holocaust
(Oh, really? Tell it to the families of those who died liberating Europe.)

Robbing Peter to pay Peter

Socialist Insecurity

Updated list: Scientists dead in suspicious circumstances since 2001


Planned Parenthood president resigns
and pro-lifers react to the news)

Congress proposes tax on all Net, data connections
(Another potential blow to free speech.)

American/Israeli politician promotes building of third Temple
('When I argue with people who criticize us that we are occupying another nation, I explain to them that the land has been ours for thousands of years. Just look at the Temple Mount.')

The World Economic Forum: Facilitating a New World Order
(While networking is key and business is accomplished, so too, is the political agenda that is far different from the one found in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.}

You might be a Constitutionalist if…
(Take this quick quiz to find out if you qualify.)

The 9-11 WTC fires: Where's the inferno?


Abortion foe Watts lauds real workers
("If the president is Republican and Congress is largely Republican, why don't they plan a vote to make abortion illegal?")

Abortion advocates defend Hillary Clinton after 'common ground' speech

 Investiture of heretical doctrine

The end of the search
"What can we say? The search for Iraq's 'weapons of mass destruction' has finally ended. None were found, of course. Even the hawks who insisted that Saddam Hussein had them aren't demanding that we keep looking.")

Bush: U.S. must stay in Iraq after election
(Not that this is in any way news, since he's said all along that this is part of his war without boundaries, but it does recondition Americans to accept a conflict that will require an endless supply of their sons and daughters for troops.)

An Israeli fanatic is 'Bush's brain'

The Holocaust: A factual appraisal by the Red Cross


Jewish group
to sue Vatican

One of the Vatican's famed Swiss Guards stands before the entrance of its Secret Archives. A Jewish coalition is threatening a lawsuit to gain access to archival files. The announcement comes less than a week after John Paul II hosted over 130 Jewish leaders, the most ever at the Vatican.

A Bronx-based Jewish group announced plans Thursday to sue the Vatican to force the opening of secret archives that might identify thousands of Jewish children baptized as Catholics to save them from the Nazis, and never returned to their families.

"As long as the children of all those murdered at Auschwitz do not know their true identities, and as along as the murdered at Auschwitz have descendents who still do not know their true lineage, how can we truly say that Auschwitz has been liberated," said Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, vice president of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns. "We want our children back."

Read the entire article>

Vatican not impressed with threat to sue over access to archives

A brief guide to the Iraqi Elections

Assyrian Christians say Kurds wouldn't let them vote
(Vote fraud Iraqi-style!)

 Eight steps to destroy America

Big Brother or the Mark of the Beast?
(Not that you'll notice the difference much, mind you.)

Prozac approval flawed: Suicide link was known before FDA okay


Critics of Pius XII ignore Vatican archives

Iraq voter turnout lowered
("The Independent Election Commission of Iraq (IECI) said on Sunday its initial tally of 72% had been little more than a guess based on local estimates. The panel has since revised the estimated turnout at 60% to 75%." Shouldn't the word "independent" be put in quotation marks?)

American critics say U.N. officials 'vampire-like' in their fear of truth

Draft looms: Now that election is over, expect to see conscription

Medical Marxism: wave of the future?
"Karl Marx may have suffered a second death at the end of the last century, but look for a spirited comeback in this one," predicts Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff in the January/February issue of Foreign Policy. "The next great battle between socialism and capitalism will be waged over human health.")

Israeli Apartheid Week at University of Toronto


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