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"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." —George Orwell

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Barghouti, a candidate preparing the succession

US toll in Iraq at highest monthly level

President's New Freedom (sic) Commission on Mental Health
(And, remember, Congress is complicit in this.)

Netherlands hospital kills terminally ill babies
(A note to liberal readers: When they come for you, just keep repeating to yourselves the following mantra, "There is no slippery slope. There is no slippery slope. There is no slippery slope.¼")

Archbishop of Canterbury urges 'repentance' over condemnation of homosexuals
("Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." Isaias 5:20)

Attack on decency

When outrage simply isn't enough
(A anti-Christian hate crime in the guise of entertainment.)

New edict says bans Christmas carols
("There won't be any herald angels singing or little drummer boys drumming at schools in Maplewood this holiday season.")

Macy's stores boycotted for replacing 'Christmas'

Principal apologizes for 'prayer' reading
(Apologize for what? Speaking the truth?!)


Israelis shoot 4-year-old child in Gaza
("This week Israeli columnist Amos Harel, writing in the daily Haaretz, described the army's practice of shooting Palestinian children and then covering up the killing as 'despicable and criminal.'")

Let us not fool ourselves

FBI searches offices of top pro-Israel lobby
(Of course, Israel "never spies" on the US and here's a timeline to prove it!)

Tenet calls for Internet security
(Translated: First Amendment? We don't need no steenkin' First Amendment!)

Veteran columnist quits after piece on Jewish vote  Is spiked

The Federal Reserve System
How it robs you blind


Moral Quagmire: Killing of 13-year-old Palestinian girl raises tough questions for the Israeli army.
(Some Jews are asking the right questions, but will anybody listen?)

Pentagon experts discover the truth
(Muslims do not hate America's freedoms, but its government's policies.)

Pro-Life Democrats speaking out
(Good--if utterly futile--effort, but where do they stand on same-sex "marriage"? No matter, the DNC will shoot down anything smacking of a morally correct position and they should know that.)

Ex-IRS agent faces charges for contending federal returns not required
(Replace income tax with national sales tax and fiascos like this would be a thing of the past! To find out how to escape the current Talmudic tax code labyrinth, visit  Americans for Fair Tax.)


Florida town sued for banning Christmas displays

(Bay Harbor Islands hates nativity scenes, but is okay with the menorahs and Star of David. Any guesses on who's running the show there?)

Liberal bishops bash Gibson's Passion as "a modern version of the notorious medieval Passion Plays"
(Smearing thoroughly orthodox productions to show their solidarity with Jewish advocacy groups. You were expecting, maybe, a vindication of Catholic art from these pedophile-coddling apostates?!)

School bus driver fired after talking with kids about stem cells
(More Mel-related news)


Girl's killing puts focus on soldiers

Killing children is no longer a big deal
(Israeli journalist Gideon Levy: "The plain fact, which must be stated clearly, is that the blood of hundreds of Palestinian children is on our hands.")

Outgoing HHS chief muses on 'why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply'
(Curious. Conditioning Americans to expect such an attack, perhaps?)

Eliminating private property
(Communism is alive and well¼in the USA?!)


American Freemasons
end their stonewalling
and put faith in PR

After centuries of obsessive secrecy and medieval rituals, Freemasons have turned to the modern arts of public relations and advertising for an unprecedented recruitment campaign in America.

The days when newcomers could join only by a whispered invitation from an existing "brother", followed by a lengthy initiation, are coming to an end, after a steady fall in membership.

Read the entire article >

On Freemasonry

"It may seem to some that Freemasons demand nothing that is openly contrary to religion and morality; but, as the whole principle and object of the sect lies in what is vicious and criminal, to join with these men or in any way to help them cannot be lawful."

  Pope Leo XIII

Freemasonry Watch

Cheney's Masonic membership kept quiet

Netherlands' Prince Bernhard dies
(But his conspiratorial Bilderberg Group lives on.)

US admits the war for ‘hearts and minds’ in Iraq is now lost

Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble
PART 1: The 9-11 Commission

Dead voters on rolls, other glitches found in 6 key states

Schools barred from notifying parents of abortion

What's your name?...what's your number?


'National Treasure': Freemasons, fact, and fiction

McCain: Even more troops needed for Iraq election
(At the rate things are going, it's only a matter of time before the politicos and military go from this plea to "We won't have enough troops in Iraq to maintain the needed level of security in Iraq unless we reinstitute the Draft." And that time likely is fast approaching.)

Conspiracy theories on Ohio vote refuse to die

(None dare call it treason?)

WARNING - Financial Crisis Ahead?
(This couldn't have anything to do with it, could it? For a current update, check the US National Debt Clock.)


Dwindling Freemasons hope to attract new blood

Rights group: Chinese activists risk torture
(But Communist China is still a "valued trade partner," which, in light of the Iraq invasion, just goes to prove, to paraphrase George Orwell, that, as far as the US and its Western allies are concerned, all criminal regimes are not created equal.) 

Ask the fox about the henhouse
When Chai Vang  murdered six Wisconsin hunters it signaled open season  for gun control hysteria.)

Pearl Harbor -- Fifty years of controversy
(Click here here and here for more on the betrayal.)

DECEMBER 8   Feast of the Immaculate Conception 

Ukrainian parliamentarian suggests jailing Freemasons

Doctors: Ukraine's Yushchenko likely victim of bio or chemical agent

Ron Paul denounces national ID card
("National ID cards are not proper in a free society. This is America, not Soviet Russia....")

Congress threatens no money for U.N.

Israeli army suspends unit over killing

Karzai sworn in as Afghan president

Pro-choice Congressman infuriates Dems


Pssst: Guess who's a Mason?
(Of course, what isn't mentioned is that George Washington's Masonic membership was earlier in his life and that at end of his life he converted to Roman Catholicism, Masonry's mortal enemy.)

Congress OKs intelligence bill

Violence persists throughout Iraq

Austria confirms Yushchenko was poisoned

Did AIPAC agents send stolen nuke technology to China?

Israeli soldiers 'shoot boy for fun'
(It's time for decent Israelis and Palestinians to put a stop to the atrocities being committed by both sides, but of which Israeli bears the brunt of the guilt, in part because of its much larger firepower.)

Israel recognizes 'gay' couples
(Orthodox rabbis incensed; warn of God's vengeance.)


Anglicans wary on 'Satanic Symbols'

U.S. media still hiding bad news from Americans

On ungrounded theories and disinformation
("Those who would expose 9-11 truth face daunting obstacles: A government shrouding the evidence in secrecy.")

Passports to get RFID chip
("Suddenly, 'The Matrix' looks less futuristic.")

Reestablished Sanhedrin ascends Temple Mount
(It's called returning to the scene of the crime!)

The Social Security privatization fraud

PC police target Jolly Old St. Nick


Freemasons make no secret of desire for new members

Rumsfeld armor claims disputed

Why do we fund the UN at all?

Official U.S. Overview and Techniques: Domestic Control of Dissidents

The 'right' to homosexual adoption
(Exposing the drive to legalize yet another vile abomination.)

National Fluoride database launched by USDA


If the troops believe Rumsfeld
my sympathy goes with them

If a sports coach can't pump up his team to full charge before a game, he better change careers.

If an orchestra leader can't inspire his musicians to play their hearts out, he should turn in his baton.

If a sales manager can't motivate his people to increase sales, he should find another kind of work.

And if the head of a mighty military machine can't give the troops forthright, unambiguous, no-bull answers to their questions before they go into battle, he should do a disappearing act.

Read the entire article >

Phony voting rights groups promote false solutions

AIPAC: still spying, still tax-exempt and ACLU to the rescue

Paramedics query Kelly 'suicide'

A theologian asks hard questions about 9-11

UK's Attorney General defends burglars' rights


The troops vs. Rumsfeld

Bomber kills 13 as violence marks anniversary of Saddam's capture

WTC rescue workers silenced after discovery of black boxes

COVER-UP: Paramedics at scene say Kelly 'could not have died' from knife wound, but police refuse to reopen 'suicide' case

Kerry lawyer asks for visual inspection of Ohio ballots

NYC circuit court hears nativity scene case


Sir Ronald Dumbsfeld

Army report leans toward women in combat

US warns EU on arms sales to China
(Before pointing the finger across the Atlantic, Washington needs to investigate its own culpability--see here and   here--and bring those responsible to swift and appropriate justice!)

UK conservatives to back national ID card
(A further step toward the collapse of Western Civilization: Those who should be defending the fort have betrayed it.))

Israel blamed for Christian exodus from Bethlehem


PNAC member Donald Rumsfeld--A profile

Bush warns Syria, Iran against meddling in Iraq
(Since when did he become the Iraqi president?)

Gary Webb's death confirmed as suicide
(Investigative reporter found with two gunshots to head. Suicide? How'd he pull off the second one?)

Controlled news media losing control of info war
(So expect Big Brother to try to tighten the screws on Internet free speech.)

Saving Terri’s life


Rumsfeld under fire from neo-cons
(Say goodbye, Donny.)

U.S. accuses Israeli officials of spying
(More on espionage.)

IDF soldier who shot British activist admits lying

Federal Panel Ignores Sex Abuse
("America’s Children is a report which would make Alfred Kinsey proud. Like Kinsey’s infamous 'research,' it shamelessly manipulates data and lies by omission to promote a perverse agenda. It uses Kinseyan techniques regarding children’s 'well-being' to undermine marriage, religion, and parental authority, and downplay the seriousness of child abuse.)

Better for old to kill themselves than be a burden, says Warnock
(Look no further for an indicator of the decline of the West than that a monster like this can be described as "Britain's leading medical ethics expert." What a joke, what a ghastly joke!)


Rumsfeld faces GOP calls for his dismissal

Bush signs intelligence overhaul
(Big Brother on steroids?)

Ohio judge rejects vote tally challenge
(Please note: This bogus challenge is being headed by false opposition leader/Establishment shill Jesse Jackson.)

Amber alert: Fetus taken from slain mother

Seeing through government-media lies

Stop the bleeding
(For real Social Security reform)


Dems want armor answers from Rumsfeld

The ultimate survivor: Rumsfeld under attack, this time from the right

U.S. forces lose control of key city

John Paul II, ADL meet for common cause

Judge orders Christians to stand trial for opposing perverts
(Free speech in Philly now limited to "gay" and other politically correct groups.)

Couple proudly displayed infant cut from mother's womb


Scott Peterson's 'Choice'

"Conner" is the name Laci Peterson chose for her unborn son. Scott Peterson, husband and father, murdered Laci and Conner around Christmas Eve 2002.

The jury that convicted Peterson of two counts of capital murder with "special circumstances" has sentenced Peterson to death. The presiding judge has the statutory authority to convert the death sentence into life without the possibility of parole, but that is unlikely.

One of the several statutory means of finding "special circumstances" for capital murder in California is murder of two or more victims. Conner, who was at least seven-and-a-half months gestation, was just as much a victim of murder as his mother. The fact that the jury found Peterson guilty of second-degree rather than first-degree murder for his death defies logic. Nonetheless, the sentence of death leaves no doubt about their perception of Conner.¼

Read the entire article >

9-11 Conspiracy: A Summary

Study: Hollywood slighting Americans' belief in God

The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the principal threat to religious freedom today

Grinch Castro tries to seize U.S. Christmas decorations
(No wonder he's the darling of America's left, he thinks the same way they do!)


The modern horror of a baby never born

Britain has become a Kafkaesque nightmare

Arnold Schwarzenegger called ignorant for suggesting that GOP embrace abortion, pervert 'rights'

Elections: The ultimate sinkhole

The oscillating ostrich
("If a definite Masonic plot is all fantasy and the mere imagination of Catholic conspiracy theorists, then why did the past popes find it so necessary to warn us about these infiltrators and conspirators, namely Freemasons, Modernists and Communists? ")


Bundle of linguistic confusion: From fetuses to babies

Handpicked Bush judge crosses line in overturning immigrant proposition

UK: ID card revolt leaves leaders humiliated

Key researcher casts more doubt on WTC collapse

Reality of TV: It slams religion
("It's like a merit badge to attack people of religious convictions.")


Life after Roe v. Wade?

Bush supports 'Tear Down the Cross' group

Civil libertarians fight Big Brother ACLU

Free birth control for kids?


Scott Peterson trial and sentence gave massive exposure to humanity of unborn child

Congressman Ron Paul: It can't happen here
("Is America becoming a police state? The question is no longer rhetorical. We are not yet living in a total police state, but it is fast approaching.")

Ten more years in Iraq?

Rumsfeld is already on his way out

Florida pro-life activists win First Amendment battle

GOP poised to betray voters? Bush revives amnesty for illegals

Conservatives defend traditional marriage in San Francisco court


Peterson juror would have preferred a Murder One verdict for Conner's death
(See answer to the fourth question down from 'Harriet.')

Video supporting Ohio vote fraud claim revealed

Faked terror attack set for December 27?

More details on AIPAC Chalabi boosters targeted in FBI probe
(Ahmed Chalabi--The best Iraqi  'independent' opposition leader that Israeli money can buy!)

L.A. county's seal quietly dechristianized
(Residents seek to reverse latest satanic victory)

DECEMBER 25    Feast of the Nativity 

From this Christmas onward

General takes blame for Mosul bombing

Kerry preparing to 'unconcede'

Oscaring Mel Gibson
(Refuting Hollywood elite's excuses for 'dissing' The Passion of the Christ.)

NYC Parks Dept. allows creche: Go for it across America!
(A quibble with this column: Unlike what the writer thinks, Real News 24/7 does not believe in a 'Judeo-Christian' heritage nor that Jews should be permitted to have menorahs displayed on public property. America should be Christian. Period. Tolerance for other faiths, but no special place in the public life of the country.)

Evolution as a religion


GIs can be forced to wear U.N. beret

"The U.S. military can force its personnel to wear the blue beret of the United Nations and serve under the world body's command, a federal judge ruled.

Judge Paul Friedman upheld the military's conviction of former Army specialist Michael New, who refused to don the U.N. cap and shoulder patch and to serve in a peacekeeping mission in Macedonia nearly 10 years ago, the New York Sun reported..

Read the entire article >


Disaster compared to scene from Bible

Opposition leader Yushchenko declares victory in Ukraine

China army will 'crush' any Taiwan independence move
(Godless, criminal regime resumes its saber-rattling.)

Jackson: Jesus would be homeless under Bush
(Look up the word "demagogue" in the dictionary and you'll find Jesse Jackson's picture. Is it possible he didn't know about this? Not that it would matter, mind you.)

9-11 hijacker an Israeli?

More about the war on Christmas
(Various links--see column, Roman numerals and previous years)


U.S. out of U.N. - now!

George W. Bush: Champion of 'gay rights'

Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane 'shot down' in Pennsylvania

Abortionist left unborn baby's parts in patient
(To be expected when butchers are licensed as "doctors.")

Merry what?--De-Christmasization
("We wallow in sentimentality, gushing platitudes, mouthing such meaningless phrases such as 'peace on earth, good will to men,' distorting the true angelic hymn which has real meaning: 'Peace on earth to men of good will.'")

Israeli soldier's lawyer: Killing of 13-year-old girl 'complex'


UN 'peacekeepers' rape women, children

Bush faces fight over open borders treason

Pentagon: Rumsfeld misspoke on Flight 93 being 'shot down'
(It's called implausible denial.)

X-Files/Lone Gunmen star interviewed about similarities between episode and 9-11 attacks

Not just another history book
(Cutting through the 'politically correct' version of events,,,,Read more here.)


Another U.N. scandal: phony figures on AIDS

Bush approval rating at historic low

Attacking Western values

How to save the dollar

Free speech in Israel only free for Jews not Arabs

Pius XII barred Jewish children returning home
(The attack is over Pius' alleged insistence that if such children were baptized they no longer were Jews, hence they should be raised as Catholics. So, what's the problem? More)


Forget reform--The U.N. needs regime change

The broken UN: Kofi's impudence

A state of chaos
(George Bush has purged the last of his father's senior advisers, handing over control to his neocon allies

Indonesia's tsunami death toll may reach 400,000

Was killer tsunami a manmade disaster?
(In 1997, it was publicly maintained that climate can be remotely altered--even catastrophically--by terrorists. Who was the lunatic fringe conspiracy theorist making the claim? None other than Secretary of Defense William Cohen.)

Planned Parenthood sued over abortion pill death

The Shadows In The Cave
(BBC Documentary focuses on how the neo-cons invented a phantom terrorist enemy...'Al qaeda'.)


Hidden secrets of the U.N.

Marketing the anti-Christian European Union

Man convicted for Mugabe insult
(He got off lucky with a two-year sentence--to find out what happened to the the unlucky opponents of this monstrous tyrant, see 'Hell in Zimbabwe' at the bottom of the
linked page.)

Lilly said to know of Prozac risk in '80s
(Violence triggered by this fluoride-based anti-depressant is  the subject of 'Prozac's House of Horrors'.  In August Prozac discovered in Britain's water supply was described as "hidden mass medication"--is this a harbinger of future enforced 'mental health' measures?)

More progress, anyone?


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