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The 'Holocaust' and the Vatican Archives

CIA corrects itself on WMD
(But they were still justified in sending our sons and daughters to die in Iraq for no apparent reason? So say G. W. Bush and Condi Rice.)

Gorbachev calls Iraqi elections 'fake'
(Well, if anyone knows about faked elections, it's Gorby, who in 1985 was the 'peoples' choice to rule the Soviet Union. Of course there was no opposition party candidates, a minor point to be sure.)

Planned Parenthood Boss Slams Kerry

Limbaugh to oppose Bush over illegal immigration?
(Will el Rushbo really follow through on this issue and mobilize his legions of Dittoheads to tackle the President's ill-disguised amnesty plan? That remains to be seen, but given Limbaugh's reputation as a vigorous across-the-board defender of the Administration, we don't see this going very far. Rather, something he'll huff and puff over for a few weeks, but then be passed over  for the next hot button issue he can ride for a while.)

Jerusalem land seizures 'illegal'
(Like Ariel Sharon and the IDF really care.)


Vatican accused over wartime archives
(The latest flap is just part of an ongoing vilification campaign by some Jews to denigrate--- and, ultimately, despoil --- Rome.)

Inside the Vatican: the secret archives

John Paul II hospitalized, Vatican: 'situation calm'

Israel arrests US peace activist
(An American is arrested by a foreign nation's secret police and there's no U.S. government intervention or  media scrutiny. How can this be? It's Israel's  Shin Bet that makes the arrest, so exceptions are made. Here's an article by the detained man, Patrick O'Connor, about  his interview with the Shin Bet  --courtesy of an Israeli peace site.) 

Bush wants more money for IRS
(Rather than being given a raise, the IRS's corrupt and abusive 'Plunder Patrol' should be put out of business.)

Support your local Mom-and-Pop
(Wal-Mart fans the flames for sodomite unions.)


Stolen churches, stolen Jews
("ADL Director Abraham Foxman, who was hidden and illicitly baptized by a Polish nanny, has noted that as a result of the Church's policy 'There may have been tens of thousands of rescued and baptized Jewish children who to this day are not aware of their true origins.'" Nor should they ever learn them, if that means the opportunity of them denying their Savior. And the teaching of the Catholic Church is quite clear concerning the baptism of Jewish children in such circumstances: "it is licit  to impart such baptism if the children were in proximate danger of death; or if they had been removed from the parental care and there was no likelihood of their returning to it." From the Catholic Encyclopedia  article on Baptism See Section XIV. Recipient of Baptism, Paragraph 6. Baptism of the Children of Jewish and Infidel Parents.)

John Paul II faces another week in hospital
(Doctors warn that his Parkinson's presents added risk and that the hospital stay could be dangerous.)

Official White House transcript, video, multimedia






                                    --illustration from EtherZone

Excerpt from the State of the Union Address: 'America's immigration system is also outdated.... It is time for an immigration policy that permits temporary guest workers to fill jobs Americans will not take....' Since when has the word 'guest' been defined as someone who enters the home of another without that person's permission?  Don't we say, rather, that such a person is guilty of criminal trespass?

Online petition to Congress against all forms of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Canada to counter Patriot Act

Fear rabbi gave tots herpes
(Who commanded them to do this sick and unsanitary practice? It wasn't God, that's for sure! Related article)

No Arabs on 9-11 Pentagon plane

US gun statistics


How the Coalition for Jewish Concerns is promoting anti-Semitism

Personal doctor not telling
Physicians on guard for complications

Rice: No attack on Iran planned
(But read the fine print: "at this point in time." Sounds like plenty of wiggle room to us.)

Senate confirms Gonzales as AG

Bush-Lieberman hug after speech a puzzler

Senators Lieberman, Salazar break with Democrats and support Gonzales

Early Iraqi election results show Shiite cleric's alliance trouncing Washington's favorite

Women in Combat in Iraq at Issue

The rise of pro-gun Democrat leaders
('The expected election of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee would strike a crippling blow to the gun control movement, according to lobbyists and political pundits. Furthermore, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, another pro-gun Democrat, is already in a key congressional leadership position. ')


Nazi-hunter: Jewish Pius XII flap 'storm in teapot'

John Paul II 'blessed' by rabbis

¼Too ill for Sunday message

House conservatives favor more privatization of Social Security than Bush

Russian spies: Retuning--or never left?

Mexican narco-terrorists prey on U.S. citizens
(Hey, no need to be alarmed--it's just  your friendly neighborhood 'temporary guest workers' in action.)

College revamps policy after banning The Passion


Ballistic fingerprinting & other gun control scams




Gun control backdoored as a breakthrough in forensic science? Ballyhooed as a crime-fighting aid for law enforcement, ballistic fingerprinting is increasingly shown as flawed. Author John Lott writes: "The recording of a child's fingerprints or DNA still allows for identification much later in life; the same is not true of the bullet markings. A ballistic fingerprint is less like a human fingerprint than it is like the tread on a car tire."

Ballistic fingerprinting was all the rage just a couple of years ago. Maryland and New York were leading the way where a computer database would record the markings made on the bullets from all new guns. The days of criminals using guns were numbered.

Yet, a recent report by the Maryland State Police's forensic-sciences division shows that the systems in both states have been expensive failures. New York is spending $4 million per year. Maryland has spent a total of $2.6 million, about $60 per gun sold. But in the over four years that the systems have been in effect neither has solved a single crime. To put it bluntly, the program "does not aid in the mission statement of the Department of State Police."

Read the entire article>

How reliable Is ballistic fingerprinting?
The truth about ballistic fingerprinting
(Flash presentation)

Gun legislation draws fire

Police State 3
Important new video from Alex Jones--  watch the trailer
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Scott Ritter: Iraq invasion was a crime of gigantic proportions

Paranoia grips the nation's capital
[A former military intelligence analyst has revealed a hitherto unknown directive authorizing the Pentagon to employ special, ultra-secret "anti-terrorist" military units on American soil for "extra-legal missions."]

Power by any other name
('The State of the Union address called for more war, more spending, more projects, central planning, new forced savings, subsidies for Wall Street, and also... liberty?')

Israeli tied to Mossad passport fraud sent home by Australia
("The Israeli diplomat secretly ordered to leave Australia is Amir Lati, a second secretary with the Israeli Embassy in Canberra who visited New Zealand in connection with the Mossad passport fraud case." Related article)

Germany forcing women into prostitution
(After legalizing brothels, government can refuse benefits to those refusing immoral employment.)


Pistol, armor-piercing ammo draw cop's ire

Chertoff okays torture: Homeland czar deep in scandal

Stormin' Marxist is toast of the neo-cons

What's the meaning of 'freedom'?
('Don't ask a politician.')

'Moore stole my Osama footage'

John Paul II to remain hospitalized as 'precaution'


Gun control group stands against lawsuit control

WMD official cautions US over Iran

Popular Mechanics attacks its '9-11 lies' straw man

New Sanhedrin meets to discuss Temple Mount

Bulletproof cameras ready to patrol New Orleans

Forget Oscar: 'Passion' wins hearts, souls

John Paul II now a mere figurehead?

Shanley found guilty of sex abuse

Legion of Christ head quits as abuse probe to open


Showdown over guns at work

New Zealand: Why gun registration fails

Rice lashes Europeans over Iran diplomacy

Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents

Report: US aviation officials received warnings before 9-11

John Paul II's possible resignation sparks debate

Indiana ban on same-sex marriages advances

Va. Senate supports ban on same-sex marriage


Gun control: A hostile San Francisco Chronicle buries the truth

Kennedy: Resistance to gun ban is 'insanity'

Washington warns Iran that its patience will not last forever
(Proof positive that an attack on Iran is in the works. Sound familiar? This is exactly the same sort of invent-a-threat-where-none-exists rhetoric that President Bush used two years ago to justify the invasion of Iraq--see the fifth paragraph of the linked article.)

Capabilities of the world's nuclear powers

Parents protest school mandate that students wear radio ID tags

Demonic deconstruction of marriage

Don't trade rights for security


The dormant Second Amendment?
("Opposition to privately owned arms is one of the hallmarks of modern American liberalism, but the standard arguments against gun ownership are in serious disarray.")

Gun control group, House Dems push for Federal ban on 50 caliber rifles

Fingerprinting of firearms just does not work

Bush's budget means nothing

   · House OKs Federal electronic ID cards for Americans
   · Liberals, conservatives oppose new 'anti-immigrant' bill
   · Bill prompts new national ID card fears

Nazi soap stories 'invention'
(Israeli daily's story further helps expose a myth--long-discredited by historical revisionists and  more recently and reluctantly conceded as false by Holocaust true believers, although apparently some Jews still prefer to believe the the lie.)

Frail John Paul II leaves hospital 


Study raises alarm about 1st Amendment, but what about 2nd?

The Bush Administration: Globalist Jacobins
Condoleezza Rice's February 8 speech in Paris reiterated the Bush administration's support for the UN and its affiliates, while laying out a radical vision of a global 'democratic revolution.'")

U.S. using drones to spy on Iran

Survey: Only 4 in 10 Americans know how many U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Pre-9-11 memo to Rice warned of Al Qaeda
(On Thursday the private website 'National Security Archive' published the text of a three-page memo given to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice by Richard A Clarke on January 25, 2001. Attached to the memo was a 13-page proposal [dated December, 2000] that laid out a plan of action for stepping up the fight against Al Qaeda.")

Gibson re-cuts film: 'Passion'-lite?

John Paul II returns to Vatican


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