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Big Brother and the Matrix

Although Congress cut off funding for TIA last year, the Bush Administration ordered the program moved into the Pentagon’s “black bag” budget, which is neither authorized nor reviewed by the Hill. ¼Six months of interviews with security consultants, former DARPA employees, privacy experts and contractors who worked on the TIA facility at 3701 Fairfax Drive in Arlington reveal a massive snooping operation that is capable of gathering – in real time – vast amounts of information on the day to day activities of ordinary Americans.

What price freedom? How the government is watching, listening and misusing information about you

"You’re on your way to work in the morning and place a call on your wireless phone. As your call is relayed by the wireless tower, it is also relayed by another series of towers to a microwave antenna on top of Mount Weather between Leesburg and Winchester, Virginia and then beamed to another antenna on top of an office building in Arlington where it is recorded on a computer hard drive.

"The computer also records you phone digital serial number, which is used to identify you through your wireless company phone bill that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency already has on record as part of your permanent file.

"A series of sophisticated computer programs listens to your phone conversation and looks for 'keywords' that suggest suspicious activity. If it picks up those words, an investigative file is opened and sent to the Department of Homeland Security.

"Congratulations. Big Brother has just identified you as a potential threat to the security of the United States.

Where Big Brother snoops on Americans 24/7
"Lt. Col. Doug Dyer, a program manager for DARPA, defends TIA as a necessary sacrifice in the war on terrorism. 'Americans must trade some privacy for security,' he says. 'Three thousand people died on 9/11. When you consider the potential effect of a terrorist attack against the privacy of an entire population, there has to be some trade-off.'"

Data mining and personal privacy: Some recommendations
Electronic Privacy Information Center's Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee (TAPAC), "established to review the Defense Department data mining initiatives after the Total Information Awareness fiasco," has released a report in which it makes 12 recommendations which among other things, proposes that federal agencies be required to obtain authorization from a special federal court "before engaging in data mining with personally identifiable information concerning U.S. persons."

New government database lets security trump your privacy
"MATRIX (Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange) is a monster government database run by a company called Seisint. It is funded and managed by the Department of Homeland Security along with several state governments, most notably Florida."

Total Information Awareness II?
"Records obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Associated Press point to the very real possibility that the Matrix also has the potential to be a recreation of TIA. It is known that at one point that a precursor to the system was used for data-mining terrorist suspects."

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Electronic Privacy Information Center
EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.


Thousands in California mourn Reagan's passing
"More than 60,000 people were expected to pay their respects to former President Ronald Reagan at the Reagan Presidential Library near Los Angeles. The former president died Saturday at the age of 93 and members of the public are viewing his flag-draped casket (left, with former First Lady Nancy Reagan--click to enlarge). From Simi Valley, California, Mike O'Sullivan spoke with a number of mourners who came to bid the former president farewell."

'Invisible man' attack on Blair
"Tony Blair was dubbed 'the invisible man' today after all references to him were kept out of Labour's TV broadcasts and campaign leaflets for this week's elections. Amid polls showing voters are set to punish the Government over Iraq, the decision underlines fears that the Prime Minister is the party's biggest liability at the ballot box."

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & Manchurian Candidate
"In 1950, the U.S. government established the first program to develop human mind control techniques. In 1975, as this information was exposed, the government paid $750,000 restitution to Army biochemist Dr. Frank Olson's family, after admitting the CIA slipped Dr. Olson LSD days before his 1953 fall from a New York City building. When the Ford administration finally came clean, they promised they'd revealed everything. Yet key officials, including White House aides Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld (above right, in photo from 1975--click to enlarge), pushed to continue to conceal information."

Cities say no to the Patriot Act
"In the past two years, more than 300 cities and four states have passed resolutions calling on Congress to repeal or change parts of the USA Patriot Act that, activists say, violate constitutional rights such as free speech and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure."




Speaking at an international security conference in Singapore, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld conceded that ''we do not have a coherent approach'' when it comes to confronting the growth of terrorist groups. "His remarks," writes Robert Burns of Associated Press, "showed a level of concern about the long-term direction of the U.S.-led global fight against terrorism that Rumsfeld rarely addresses in public."

Defense secretary fears U.S. losing long-term fight against terror
"The United States and its allies are winning some battles in the terrorism war but may be losing the broader struggle against Islamic extremism that is terrorism's source, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Saturday.

"The troubling unknown, he said, is whether the extremists -- whom he termed ''zealots and despots'' bent on destroying the global system of nation-states -- are turning out newly trained terrorists faster than the United States can capture or kill them.

"'It's quite clear to me that we do not have a coherent approach to this,' Rumsfeld said at an international security conference."

Donald Rumsfeld Biography on Wikopedia


Anxiety runs high at G-8 summit site: Heightened security, potential for violence prompt residents of Sea Island, Ga., to flee before talks

Planned Parenthood Express
"Heads up, all! Planned Parenthood Express might be coming to a location near you. That's right — the nation's largest killer of unborn children appears to be establishing "express" centers that will offer women and their male "partners" a plethora of human pesticides with which they can fornicate and abort 'til their little hearts are content."

Maryland delegates target illegal aliens
"In the latest flare-up in Maryland’s increasingly heated debate over immigration issues, a county lawmaker claims the federal government is ignoring local law enforcement agencies’ reports on the presence of illegal aliens. "

Conservatives for Kerry!
"Conservative MP Alan Duncan has said he is prepared to work for the Democrat campaign of John Kerry to prevent a second Bush term in the White House. This British Conservative 'constitutional affairs' spokesman says he feels that Neo-Conservatives such as Defense secretary Mr. Rumsfeld are making the world a 'more dangerous place' because of the way they are dealing with the threat from international terrorism." (RN 24/7: Apparently, the Tories are trying to give Pat Buchanan a run for his money in the promotion of candidates well to the left of center.)




In 1993, tanks, helicopters, and troops were sent to the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas in an "advisory" capacity to assist the FBI that had taken over from the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco (BATF) that had been trying to serve a warrant on David Koresh and needed an increase in its pending budget. The troops came from Fort Hood that was under the command of General Wesley Clark at the time and the compound was only 13 miles from the Crawford ranch of George W. Bush. Later, when G. W. Bush was governor, it was reported that more than one hundred counties of Texas had troops from Fort Hood assisting local Sheriffs or civilian law enforcement in the "war on drugs.¼"

Do you think you're safe
"Despite the Patriot Act, and Patriot Act II that has been sneaking into legislation in pieces, or even the threat of martial law in the event of another terrorist attack, the average American still believes he is protected by the Posse Comitatus law of 1878. The law that prohibits using the Army, Navy, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or even another state's National Guard against citizens of the United States."


E-vote printers' high-stakes test
"Some outside election officials are hoping the new e-voting system that Nevada will be using this year -- a touch-screen machine that produces a voter-verified paper trail -- will cause the state many problems. If it does, it will prove their point that adding a paper trail to touch-screen machines is a bad idea."

Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi
"An arrest warrant has been issued for Ahmed Chalabi's right-hand man in Baghdad, the American consultant Francis Brooke, who tried to stop the recent raid on the politician's headquarters in the Iraqi capital."

Congressman Ron Paul: Fresh failures in Iraq
"The clear failure of the policy of foreign interventionism followed by our leaders for more than a hundred years should prompt a reassessment of our philosophy. Tactical changes, or relying more on the U.N., will not solve these problems. Either way the burden will fall on the American taxpayer and the American soldier."



RONALD REAGAN (1911-2004)

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Ronald Reagan

 Former president dies at 93
"Ronald Reagan, the cheerful crusader who devoted his presidency to winning the Cold War, trying to scale back government and making people believe it was "morning again in America," died Saturday after a long twilight struggle with Alzheimer's disease, a family friend said. He was 93." Ronald Reagan Extensive bio from Wikipedia

Ronald Reagan
Official White House biography

Reagan Quotes


George W. Bush: Getting his orders at Bilderberg?
"US President George W. Bush's trip to Italy coincides neatly and quite conveniently with the annual meeting of the notorious Bilderberg Group, the world's ruling cabal of politicians, mega-corporate honchos and other gofers of the New World Order. "

Gold, oil and a major terrorist attack
"Obviously a major terrorist assault on the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, should it occur, will result in a huge spike in oil prices, the charts for oil being already primed for such a move, and the attendant hysteria can be expected to produce a spike in the precious metals too. A collateral effect will be vastly improved electoral chances for George W. Bush, who will be able to label John Kerry as a wimp."

Iraqi claims reasons for U.S. destroying village wedding
"The background to American bombing raid on a village wedding party on May 18 that killed the bridegroom along with over 40 other villagers has remained largely a mystery in the international media. After the bomb raid, which the Pentagon claimed was an attempted assault on Resistance fighters in the area of al-Qa'im on the Syrian border, the AP broadcast video of the wedding contradicted the official US story."




On May 22, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson gave a speech at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the echoes of which are still being felt. In it he spoke of "The Great Society," which called for greater governmental expansion into areas which historically were handled by the private sector. This same "corporate state," described by one economist as the "rapprochement of big business, big unions, and big government," constitutes redistribution of the wealth, has continued to exist in one fashion or another through Democratic and Republican administrations.  It will remain in place no matter if Bush or Kerry is elected in November. And it's legacy continues to represent an attack on economic freedom in America.

Getting rid of oppressive government
"Some groups of American citizens now feel our government has gotten totally out of hand. Duh. They should have seen this coming in 1965 when Lyndon B. Johnson, then-president, announced his "Great Socialist Society" as a golden orb of progress for America. What it was, and is, and will be until dismantled, is a brass chain of oppression aimed at taking down America's strong middle class that produces the wealth the government steals to feed itself and pay on its incredible debt. Some, of course, is distributed to the non-producers who are able bodied but cannot find "suitable" work. Since when does work have to be suitable if one needs to pay bills? Making a living is one thing; making the kind of living Americans have grown to desire via advertising and goodie-charm fascination is another. Before the government was willing to subsidize freeloaders, they got out and worked or starved, which is great motivation."

Murray Rothbard: The Great Society--a libertarian critique
"The cruelest myth fostered by the liberals is that the Great Society functions as a great boon and benefit to the poor; in reality, when we cut through the frothy appearances to the cold reality underneath, the poor are the major victims of the welfare state. The poor are the ones to be conscripted to fight and die at literally slave wages in the Great Society's imperial wars. The poor are the ones to lose their homes to the bulldozer of urban renewal, that bulldozer that operates for the benefit of real estate and construction interests to pulverize available low-cost housing."

The state of our delusion
"When President Johnson asked his fellow Americans to 'Join in the battle to give every citizen an escape from the crushing weight of poverty,' he was talking nonsense. Poverty is something that government programs cannot eradicate. "

Lyndon Baines Johnson -- "The Great Society" Speech

Lyndon B. Johnson
Official White House biography


Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting today
Italy hosts 50th-anniversary confab of mysterious society of world leaders The high priests of globalization

Joseph Sobran: Land of the what?
"In 1898, President William McKinley whipped up war fever against Spain over Cuba. Spain had neither attacked nor threatened the United States and was in fact so eager to avoid war that it tried desperately to appease McKinley. But when the American battleship the USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor, probably by accident, McKinley had the pretext he needed. War was on, and it was quickly expanded all the way to the Phillippines, which the United States grabbed on the pretext of establishing democracy there. With Spain defeated, this “democratization” required the bloody suppression of a genuine independence movement. (Sound familiar?)"

IDF razes 20 additional Palestinian homes in Rafah raid
"Israel Defense Forces troops razed some 20 Palestinian houses adjacent to the Phildelphi route in the southern Gaza Strip in a pre-dawn raid along the Israeli-Egyptian border Sunday, Palestinian sources said." (RN 24/7: More "urban renewal"--Israeli style. Otherwise known as state-sponsored terror.)

Outsourcing - The worst of crony capitalism
"If you want to understand politics, you better educate yourself about crony capitalism. Free enterprise is the engine of wealth creation, but the merging of an economy into State/Capitalism is the formula for companion elitism. Companions in control is the method of globalism. The goal is uncomplicated. Globalism = no middle class anywhere on the planet . . . "

From the "We're not making this up" department: Student sues university for allowing him to plagiarize
"A student who admits down-loading material from the internet for his degree plans to sue his university for negligence. Michael Gunn claims his university should have warned him his actions were against the regulations." (RN 24/7: That a story such as this is being carried by a major news service as worthy of serious consideration is indicative of how totally out of kilter today's values are.)




Although Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet announced his resignation for personal reasons, sources behind the scenes in Washington say President George Bush gave him the choice of resigning or being fired. The CIA under Tenet has become a convenient scapegoat for reported breeches in U.S. intelligence, including the terror attacks on 9-11 and the issue of WMDs in Iraq (or lack thereof). More recently, a CIA connection to prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib has been noted. All in all, it was deemed necessary that Tenet fall on his sword to aid Bush's reelection chances.

Tenet: Resigning with head 'very, very high'
"After being dogged by heavy criticism over questionable intelligence on Iraq and terrorism since the September 11, 2001 attacks, George Tenet resigned Thursday as the director of the CIA.

"I tell you about my plans to depart with sadness, but with head held very, very high," Tenet told CIA employees at the agency's Langley, Virginia, headquarters."

Bush fires, then praises, CIA chief Tenet
President George W. Bush fired CIA Director George Tenet Wednesday, but allowed the beleaguered intelligence chief to save face by resigning 'for personal reasons.'

"Tenet, buffeted by controversies over intelligence lapses about suspected weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, resigned after an hour-long meeting with Bush. White House sources say Bush asked for the CIA director's resignation." 


Powell: Iraq will have no veto on U.S.-led force
"Iraq's new interim government will have no veto over future military operations by American-led forces after the U.S.-British occupation formally ends on June 30, Secretary of State Colin Powell said." (RN 24/7: In case anyone in Iraq had doubts about who'll really be in charge.)

U.S. says Iran hiding nuke bomb program from U.N.
"The United States said on Wednesday that Iran continues to cover up a nuclear weapons program and that the latest report by the U.N. atomic watchdog had only made this more apparent." (RN 24/7: Here we go again!)

Parents, siblings see brain-disabled woman after 2-month forced separation
"After two months of forced separation, the entire Schindler family was reunited with their beloved Terri, the 40-year-old, brain-disabled Florida woman who had been kept in isolation since March 29 by order of her estranged husband, Michael Schiavo." (RN 24/7: The Schindlers were banned from seeing Terri by Michael and his lawyer after "puncture wounds" were found on her arms. A local police report later concluded that there was "no evidence that the Schindlers had stuck their daughter with a hypodermic needle either to inject a drug or withdraw blood, or caused any physical injury to her." What we find bizarre is that they were suspects in the first place. After all, it's Michael and his attorney who want her dead!)
Terri's website More news on the fight for Terri and other disabled people.




It's not often one can be a civil liberties 'martyr' and then lead a protest rally, but a California professor managed to do just that' Claremont College's Kerri Dunn (right, in an appropriate pose). She reported that while she was speaking against racial intolerance, her car was vandalized; she'd been the target of a vicious hate crime. The FBI was called in. Just one problem with her story: On the evening in question, witnesses say they saw her drive up in a car already spray-painted with slurs, get out and proceed to slash the tires. "I seen her lean forward toward the tire," one testified, "and then we heard air come out." ¼Oops!

 Professor faces trial: Judge disregards hate-crime defense
"Last week the LA Times reported a “hate crime” incident on the campus of Claremont College. Claremont McKenna College psychology professor Kerri Dunn told police that while she was speaking at a campus forum on racial intolerance, her parked car had been vandalized—slashed tires, broken windows, and anti-Semitic slurs spray-painted on it. The local police brought in the FBI, classes on all five campuses of the college were cancelled, and students and faculty held 'teach-ins' including mass demonstrations with placards calling for more racial diversity."
Related article

Claremont professor's past is a new puzzle
"Kerri Dunn taught criminal justice but she was a shoplifter. While earning a PhD in psychology, she was ordered into counseling for stealing. Dunn, 39, was a hero to many students at Claremont McKenna College, lifting her voice for the oppressed. Then she became the professor who may have betrayed them. She railed against hate crimes. Now she is suspected of staging one."

Samuel Francis: Truths that fake hate crimes tell us
"Hate crimes" are always good for a headline, even when they're fake. Last week, the Los Angeles Times confirmed what many have long suspected and in some cases known—there are a lot more phony "hate crimes" padding the count than the bare numbers reported tell us.

Fake hate crimes - a history of hoaxes
A primer on simulated incidents and their commission--who commits them and why.

Jim Condit Jr.: Open Letter to Abe Foxman, et al
"And isn’t it funny the way that it seems only Jewish cemeteries are attacked and defaced? I never seem to hear of any other cemeteries being attacked. Not Irish; not Chinese; not Norwegian; not Brazilian. Just Jewish cemeteries. Problem is, as you know and I know, there is a long history of Jewish extremists and Supremists creating the vandalism themselves in order to then allow Jewish Supremist leaders to play the victim."


Congressman Ron Paul: Freedom vs. security: A false choice
"Many of our worst unconstitutional agencies and programs began during the two world wars and the Depression, when the public was anxious and willing to view government as a savior and protector. "

Israel wants Iraq to pay compensation
"Israel looks set to pursue a compensation claim on behalf of Jews who left Iraq over 50 years ago, despite no such similar consideration for Palestinian refugees." (RN 24/7: But, then again, why should the Zionists offer any compensation to those people their leaders have characterized as
'drugged cockroaches' and other subhuman creatures?)

Bill Cosby stands behind critical comments
"Comedian Bill Cosby has declined to retract remarks that were highly critical of 'the lower economic' African-Americans that he claims are willing to pay $500 for sneakers but not half that amount for educational tools." 
Sound clip Audio excepts from Bill Cosby's controversially candid speech at the NAACP conference. Cosby says tough words needed to right wrongs Some interesting comments from readers at the Free Republic website. (RN 24/7: The Coz has been slammed for sharing some tough love. We don't agree with everything he said there or the way he said some things, but overall he made many good points. His message was that was long overdue from a black of his stature. While emphasizing that he wasn't trying to "throw cold water on the celebrating," Cosby urged blacks to "get back the neighborhood." [Although we agree here with the Free Republic comment that people in those neighborhoods need to start taking responsibility for their lives and not expect someone to do it for them.] Some of his statements were so strong, in fact, that they would have caused him to be labeled as a racist if he were white. Among other things, he said: "We should look and see how many males are incarcerated and look and see how many of them are illiterate." "Five, six children -- same woman -- eight, 10 different husbands or whatever.¼What is it -- young girls getting after a girl who wants to remain a virgin? Who are these sick black people and where do they come from and why haven't they been parented to shut up? This is a sickness, ladies and gentlemen." However, despite being known as a "clean" comic, Cosby can shoulder at least a little blame for black promiscuity: According to Internet sources, he has been the host of Playboy magazine's annual jazz festival for so many years that he's referred to as its "perennial" master of ceremonies. While this isn't to say he's involved with the pornography, nevertheless he is lending his name to a Playboy-sponsored event, thus giving a tacit approval to the magazine.

UN agency condemns Israeli tank fire on Palestinian school in Gaza Strip
"The U.N. relief agency for Palestinian refugees Wednesday condemned Israel for firing on a U.N. school, wounding two 10-year old boys. "This is the second time in a little over a year that a child in a UN classroom has been struck by Israeli fire," UN Relief and Works Agency Commissioner-General Peter Hansen said." (RN 24/7: Ordinarily, we oppose anything that comes out of the United Nations as a matter of principle, but this is so consistent with Israeli behavior and so shamefully underreported--a Google search showed that of major U.S. news sources, only the Washington Times bothered to carry an article about the attack--that we feel it is worth noting. By the way, Hansen's remark that this was the second time Israelis had wounded a child in a U.N. classroom doesn't begin to tell of the
rising toll of children shot dead by Israeli snipers.)




"President Bush has hit the campaign trail to save the Patriot Act, which will expire in 2005. In calling for its continuation, the President said, 'we can no longer rely on false hope.' Which false hope is that? The hope that America’s free society will protect us like it has for more than 200 years? We who love American liberty have great fear of the Patriot Act. "

"Its aim, according to the Justice Department, is to give federal law enforcement agencies the surveillance and investigative tools they need to deter future terror attacks, but the quick, emotional passage of the Patriot Act only weeks after the September 11th attacks allowed little time for scrutiny of its measures. In fact, most members of Congress did not read it before voting. Congressman Ron Paul said he couldn’t even get a copy before the vote. As a result, provisions of the Act offer major opportunities for government abuses of law-abiding private citizens."

Lawyer says his arrest is warning about liberty
Brandon Mayfield, the Oregon lawyer wrongfully imprisoned this month in connection with terrorist bombings in Spain, said his ordeal underscored a warning he has sounded since his days as a law student at Washburn University.

The USA Patriot Act
Electronic Privacy Information Center's archive page

Are current Bill of Rights erosions unprecedented?
"Critics of the Bush Administration’s domestic measures in the War on Terrorism often claim that the erosions of the Bill of Rights we see today are unprecedented. Although President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft are indeed stretching the envelope in many ways, to call their policies unprecedented is to ignore history. For every civil liberty currently being violated and for every amendment in the Bill of Rights currently being ignored, there is a long and rich legacy of similar abuse. More violations of the Constitution probably occurred during Abraham Lincoln’s four years as president than during any other cohesively defined era in American history.


9-11 skeptics hold inquiry
"Much of the skepticism surrounding 9-11 stems from the U.S. government's own secrecy about the security failures or the actual mechanics of the collisions of the planes against buildings, says Chris Trendall, a spokesperson for Science for Peace, one of the sponsors of the Toronto inquiry. All of the rubble from the two 9-11 sites, for instance, was shipped to other countries, rather than stored for a future investigation. 'There is usually an investigation after a big engineering failure (but that didn't happen),' he added in an interview."

Court makes "right-to-die" case ruling
"The legal battle over the fate of a brain-damaged woman at the center of a right-to-die case should be decided by the Florida Supreme Court, an appeals court ruled Tuesday. The 2nd District Court of Appeal granted a motion to bypass a lower-court review, saying the matter should be settled by Florida's high court because it is 'of great public importance and has a great effect upon the proper administration of justice throughout the state.'"

Christian in hospital beaten to death by Muslim cop 
"Samuel Masih was buried in Lahore, Pakistan, yesterday following injuries he received from a Muslim policeman who beat the 27-year-old Christian with a hammer as he lay in his hospital bed recovering from a bout of tuberculosis." (RN 24/7: For more showing the Islamic propensity for unprovoked violence, see
our May 14th report. While we have consistently carried information on the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, because on the whole they have been underreported or excused away by the controlled news media, it would be a mistake to think that nothing is done by the Muslim minority to trigger the heavy-handed reprisal by the Sharon government. Regrettably, there is plenty of hatred to go around in the Holy Land, it's just that the Zionists have more much fire power to get their point across.)


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