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What follows is some of the most important information you will need to know regarding the 9-11 terror attacks. These articles (as well as video and photographic studies) are analyses that challenge the "official" version of events by examining crucial aspects of the crime that were conveniently pitched down the establishment's Orwellian memory hole. In nearly every case, these aspects have been ignored or suppressed by the Controlled News Media--a media that supposedly are in hot competition with one another to uncover what's been hidden from the people (remember Watergate and the Pentagon Papers?).

I. The Case for Remote-Controlled Planes

Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots by Carol Valentine

Did NORAD send the Suicide Jets? Part I of 2: Inside Job by Carol Valentine

Did NORAD send the Suicide Jets? Part 2 of 2: Dumb Blondes by Carol Valentine

Flight of the Bumble Planes from Carol Valentine's website

New! Experienced Pilot says 9-11 Official Cover Story is Fiction -- Novice Pilots Could Not Have been Flying the Planes
Russ Wittenberg, former Vietnam Combat Pilot, and experienced commercial airline Pilot -- says 9-11 Story is phony -- novice pilots could never have pulled off the air maneuvers claimed by the Big Media 9-11 cover story.

Who We Need Fear . . . What is Global Hawk?? by Jim Condit Jr.

When Seeing and Hearing isn't Believing from Carol Valentine's website --
A reprint of a Washington Post article from February 1, 1999. Voice simulation is perfected, more or less -- enough to fool any relative. The cell phone calls of 9-11-01 -- supposedly from the hi-jacked planes -- seem to be fakes. Cell phones for over a few seconds seem to be impossible in planes flying hundreds of miles per hour (the phones can find a cell phone tower to link to, especially back in 2001). This article shows you that once you have taped (wire-tapped?) a person's voice -- you can reconstruct it to say things the person never said. Those who are incredulous at this conclusion -- need to see the movie "Forrest Gump."

While we believe the "Gold Standard" of analysis on 9-11 terror attacks is that of Carol Valentine (articles above), here are some other very worthwhile articles, videos and DVDs on this same subject:

Stranger Than Fiction
A very important work putting the 9-11 terror attacks as a contrived pretext for war -- into historical context.

Ghost Riders in the Sky
Part I -- an alternative scenario for how the planes crashed in the WTC

Ghost Riders in the Sky Part II
Virtual cell phones calls on 9-11

Ghost Riders in the Sky Part III
Magic carpet Air Services -- how Mohamed Atta and his boys were CIA type patsies

Daniel Hopsicker's Research and Videos -- such as Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus (free video clips on this site); the Hopsicker research shows that the accused "Arab Hi-jackers" were in fact the "Lee Harvey Oswald" patsies for the 9-11-01 terror attacks. These US intelligence (read Mossad hiding within US intelligence) backed and financed patsies could not reliably fly planes according to the testimony of the people running the Venice, Florida flight schools. Hopsicker, a professional videographer who worked on documentaries for the big TV networks and parts of Hollywood before he followed the truth into forbidden territory regarding the drug trade in America, went straight to those running the flight schools in Venice, Florida as soon as that part of the 9-11 story hit the Big TV network news. He got the testimony of numerous "locals" of Venice, Florida on film -- before the Big 5 TV Networks had time to start brainwashing America with their Hollywood-written script for the "legend" (read lie) of 9-11.

 In Plane Sight
This video incredible footage from the Big TV Networks; includes clip of FOX reporter Jeff Birnbaum describing the 2nd plane which crashed into the World Trade Towers as having "no windows" and a blue streak painted around its nose; includes PBS interview of WTC owner Larry Silverstein, where Silverstein (slip of the tongue) admits they collapsed WTC Building 7 (which fell 8 hours after the Twin Towers) by controlled demolition techniques. (Hint: It looks just like the Twin Towers when it fell.) This video is incredible and we highly recommend it; they do not identify the possible traitors --- which is why you have come to find that out here!

Do a Google search for Barry Zwicker's The Great Deception and the Great Conspiracy -- where he takes the Big Media to task for covering up key aspects of the 9-11-01 terror attacks. These are DVDs.


II. The Collapse of the WTC--Controlled Implosions

Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!

Rudolph Giuliani: "We were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse"
Article and video
So why weren't the firefighters told?

Why Did the Trade Center Skyscapers Collapse?
A revisionist's view from Morgan Reynolds, the chief economist for the US Department of Labor during 2001–2, George W. Bush's first term.

UPI Hears About Prof. Morgan Reynolds on the WTC Collapse
On the general media silence on Reynolds' assertion, despite the obvious interest in a former Bush challenging the government's position on the 9-11 attacks.

Some Survivors Say 'Bombs Exploded Inside WTC
The mainstream media is ignoring eyewitness accounts of bombs that exploded inside the World Trade Center before the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Controlled Demolition Of WTC: Compare and Contrast
Photographic Proof of Pre-set Implosions
Compare the photos of buildings demolished by causes other than controlled demolition with those that were.

On The Record: The Controlled Demolition Of The WTC
A documentary that refutes the official claims.

New Mexico Tech Explosives Expert 'Flip-Flops' On WTC Controlled Demolition theory; Refuses to explain why
Federal lawsuit contends that he may have been unduly influenced by government officials
 "An explosives expert from New Mexico Tech refused to answer questions this week after he originally claimed the Twin Towers fell from a controlled demolition by the abruptly changed his mind."

New seismic data refutes official explanation
Two unexplained “spikes” in the seismic record from Sept. 11 indicate huge bursts of energy shook the ground beneath the World Trade Center’s twin towers immediately prior to the collapse.

Unexplained 9-11 Explosion at WTC Complex
Despite the fact that the horrible events of Sept. 11 occurred in broad daylight and were widely photographed, significant aspects of the attacks have been completely suppressed by a media blackout.

III. The Mystery of the Alleged Hijackers

FBI Director: We have no evidence against 9-11 “Hijackers”

STILL ALIVE? FBI Mixed Up on True Identities of Perpetrators
Some of the men the FBI claims hijacked planes on Sept. 11 and crashed them into hubs of U.S. finance and defense are still alive. (Real News 24/7 associate heard Attorney General John Ashcroft say at one point shortly after the attacks, “We may never know for sure who the hijackers were.” But this is not the impression the Big Media has left with the average citizen in the USA.

 “I Don’t Want to Learn How to Land the Plane, Just How to Steer!”

The Perplexing Puzzle of the Passenger Lists

Media Lied About 9-11 Conspirator
Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged 20th hijacker, never said he didn’t want to learn how to take off or land. Do your friends and neighbors believe every thing they read and hear in the mainstream media about 9-11? If so, they need to read this story

Evidence Hard to Come By in WTC Case
Much of the case against the Muslim terrorists in the Trade Center attacks is based on copies of a letter considered by experts to be a fraud.

IV: Israel & 9-11

Israel Knew: European Spooks Say Mideast Terrorists Needed State Support

U.S. Army Officers Say: 'Mossad May Blame Arabs
[this article appeared on September 10th, 2001 on the front page of the Washington Times, the day before the 9-11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon – the army quarters were hit;] Consider: Sometimes "the most likely suspect" in an act of terrorism is actually a "false flag" working for-or otherwise "framed" by- those who are responsible. (In other words, the Moslem who we are told were on the planes, an assertion that has been made with absolutely no proof whatsoever, may have been but forth by the Zionist controlled Big Media to cover the Remote Controlled planes that were actually crashed into the World Trade towers and the Pentagon. There were no Arab names on any of the passenger lists released by United Airlines or CNN. All the Big Media-reported cell phone calls are suspect, and none of them have ever been played for the public to hear;

Suspects Still Held (11 Israeli suspects, whose identity has never been revealed, were arrested on 9-11)

Concerted Effort Under Way to Hide Israeli Foreknowledge
(A Fox Cable News Report by Carl Cameron has disappeared from FOX’s website – but is preserved by the American Free Press here)

Who Knew? (Israeli Company Mum About WTC Pullout)

Mossad Link to First WTC Bombing Raises Eyebrows
Eight years ago a prescient article appeared in The Village Voice, which bears noting in the aftermath of the terror of Sept. 11.

Celebration Over World Trade Center Destruction Staged by Israeli Military
Footage of Palestinians rejoicing after the tragedies in Washington and New York on Sept. 11 has been mired in controversy. New information, however, indicates it was staged by the Israeli military public relations.

Details Emerge About Vast Alien Spy Network
Attorney General John Ashcroft’s office said the explosive story of an Israeli spy network of bogus art students operating across the United States (described in AFP on March 18 and March 24) is an “urban myth,” but other law enforcement officials say otherwise.

120 Spies Deported
A French publication which broke the story that U.S. law enforcement had cracked an Israeli spy network is sticking to its guns amidst an international backlash. But the FBI wants to cover up the story. 

Israel Conducts Massive Spying Operation in U.S.
(Another Fox Report that came and went in the blink of an eye, but has been preserved by reporter Michael Collins Piper and the American Free Press.

Israelis Arrested and Detained for 9-11
But then released and sent back to Israel without explanation! Looks Like Attorney General John Ashcroft is more loyal to Israel than to the USA.

Jewish Supremacists Hype Al-Jazeera
(Note: Al-Jazeera is the 5 year old TV station in Qatar which is often cited by the Big Media in the USA.)

V. Other Points of Interest

Will Mainstream Censor These ‘Delicate’ Revelations? (28 interesting stories spiked, or mentioned only once, by the 5 Big TV Networks, all major daily papers, AP wire service, and all major radio stations; explanation: Zionist controlled stations don’t like to emphasize or follow up on stories which point towards guilt or complicity on the part of modern Israel.)

Tom Clancy speaks about 9-11 The popular novelist, known to have close ties with the CIA and Pentagon, anticipated the attacks in his books.

CIA, FBI Knew Since 1995 About Possible Hijack Scheme

Many Questions Still Remain About Trade Center Attack; 2-3-02; The truth behind the mainstream media reports on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and earlier disasters continues to emerge through alternative sources.By Col. Donn de Grand Pre (one of America’s top military men under the Carter Administration.

More 9-11 Questions. Anthrax Scare. Who’s the Coward? 

Don’t Fall for Non-Recordings! . . . Non-evidence!

Some Got Rich Off Tragedy
A Select Few Seem to Have Profited from Advance Knowledge of the Terror Attacks on America (they weren’t Arabs, or the very well known stock broker firms involved would have released the computer tracking of who profited; disgracefully, the W. Bush administration and Congress will not demand the easily available records.

Revealing 9-11 Stock Trades Could Expose The Terrorist Masterminds
A transparent and thorough investigation of suspicious trades before Sept. 11 could expose the masterminds behind the attacks by revealing who knew and profited from advance knowledge—if only the government wanted to. (Nothing would be easier than pinpointed who made these cynical trades, as all trade are tracked by computer as every investor knows. But W. Bush and Cheney have blocked and discouraged all in depth investigations.

W. Bush Blocking 9-11 Commission – confirmed

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Summary, Questions and Answers, Entertainment with a message


Summary: Americans have been exposed to three years of relentless propaganda from the 5 Jewish run TV Networks that the terror attacks of 2001 -- the 911 conspiracy -- involved 19 box-cutter wielding Arabs outsmarting the entire US Intelligence and military establishment -- all master-minded from a cave in Afghanistan. We are here to tell you -- that there was a 9-11 Conspiracy, but, it was masterminded by highly placed modern Israel-First Traitors and their allies high in the US Government. 9-11 was an elaborate magic show using technology which was little known to the public. The purpose was to enrage Americans against the Arab world in order to get Americans to accept a mass movement of US troops into the Middle East. The unfolding of events since 911 conform to the plans of the so called neo-cons as outlined on such websites as that of The Project for the New American Century (PNAC). The US is now building 14 permanent military bases in Iraq. These bases are to be used as the launching pad for future attacks against other Arab countries in the Mideast -- as US troops continue to be used as the strike force on behalf of modern Israel in the Mideast and Jewish Supremacy throughout the world.

Questions you may have about the terror attacks 9-11, 2001
 -- and Some Answers (Click Here)

The item below is for your entertainment and amazement. The 3rd item listed below, "Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots" -- is the one article you need to read to start to get a handle on the 9-11-01 terror attacks. Everything else in the section is excellent also.

The Lone Gunmen's "Pilot" Episode
Six months before the attacks on September 11th the TV program The Lone Gunmen, a spin-off of the popular X-Files series, aired an episode in which a conspiracy within the U.S. Government plotted to crash an airliner into the World Trade Center using remote control, then blame it on terrorists. Coincidence or did somebody know something? This webpage has a video clip and links to other sites on the show, including one with extensive clips.



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