Questions you may have about the terror attacks 9-11, 2001 -- and Some Answers


Q. If the terror attacks on 9-11, 2001 were accomplished by remote control planes -- what happened to the passengers who boarded those planes?

A. Two possible answers:

First, the planes were fitted with remote control technology which allowed the traitors on the ground to simply take over the planes and fly them into the twin towers. Thus the pilots and passengers found themselves unwilling passengers on guided missiles which they could not control. This scenario is explored in part one of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" found on the documentation page.

Second, the original planes were told that the nation was under attack and to land at a military base (perhaps deserted or not known to the general public) by air traffic controllers who were actually in the service of the Mossad and/or the Israel-First faction of traitors associated with Paul Wolfowitz and other highly placed (modern) Israel firsters. The people on those planes were subsequently somehow murdered and the planes were dismantled and destroyed. (What kind of moral monsters would do this? Read on.) Remote controlled drones were then substituted for the original planes and sent towards the twin towers and the probably the Pentagon as well. This is the scenario explored in Snake Plissken's Flight of the Bumble Planes, found at -- this is the scenario we find the most likely.


Q.  How do we know that there are remote controlled planes?

A. This is answered thoroughly in "Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots" on and mirrored on our documentation page. Also, the news is full of remote control operated drones which monitor the coast of Florida and other places for Homeland Security, fly over Afghanistan, fly over Iraq, fly over Mt. Helen in recent days to monitor the potential for a volcanic eruption, etc. etc. etc. Numerous news items have been done on remote control planes, and one army recruiting TV ad shows a kid flying a remote control toy plane, and then offers the potential recruit the chance to fly real planes by remote control in the new Army. At least one History Channel documentary on WW II involving the death of Joe Kennedy Jr. refers to planes being flown by remote control during WW II.


Q. What about the Arabs who were on the four planes involved in the 9-11-01 terror attacks?

A. There is no evidence that could be introduced in a court case that there were any Arabs of any kind on the 9-11 terror attack planes. The passenger lists released by United Airlines within 24 hours of 9-11-01 and also published on September 12, 2001 by CNN do not show any Arab names, and do not show any of the names of the "accused hijackers" released by the Justice Department a few days later. This is covered thoroughly in "The Puzzle of the Passenger Lists" by Dr. Gary North. Attorney General Ashcroft later said (paraphrase), "We may never know who were on those planes." And in an April 19th, 2002 speech at San Francisco's prestigious Commonwealth Club, FBI Director Robert Mueller volunteered that they had no evidence against the accused 19 Arab "hijackers" !!! The other "evidence" usually presented is airport security camera footage of Mohamed Atta and one or the other alleged hi-jackers. This footage was allegedly taken in Maine on the morning 9-11. Proof? None that I know of. I would like to see the ENTIRE security camera footage of those boarding the plane in Boston and Newark that morning. I would like to see 4 or 5 Arab "hi-jackers" -- whose names never appeared on the passenger lists according to CNN and United Airlines -- board the plane AMIDST the other individuals who were on those planes (and on the passenger lists). If this footage existed -- would we not have seen it a million times by now? We have not seen it once. The conclusion has to be we have not seen it because it does not exist -- because such a video showing the boarding of the published passengers AND the accused Arab "hi-jackers" does not exist. 


Q. Who were the Arabs shown on all 5 Big TV Networks two days after the terror attacks of 9-11-01?

A. These Arabs were the "Lee Harvey Oswald-Patsies" of the 9-11-01 terror attacks. They did exist. They did hang out near Venice, Florida around flight schools for about 12 months before the 9-11-01 terror attacks. There were not devout Muslims. They were known by the townspeople who were associated with the flight schools and the businesses around them as lavish restaurant patrons, heavy drinkers, and frequent visitors to the Strip Clubs nearby. They did always have extravagant amounts of money. They were associated with known FBI and CIA assets such as the Dutchman (Jew?) Rudi Dekkers -- who, despite his checkered credit history, showed up one day with $1.6 million dollars and bought one of the flight schools that the "hi-jackers" were supposed to have trained at. Dekkers slipped up on a local TV interview and said he had been involved with FBI operations over the yeras. (All this dynamic, first hand evidence has been gathered on Daniel Hopsicker's video production, "Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus" found also on our Documentation page.) These Arabs were either on the planes that were crashed by remote control into the towers -- or -- they were simply murdered elsewhere. In any case, they could not possibly have done the "fighter pilot" maneuvers which the plane which hit the Pentagon performed seconds before the crash. That this plane did fighter pilot style maneuvers is testified to the the US officials monitoring radar in Washington D.C. on the morning of 9-11-01.


Q. But don't the cell phone calls made from the planes prove that there were Arab hijackers on the planes?

A. (Partial Answer:) See "When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing" -- a reprint of a 1999 Washington Post article found on -- also accessible through our Documentation Page. Also, Professor A.K. Dewdney of the University of Western Ontario gives a possible "cell phone call" scenario in "Ghost Rider in the Sky" Part II, found on our documentation page. Also, not every person who is able to mimic other peoples' voices is as famous as Rich Little. The Bill Cunningham show on WLW 700 AM regularly takes the words of local officials and re-edits them into something they did not say. Those who don't believe this type of manipulation of the human voice is possible -- need to see  or re-see the movie "Forrest Gump."

Also, it is highly doubtful that any cell phone calls connected from any of the flights on 9-11. A cell phone can not hook onto a tower in a plane going several miles per hour. Neither myself nor anyone else I know who has tried it can get a cell phone to work in a plane unless one is landing near the airport (where there are cell phone towers). A few more intense experiments have found they could connect at certain altitudes for a few seconds, but then would lose the connection. I (Jim Condit Jr.) talked to one stewardess recently who told me that she had never known a cell phone to connect while the plane was up in the air going hundreds of miles per hour.

The alleged "Let's Roll" phone call made (we are told) by Todd Beamer from Flight 93 (at that time over Pennsylvania) was made on an airplane credit card phone -- so this call was theoretically possible. However, the "Todd Beamer" who made the call contacted a Sprint operator instead of his family. The operator had no idea what Todd Beamer's voice sounded like, so this call is worthless. It is beyond belief that Sprint was not taping this call, which lasted 13 minutes -- in light of the terror attack everyone knew was underway at that time. Why have we not heard this tape? Answer: Because the voice purporting to be Todd Beamer is not Todd Beamer - - and the playing of the tape would discredit this Hollywood-style concocted story.