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Why Network America E-wire Has sometimes been able to "predict" with uncanny accuracy.

The Network America e-wire was the only place in the world that "predicted" in writing
that the 2000 Presidential Election would not be "decided" on Election Night 2000 -- but would be announced no earlier than the Wednesday morning following Election Day 2000. (We didn't foresee that the final "result" would not be forthcoming until 35 days after the election day, --- because the 5 big TV Networks didn't telegraph any clues on that point.) This is one of several "predictions" we have been able to make by watching cues and clues coming out of the 5 Big TV Networks.

You see, we are NOT part of the Psychic Friends Network! Our "predictions" are made by watching the cues and clues coming from all 5 Big TV Networks -- which coordinate their news EVERYDAY. You can read our October 19, 2000 Network America E-wire making that "prediction" here. (It's in Item 3 of that e-wire.) Note: Topica.com is a well established independent service which manages 10,000 lists, including our Network America list. They INDEPENDENTLY time-stamp every email when it goes out, thus establishing that we made this call about 3 weeks in advance of Election Day 2000.

Also -- we tell you things about the news, history, and world events that you will probably never hear anywhere else, unless they are reproducing our stuff.


All the best,

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Network America E-wire