Why Does Real News 24/7 often use the term "organized Jewish Lobby"?


There are several reasons:


1. We are talking about and concerned about the agenda of the ORGANIZED Jewish lobby, such as the Anti-Defamation of B'nai B'rith, The Jewish World Congress, AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, etc.)

2. Just as I, as an American, do not want to be imputed with responsibility for everything the Bush Administration does, or the Clinton administration did, so it would be grossly unfair to impute to every Jewish individual responsibility for the actions of the elite leaders of these organizations, or for the policies of the Sharon government in Israel.

3. Along the lines of item 2, according to many polls about 30% of the people in Israel oppose key policies of the Sharon government in 2005; over 240 Israeli officers -- the so-called refusnicks -- have gone to jail in recent years rather than continue to unjustly persecute Palestinians at the direction of the Sharon government.

4. Zionist is not, in my judgement, an accurate term to use all the time. While the "organized Jewish Lobby" in the USA is invariably, or maybe totally, zionist -- the term "zionist" today means someone who thinks the Jews as a people should have their own homeland. Many individual Jews and non-Jews support a homeland for Jews without being part of, or wishing for, the series of destructive wars which we believe the ORGANIZED Jewish lobby is overtly and covertly pushing on the people of the USA and the people of the Mideast.

5. The organized Jewish Lobby, in our judgement, is willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of people in Israel to further their goals, if necessary. Barry Chamish, a Jewish analyst and lecturer, has expressed articulate concern about this very prospect. We would like to see the current "war party" agenda arrested and reversed for the sake of the peoples of the Mideast, the people of the USA -- and the world.

6. Many Jewish individuals have distinguished themselves in trying to oppose and reverse the current war policies of the Bush and Sharon Administrations. Examples of such individuals would include Howard Phillips (converted to Christianity in the 80s), Noam Chomsky, Studds Terkel, author Norman Soloman (none of whom should be necessarily thought to endorse this website in any way, nor would we endorse other views of some of them). There is also the organization found at www.jewsnotzionists.org

7. There is a gulf between Christians and Jews (who adhere to Judaism) religiously, which should be mentioned here. A treatment of this subject which we endorse is to found by clicking here.