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Important introductory note: Needless to say, we do not necessarily agree with everything on the websites we recommend, and we believe that all of it should be viewed through the prism of the writings of Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954). Another sampling of Fr. Fahey's writings are here, and his analysis of the charge of anti-semitism, so often used to squelch debate and critical thinking, is found here.

Also, in the last year, extremely vicious fights have broken out between a number of those whom we believe are all sincere people working for the truth. Please note that sometimes "vicious fighting" is caused by one side, or one source, dragging everyone else into it. However, due the demand to take sides from various sources, we have now felt it necessary to make a declaration on where we stand on many of the individuals in the movement. If we list a person on this page or the home page, then we believe that person is sincerely fighting for the truth, as he or she sees it.  (People whom Jim Condit Jr. has known personally for a number of years are noted.)

One more note: (for radio shows about 9-11) and (for articles about 9-11) are listed on the home page of -- that's because we believe that these sites, along with this website, carry the best introductory material on the "post 9-11 era" for people who are just waking up. As is obvious from the below, we do not endorse many of the attacks against other writers and radio show personalities found on some of the shows on -- and that website even carried a show with Jim Condit Jr. about some of our differences on that aspect of the landscape. -- Mark Glenn; have known Mark and his family since 1994; have met Mark personally many, many times. His hard-hitting essays have received world renown. He is the only fellow I know to get his article (Israel, We Bless Thee) on the website of a foreign government (Saudi Arabia), only to have it removed under pressure from the Zionists running the USA. (Good job, Mark! I'm jealous!) He also broke ground in the US patriot movement at the 2006 Barnes Review Conference, when he stated publicly that anti-Christ Talmudic Judaism is the root problem, of which Zionism is only one of the latest symptoms. -- Michael A. Hoffman II; have known Michael Hoffman since at least 1999 through a face to face meeting, and long before that over the internet and through his writings) Visit his site for his many books and recordings. His book "The Great Holocaust Trial" is an indispensable eye-witness report on the Ernst Zundel trial in Canada in the 1980s. Although often not credited, Hoffman has taught the movement many concepts which no one else had understood or noticed, such as how the Ruling Elite uses "revelation of the method" in an attempt to further mentally enslave their intended victims. --  Michael Collins Piper; met Mike Piper in 1988, when I first met him in person. He and I worked "closely together" without knowing it on the computerized votefraud issue since 1984, as he brought the Colliers on board at the Spotlight, which led to our hiring of the the Colliers for our 1985 court-ordered investigation. As far as I can tell, the most prolific book writing in my age group (48 to 58 year old) in the "patriot" movement. His book, The High Priests of War, is probably the best introductory book on those behind the drive to WW III in the Mideast and a police state here in the USA. His book, Final Judgement, is the final word on the 1963 Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.. -- Christopher Bollyn; met Christopher Bollyn, his wife Helje, and his two children, at our Citizens for a Fair Count convention in August, 2000 at the Greater Cincinnati Airport. We feature some of Christopher's writings on this subject at the home page at . Christopher has also done invaluable reporting on the post 9-11 era, especially on Israeli and Chertoff involvement. For these writings, we believe, he was tasered without cause at his Chicago area home in 2006, and is, furthermore, now facing persecution from the establishment via an absurd court trial that could put him in jail for one year. The local police have destroyed the video tapes of the arrest and tasering, which should cause the case to be dropped in and of itself. Our experience with Christopher is that he is a real reporter who does real, first hand investigations in the manner that Geraldo Rivera and Dan Rather only pretend to do. -- the interviews on this website that deal with world affairs, as opposed to with infighting among 9-11 activists, are often some of the best on internet radio.