Independent Websites
Public Action, Inc., hosted by "Skywriter" Carol Valentine; the world's foremost researcher exposing the evidence which holds the key to the real truth about the 9-11 terror attacks -- which attacks are now being used to justify a low grade continuing World War III and incredibly bold moves towards a police state in the USA. Her articles, "911: No Suicide Pilots", "Did NORAD send the 'suicide' jets?" Parts 1 and 2, "When Seeing and Hearing is not believing", and "Merry Christmas! -- and off with your head", -- are all MUST reading.
Best source of audio interviews on "Real Politics" on the web
Information Clearing House -- good source for daily news (especially on the Middle East and the USA) not being emphasized by the Big Five TV Networks.
American Free Press -- good source for news and analysis not emphasized in the Big Media. This paper is the replacement for The Spotlight, which was shut down by a court order. Willis Carto is and was the moving force behind both papers.
Campaign for Radical Truth in History; Michael A. Hoffman II, Director; Hoffman really has no competitors, because no one can rival him for his in depth knowledge on the "Cryptocracy" and its "twilight clues." Every thinking person should at least be checking in with Michael Hoffman regularly, and getting his Hoffman wire e-mails.
The official website of columnist Joseph Sobran, whom Pat Buchanan called the most talented columnist in America. Sobran was a former Senior Editor for William Buckley's National Review, but was fired for his columns on Israel and the Middle East. Sobran's entertaining columns should be read by every American. He has been suppressed by the Establishment Big Daily Papers and the Big Electronic Media -- PRECISELY because he thinks thoughts that THEY don't want you to think. Sobran is also one of the world's foremost Shakespeare sleuths.