The information and action program referred to on the Real News 24/7 website is for everyone and all are welcome, of course, to visit and take advantage of any useful information or ideas found therein. For the sake of "truth in advertising" we feel it is only fair to explain the basic religious, philosophical, and political viewpoint of those who bring you the Real News 24/7 website.

We believe that all courses of public formation and action should be based on the Kingship of Christ, as elaborated by the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries. The Kingship of Christ means that governments as well as individuals are in fact subject to, as well as owe allegiance to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Redeemer and Savior of mankind.


(Note: Since 1958, it appears that a "counterfeit church" has gradually manifested itself within the structures of the Vatican
and the Catholic Church worldwide. The catastrophic changes, abrupt breaks from tradition, and catastrophic developments,
from suppression of the age-old Latin Liturgy by Paul VI in 1969, to the diabolical outbreak of pedophilia among the Vatican II clergy
in the late 1990s, after a full 30 years when those occupying the Bishops' Chairs in the USA, such as the man operating
under the name of "Cardinal" Joseph Bernadin, drove true vocations out of the seminary buildings, and sought to recruit sodomites
and pedophiles to be "ordained" in the "new rite" also imposed by Paul VI circa 1969. Some believe that our generation is living through
the period of which Our Lady of La Salette predicted (1847), ". . . the Church will be in eclipse . . ."
As the fifth "Vatican II" occupant of the Papal Chair, Benedict XVI [Joseph Ratzinger] continues to impose what many call the post-1958 "New Religion", this subject is a necessary part of any discussion involving the Roman Catholic Church at the beginning of the 21st Century.

For interesting articles and information on this subject, see with special interest in the article Scripture Scholars, Ancient and Modern )


The codification of the Church's traditional Social Teaching in the English language is found in the works of the late Irish priest, Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954).


A Short Pamphlet All Should Read:
Fr. Fahey's Best Short Introductions

Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954)
Apostle of the Kingship of Christ


One of Fr. Fahey's best known books, The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, can be found online here.

Fr. Fahey's short explanation of the use of the term "anti-Semitism" by the modern day Pharisees can be found here.


But why should one care at all about what the Roman Catholic Church says about the Kingship of Christ?
For a discussion of that topic we refer you to the writings of Fr. Arnold Damen, and the lectures he gave across
 the United States of America to mixed groups of Protestants and Catholics circa 1880. His lectures can be found here:

One, True Church


The Church and the Bible



To be delivered from the current gathering storm,
we believe that an effort on the part of individuals and world leaders
to fulfill the Requests of Our Lady of Fatima is necessary.

The message and requests were given to three small shepherd children (Lucy dos Santos, age 10; Francisco Marto, age 9; and Jacinta Marto, age 7) at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

 The links provided here about Fatima should be read while considering the articles linked above, "Scripture Scholars, Ancient and Modern" and "Warnings from Heaven Suppressed" -- also --

Fatima began to gain worldwide attention after October 13, 1917, when 70,000 people witnessed a sign announced in advance by the oldest of the children, Lucy dos Santos, -- which turned out to be the "Miracle of Sun" during which the Sun seemed to dance in the sky and fall towards earth. Immediately thereafter, after a drenching rain which had lasted for many hours, all present found that their clothes and the ground below them had become completely dry. These events were announced with astonishment by reporters sent by the Freemasonically-controlled paper, O Seculo, who had come to scoff.

Another astounding prediction was delivered many years in advance by Lucy dos Santos, now in the convent and known as Sister Lucy, -- that before the outbreak of the next great war (World War II) that an "unknown light" would appear in the sky to announce its imminent outbreak. That light appeared on January 25, 1938, confirmed by Sister Lucy to be the predicted light, which somewhat resembled the aurora borealis phenomenon. An interesting article about that light and January 25, 1938 can be found here: The Rakovsky Interrogation and the Unknown Light of Fatima.

There is much controversy about whether or not the Consecration of Russia has yet been done in accord with the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. Here is a link which says that the consecration may have been done properly from, -- and here is an article which says that the consecration has not yet been done from

Please note: the articles "Scripture Scholars: Ancient and Modern" and "Warnings from Heaven Suppressed" linked above, hint that the Consecration of Russia could not possibly have been done since 1958 due to the Eclipse of the Church.

One school of thought holds that if those who say that the Consecration of Russia has not been done are right, then eventually Russian nationalists will grasp clear control of the Russian military machinery and attack the United States  in retaliation for the covert help given to the Communist Revolution the 1917 by the powers backing President Woodrow Wilson (unbeknownst to the American people), and in retaliation for what has been done to Russia since 1917 by the worldwide organized Jewish (Super Capitalist/Communist/Zionist) network, -- which network has been largely based in the United States and has largely used the power of the American people.

On the other hand, as this particular viewpoint goes, if Russia is consecrated properly in time, then she will, as a nation, convert to the True Faith and do the job she had, at that point, been consecrated for: to bring a period of peace to the world.

As a side note, Fatima, the place where the visions of the three small shepherd children  took place from May through October, 1917 -- was also the name of the daughter of Mohammed. So some believe that the triumph of Our Lady of Fatima will also be instrumental in converting the Muslim world back to Christianity. A book which examines this entire scenario in detail from the point of prophecy is Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont, available from TAN books.

A very reliable book on this subject is Our Lady of Fatima by William Thomas Walsh, written in 1947.