Why This is No Ordinary Website . . .


The Problem

This is no ordinary website. On the home page,  you will find the "Seven Lessons" -- a progression of ideas that tens of thousands of Americans must explore immediately if we want to have a chance to peacefully restore true Constitutional freedoms under God, and avert the encroaching nightmare agenda of the Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite. This Ruling Elite has usurped most of the levers of power in the United States of America, including the issue of money, the control of the Big Media, the White House, the Congress as a body, the Supreme Court, and most of the key military positions. The first Five of the "Seven Lessons" on the Home Page -- deal with the problem.


The Solution

There are solutions to this gathering storm, but these solutions must be STUDIED, UNDERSTOOD, and ACTED UPON by real men and women in the United States of America right now. Americans must cease to be hypnotized by the Big Media dumb-show of Republican/Democrat false alternatives, as those parties are currently constituted. Americans must resolve to cease viewing themselves as spectators, and become active participants in determining their destiny.

The SOLUTION described in lessons #6 and #7 was designed with Everyday Americans like you and me in mind. The actions and financial support outlined are realistic. Success CAN be accomplished IF enough Americans get involved.

These practical solutions are briefly described on the home page of this website, realnews247.com, --  in #6 and #7 of the "Seven Lessons".

Of course, it is the view of this website that sincere and godly prayer is the foundation of all constructive action. With that in mind, in #7 of the "Seven Lessons" you will find the web address for the ACTION PROGRAM at the Network America website where you can add your influence to that of other Americans implementing this realistic strategy. There is no other plan in existence which even addresses the key realities which must be dealt with if we are to defeat the current evil Ruling Elite and win back America for the people, under God.

In a very real sense -- it's 1776 all over again, -- and this time we are there.
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