In the movie, “THEY LIVE”, the freedom fighters develop glasses which allow them to see what the Establishment signs and communications are really saying. For instance, the Billboard appears to say, “Drink Coca Cola”, but when the glasses, called Hoffman Lenses, are put on, the viewer can see that the sign really says, “Believe the Government.” Legend has it that the writer of “THEY LIVE” named the “Hoffman Lenses” after the writer and historian whose works are the subject of the first part of this page, Michael A. Hoffman II. (Some additional links on the persecution in Palestine at the bottom of this page.)


Michael Hoffman on The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians (his new book is now available)


Michael Hoffman’s News Bureau


Hoffman on WW II and the Holocaust – a Revisionist Historian’s Perspective


Hoffman on the Talmud and Talmudism (Hoffman's book, "Strange Gods of Judaism" deals with the Talmud)


The Hoffman wire (An internet news wire) (Sign up and get regular news analysis from Michael Hoffman)


Hoffman on occult symbolism (here he has no competitor)

Weep for Palestine

The best way to end run ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX – is to get WorldLink TV by getting satellite systems through Direct TV or Dish Network. Knowledgeable people tell us Direct TV may be the better choice. With Direct TV you will get many international news broadcasts. On the WorldLink station, which is based in California, among many other programs, you will see Mosaic, a broadcast which daily gives the highlights from the news coming out of Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran and often Iraq, Yemen, and Morocco, among others. Understand: here in the USA we get only the Israeli position. On Mosaic you will find what the 5 Big TV Networks here in the USA are hiding from you. This will explain why America is despised and even hated in many of these nations, and fair minded Americans will be outraged by what the Israeli and US government is doing in our name and with our tax dollars. (This is not to endorse every program on WorldLink, but Mosaic is absolutely indispensable if one wants to know everything that’s happening in the Mideast. Incidentally, you are able to block out any unwanted channels via programming and/or the rating’s code system, as this is an important consideration. The coding system will actually block out bad programs, by program, even if you have the station on for other reasons, such as news.)


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