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Thanks for coming to our website. We, along with associates known and unknown, are “David” -- and the Big Five TV Networks are “Goliath”. Truth is powerful. Here’s a Stone for Goliath.

If you want to read the latest commentaries on current news, please go to:

     “The latest Network America E-wire (and archive)” near the top of the Home Page. Here you will find our latest take on important news items. You will find the latest Network America e-wire at the top, with some of the most recent e-wires archived below the latest. Instructions on how to find our full Archive since January 10, 2000 are at the bottom of the page. You can subscribe to the Network America by emailing to: networkamerica-subscribe@topica.com, and then simply replying to the confirmation.


If you want to hear thought provoking voice messages from Jim Condit Jr. and other independent commentators on current events which affect your life and your mind, please go to:

     “The Latest Network America Cyber Voice Mail (and archive)”


If you want to hear or read the censorship-busting radio ads which were brought to the public by the 2002 congressional campaign of Jim Condit Jr. – please go to:

     Hear the Radio Spots

     Listen to and Read the Text of the Radio Spots



If you want to read the important “Letter to the Class of 2003”, which is meant to provide today’s young people in High School and in College with decades of research which will help them straighten out our world, and will help them see through the schemes and the schemers who fooled their great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents into needless wars with sinister, hidden objectives, please go to:

     Letter to the Class of 2003


If you want to see the documentation of Who Runs the Press, and Who Rules America (be careful, you’ve been programmed to turn away before you consider the evidence) – please go to:

     Who Runs the Media? Who Rules America?


If you are interested in reading suppressed news about the 9-11 Terror attacks, go to the link to this section. Here you will find the careful research of investigative reporters Carol Valentine and Christopher Bollyn, among others. Some of our best and most sincere supporters begged Jim Condit Jr. not to run the radio ads dealing with remote control technology and the 9-11 planes which crashed into the World Trade Towers, because it was too hard to explain in 60 seconds. However, the radio ads of October 2002 provided the only chance to bring to the public much careful documentation and analysis concerning 9-11 and the sinister purposes for which it is being used. This information and analysis has been ruthlessly suppressed by the 5 Big TV networks and allied big media organs.  To find out what they will not report or discuss, please go to:

     “9-11 Cover-up: Remote Control Planes”


If you are interested in seeing how the 5 Big TV Networks and allied big media have been preparing us for a 2nd terrorist attack, you must follow this link. We believe 9-11 was “Phase One”, to manipulate US soldiers into the mideast region, and that the next contrived terrorist attack, possibly biowarfare or nuclear, is “Phase Two” to trigger the next attack on Iraq. For more information, please go to:

     “2nd Terrorist Attack?”


Michael A. Hoffman is one of the most prolific and interesting minds in the world. In the Movie “They Live” the freedom fighters develop glasses which helps them decode the real message on Billboards and in other outlets of the mass media. In the movie, the glasses are called, “Hoffman Lenses.” Urban legend has it that the movie’s writer named these lenses for Michael Hoffman due to his unique research and commentary. For the purpose of the radio ads, Hoffman, a former reporter for the New York Bureau of the Associated Press, dealt with some of the subject matter of his new book on the persecution of the Palestinians. Please go to:

     “Hoffman Lenses”


Saddam Hussein, who was helped to power by our own CIA in 1979 and who was supported for years by our government in his war against Iran, -- is being used to justify another cruel and needles attack against the already prostate Iraqi people. No honest American would support what the US government has done to the people of Iraq since the end of the Gulf War in 1991 – if he or she only knew! Please go to:

     “Big Iraq Attack”


Do you wonder why WLW and WKRC had to run the Radio ads for the “Jim Condit Jr. for Congress” campaign? Here’s the answer. A little known but powerful and iron-clad law, protects the right of federal candidates (for congress, senate, or president) to put their messages on the big radio and TV stations. If this “Reasonable Access” law is changed or nullified, then you will know that we no longer live in a free America. Dozens of candidates should run for Congress and bring the real issues of the day into the public debate in 2004. Please go to:

     “Why Do the Major Radio Stations have to air the Radio Ads of Congressional (and other federal) Candidates? It’s the Law.


Jim Condit Jr. is not planning to drop over of a heart attack or get into a fatal car crash in the near future. He has never taken illegal drugs and has never been drunk, as fortunately alcohol invariably gives him a headache. He has a wife, six kids, two parents, 10 brothers and sisters, and over 50 nieces and nephews – who have escaped freak accidents and sudden death collectively for the last half century. He doesn’t expect to find that freak accidents or other odd happening should start happening just because he has taken a public position against the Israeli state or the Zionist Lobby in this country. Nor does he think it would be in the normal course of events if he were suddenly audited by tax agencies or otherwise “brought up on charges” before the powers that be, just because he has dared to speak in public against the influence on America of these forces. But in fact, many in the past who have taken on this crowd have found that their life is suddenly visited by violence, attacks, and contrived misfortunate. For more on the history of this little talked about side of American life, please go to:

     “Assassinations, Persecutions, and Graveyard Vandalism
(Coming Soon)


The greatest weapon being wielded against the American people is easily rigged computerized vote “counting” systems, The ancestor to this website is votefraud.org, and it still exists. The kind of public office holder we get in most elections is determined by the screening process of the local masonically-dominated democratic and republican parties, combined with the deliberate slant of the contolled media. In a few cases, a decent candidate of conscience comes along who reaches a level of visibility which threatens the program of the Ruling Elite, either locally, regionally or nationally. Such a candidate can usually be smeared and ridiculed into oblivion by the Big Media. However, if he would still win after all the smears and distortions of the controlled media, then there is one last weapon in the arsenal of the enemies of America to make sure such a candidate is defeated: computerized votefraud. America has no hope of reversing course as long as we have easily rigged computerized systems “count” our ballots behind closed doors, in secret.  Please go to:

     “Votescam: Computer Votefraud vs. Honest Elections”


You might think we meant to say “September 11th” but no – we MEANT to say September 10th.  This section will make some of your angry, but, if you’re interested, go to:

Did you hear about the 4000 Americans who died on September 10th?”



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