Synopsis of Relevant World History Surrounding the Fatima Events and the Rakovsky Interrogation

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Fatima Overview

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In our judgement, the website to which we are referring you -- -- is the best source on the facts surrounding Fatima and the current state of the questions surrounding it today. The Fatima Crusader magazine and those associated with it have distinguished themselves by incessantly bringing the Fatima message to the people of the world in the period from the 1980s until the present, even as those ascendant in the Vatican have tried to obscure, distort, and suppress it -- and even as other longstanding organizations and their newer counterparts -- who purport to be defending Our Lady and the Fatima message -- capitulate to just about every incongruent twist and turn that has emanated from modernists holding forth from the Vatican. For instance, the group behind has been almost single-handedly responsible for bringing to the world the important book, The Whole Truth About Fatima by Frere Michel of the Trinity, as well as making known the apparition to Sister Lucia (more properly, Sister Mary of Sorrows) at Rianjo, Spain in 1931.

The website, however, has one significant disagreement with on the questions surrounding Fatima. and publications associated with it treat the "Vatican II popes" (John XXIII, 1958-63; Paul VI 1963-78; John Paul I, 1978-78; John Paul II, 1978-2005; Benedict XVI) as true Popes. We believe they are antipopes, having been placed on the Chair of Peter by the powers of world darkness (Judeo-Masonry) during the spoiled conclave of 1958, after a true Pope had been elected and suppressed amidst the most dire threats against the Pope and the existence of the Vatican itself. Thus was inaugurated, we believe, the Eclipse of the Church predicted by Our Lady of Lasalette in 1846 (which we are still living through). We also believe the "eclipse of the Church" constitutes the still unreleased Third Secret of Fatima, which was supposed to be opened by Roncalli (John XIII) in 1960, but instead was consigned by him to the deepest recesses of the Vatican archives, never to be known. (Equally absurd, we believe, is the non-secret "released" on May 13, 2000, which purported to be the Third Secret.) For information on this question, please go to The Plot Against the Pope website, and we suggest you read the articles on this website in this order: 1) Comments on the Eclipse of the Church and 1958; 2) Scripture Scholars, Ancient and Modern; 3) Warnings from Heaven Suppressed. With this one caveat, in our opinion, you can not do better than to familiarize yourself, or to better familiarize yourself with the story of Our Lady of Fatima.