Fall, 2002



Dear Class of 2003:


            Congratulations! You’ve made it to your senior year and will soon graduate. There is every reason you should be looking forward to a bright future. Many of you are planning your college career, or your future in the job market, or working for yourself in a business or profession. And from there you should be looking forward to at least as many opportunities (probably a lot more) as my generation had. And we had a lot more than the generations before us did.

Each generation should build upon the previous generation’s efforts, with succeeding generations reaping the benefits. And your generation would build on ours and all the previous generations – for your kids and grandkids.

That’s what should happen. But I have the unpleasant task of telling you, members of the Class of 2003, that there is a murderous bunch stalking the future of mankind. This bunch is right now planning a prolonged, low grade World War III of sorts – and guess who they want to fight it? YOU and all of your classmates; plus your older brothers and friends who are now in college or who have just gone out into the work force – and maybe your older sisters as well

            This War Party is an alien force, a fifth column within the United States, whose members hold American citizenship, but in fact are more loyal to other countries, or to other powers.

Members of this fifth column have virtually taken over the choke points of all the Big Television and Radio stations in the United States, and that’s why you have never seen the information in those big media outlets which you will find on this website, Real News 24/7. Members of this fifth column have also taken over most of the choke points in the federal government and in the administrations of the last several presidents. Congress is so in the control of this War Party, that one major national columnist and 3 time Presidential candidate, Patrick J. Buchanan, once called Congress, “Israeli occupied territory.” And he was right. Right now this War Party is pushing us into a needless World War III in the middle east, -- in which tens of thousands of your generation are already positioned to fight and die if things go wrong.

And if things go badly, then this crowd will be coming after you to do their dirty work. For, the problem is, those who fight and die in this coming attack on Iraq or similar attack on some other Arab country --- will not be fighting in a good cause. They will be fighting in an evil cause. The cause they will be fighting for is to make Israel and Jerusalem the capital of a world tyranny, and to turn the United States into a progressively more oppressive police state. That’s why they want American young men and women to go fight young Arab men and women  -- for the benefit of clearing the way for “modern Israel over all” together with the financial powers behind modern Israel. (Incidentally, the Ruling Elite of this War Party cares nothing for everyday Jewish folks in Israel, either. If they get their war in the middle east, thousands of everyday Jewish people will be needlessly slaughtered in the months and years ahead. Some sources say that 1/3rd of the people in Israel oppose what their leaders are doing – and there are many Jewish people in the USA are opposing this needless war. So we are actually talking about a very small number of powerful people around Bush and Clinton administrations (Anglo-Freemasonry) and the government of Israel and its allied Israeli Lobby in the USA (Zionists) who are pushing the entire world towards a needless World War III.

If we in the United States were fighting a just war, and one that really had to do with the defense of our country – then all of us – young and old alike – would suit up to defend our sisters, mothers, wives and daughters. But such is not the case. What the Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration, and the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and Congress are pushing (with few exceptions) – is an unjustifiable, aggressive war action against innocent people in Iraq, when neither they nor their leader (as bad as the Dictator Saddam Hussein is) threaten the USA in any way.

Check back every day or few days for the next week because this letter will be updated a few times by election day, 2002.

For now the best way to learn what is happening in the world, is to read the text of the Radio ads on our Real News 24/7 home page. Listen to the radio ads on the home page (when available), and then read some of the documentation on the home page

I am running for Congress this year in large part to make sure that this murderous War Party crowd does not do to your generation what they did to your father’s generation in Vietnam, your grandfather’s generation in Korea and World War II, and your great grandfather’s generation in World War I. What I am saying is – this War Party crowd used the bravery, valor, and patriotism of your and my ancestors to pave the way for the imminent World War III which they are planning in the middle east, and the world government tyranny they hope to establish after exhausting mankind in the coming war.

Please email your friends around the country about the existence of the Real News 24/7 website. Especially try to reach all of the college campuses. Together we can stop a needless World War III.



                                                                                                Jim Condit Jr.

                                                                                                Congressional Candidate

                                                                                                Ohio, 2nd District



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