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If you are willing to become one of the 1001+ "Great Americans" to fund this absolutely necessary effort between now and December 2004,
or if you are willing to become a congressional candidate -- then contact us at:
or mail us at: Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45211, or leave a message at 513-741-2095 and he will make sure one of us get back to you.
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It's Get Behind This "Network America" Plan -- or
slide into election 2004 WITHOUT A PEEP of Protest, and without a HINT of Constructive Organization for ULTIMATE VICTORY in taking back the USA for Christian Civilization
and from the satanic New World Order Crowd.

To paraphrase William Wallace in Braveheart: "Help us, for Heaven's sake, HELP yourself!"

This page is designed for people who want to fight back against the Ruling Elite which controls both the Republican and Democratic Parties at the national level
AND the 5 Big TV Networks. Here is a realistic -- already demonstrated -- strategy.



****** Introduction ******

This Page is designed for the 1001 Great Americans who will commit $10 to $1000 per month from now until December 2004. Why? Because this is the ONLY strategy to break through against the Judeo-Masonic New World Order and its Satanic program for world domination, which is unfolding daily before our eyes in the mass media. IT CAN BE DONE! This is not a problem we face, THIS IS A CRISIS. We've done the work over a 25 year period. We've found the plan. But -- without 1000 or more Great Americans to step forward and fund this program between now and December 2004 -- NOTHING will happen. The Christian Patriotic Americans will be SHUT OUT in election year 2004 -- sliding into the 2004 election WITHOUT A PEEP of protest. By failing to act when a plan is known -- this amounts to an unconscionable betrayal of our children, and of generations to come, and of Christ the King (of society as well as individuals).

Here is the program in a nutshell: Field 10 to 50 congressional candidates dispersed throughout the USA. Run radio ads on major Talk Show radio stations, bought locally, on programs such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. (they won't like it) etc. Always direct the listener to websites which will open a new world of information to them -- the very information censored by the Big Media. AND -- show people who will put "conscience OVER party line" how to enter the PRECINCT SYSTEM, how to then make their voices heard in the local county, how to then take back the local county, how to then restore honest elections in their local county, and from there join together, county by county, and state by state, to take back the USA.



****** Section 1 *******

For the FULL STORY, see
 Yes, There is a Plan for 2004

After reading "Yes, There is a Plan for 2004", Hear examples of the Radio Ads which Federal Candidates can run on major radio and TV stations.
The radio ads below were actually run in 2002.

If you need to understand better WHY we need this plan -- and how it can be that the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX) are all controlled by the same background Ruling Class -- you can read Mr. Terry Hayfield's essays on:
The Permanent Revolution: The Motive Behind Computerized Votefraud

Further background on why we need a plan can be found at "Light Bulb Moments" where you find amazingly informative short voice messages which will help you interpret news, history, and current events better than if you spent $80,000 and four years at Harvard, Yale, or any other university.
Light Bulb Moments


****** Section 2 *******

The Radio ads which busted Big Media censorship in 2002
ran over WLW (700 AM, a 50,000 watt clear channel station) and WKRC (550 AM, a 50,000 watt station).

These ads were run through the Jim Condit Jr. For Congress 2002 Campaign from October 22 to November 4, 2002. We need 10 to 50 candidates to step to the plate in various parts of the country and run their own ads exposing suppressed truth, and showing the people how to organize via the Precinct Strategy.

Hear the 2002 "Censorship Busting" Radio Ads Here
These had have to do with the Middle East, the 9-11 terror attacks, and Big Media Censorship

Radio ads were also run in Election 2000. In that year the ads dealt with "Honest Elections vs. Computerized Votefraud." Click here to hear those ads.
Note: We thought the Buchanan campaign would be able to make a big impact after the $12.5 million federal matching funds were received in September 2004 -- but when this was not the case due to the combination of Big TV Network Censorship, late release to the Buchanan Campaign of the Federal Matching Funds, exclusion of Buchanan from the debates even though he was on the ballot in 50 states, and the Big Media (ultimately successful) ploy to convince everyone that it was a "neck and neck" race between Bush and Gore with the "conclusion" that a vote for a third party Presidential candidate would elect your opponent -- then we withdrew the ads saying Buchanan would get at least 5% if there were an honest count. But the principle we were getting at still holds.

Next: The combination of the elements below -- of "The Reasonable Access Law", a congressional candidacy, and Precinct Mobilization -- should be used in every major city in the USA in 2004.



****** Section 3 *******

"The Reasonable Access Law"
Read WHY both radio stations and TV stations are required by "The Reasonable Access" law to run the ads of Federal Candidates (such as Congressional candidates, Senatorial candidates, and Presidential candidates)



****** Section 4 *******

The Precinct Strategy - The Most Powerful Office in the Land
to be used in conjunction with Congressional Radio Ads



****** Section 5 *******

What The Reasonable Access Law/Precinct Strategy Combination can accomplish:
A Parable for 2004
coming soon


****** Section 6 *******

Contact Information

If you are willing to become one of the 1001+ "Great Americans" to fund this absolutely necessary effort between now and December 2004, or if you are willing to become a congressional candidate -- then contact us at:
or leave a message for us at 513-741-2095 and we will make sure one of us get back to you. or mail to us at:
Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
(make checks payable to: "Precinct Project" or "Cincinnatus".)


****** Section 7 *******

Details of a specific case --- Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2002
(You can probably do a much better job, but here are some of the specifics of a particular campaign in 2002)


Below is a description of the SPECIFICS of the 2002 Campaign, as an example of the type of details that are involved in a specific situation.
What was done in 2002 by the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress" campaign in Cincinnati, Ohio -- should be duplicated in every major media market (every major city) in the USA in 2004. In this way, truly independent thinking candidates can get uncensored messages about REAL ISSUES to the American people,

Jim Condit Jr. became a legally qualified candidate in the 2nd District of Ohio. The sitting Congressman was was Rob Portman, who is one of President George W. Bush’s right hand men. Mr. Portman can often be seen sitting near President Bush at White House meetings involving Congressional leaders. Jim Condit Jr. said he would accept victory -- but realized that such a victory was at the minimum unlikely since the votes were "counted" in secret -- with the public barred from participation or observation -- using easily rigged computerized voting systems. But --

Of course, even if there had been an open count with effective checks and balances, a victory against Mr. Portman was still admittedly quite a long, long shot. Portman is smooth, low-key, likeable, has the full backing of the local media, the full backing of the local establishment, and had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank. Nevertheless -- despite the odds, Jim Condit Jr. was determined to get important messages to the public that were being censored or suppressed by the Big Media (both locally and nationally).

Highlights of the Platform of the Campaign

This campaign was determined to a) explain to the American people which factions dominates our mass media of communications, censoring vital information from the American public; b) bring out information about the 9-11 terror attacks that is being censored and suppressed in the controlled establishment media; c) prevent a 2nd horrible terrorist attack against the United States or Europe, a kind of “Phase II” of 9-11 – which, it was feared, would ahve been used to trigger an unjust and unnecessary attack on the people of Iraq --- for the benefit of the Sharon government in Israel – not for the benefit of the United States of America. While this "Phase II" of 9-11 was not used before the attack on Iraq -- we still believe the Ruling Elite is planning to use such a murderous device at some time in the future in order to advance its "world war III" and "turn the USA into a police state" agenda. Now, ---

WHY the FCC licensed Major Radio and Television Stations MUST run the ads of Federal Candidates

To understand WHY the major radio stations must run these Congressional campaign radio ads, – it is necessary to understand the "Reasonable Access Law" and the "Becker vs. FCC"  decision in 1996 by the Washington D.C. Circuit Court.

This law is meant to protect freedom of speech for federal candidates (such as congressional candidates) and their supporters -- to raise the issues which the candidate and his supporters feel are important.  The law requires that FCC (Federal Communications Commission) licensed radio and TV stations must run the ads of Federal Candidates in the day slots, or blocks of time, that the federal candidate specifies. Provided obscenity and profanity are avoided by the federal candidate -- the FCC licensed radio station is NOT allowed to censor the campaign ad for content, nor to move it into other day parts (or time blocks) it chooses  -- it must adhere to the schedule bought by the federal candidate and his campaign. (This last rule was the whole point of the Becker vs. FCC ruling in 1996, in which candidate Becker of Atlanta, Georgia won against the FCC itself and 300 major radio and television stations who came in on the side of the FCC to try and censor Becker's ads by putting them exclusively between midnight and 5 AM. The D.C. circuit court ruled that the FCC licensed station HAD to run the federal candidate ads IN THE TIME SLOT OF THE CANDIDATE's CHOOSING. They could not embargo his or her ads to times of the day where there are few listeners, or less listeners, such as between midnight and 5 AM, as the station in Atlanta was trying to do. In other words, this is a solemn legal obligation of an FCC licensed station -- which is merely LEASING the PUBLIC airwaves. It is not a merely public service by the station to insure robust and unfettered public debate on the issues of the day -- it is the station's solemn legal obligation.

In other words -- if, for instance, a federal candidate, such as myself, buys three one minute radio ads on a drive time show with a local host -- such as Pat Barry on WKRC radio in Cincinnati -- and if that candidate buys the time on the last day of the election of 2002, Monday, November 4th -- then the FCC licensed station, such as WKRC cannot alter the content of the radio ad, its management cannot refuse to play the ads,  must give the three ads a reasonable spacing throughout the program such as they would extend to any business customer (this reasonably spacing of ads is called "minimal separation" in the media business), and --- MOST IMPORTANTLY -- the FCC licensed station can absolutely NOT move such federal candidate radio ads to another time block other than the time slot bought by the candidate. For instance, the station could not move a federal candidate's ads bought in the Pat Barry Show (which takes place in drive time on weekdays -- 3 PM to 6 PM), to a non-drive time program with a non-local host -- such as to the "Glenn Beck" program which airs from 9 AM to 12 noon weekdays on the same station.

The law is even stronger than that.  The law requires, during the last sixty days before the election, that the radio ads be sold to the federal candidate at the lowest rate such time was sold to any business, any issue group, or any individual in the same time slot for that year. Finally, if the FCC licensed station refuses to play the radio ads as paid for and ordered by the candidate and his campaign -- the federal candidate can file for ownership of the station's FCC license.

This is why the FCC licensed television and radio stations must play federal candidate ads, such as the ads our campaign has aired with the support of people from many, many states around the USA. Based on our experience, and the experience of everyone who watches the major media --- these "advocates of free speech" would definitely and absolutely censor such ads as my campaign ran in the 2002 election campaign -- if they possibly could. How do we know? They censor such information for the rest of the year.

The above is a brief explanation of this "Reasonable Access" law and the Becker vs. FCC decision which bolstered it in 1996.

Candidate's philosophy

This page or other pages allied with this candidate link and will link to many sources of information, usually because that source is providing the best information on the SUBJECT UNDER DISCUSSION. But, needless to say, do NOT agree with every concept in every article or source that is linked to. The links are to the best articles we can find, despite flaws which may be in such articles.

To understand the candidate's world view, he believes in the writings of the late Fr. Denis Fahey, who wrote many important books during his lifetime (1883 to 1954), such as "The Mystical Body of Christ and the Modern World." The candidate believes that every human being is created by God with an immortal soul and an eternal destiny, and that each soul is of infinite value in the eyes of God.

As far as practical political platforms, the candidate believes almost entirely in the planks of the platform of the Constitution Party and the platform of the Reform Party as adopted at its 2001 national convention (not on the web yet to our knowledge) -- although this is not to imply that either of those nationally recognized parties endorse this campaign in any way. Mr. Jim Condit Jr. has run in the 2002 election as an independent.

Launch for 2004

In fact, in this year of 2002, there should have been about 50 Congressional Candidates running on the platform expressed in the “Jim Condit Jr.” for Congress radio ads. These ads, running in Cincinnati, are reaching a potential audience of 10 million people, with an actual audience at peak times of about 200,000 people. In other words, these radio spots are reaching about 3% of the American people, not counting those who come in by internet to read or hear the ads. We hope internet visitors will number in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions – as word and emails spread -- by time the two week radio ad campaign is over in this year of 2002.

If, by 2004, 50 or more candidates disbursed throughout the country are using this strategy – then we will be reaching more like 98% of the American public with information that is being censored or suppressed by the 5 Big TV networks, and the other controlled establishment media.

In conjunction with breaking through the censorship curtain of the controlled Big Media, concerned citizens can be organizing from precinct to precinct, county to county, and state to state – in conjunction with keeping alive and exercising our Second Amendment rights (to keep and bear arms to defend our families from crime and oppose tyranny, as intended by the Founding Fathers). This, together with prayer, provides the strategy to reclaim American and restore the true freedoms which are being eroded, as well as effect a just foreign policy, fair to all nations, and in the interest of the United States of America – as opposed to policies which are primarily in the interest of a foreign power, or primarily in the interest of Elite interest groups – which is the case with US foreign policy, and even much of US domestic policy, today. More can be learned by visiting the home page of Real News 24/7 at

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