Letter to my Brothers and Sisters on the first two pages of “Catholic Prophecy” by Yves Dupont, especially in relation to the conversion of the Muslims and Our Lady of Fatima 

From an email written to the brothers and sisters on May 15, 2007 – in response to an email from Ann about, “Fr. Corapi on Islam and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

This sounds like a very interesting CD set and DVD set on Islam and the Blessed Mother which Ann has alerted us all to.

I have often heard – from many sources, none of which I can remember now – that Our Lady of Fatima would be recognized by the Moslems around the time of the Great Chastisement as the sign that they should convert to Catholicism, due in some degree to the fact that Our Lady appeared at Fatima, the village that had been named after the daughter of Mohammed when the Moslems occupied Portugal and Spain for some time in the Middle Ages.

Along these lines, I have been meaning for some time to transcribe the intro to “Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement” by Yves Dupont, which was published in 1971 by TAN Books, so that it would be available on the internet. So I am going to do it right now – inspired by this email from Ann. (see below). This book and this passage deals heavily with the conversion of Islam as the coming Great Chastisement ends, and the Peace of Fatima begins.

The Intro is a summary Dupont wrote of all the thousands of prophecies he studied and collated for the book – only a fraction of which appear in the actual book, which is only about 120 pages long. What is below is an exact word for word transcript of that Intro to the book. Dupont explains in the book how he became interested in prophecy as a French soldier during World War II when someone pointed out certain prophecies which were coming true at that time. After the war, he began his study of prophecy until his death circa 1977.

About 8 years before TAN published this book, around 1962, Dupont had started to publish “World Trends” (a newsletter) out of Australia, where he had moved. He said at that time that despite the euphoria surrounding the opening of Vatican II (I remember this euphoria as a 9 year old, as the nuns were ecstatic that the Church was getting so much attention in the world press), that the prophecies indicated that the Church would be coming in for some very rough times, leading to the Great Chastisement.

When much confusion was surfacing around 1967-68 --- Dupont began to get somewhat of a following since he had predicted five years earlier the turmoil and confusion that was now beginning to take shape before everyone’s eyes, -- predictions he had made based on the Catholic prophecies he had studied. Dupont was trying to “call the game in real time”, which is very hard to do. He suggested in the latter part of the book that Paul VI may well become the Pope forced into exile, because so many of the prophecies talked about a Pope-in-exile. Since Paul VI died in 1978, then this obviously did not come true.

In 1974 or 75 when I first read Catholic Prophecy by Dupont, I myself felt that the part below in the intro about the Moslems and Arabs becoming a world power again was so ridiculous (after all, we had nukes, they had camels!), that I didn’t mention the book to anyone for many, many years – until 1988, 14 years later). (Even though I liked the book very much, and felt that it had the ring of truth about it, I just felt the part about the Moslems rising again was just medieval miscalculation of the prophecies that could not now come true in modern times. I also was embarrassed by his assertion that Catholic Monarchies, starting with the Great Monarch, would rise again after the coming Chastisement. This seemed both ridiculous and impossible to me in 1974. Now I know that one of the major goals of World War I was to get rid of all the Catholic Monarchies, the last one disappearing in 1922 with the death of King Karl I of Austria at the age of 35; he was a Hapsburg and was forced out, but never resigned; his body was found incorrupt several decades later; I now also realize that we in “the democracies” have been increasingly living under a background Tyranny, infinitely more cruel than whatever was the very worst monarchy in history, -- and that this background Tyranny manipulates the peoples of each nation without a Catholic Monarch to warn and protect the people, which is why the current Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry wanted so badly to knock them all from leading their countries. (The Queen of England is the only major Monarchy left, but it is a parody of a real Monarchy, as well as totally at the service of the “Hidden Hand” of Freemasonic bankers and wire-pullers, which lurk behind the world leaders we see on the news.

No matter where one stands on current issues, I feel the passage below should be taken very seriously. Having watched world events for about 32 years now, with this book in the back of my mind, I am working on a booklet to be called, “Pope Leo’s Vision of Satan’s 100 years, and the Triumph of Our Lady of Fatima” – which I hope to have ready soon. This booklet will argue that the Great Chastisement described below, and the initiation of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, or the Peace of Fatima, or, as it was called before 1917, the Period of Peace – may well take place between the years of 2014 and 2022, with the peace possibly beginning in 2017. 2017 is the 400th anniversary of Luther’s Protestant Revolt in 1517, the 200th anniversary of the re-emergence of Freemasonry in modern times (1717), and the 100th anniversary of the takeover of Russia by the Communists (1917). It is also, of course, the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima to the three shepherd children in Portugal. (The 90th anniversary of the first appearance at Fatima occurred two days ago, May 13th, 2007.)

Incidentally, everyone might consider praying for Tom Nelson, who is now 69 years old, and TAN Books, which he founded now 40 years ago in 1967. Barring a miracle, TAN Books will be dismantled this Thursday, (Ascension Thursday) by the court. Tom Nelson has distributed many, many millions of books throughout the world that no one else kept in publication over the last 40 years. It hit the news that Mel Gibson had used the visions of Blessed Anna Katrina Emmerich to fill in some scenes in the Passion of the Christ. He got the book from TAN Books. When his people called Tom Nelson to see how much they would have to pay for the rights to use the book, Tom told them that the book was public domain, that he had just kept it in print because he thought Sister Emmerich’s visions needed to be known. Along these lines – a little personal story: In 1983, when we were putting the 70,000 Fatima pamphlets in the Cincinnati Sunday Enquirer on the Sunday before the City Council election that year, I came down to the wire and realized that the picture I wanted to used of a nuclear explosion was on the cover of a copyrighted book, “The Third World War and the End of Time”, by Emmett Culligan (the Culligan Water man), published by TAN. I called TAN books in Chicago, having only heard of Tom Nelson at that time, and never having called TAN before. I explained the deadline to the Secretary, she left the phone for about two minutes, came back and said: “Tom said to just go ahead and use it, don’t worry about it.” This is the kind of guy Tom Nelson is, and if he ended up so much in debt that the court is shutting him down, it was from a generous heart to make available millions of sound books to the public since 1967, in what turned out to be an era when Catholic readership was dwindling, especially since the early 1990s. By the way, TAN stands for the first letters in Thomas A. Nelson, whom I first met around 1991 when he showed up as I was finishing the recessional after Mass one Sunday. (We ate at Grand Finale Brunch and talked for a few hours after that.) Jen has met Tom Nelson twice, the first time at a pro-life March in Washington D.C. when he sat at our table with Mom and Dad in attendance also. Jen and Ann met him, again in Washington DC in late 2003 when Jen arranged a preview showing of the Passion of the Christ by quite a few Catholic leaders, including Tom Nelson, Howard Walsh, John Vennari, Fr. Gruner, etc. By the way, I met Fr. Benedict Groeschel, often seen on EWTN, as he was leaving that showing, which I believe was a short time before he was in that car accident and was badly injured.

Back to Catholic Prophecy: After looking at the exact passage from the intro to Catholic Prophecy below, I will make a few comments in light of the realities which we have now actually seen come to pass since 1970.

Here is the introduction as published in “Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement” in 1970:

Begin quote:

These precisions run from paragraph 12 to paragraph 75. Since they are repeated in many different prophecies, it is not possible to treat them separately. Each of the paragraphs, therefore, may contain one or more of these precisions.




-- Not a two-camp war, but a multi-sided war.


-- Not a war only, but a world-wide revolution as well.


-- Not simply a man-made holocaust, but also a God-sent chastisement, accompanied by cosmic disturbances.


--- To last about four years.




The whole world will be involved in the fighting. A unique feature is in the internal disintegration of the Western democracies, and the invasion of Western Europe by Arab forces.

The roles of the USA and USSR are not clear in the beginning. The USA may be involved in the Far-East or at home or both. The USSR may want to keep out of the fray at first, while abetting the Arab world, or may be involved in Siberia.

Civil wars rage in Western Europe. The Church is persecuted; the Popes leaves Rome and dies in exile; an anti-pope is installed in Rome; the Catholic Church is split, leaderless and completely disorganized. Communism is victorious. The Mohammedans invade Europe and commit innumerable atrocities.

In the West, however, Christians rally around an unexpected leader, an army officer of royal blood, but their chances seem very slim.

The natural disturbances begin: floods, droughts, famines.

A comet approaches he earth; Whole mountains split open; huge tidal waves swallow up low-lying lands; stones fall from the sky; a deadly fog or gas poisons the atmosphere; a prolonged darkness envelops the earth. Two-thirds or three-fourths of the human race is wiped out.

The powers of evil are shattered. The Christian Prince leads his growing army to battle and wins victory upon victory. In West Germany he crushes a Germano-Russian Army. Communism collapses everywhere. The Mohammedans are thrown back to the sea. The war is carried to Africa and the Middle East, where the Arab Power is dealt a deadly blow. At this stage, if not earlier, US troops come to the assistance of Western Europe.

Russia and China are converted to Catholicism, as also the Mohammedans. All non-Catholics return to Mother Church. A holy Pope is elected; he shows great firmness; and he restores all the former disciplines of the Church.

All the nations of Western Europe unite and form a new Roman Empire, and accept as their emperor the great Christian Prince, chosen by God, who works hand-in-hand with the holy Pope. The triumph of the Catholic Church is universal.

The whole world enjoys a period of complete peace and unprecedented prosperity in mutual love and respect among people and nations.

This great peace will last until the coming of Antichrist. 

(END OF QUOTE from the introduction to Catholic Prophecy, 1970.)


Now – my (almost) brief comments in light of what we have actually witnessed in the last 35 years:

1. It is clear that the Western Democracies are in an alarming state of decline, corresponding to the “internal disintegration of the Western democracies” alluded to in the above passage.

2. “The invasion of Western Europe by Arab forces” has already taken place, in a sense, because the post WW II immigration policy has resulted in large Moslem populations in the nations of Western Europe, notably France, England, Denmark, etc. If there is to follow a also a military invasion of Europe by the Moslems, as the prophecies seem to suggest, then the “fifth column” for the Moslems is already in place to help make way for the invaders. However, even if the invasion was just result of insurrections by the Moslems who are already in Europe, the resulting destruction and carnage would be devastating. (Maybe you heard that the Moslems rioted in several parts of France after the Presidential election of one week ago; the “winner” was Nicolas Sarkozy, who is half Jewish, which may have been the reason for the Moslems rioting; Sarkozy has announced that he intends to support the US, presumably including more support for the war in Iraq, which may be the reason why the Moslems rioted; by the way, computers for secret vote-counting have been installed for the first time for this election in many major cities of France – which may also help explain the victory of Sarkozy.

3. The paragraph beginning “The roles of the USA and the USSR are not clear in the beginning . . .” – is clearly a guesstimate on the part of Dupont. Maybe he felt the need to address what was not explicitly covered in the prophecies because he knew it would be of interest to the biggest potential audience, namely, the United States. The USA was fighting the Vietnam war at that time. Nevertheless, it is still possible that the US might get again get embroiled in the Far East because of Red China or North Korea; Russia is already clashing with the Moslems in Chechnya, which is the other end of Russia from Siberia. In any case, I don’t think this whole paragraph is very important in the overall. Dupont may have been trying to figure out why the prophecies didn’t seem to mention the two most powerful countries, the USA and Russia. The answer could be that, with both countries now under the control of a Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite, both countries try to fight their wars by proxy where possible; but the prophecies seem to say that this will get out of hand and the whole world will become involved in the fighting. In any case, this seems to be a relatively useless paragraph that could have been left out of his summary.

4. I have commented in the last big email sent to everyone on the part which says: “The Church is persecuted; the Pope leaves Rome and dies in exile; an anti-pope is installed in Rome; the Catholic Church is split, leaderless and completely disorganized.” Even if you believe that this has not begun to happen yet, it is important to note that this theme is very strong throughout the book and the in the prophecies the book was based on.

5. “Communism is victorious.” Someone might say: “Hey, wait a minute, Communism collapsed in 1989.” While this is what the news reported, many, many observers have said since 1989 that this was a deliberate, strategic move on the part of the world rulers of darkness. The prophecies before 1917 actually refer to the bad forces as “the Revolution”, i.e., those revolting against the Divine Plan for order and against the Catholic Church. It would have been better if Dupont had said, “The anti-Christian Revolution, now known most prominently as its police arm, Communism, is victorious everywhere.”

Over the last several hundred years the anti-Christian Revolution has operated behind many masks: Freemasonry, Communism, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, etc. etc. etc. While the Communist movement didn’t succeed in getting control of a land mass until 1917, it was around for much longer; Pope Pius IX condemned “the unspeakable doctrine of Communism” in his Encyclical “Qui Pluribus” (On Faith and Religion) on November 9, 1846, five months after he was elected Pope; this was two years before Karl Marx supposedly “invented” Communism in 1848 with the “Communist Manifesto”; in fact, Karl Marx was hired by the Rothschild banking house to write the pamphlet – and Marx’s name didn’t even appear on any printings of the pamphlet until 25 years later in 1873. I include this to demonstrate that Communism was only one of the most frightening masks used by the anti-Christian Revolution, but that the background wirepullers were there before 1917, and are still there today – always deriving their power in the natural order from getting control of the power to issue money in a country, and then issuing themselves billions of dollars, unbeknownst to the public, to set up all of their operations, to buy up the major media outlets, to find politicians that are willing to be bought, etc.  

It is the power of these background bankers and wirepullers that will be smashed during the chastisement, and apparently specifically during the three days of darkness (see below for more on this).

The 1846 encyclical mentioning communism by Pope Pius IX can be found in a number of places, including here: http://www.ewtn.com/library/encyc/p9quiplu.htm -- The “collapse of communism” in 1989 was the end of a long war between Stalinist Communism and Trotskyite Communism, which rivalry is somewhat explained in this document: http://www.realnews247.com/rakovsky_interrogation.htm -- entitled “The Rakovsky Interrogation, the beginning of World War II, and the Unknown Light of Fatima.”

The Trotskyite Communists have been running the United States through the Clinton and Bush White Houses since 1992. One of the most well known of these “transformed” Trotskyite Communists is William Kristol, the editor of the “conservative” Weekly Standard, often featured as a “conservative” commentator on Fox Cable News Network. His dad, Irving Kristol, was an open Trotskyite Communist in the 1930s. After Nixon defeated McGovern by such as trouncing margin in 1972 (before easily rigged computer systems were introduced to count the vote in the USA), the wirepullers of Freemasonry decided that Americans could never be maneuvered towards world tyranny through the liberal Democrats only; therefore, a lot of the Trotskyite Communists, then known as left wing Democrats, became “neo-conservatives” and switched to the Republican Party. One of the most prominent switch-ees – was Irving Kristol, William Kristol’s dad.

As far as the peace of Fatima beginning in 1989 with the media touted “collapse of communism”, as some have argued, Fr. Nicholas Gruner points out that since 1920 in Russia, and since 1973 in the USA, there has been a war on the unborn via “legalized” abortion. He argues that when Our Lady of Fatima inaugurates her Period of Peace (“In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”), there will be no wars, including no war on the unborn. In the DVD “Heaven’s Key to Peace”, Gruner and others argue that when Our Lady has moved in the past, such as in Mexico under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, she moved quickly and completely, to make clear that what was happening was indeed from Heaven. In Mexico then, the entire population, seeing the miraculous image on Juan Diego’s cloak, converted from paganism to Catholicism. If I have my story straight, many of the missionaries spent most of ten years baptizing Mexican pilgrims (who had traveled to see the miraculous image on the cloak) from early in the morning until late at night.

I don’t have any idea how Fr. Corapi is going to relate the coming conversion of Islam to Guadalupe, as is advertised, – but perhaps it is in regard to the mass conversion that happened to Mexicans when they recognized the miraculous cloak as the sign that they should convert to the Catholic religion. Perhaps there will be another type of the “cloak of Juan Diego” that the Moslems will recognize as a sign from God that they should convert to the true Religion as the Peace of Fatima is about to begin.

Back to Dupont’s use of the term “Communism” instead of “Revolution” -- keep in mind that when Dupont was writing in 1970, Communism was an over-arching and ever-present threat that could have launched an attack, even a nuclear attack, against the US and western Europe at any time. Thus Communism was like a nightmare in the back of everyone’s mind through that period, which may explain why Dupont uses that term, rather than the “Revolution” which is often used in the prophecies.

Also, I would argue that the anti-Christian Revolution is virtually victorious right now in 2007, as they rule all the important and powerful governments of the world, as well as they deceive AND corrupt billions through their control of TV, radio and movies. The only way they could achieve greater control would be to succeed in instituting tyranny in the USA and Western Europe where they could begin rounding up and imprisoning any signifcant dissenters who are causing a problem for the next steps of their agenda. Some of the effective dissenters have already been rounded up and imprisoned, such as Congressman Jim Traficant of Youngstown, Ohio, now 66 years old, (imprisoned in 2002 on bogus charges, now serving 7 years for several reasons, including authoring legislation which forced the IRS to go to court before they took someone’s home, causing home seizures to drop from 10,500 in 1997, to 51 in 1998 after the legislation became law; he was also critical of the Israeli lobby); Ernst Zundel, now 68 years old (arrested in Tennessee in 2003, kept in solitary confinement in Canada for one year, now serving an indefinite prison term in Hamburg, Germany for saying that the 6 million figure of Jews killed by the Nazis during WW II was exaggerated, and proving in a Canadian court in 1988 that what was being shown as a “gas chamber” at Auschwitz could not possibly have been a gas chamber); Germar Rudolph, now 42 years old, )arrested in Chicago in 2005, and now serving an indefinite term in Stuttgart, Germany, “convicted” for an experiment he did while a chemist at the prestigious Max Planck Insititute, confirming Zundel’s proof that none of the buildings being shown at Auschwitz could possibly have been homicidal gas chambers, as well as running the most comprehensive Website in the world challenging the Hollywood Version of the Holocaust.) Reporter Christopher Bollyn, who has written many articles tying Israel and Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff to the 9-11 terror attacks, goes on trial for absolutely nothing in Chicago in about a month, facing a possible one year in jail term. And so on. Also, many effective pro-lifers have been imprisoned for long periods of time (some still in jail at this minute) and many have had their homes taken out of their ownership for long periods of time, like Joe Scheidler of the pro-life action league, or have had their homes taken completely away for no reason whatsoever, such as Michael Bray, whom Tom has defended.


7. Back to a line from the Catholic Prophecy intro: “a deadly fog or gas poisons the atmosphere; a prolonged darkness envelops the earth.” In his 4 page chapter entitled, “The Comet”, Dupont states that the tail of a comet will be filled with red dust which will kill almost everyone who is out in the open air when it passes through the earth’s atmosphere; Dupont argues that this may have happened several times before in history, including at the time of the “Red Sea”, which, he says, could have been the river turning red due to such comet dust, and he argues that such a tail of a comet may have been what killed the dinosaurs very abruptly at one point in history. He then argues that the aftermath of this comet dust would rejuvenate the earth with minerals and replenish the soil, to result in stupendously nutritious crops during the Peace of Fatima. In any case, Dupont suggests that the tail of the comet will cause the much talked about “three days of darkness” during which the power of the forces of darkness will be broken.

8. “The great peace will last until the coming of Antichrist.” In his 3 page chapter entitled, “The End of the World”, Dupont argues, very persuasively I think, that there are two phases to the end of the world: the first, which he argues we are in, is “The Beginning of the End” referred to in St. Matthew 24:6 (“the end is not yet”) Then the peace of Fatima, then the coming of Antichrist and the end of the world. Some say the Peace of Fatima will last two or three generations. Fr. Sylvester Berry, who wrote around 1920, argued that it would last for 500 years (about 2017 to about 2517), to redress and correct the 500 years of the Protestant revolt (1517-2017, according to this line of thinking).

Let me conclude with the final two paragraphs in Dupont’s chapter 3, “The End of the World”, as this is an important perspective if we are to rationalize that both the Peace of Fatima AND the end of the world are still in the future.

Begin quote from Dupont on his last paragraphs in his chapter on the end of the world:

“This personal interpretation of mine [Dupont] is based on my knowledge of a large number of private prophecies, and on extensive and painstaking cross-references and correlations made many years ago, when I was in a position to devote much time to studying these prophecies. Moreover, this interpretation is not incompatible with Scripture. Indeed, Scripture supports it in many cases. We read in the Gospel, for instance, a description of various evils followed by the caution: “But the end is not yet.” (Matt. 24:6), and, again, a description of pestilence, famines and earthquakes, with the conclusion: “But these things are the beginnings of sorrows.” (Matt. 24:8), the first stage only. Then, we are told that “the Gospel is to be preached in the whole world” (Matt 24:14) before the End finally comes. In Verse 15, another description of these events is given, but it is clear that Verses 9 to 14 formed an indivisible whole, as did Verses 4 to 8. Then, at the end of that third passage (Verses 15 to 22) we are informed again that those days will be shortened for the sake of the elect, otherwise no living creature would be saved.

“For the above reasons (note: reasons given throughout all three pages of this Chapter), I (Dupont) regard it as certain that there will be two different stages. The first stage will only be the beginning of sorrows, and it will be shortened for the sake of the elect, and the Gospel will then be preached throughout the world. This will be the period of peace under the Great Monarch, the period of conversions and the general prosperity which we and our children may enjoy – in short, the period of peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima.”



Finally, as a Catholic writer (Charles Coloumbe) told me in 1991 at the Christ the King conference in El Paso, Texas: “Exactly how a prophecy is fulfilled is usually obvious only after it has already happened!” ---- But this is my best guesstimate – at this juncture in 2007, --- based on Dupont’s best guesstimate back in 1970! I hope to elaborate a bit on this in the upcoming pamphlet on Pope Leo XIII’s 1884 vision (in which he saw a future time where Satan’s would have increased power (because of all the sin in the world for about 100 years -- (That article is now at this web address: http://www.realnews247.com/pope_leo_vision_1884.htm ), and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, promised at Fatima in 1917. (Best book on Fatima and Miracle of the Sun, Our Lady of Fatima by William Thomas Walsh; Warner Brothers movie, The Miracle of our Lady of Fatima, 1952, is based largely on this book. Best internet documentary, Heaven’s Key to Peace, to be up on YouTube.com circa May 2008)

Jim Jr.


(This was a letter I sent to my 10 younger brothers and sisters in May, 2007; I also gave a copy to my wife and each of my children. -- Jim Condit Jr.)