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To Christians, Jews, Muslims and Non-Believers, living and dead, who have had not only the courage to place their concern for mankind above their allegiance to any group or sect but also the willingness  to do battle in behalf of this conviction.  Alfred M. Lilienthal 

Alfred M. Lilienthal -- Palestinian Children

Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal: historian, journalist, and lecturer.

Lilienthal was born in 1913 in New York City. He is a graduate of Cornell University and Columbia Law School. As an American of Jewish faith, he first became interested in the Middle East while in the U.S. military and stationed in Egypt during World War II.  He later served with the Department of State and as a consultant to the American delegation at the organizing meeting of the United Nations in San Francisco. In 1949, his article, "Israel's Flag Is Not Mine," published in the Reader's Digest, caused great controversy because of its anti-Zionist position. 

Despite condemnation from many influential quarters, Lilienthal has remained in the forefront of the struggle for a balanced U.S. policy not dictated by favoritism toward Israel.  He traveled over 25 times to the Middle East for firsthand investigation of events and authored several books including The Zionist Connection that was described by Foreign Affairs journal as "his culminating masterwork." He continues today, after over a half century of effort, to defend the Palestinian people and to call repeatedly for an independent State of Palestine.

Author of :

What Price Israel?

Online Selections From
What Price Israel?

50th Anniversary Edition 1953 -- 2003
With New Introduction and Appendix
Will Be Released Soon

There Goes The Middle East

 The Other Side of the Coin

The Zionist Connection I & II

Book Review of The Zionist Connection II
Washington Report On Middle East Affairs
By Grace Halsell -- November 14, 1983

Online Selections From
Zionist Connection II

Introduction and four complete chapters
from the book can be read here.

Lilienthal Historical Photo Album
Middle East -- 1950s to 2003
Nasser, King Hussein, Mubarak, Arafat,
King Saud, Adlai Stevenson,
 Peace Accords at White House 1993,
 Palestinian Ship of Return 1988,
Christian Mayor of Bethlehem
 Elias Freij and author Donald Neff 1984,
 Israeli Peace Activist 
Jeff Halper 2002,
"Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel"
Founder Joshua Ruebner 2002

Eyewitness photos of Intifada 1988 
More to be added soon.

Greater Israel -- What Does It Really Mean? -- War On Iraq... and Syria... and Iran... and Saudi Arabia... and..... the Palestinians

Greater Israel -- What Does It Really Mean?

Why do many Arabs and Muslims suspect
 America's war on Iraq was for Israel?

President George W. Bush's war speech
February 26, 2003
at the American Enterprise Institute
(Ideological home of Zionist-Sharonist
 promoters such as Richard Perle)

Who in the U.S. is behind the war on Iraq?

Transcript of Bush's speech, plus links with details on the specific 20 war-mongering members of the American Enterprise Institute in the Bush administration.  Also read a related recent article on what our government and media have not been telling us about the real reasons behind our conflict with Arabs and other Muslims.   Here are details from the point of view of their concerns about Zionist influence on American foreign policy in the Middle East for over a half century:

 The Real Reason They Hate Us

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Read Articles by Dr. Lilienthal Now

Why The Rise In Anti-Semitism In Europe?
October 27, 2002

Showdown Between Sharon and Arafat
September 23, 2002

An Open Letter To Arafat
July 4, 2002

Swans Commentary:
 What Price Middle East Peace?
Article from 1992 reissued in 2002!

[Ed. Note: This is an address given by Dr. Lilienthal, an ardent advocate of a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine, on April 23, 1992 at the University Club, in Washington, D.C. -- that is just about 10 years ago. What's fascinating about his lecture is its relevance in 2002. It could be given today; only the figures would change. More settlements, more killings and destruction, more "revenge" and "retaliation," etc.; but the story and its narrative, even the actors, are frozen in time. Read this address. There is no better reminder and clearer explanation of what can only be defined as a path into self-oblivion. And yet, we all know it could be different...if reason prevailed.]   Gilles d’Aymery at Swans

Older Articles -- 1949-1999

Israel's Flag Is Not Mine
Reader's Digest -- 1949

The State of Israel and the State of the Jew
We are co-religionists and not co-nationalists
Vital Speeches of the Day -- 1950

Zionism & American Jews -- 1981

Semite and Anti-Semite:
A Confusion Stifling American Freedom -- 1986

Witness to History:
New York 1947, Tunis 1988
Palestinian Declaration of Independence

An Open Letter to Yasser Arafat -- 1988

The US Media and the PLO:
Will Things Ever Change? -- 1989

Book on Times' Editor Helps Explain
Media Bias for Israel -- 1989

Boschwitz's Play for the "Jewish Vote"
Costs Him His Senate Seat -- 1991

Shielding Israel From Sanctions Recalls
Failed Policies of Past -- 1993

The Changing Role of B'nai B'rith's
Anti-Defamation League -- 1993

After Oslo and Before Gaza-Jericho:
A Time for Unity Despite Adversity -- 1994

Dr. Alfred Lilienthal's 80th Birthday:
Reflections on a Life-Long Struggle
for Justice in the Middle East -- 1994

The King (Saud of Saudi Arabia) and I:
Eyewitness to History -- 1995

J. William Fulbright: A Giant Passes -- 1995

The United Nations: San Francisco
in 1945 and Fifty Years Later -- 1995

Whether It’s Jerusalem or Nantucket,
You Can’t Go Home Again -- 1997

What Price Holocaustomania?
The Specter of Hitler That Drives Washington’s
"Israel First" Mideast Policy -- 1998

The Truth at Last About Pope Pius
and The Holocaust -- 1998

Recollections of a Young American GI
in Egypt: A Long-Standing Love Affair
With the Middle East -- 1999

The Kennedys and I: JFK’s Bold Words
on the Middle East Conflict -- 1999

Remembering General George Marshall’s
Clash With Clark Clifford Over
Premature Recognition of Israel -- 1999


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Descriptive Summary
Alfred M. Lilienthal Papers,  1936-1997 
Lilienthal, Alfred M.

Number of containers: 167 ms. boxes, 2 cu. ft. boxes,
 9 oversize boxes, 1 card file box, 189 envelopes,
 2 motion picture film reels

Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010

Speeches and writings, correspondence, notes, memoranda,
 press releases, serial issues, conference papers, interviews,
 studies, clippings, other printed matter, photographs,
 and sound recordings, relating to the Middle East,
 Arab-Israeli relations, and American foreign policy in the region.
 Collection also available on microfilm (154 reels).
Click on various categories under Container List
 for specifics of photos and correspondence with many
 Arab/Jewish/American leaders of the time.

 Check back in June-September 2003 for the 
 development of our Research Center here at this 
 site with hundreds of rare documents and unique 
 photos from the Lilienthal Collection. 

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New Article by Daughter of King Saud
"King Saud and the Issue of Palestine" 
Read at Historical Background link above.


Middle East Peace Dove

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Former Congressman Paul Findley has written in
People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby

For all his longstanding and vigorous endeavors for the peaceful reconciliation of Jews and Arabs, Lilienthal remains a lonely figure, often shunned in the United States, even by those whose banner he carries the highest.

Lilienthal says some people kid him as being the "Man from LaMancha." And true to the characterization, he frequently brings audiences to their feet by quoting from the song which had Quixote "reaching for the unreachable stars."

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