7. Overview of 9-11 and a 2nd Terror Attack (Audio)

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7. Overview of 9-11 and a 2nd Terror Attack (Text)

Are you ready for a SECOND terrorist Attack? Strong evidence indicates that the 9-11 terror attacks were NOT done by Arabs hiding in caves in Afghanistan, but were pulled off by well placed pro-Israeli operatives in our Federal government and military intelligence, using high technology remote control to crash the 9-11 planes into the World Trade Center. All such evidence has been suppressed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX.

I believe that a “Phase II” of 9-11 is now in the planning, a SECOND terrorist attack against the USA or Europe, this time biowarfare or nuclear. The Big TV Networks will again BLAME the Arabs on cue, to trick you into letting your son and daughter be drafted to go and fight and die in a needless war in the Middle east for Israel’s benefit – not for America’s.

Help us prevent a needless World War III. For the full story, go to realnews247.com and click on “2nd Terrorist Attack”, and tell your contacts nationwide to go to realnews247.com – Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.


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