5.  Tom Clancy and 9-11 (Audio)

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5.  Tom Clancy and 9-11 (Text)

Do you really believe the Pentagon and the US military were taken by surprise on 9-11? 

IF you do, please go down to your local bookstore and find two books written by best selling suspense novelist Tom Clancy -- "Debt of Honor," and "Executive Orders."  Both 1990s books tell of enemies who take fuel laden jet planes and crash them into vital US buildings.

Clancy admits his helpers in ironing out the details of these novels were some of the top brass in the US military.

Friends, the US air defense system uses Satellite and radar to monitor the skies over our 50 American states CONSTANTLY.  And yet the military claims it went blind for almost an hour on 9-11?

Careful researchers have concluded that 9-11 was “Phase I” to manipulate America soldiers into the middle east.

And now Big Media clues are conditioning us for a second terror attack to trigger the attack on Iraq.

For the full story, go to Realnews247.com, and click on “9-11 Cover-up.” And email your contacts around the nation to go to realnews247.com. Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.


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