4. Remote Control Planes (Audio)

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4. Remote Control Planes (Text)

9-11. Who knocked down the World Trade Towers?  We've been told it was Muslim suicide pilots. People so inept they took “how to fly” manuals with them to the airport. 

But there's another way the 9-11 planes could have been flown into the World Trade Towers – by using computers and high technology remote control.

Since 1957, our Air Defense command --- NORAD -- has been using remote control to make planes take off, land, and even engage in combat maneuvers.

NORAD ALSO monitors the air space over our 50 states constantly. It's their job to protect us from 9-11 events – but on 9-11 – NORAD didn’t show up until it was all over.

Does it makes sense that a bunch of men in caves in Afghanistan -- masterminded 9-11?

Many suspect 9-11 was an inside job, pulled off most likely by well placed pro-Israeli operatives within our own government.

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