3. Class of 2003 (Audio)

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3. Class of 2003 (Text)

Ready to be drafted for the war in Iraq? 

Dear Class of 2003: They’re always saying you want to rebel against authority.

Well, let me give you a good reason to do so:  to STAY ALIVE!

I’m actually talking about JUSTLY resisting an ABUSE of authority.

GUESS WHO WANTS TO PLUCK YOU OUT OF THE USA and send you to fight and die in a needless war?

Why, it’s Israel and the pro-Israeli individuals running our government AND running our Big TV Networks.

YES, you heard right – the Zionists, through their pro-Israeli Lobbyists, and those who put Israel first, and America second!

The Big Media is now conditioning you to anticipate a SECOND terrorist attack – to trick you into going to the mideast to fight and die against young Arabs -- who won’t want to be fighting or dying either.

As a father of six, I fear MY generation may not be energetic enough, or smart enough -- to study these issues. But I know YOU are. Go to real news247.com and look for the “Letter to the Class of 2003.” And help stop WW III by emailing every college campus in America to go to realnews247.com. Paid for by Jim Condit Jr for Congress.


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