2. 5 Big TV Networks (Audio)

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2. 5 Big TV Networks (Text)

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & FOX TV networks SOMEHOW cover the same big stories, from the same angle, everyday.

Do you know who was a significant investor in President George W. Bush’s first oil business? His name is Salem Bin Laden – and he is the brother of Osama Bin Laden. But all five Big TV Networks have suppressed that fact from you.

25,000 Orthodox Rabbis and their followers demonstrated against current Israeli policy in the mideast in late February 2002 in New York City – suppressed by ALL FIVE BIG TV NETWORKS.

150,000 people in London and 1.5 million people in Italy a few weekends ago demonstrated against any attack on Iraq. Suppressed by all 5 Big TV Networks.

But All Five Big TV networks have tried to distract you by showing endless reruns of OJ details and Madam Too good swatting her child.

Who Runs the Big Media?

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