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October 18, 2000 Network America Ewire

Again: Bush-Cheney Will Win the Computer Count

(Read the only place on planet earth where it was “predicted” in advance, in writing that the 2000 Presidential Election would not be decided on Election Night 2000 – but that it would drag into at least the next day, Wednesday, before we, the American citizens knew the winner. How did we “predict” it? By analyzing the clues from ALL FIVE BIG TV NETWORKS. These 5 Big TV Networks push the same stories everyday from the exact same angle, and suppress the same news – everyday. Thanks to for time-stamping this Network America so that we have independent verification that it was written on October 18, 2000.


Home of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, the VoteFraud Investigation, the efforts to restore honest, verifiable elections. Where you can find the book: “Votescam: The Stealing of America” by James & Kenneth Collier


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