Did you hear about the 4000 Americans who died on September 10, 2001?

Rachel: Did you hear about the 4000 Americans who died on September 10, 2001?

Donna: Don't you mean September 11?

Rachel: No. I mean September 10th, and September 9th, and January 24th, and July 2nd. 4000 Americans have died almost every day since January 22, 1973. That was the day the Supreme Court of the United States purported to "legalize" abortion.

Unborn children (or, to say it better, pre-born children) -- are people too. From the moment of conception there is a new, biologically complete human life -- no one can dispute this, because science proves it.

The three fold proof that there is a new human life from conception is:

a) the being is alive, for it grows and organizes its cells into ever more complicated systems on its own; (if the being wasn't alive -- you wouldn't have to kill it by abortion!);

b) the being has the human chromosome pattern in all its cells -- thereby identifying the life as a human life, easily distinguished from all other forms of life;

c) the human life is complete from the moment of conception, needing only time and nourishment to grow into an old man or woman -- just like you, I or any other human being at any age.

God gave us science, and in this matter, the criteria of science is all we have to make measure exact criteria. And now science has disproved the pro-abortion implication that the unborn child is not a human life at the moment of conception. If you try to apply an other standard to determining who is a human person and who is not, -- then you will find that you have to include entire segments of born human beings.

For instance, if you say that the unborn child cannot be a person because it does not breathe on its own, then you would de-humanize, and make it OK to kill, any person who needs a life support system to breathe for even a short period of time.

Donna: I guess we don't stop to realize how awesome the gift of life is.

Rachel: I mourn the 2800 Americans that died due to the attack on the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001 --- but I also mourn the approximately 4000 unborn children who die every day in the United States of America. To be great again, America must become good again. To be good again, we must treat abortion as it always has been -- murder of an unborn infant. And we must prosecute doctors who act as assassins of these tiny pre-born children.


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