“Jim Condit Jr. for Congress” - Radio Ads 2002

These radio ads dumfounded the local talk show hosts on these two stations. Between October 22 and November 4, 2002 -- not even one hour was set aside by either WLW or WKRC -- both major Talk Radio stations -- for callers to sound off about the ABSOLUTELY VITAL AND TIMELY issues raised by our ads. In other words --- everyone in the Midwest was talking about our radio ads -- EXCEPT TALK RADIO! This shows that the Ruling Elite cannot handle the truth. In fact, an executive at the Radio Stations -- both of which are owned by Clear Channel -- told Channel 5 TV news in Cincinnati, Ohio that they researched every way they could to find a loophole to keep our radio ads from airing -- but they could not find a way to stop them. THIS IS THE POWER OF THE LAW WHICH PROTECTS THE FREE SPEECH OF FEDERAL CANDIDATES; see our home page for a full explanation under "Why do major radio stations have to air the radio ads of Federal Candidates -- because it's the law."

The Ruling Elite depends on the total censorship of the ideas we expressed -- and on the censorship of many other issues we did not have the time or money to get into during the 2002 campaign. NOW WE KNOW HOW TO BREAK THEIR CENSORSHIP.

FURTHERMORE, such radio ads can not only wake up people to information they are not getting from the mainstream media -- BUT --

Such radio ads can also teach people how to use the already established neighborhood precinct system to ORGANIZE and take the destiny of our country back into their own hands. Do not be concerned if you do not understand this neighborhood precinct system right now. Suffice it to say here that it is from where the endorsed candidates come from, and it is from where Party leaders come from at the county, state, and national level. Right now, this knowledge is the property of "party professionals" -- but it needs to be made common knowledge for everyone. You can have a serious impact on your county by investing only 10 or 20 hours per YEAR in your neighborhood precinct program.

Everyone is, of course, invited to listen to the radio ads on our audio page. However, we are especially looking for fellow citizens who want to help spread similar Radio Ads to every major city in the United States in 2003 and 2004.

For the full story on why this is the only strategy that can challenge the coordinated propaganda on the 5 Big TV Networks -- as well as the Ruling Elite which controls both the Democratic and Republican parties, and which is pushing the USA into unjust wars and towards a police state -- go back to the home page and click near the top on "Don't Just Watch the News! Click Here and Help us Make it!"

The Ruling Elite -- which controls both the Democratic and Republican parties, and which is pushing the USA into unjust wars and towards a police state -- is moving fast. If you want to first disrupt their plans, and then participate in a positive program, then act now. If just a handful of Americans will commit $10 to $50 per month -- as they can afford, between now and November 2004 -- then we can put these censorship busting radio ads on in every major city in the USA, thus reaching all of our fellow citizens.

You can make a donation right now by clicking here after you finish the next two paragraphs. This is a donation or our educational arm, not a donation to a political campaign. You can write us at Jim Condit Jr., PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Or you can email us at webmaster@realnews247.com

If at least 1000 good Americans will work with our team of associates, together we can change the dynamics of public opinion and public action in the USA, and move towards restoring our nation to its true destiny: true freedom under God.

- Jim Condit Jr.

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