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April 28, 2007

Today's Radio Show: General Failure -- A Courageous article by a young Army Officer -- and Network America Comment

Lt. Colonel Paul Yingling has written a courageous article about the treachery of top US Generals regarding the Iraq War. He is the second active duty military man to speak truth to power -- in writing -- the other being Naval Lt. Commander John Sharpe. While thousands of treasonous Neo-Con Jews run wild in the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, and the Big TV Networks -- Lt. Commander Sharpe has been put on "paid leave" while the Navy "investigates" him for his patriotic publications. Let's watch to see if the Neo-Con network strikes also at officer Yingling in the weeks and months ahead in retaliation for his truthful writing.


Pat Tillman (left) gave up his football career to go serve in Afghanistan; killed by friendly fire, the US top brass lied about his death to his family and the nation; but, horrendous as the Tillman case is, it is actually a far less serious betrayal of the troops than the General betrayal outlined by active duty Army Lt. Colonel Paul Yingling in his new essay covered in an April 27, 2007 article in the Washington Post (and elsewhere). Yingling joins another man on active military duty who has published on the Iraq debacle. John Sharpe. Sharpe compiled the landmark books, Neo-Conned! (right) and Neo-Conned! Again. While he published these works in his capacity as a US citizen, and in accordance with the military code, Sharpe is also Lt. Commander John Sharpe, on active duty in the Navy.

Click here to listen to the Network America Radio show for 04-28-07, appx 8 minutes long. you can left click, and in about 10 to 40 seconds you'll be listening over the internet. Or -- you can right click on the link, save to your computer, and then double click on the mp3 icon (which will be named "na_042807_general_failure_radioshow.mp3") to activate on Real Player, Windows media, or whatever sound player your computer is set to use. By saving it to your computer, you can also send it as an attachment in an email, upload it to an ipod, or burn a CD, etc. You can also send the link to this page in an email. (If you don't know how to do these things -- ask some teenagers! :-) -- They ALL seem to know how to do it! )


April 21, 2007

Today's Radio Show: Suppressed News, And Straight Talk about what we must DO for Presidential Election 2008

Websites or emails referred to in today's message: to request to be on the world's best news wire service; to make a monthly donation or a one time donation to help us get radio ads to the public and to organize citizens between now and November 2008.


Left: 911: the premise for perpetual war and the encroaching police state; the coverup continues; Center: Stalin Voted - But Insisted the Votes be counted by him in Secret -- Just like is now done in 49 states in the USA; Right: Smart Girl wants Gun for Safety.

When you click on the link below, it may take 10 to 40 seconds for the audio to begin playing -- we are trying to remedy the situation so it plays immediately. Thanks for your patience.

Click here to listen to the Network America Radio show for 04-21-07, appx 29 minutes long. you can left click, and in about 10 to 40 seconds you'll be listening over the internet. Or -- you can right click on the link, save to your computer, and then double click on the mp3 icon (which will be named "na_042107_radiocast") to activate on Real Player, Windows media, or whatever sound player your computer is set to use. By saving it to your computer, you can also send it as an attachment in an email, upload it to an ipod, or burn a CD, etc. (If you don't know how to do these things -- ask some teenagers! :-) -- They ALL seem to know how to do it! )

April 13, 2007

Today's Radio Show: Assessment of what WE must do for  Presidential Campaign 2008: An "Off the Cuff" Introduction


Wm Kristol (left) and other NeoCons who tricked us into the war in Iraq, and who are screaming for war against Iran -- should be immediately arrested for treason as they serve a foreign (and hostile) power; New Hampshire (center) is the only state that still counts its votes in a verifiable manner (in half the state) -- the rest of us have easily rigged elections counted by secret computer programs -- and counted in secret; Congressman Ron Paul (right) could make a lasting national impact -- and translate his campaign into a permanent Citizen Structure for taking back the USA -- by declaring and emphasizing TWO concepts as part of his Presidential Campaign; -- but most of this introductory radio show is about what WE all -- the little people at the "grassroots" level -- can and must do.

When you click on the link below, it may take 10 to 40 seconds for the audio to begin playing -- we are trying to remedy the situation so it plays immediately. Thanks for your patience.

Click here to listen to the Network America Radio show for 4-13-07, about 18 minutes long; you can left click on the link and in about 10 to 40 seconds you'll be listening over the internet. Or -- you can right click on the link, save to your computer, and then double click on the mp3 icon (which will be named "na_04_13_07") to activate on Real Player, Windows media, or whatever sound player your computer is set to use. By saving it to your computer, you can also send it as an attachment in an email, upload it to ipod, or burn a CD, etc. (If you don't know how to do these things -- ask some teenagers! :-) -- They ALL seem to know how to do it! )

You can also read the April 13, 2007 Network America ewire at the "click here to read" link at the top of this page. The ewire text is much shorter than the audio, and is a different, but related, message.

January 27, 2007

7:20 AM: (TEXT ONLY)

How many American soldiers did you say were crippled and maimed, John?

John McLaughlin reported on his January 27th, 2007 "McLaughlin Group" roundtable that an astounding 70,234 American soldiers have been maimed, crippled, or wounded in the Iraq war. You don't hear THAT statistic much anywhere else, do you? You certainly aren't going to hear it on Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or any of the "Clear Channel" Radio talk shows.

YOU -- Mr. and Mrs. American -- aren't supposed to think about what's awaiting your son and daughter when they are sent off to fight in the hot sands of Arabia for "Israel" and the international Judeo-Masonic Ruling elite. --- The Zionist-Jewish faction of the Ruling Elite is getting a two-for in the Iraq war: 1) get American parents to offer up in a kind of sick sacrifice to anti-Christ Talmudism their own children to invade, occupy, and kill Arabs (who hate our presence there because we are the invaders, and every Arab in the world knows we are there for world Jewry) -- and -- 2) they are simultaneously weakening our military, and wounding many of our best young men, so that they can eventually justify bringing in Red Chinese soldiers and other soldiers to occupy the United States of America because "we need help." While the criminals at the top of the organized Zionist-Jewish network want to rule everything -- they especially want to finally subjugate white people to their rule. This is one of their 2000 year vendettas. The other is to eradicate real Christianity from the world, and replace it with their satanized/Judaized fake Christianity, now being feverishly implemented under Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Ratzinger-Benedict XVI. (see )

McLaughlin also estimated that -- so far -- the cost of the war is between $500 BILLION and $350 BILLION -- depending on whose figures you believe at this point. All this American treasure that has been squandered has served to make the world hate us, fear us, and want to retaliate against us --because under Talmudic Jewish domination -- the USA has in fact become the cruel bullies of the world. Our young men who leave our shores don't look at it that way -- but most of the rest of the world does -- because they don't live in a country with a Jewish controlled media that feeds them lies all day and all night about what is really happening.

HOWEVER, a country whose middle age adults allow themselves to be so conquered and manipulated because they're too busy watching TV and entertaining themselves -- deserves what they get. But the young soldiers who are being deceived and sent into the Iraq War do not, and neither do the little children who MISTAKENLY think we adults are minding the store.

For my part, I like the bumper sticker I just saw: "911 is a lie! Wake up, Retards!" -- Give any of the retards you know a copy of the "911 Mysteries" DVD. And see the plan for victory at --


January 23, 2007

12:20 AM: (TEXT ONLY)

Americans STILL Don't Ask Questions About Why Certain Presidential Candidates get 90% of the Attention from 5 Big TV Networks


Sen. Barack Obama (l), Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (c), and Cong. Ron Paul (r) have all filed Presidential exploratory committees and basically announced for President for 2008. How come you only know about two of them?

Americans continue to believe that what the 5 Big Jewish Controlled TV Networks tell them has been wafted down from Heaven via an angel. FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC (whose cable arm is MSNBC) pretend to be competitors, -- but they are all really just shills for the Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite. The job of their anchors and key reporters is to coo and fawn over whomever their Jewish bosses (who coincidentally write their paychecks) tell them to coo and fawn over. And so far in 2007 -- the anchors have been told to swoon over Barack (I might be a Biafran child who narrowly escaped the famine two decades ago) Hussein Obama -- and Hillary (Nobody Likes me) Rodham Clinton.

Hey, isn't that comparison of Osama Obama to a starving Biafrin child a bit mean-spirited? Under the circumstances, I don't think so. The Jews running the Big TV Network are doing an experiment to see how much vomit and garbage they can pour out upon our society and still keep us saying, "Thank you" (even those of us who are internally revulsing). What circumstances do I speak of? The circumstances where the 5 TV Networks pluck some odd duck out of the crowd, like Obama, and not only say "this is one of your top leaders" -- but also lie about "an irresistible ground swell among the people for the odd duck we've chosen for you." I won't take it lying down. Obama has a head that's too small for his body, and it's shaped a lot like one of those poor undernourished children in Biafra a few decades ago who were caught in that horrible famine. Now -- I'm not the best looking guy in the world (trust me) -- but neither are the 5 Big TV Networks absurdly claiming that I'm being swept along in a self-generating popular frenzy that may catapult me into the White House. If they're gonna lie and say he's a "rock star" who generating a near uncontrollable enthusiasm from the American public, I'm going to tell the truth and point out that his head is shaped funny, and too small for his body.

In a television age, there is no popular groundswell for the odd looking Obama. It's a total fabrication of the Big Networks. Furthermore, the guy has no accomplishments AT ALL to his name -- and -- he is even despised by many of his colleagues for stabbing some of them in the back in midstream during recent projects (and that's saying something when you're despised by the principle-less Democrats in the Senate!). There is no Obama groundswell -- it's a total media-created mirage.

Hillary is so unpersonable that I don't think the Big Media can sustain her. She's dreadful in person and on TV. She's flips flops by the month -- and the Big Media basically says: "Wow, isn't it amazing how she lies to the people and is such a total phony -- and we can still say she's a front runner for President?" -- The dirty secret is, as many have noted: women don't vote for women. So how did Hillary get "elected"? And why will she be elected President if the Big TV Networks and their owners can get away with it?

Here's what's going on: the polls we hear about are totally controlled -- when the 5 Big Networks and the New York Times, AP wire service, and the Washington Post need to fake polling results totally -- they fake them totally. All local papers pick up these polls from the one of these national sources -- all under iron-clad Jewish control. Years ago I knew that Zogby was also a phony polling organization when Rush Limbaugh said they were "better" than the others. Zogby was caught fudging and falsifying the post-election poll paid for by Bill Stegmeier of South Dakota after the Jail for Judges initiative was "defeated" by computerized vote "count" in that state in November, 2006. How are these polls done? Who is exactly called? Who collates the results (each telemarketer only knows his or her own results)? Where are the checks and balances? Nobody asks, --- and nobody in the national media better ask if they know what's good for their paycheck and their career.

Then the four Judeo-Masonic computerized vote "counting" companies (Diebold, ES &S, etc.) deliver the computerized "results" come election night, re-bolstered during election day by totally phony "Exit Polls". The election "results" are "counted" in secret by secret programs that no one is allowed to see except the mysterious operatives of those four mega-companies.

So, that's how it works. The 5 Big TV Networks pick a few of their despicable toadies and call them "front-runners" with pervasive, overwhelming publicity, hyping the no-count-crooks the way that PBS's "Barney" is virtually idolized by the other characters on that children's show -- even though Barney has no remarkable qualities to speak of. All the rest of the candidates are ignored or downplayed. When one of these other candidates is given publicity -- the opening question is often something to boost one of the manufactured "front-runners", such as this first question used by ABC's George Stephanopoulos to Senator Sam Brownback in an interview about Brownback's announcing for President for 2008 (paraphrase): "What do think about how well Hillary Clinton is doing?", or something to that effect. Which brings us to Congressman Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a true patriot who has been trying to warn American like a true watchman on the watchtower -- for over two decades. He has stood up to both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and voted his conscience throughout his career. He recently warned in a major statement that the Ruling Elite may be preparing another "Gulf of Tonkin" incident to "justify" an attack on Iran. (The "Gulf of Tonkin" incident was a TOTAL lie, and was used by Crook-President Lyndon Baines Johnson to get us into the Vietnam war in a big way in the mid-1960s.) And Ron Paul issues many, many other important, insightful, and truly patriotic statements on a monthly basis. And what do the 5 Big TV Networks do? Ignore him, almost completely.

The traitors running FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC need to be arrested for treason, and given swift justice. WE THE PEOPLE must take back our counties through the precinct system, re-animate our 2nd Amendment rights to the full, and through the precinct system re-instate honest voting in every county in the USA, as a prelude to taking back the country from the traitors now running our government and our media at the national level, and often at the local level. See -- and help us do it.


January 22, 2007

4:18 AM: (TEXT ONLY)


Three pro-abortion Presidents pose together. At right we behold the handiwork of the abortion chambers which these three US Presidents protected with the full force of their executive power: a late term aborted baby's head after dismemberment (such babies are used by mad scientists to try and create and manipulate human life). W. Bush 43 sits back as his FDA approves the "morning after" ABORTION pill -- and National Right to Life continues to support him!!! A special place in Hell is prepared for the "pro-lifers for abortion", i.e., the leaders of National Right to Life and those "pro-lifers' in league with them, who have continued to deceive their followers into supporting those twin hydras of Judeo-Masonry, the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Note to the befuddled Pro-Life Movement: Did anyone happen to notice that "pro-life" President Georgy W. Bush sat by in total approbation while his FDA approved the morning after ABORTION pill about a year ago? How any pro-lifer can maintain in ANY sense that Dummy Bush is "pro-life" -- defies analysis (almost). In fact, here is the analysis: we are witnessing in such leaders the darkening of the intellect which comes after one repeatedly and deliberately IGNORES KNOWN TRUTH. This is a sin against the Holy Ghost as defined in the Catholic Encyclopedia and elsewhere.


3:27 AM: (TEXT ONLY)

"24" Mentally Prepares America to accept Next Terrorist Attack -- Phase II of 9-11


Keifer Sutherland on FOX TV's "24" as special agent "Jack Bauer"; "24" conditions Americans for the real 2nd Terrorist Attack which Chertoff and the boys at the top of Judeo-Masonry are preparing to unleash on America in order to launch the draft, more wars in the Middle East, and a police state in the USA.   

Thanks to the pervasive spiritual corruption and deliberate blindness on the part of good people, the evil forces move steadily ahead. As you read this, Michael Chertoff and the top Talmudic Jews, in league with the worst of the Anglo-Freemasons, plan the Second Terrorist attack on the USA. This Second Terrorist attack will be used to try and move the USA rapidly to a full blown police state and the abrogation of Freedom of Speech (to say the truth).

Just to further prepare the sheeple for the coming terrorist attack, the very popular FOX program "24", starring the younger Sutherland as secret agent "Jack Bauer", ended its first mega-episode for 2007 with part of Los Angeles being blown up by a suitcase nuke. Get it? Get it? "It's not if, but when," -- as deplorable and deplorably dumb Judeo-Masonic mouthpieces like Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Osama Obama say. Meanwhile, Chertoff and the Rothschilds Banksters, the Liebermans and the Schumers strive from the heights of power for the draft of our young people, the shutting down of freedom of speech on the internet, passports to travel from state to state, and a complete Communist-Jew police state in the USA, a la Russia in 1917.. Back at the ranch, the real world Hobbits prepare massive prayer campaigns, are entering the Precinct System, and are contacting local Sheriffs and other public officials and leaders who might not be completely corrupted or completely brain-dead -- in preparation to confront these Judeo-Masonic moral devils -- and save the country and the world. ( see )


3:19 AM: (TEXT ONLY)

Good People, A Few Heroes, and those De FactoTraitors      

Joe Scheidler, Director of the Pro-Life Action League, a true and faithful leader who for 3 decades has withstood intense persecution while saving the lives of unborn children (and the consciences of their mothers) at the "gates of hell" located outside of abortion chambers across the USA. He is the foremost national Apostle and Grandfather of Sidewalk Counseling and the Rescue movement. He and such leaders as Robert Cetrulo of Northern Kentucky Right to Life get an A+ for their efforts in their chosen focus since 1973. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the leaders of National Right to Life and the Republicans they support. These people get an F in the political arena -- and should be called "pro-lifers for abortion" because of their constant betrayal of pro-life politicians and candidates who would have stopped abortion by now.

One of my sisters, one of my daughters, and several of my nieces and nephews are in Washington D.C. today with Pro-Life Leader Joe Scheidler and other stalwart troopers to participate in the March for Life. Led by Nellie Gray, tens of thousands each year march in the nation's Capital to protest the now roughly 47 million "legal" abortions that have been performed in the USA since 1973, calling down God's wrath upon us as we speak, read and write. God bless all the folks who continue to fight on. Joe Scheidler, the Grandfather of Sidewalk Counseling and the Rescue Movement has saved tens of thousands of unborn children over the years. Leaders such as Joe Scheidler and Robert Cetrulo of Northern Kentucky represent the best in the pro-life movement.

Too bad there is another class of "pro-life leaders" who purport to be "our" leaders in the political arena, exemplified by those at National Right to Life Headquarters. These "pro-life leaders" have not figured out that the Talmud Jews and Freemasons running the country don't care about marches. National Right to Life and other behemoth organizations continue to collect AND WASTE most of the tens of millions they collect -- because they hide from the grassroots pro-lifers the Precinct Strategy through which we could take back the country in 2 to 4 years. (see ) Of course, if most grassroots pro-lifers didn't want fairy tales instead of real life -- then they wouldn't still be supporting National Right to Life and the other "pro-lifers for abortion" who daily sell out the unborn children and the country in the POLITICAL ARENA -- in return for a pat on the head from the Republicans, and who knows what else that remains unseen.

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