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Not a matter of if, but when...
World Government the ultimate Goal
"Why does treason never prosper? What can be the reason? Well, if treason prosper, none dare call it treason!"
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Part one:
Perle Tells British Parliament in November:
War With Iraq...A Done Deal No Matter What Inspectors Finds

When one of President Bush's key advisors, Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, addressed both houses of Britain's Parliament in mid-November, the MPs could scarcely believe what they were hearing. And unless you read European newspapers, visit alternative media websites or have been told this by someone who does one of these activities, you haven't heard about it at all, because the "mainstream" news sources in the US just happened to get "lazy" all at the same time and left it uncovered. From the standpoint of newsworthiness alone it is hard to fathom any journalist not being attracted to the story, for what Perle told the MPs cried for a headline; namely, that Iraq will be attacked regardless of whether or not Hans Blix and his United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) team find any weapons or not! Read for yourself:


In London's Daily Mirror, Paul Gilfeather writes that Perle argued that even if the inspectors report perfect compliance on the part of Iraq: "Evidence from ONE witness on Saddam Hussein's weapons programme will be enough trigger a fresh onslaught."


Chris Marsden, in an article that appeared on November 23 on the independent news website GoOFF!com, reports that while in England Perle dropped another bombshell; in "an even more provocative interview to the Guardian newspaper,...he said that Iraq was only the first of a series of targets. Others included Iran, Syria and North Korea." (See the "Wars-R-Us" section of the "Latest News" for November 26 for more information on how some Pentagon officials and members of Israel's ruling Likud Party favor this extended war concept.)


In "Iraq inspections? We're going to war regardless," on the Northwest Cable News website, a reader who, after discovering the Mirror's article and being skeptical, sought verification in other sources. "Boy, did I find it!," he exclaimed, "Perle's speech is a HUGE story in most of the European papers and on BBC News...." (The potential significance of this quote will be evident in a moment.) He is very disgusted about the government's deception, writing: "if we're going to war 'no matter what,' don't try to prettify it up by pretending that we even care what the inspectors find."


In this context it's interesting to read "Gunning for Saddam," a PBS interview with Perle from October 2001, where he enumerates  the principal themes he's using above. He sounds obsessive Hussein almost Calling the Iraqi dictator "probably the most dangerous individual in the world today," he makes a case for war. Consider this: just a month after the 9-11 attacks, when the name of Usama bin Laden was on everyone's lips, here is what he told PBS: "There can be no victory in the war against terrorism if, at the end of it, Saddam Hussein is still in power...."


ATTACK NOW, ASK QUESTIONS LATER, SAYS "EX"-CIA EXPERT ON IRAQ. Kenneth Pollack, formerly of the CIA, now with the Brookings Institution (now aren't those credentials that inspire trust!), backs the Perle position. "If you the results of the inspections process will be ambiguous," he told the Washington Post, "then the best time to strike is now."  

When Bush first threatened Iraq with war, he said that the only way that nation could avoid Western wrath was to consent to a return of UNMOVIC. Initially, Hussein refused, but finally agreed, but only if certain conditions were allowed. Bush rejected this, so Hussein then agreed to unconditional inspections. And now Perle has stated, in essence, that there is nothing Hussein can do to avoid war. Every  time Hussein has jumped a hurdle, a higher one has followed, until now he faces one impossibly high. One way or another, Bush will have his war, and nothing, it appears, can be done to stand in the way.

But the notion that war will happen in any instance was not something the Administration was prepared to spring on the American people--at least not for time being. Nevertheless, Perle's message was able to find its way across the Atlantic Ocean. It's only through the last bastion of free communication--the Internet--that we've been able to lift the shroud from off the Establishment's cover-up. But guess what? They noticed it, too, and did damage control.      

Part two:
"Confirmation" & Damage Control;
The War You Didn't Know About

Something curious happened not long after Richard Perle's address to Parliament, something that had the feel of a second-rate playwright using a implausibly contrived plot twist (that is, deus ex machina) to direct his characters to the desired conclusion. When Perle addressed Parliament, he made a point of saying that should as few as one witness come forward and reveal secreted weapons in Iraq, the US would have all the proof needed to go after Saddam Hussein (using the military phrase here) with extreme prejudice.


Witness for the Prosecution. Well, wouldn't you know it? Not more than a week or so after the speech, a Reuters news story appears with the title, "UK Papers Say Saddam Tells His Staff To Hide Weapons." Oh, and then there were the Washington Times articles a few days later, including "US has 'solid' arms proof," as if to add a punctuation mark to the Reuters report.

Had Perle said too much by disclosing Washington's real intentions. Perhaps, because it certainly seemed as though some kind of damage control followed after him (a sort of veiled plausible denial, if you will), for around the same time the articles directly above appeared, another story surfaced at the BBC.


WAR NOT INEVITABLE?  In an article by their diplomatic correspondent, Barny Mason, concerning an interview (which we've been unable to find) with Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. The gist of his comments was that should Saddam Hussein cooperate and turn over his weapons, then no war would be needed. However, later Mason adds what Wolfowitz believes will be the case, and that is that Saddam won't yield, so "war as is near inevitable as makes no difference." And yet note that his statements are couched in such terms as to persuade the reader that, contrary to Perle, the U.S. won't attack if Iraq complies (still implicit in his remarks is the conviction that Saddam does have weapons of mass destruction, regardless the findings of the U.N. inspection team).


In case you haven't heard--and you probably haven't since this is another story not carried by the American media, the U.S. and U.K. are already at war with Iraq, although it is a secret one (presumably Bush doesn't call it war unless land troops are involved and unless, of course, he wants to go public with it). Below is the complete article, "West Bombing Iraq by Stealth: Warplane missions escalating," by Bob Roberts of London's Daily Mirror.  ( we were not able to ascertain the date this appeared, but from the Wolfowitz--reiterating what he told the BBC--we can safely say it had to have been the last few days of November to the first few of December) The article is reproduced below as it appeared on the Mirror's site, changed only as to font characteristics:

BRITAIN and the US were last night accused of conducting a stealth war against Iraq.

New figures show there has been a massive increase in the bombing the country has suffered.

The MoD [Ministry of Defense--Real News 24/7] says an average of 14 tons a month were dropped by US and British warplanes in 2002. (Emphasis added--Real News 24/7 Fourteen tons a month is a lot more than flight crews need to drop if they just want to see the camels jump!)

In 2001, it was just 8.9 tons. Anti-war MPs are warning this is hindering hopes of peace, just as Iraq is promising to disarm.

The Liberal Democrats said it showed an "undeclared war" was being waged on Iraq. Foreign Affairs spokesman Menzies Campbell said: "These operations are to soften up Iraqi air-defences.

"There must be a risk this could provoke wider military action when the inspectors appear to be able to do their job."

The accusation comes as Iraq has pledged to meet the December 8 deadline to declare its arms programmes.

Head of the Iraqi National Monitoring Directorate, Hussam Mohammed Amin, said: "We are going to deliver the declaration. But it will not necessarily include details of weapons of mass destruction - we are a country devoid of these."

But President Bush has cranked up the pressure on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein recently, saying any declaration must be credible.

He added yesterday: "He says he has no weapons of mass destruction. He's got 'em. He's not only got 'em, he's used 'em.

"The choice is his. If he doesn't disarm, we will lead a coalition to disarm him, in the name of peace."

But Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said war is not inevitable. The leading US hawk said: "Our goal is to achieve disarmament of mass destruction weapons - peacefully, if possible, by force, if necessary.

"I believe until we've exhausted every peaceful means, one cannot say the use of force is inevitable."

Last night, Tony Blair said he, too, thinks the Iraqi President has stockpiled chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

The Prime Minister said: "Our information is these weapons exist. If Saddam doesn't co-operate fully, he must be disarmed by force."

Mr Blair added that if the issue is not dealt with "at some point we will find those weapons in the hands of international terrorists".

A war expert has warned Iraq's weapons statement may be used to buy time by Saddam.

Steven Simon, of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, said: "The clever thing would be to throw in a few things we don't know about. This would create an impression of Iraqi co-operation and make problems for the US and Britain in the security council."

A British official warned: "A long declaration, admitting some things and denying others, would give inspectors enough to keep them going for a while."

Meanwhile, NATO member Turkey has said it will open its airbases to US warplanes for a war on Iraq. Muslim Turkey already allows US fighters to patrol the no-fly zone in northern Iraq.   


IF IT ISN'T INEVITABLE, THEN WHY THIS?  "US preparing for preemptive war," reports The Economic Times.


U.S. Won't Rush Iraq Assessment,  reports MSNBC in a late breaking story (includes interactive feature regarding arms inspections). Fortunately, for those of us who don't want war, there can be no invasion until around late February or early March.

 Part three:
The War Is Now;
Real Motive Exposed

In Part I of this study we observed a rather curious phenomenon: A high-ranking official of the United States government, who also happens to be a valued aide to the President, travels to Britain where he is permitted to address the members of that nation's legislature in a special meeting about the most pressing foreign policy issue of the day, he then stuns them by disclosing that America regards the arms inspection in Iraq a mere formality after which the war will commence no matter how the findings turn out and yet despite the importance of this event, there is a news blackout about it throughout  the US, a nation whose people pride themselves as being (and in many ways, probably are) the best informed populace on the face of the earth.
One the face of it something is amiss, for the entire Washington Press Corps to end up missing in action is unheard of when there is a big story at stake. If nothing else, the drive to scoop the competition ought to have caused at least some of the news agencies to send reporters to the scene. Returning to the case of the missing journalists, the obvious question is, why? Why would reporters take a collective day off from covering such a story?  The reason, of course, is because they weren't assigned.
The decision across the board to spike the Perle story, to prevent it from ever appearing as even a blip on the radar screen of American consciousness, came from on high. Why was that? Isn't it obvious? If the Bush Administration isn't the least bit interested in the outcome of the Iraq inspection, if the absence of weapons of mass destruction will not in the least change the commitment to attack, it stands to reason that that issue is being used as a pretext to cover for another agenda.
And what is that agenda? It is the same one the former President Bush articulated in his "Toward a New World Order" speech (which he gave, significantly--in an Illuminated sense--on September 11, 1990) as things were heating up with Iraq in what would be called the Gulf War. And its the same agenda as when, a year-and-a-half later, he proclaimed: "It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance." Didn't he swear in his Oath of Office to uphold and defend--not the United Nations Charter which, far from having sacred principles, says our rights come from government, not God)--but the Constitution of the United States of America? (Perhaps the fact that a mentality such as his permeates so much of Washington thinking explains why the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force has instructed local law enforcement to regard as potential terrorists people who talk about the Constitution and place it above the UN. )  And that agenda is, ultimately, a one world government. For a detailed example of these "sacred principles" and their consequences, see the e-edition of G. Edward Griffin's classic U.N. expos, The Fearful Master (this site also has other documentation and information on how to "Get US out of the UN").
ow, consider the current President Bush's actions and statements concerning the present contrived crisis: Saddam must be stopped because he has violated United Nations resolutions, United Nations no-fly zones and United Nations-defined international law, he is a threat to the authority of the United Nations, he must comply with United Nations inspectors, which, if he does comply, means he will be disarmed by the United Nations and, if he doesn't, he will be fought against with a United Nations mandate as part of a multi-national United Nations "peacekeeping" force, his removal will be a great opportunity for the United Nations to flex its muscles and help the United Nations achieve greater more clout and when he is ousted he will be supplanted by a United Nations-approved provisional government. (For more about relationship Bush has drawn between the United Nations and the proposed war with Iraq, see "Should We Go to War," in our Latest News postings for November 22.)
While the President has gone to Congress and secured approval to use force against Saddam and while he has in speeches seen fit to wrap himself in the American flag with patriotic rhetoric, this war will have little do with defending our nation or fighting terrorism. (If that were the real aim, we have a vastly easier target less than 100 miles south of the Florida Keys.) Neither, ultimately, will this war be fought for any of the other objectives various factions have advanced, such as a desire to seize Iraq's oil, nor to assist Israel It is not even to "empire-build," at least nor in the sense that's usually advanced, namely, the expansionist dreams of the United States.
No, any empire-building will to erect a one-world empire over the foundation of the United Nations and none of the reasons cited above have the slightest substance, except insofar as they serve this objective. The concept now commonly referred to as the New World Order has been promoted since the late 1700s, when it was the goal of the secret society known as the Illuminati. More on the Illuminati, including a six-part audio lecture.) One of a number of modern Illuminati-aligned groups, to which Bush belongs, is Skull and Bones.
A century after the establishment of the Illuminati, two very powerful illuminated Freemasonic leaders, the American Albert Pike and the Italian Giuseppe Mazzini, exchanged letters in which they charted the eventual takeover of the world by a series of three wars. These wars would all be global conflicts. The first would be to used to help take over a country to be used as a springboard for subsequent conquests. The target nation: Russia. The second war would be to spread illuminated rule throughout Europe. After consolidating these gains, the conspiracy would launch its final war, which would bring about a world government. It would begin in the Middle East. 
Could the coming war with Iraq fit the bill? President Bush, in a speech made not long after the 9-11 attacks, while talking about them as something the U.S. would respond to, also, urging global action, declared: "This is the world's fight." Prior to this, he spoke about how the need to "save the world" and how this would be a new kind of war: one without geographical boundaries and with an indefinite time frame. And bringing up the United Nations again, this past October, he told an audience in South Dakota: "The message to the world is that we want the U.N. to succeed." So the global aspect of the war is very critical.
So how with this war further the ends of those desirous of a one world government? Principally, by giving the United Nations the opportunity to, using Bush's phrase here, "flex its muscles." The way this is to be achieved is spelled out in "The Insider Agenda Behind Disarming Saddam" in December 2, 2002 issue of The New American:

Using UN authority to disarm Saddam will make the UN much more relevant. Moreover, by disarming Saddam, the global elitists can the build on that precedent to disarm other nations (including the U.S.) in a world increasingly brought under UN control. (p. 9)

ere the American people to find out about this, many of them might not be so favorably disposed to Mr. Bush's war. They may write their Congressmen, asking them to reverse their support of armed intervention against Hussein. They may pay closer attention to see whether their Congressmen are truly committed to American values and give the boot to those who side with the globalists. They may urge Congress to establish committees to look into criminal malfeasance and impeach the rascals. And they may finally begin to wake up to the bigger picture, to the treachery that has haunted this nation for decades and begin to shake it off. Don't just watch the news, help us make it!

The Massacres of Jenin and Nablus
The evidence Israel hopes you will never see
IDF's Unspoken Motto: Using Terrorism to Fight Terrorism)
Video/Text files

VIEWER ADVISORY WARNING: Some of the photos in
this section, graphically displaying scenes of unspeakable
carnage, can rightly be called disturbing, horrific, even
nightmarish. It is with this in mind that we feel obligated
to caution those with sensitive temperaments what to expect.
In this section only, any hyperlink that is underlined will be
for material of a highly graphic nature, while links
without underlining direct
the viewer text-only features.

To hear Israel and her mouthpieces in the U.S. media tell it, there were no massacres this past spring in the Occupied towns of Jenin and Nablus and anyone who disputes this "truth" runs the risk, at the very least, of being accused of grossly exaggerating minor incidents or, worse, being labeled an anti-Semite or a friend of terrorists. Countering this one-sided portrayal of events, we at Real News 24/7 has gathered information from several websites to help Americans get a more balanced picture:


The official spin of the Sharon government said the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) "was well behaved and avoided civilian casualties," but a column in the April 20th edition of  Jordan's The Star challenged this view as being as much a cover-up as were Israel's hasty mass burials before the world's media was permitted to set foot in Jenin.


That much, at least, was disclosed by Fox News, when it reported:  "Jenin effectively has been closed to journalists and aid agencies during most of the fighting, so allegations of massacres and mass burials could not be independently confirmed. Journalists who entered the camp briefly Thursday saw no bodies, and the army would not explain where they were."


"Israeli War Crimes and Genocide of Palestinians," an article by Phil Reeves appearing in The Independent, a British daily, leaves no room for doubt about the nature of what Sharon's army was doing in Jenin. Maybe massacre isn't a strong enough word, after all--how about butchery. It is virtually impossible to distinguish body parts on some of the corpses, as though the Israelis were doing some macabre, impromptu harvesting of organs!


The first absolutely sincere Israeli eyewitness testimony on what actually happened in Jenin. An interview with one of those who did it and are proud of it. (From the Israeli peace group Gush Shalom's website, you'll find the interview linked near the bottom of the home page.)


Also on the Gush Shalom site, be sure to review the full report of the Human Rights Group and decide for yourself if this is a "war on terror" or something else (scroll below the previous interview).


Medals of Honor awarded to Jenin and Nablus War Criminals.


A much more detailed depiction of this proof is found in the 49-slide presentation The Truth Israel Does Not Want You to See, found at, which also shows photos of homes reduced to rubble. To find this slide show, scroll down the left column to the "Presentations" section (please note that it is in two formats--one for those who have Power Point and one for other users).


Also covering the Jenin and Nablus tragedies is what appears to be an untitled Palestinian site (the English is very rough in places). This one has also been included because it has several other informative features ("Real Genocide," which shows you what CNN doesn't: photos of slain infants that are quite heartrending) and for its "Stop Supporting Baby Killers" boycott of businesses that give financial aid to Israel (among them: Disney, Revlon, Coca-Cola, Johnson&Johnson, Calvin Klein and J. C. Penney). Worth reading, as well, is a brief interview at the bottom of the page between an unidentified Fox News reporter and Farid Abboud, the Lebanese Ambassador to the United States--they're so far apart in their thinking that they seem to be involved in two different interviews. It actually brings a little humor onto an otherwise rather grim page and also demonstrates the media's unshakable pro-Israel bias.


IDF thugs gun down unarmed 12-year-old boy and his father, as camera catches the crime.


Sworn statement of photographer at the scene: murder took place despite cries for mercy.


Rabbi: Lives of non-Jews worth less than those of Jews. For a look into the demented mindset that finds a religious justification for the cold-blooded slaughter of women and children, we've included the article, Rabbi In Hebron Says Annihilation Of Non-Jews Acceptable, which appeared in the November 23rd issue of the Palestine Chronicle. Much more information about the man Rabbi Rav Leor calls the "great rabbi and saint," Baruch Goldstein, who in a cowardly fashion machine gunned dozens of unarmed Moslems as they knelt praying in a mosque, can be found in our November 26 "Latest News" page under the heading, "Israeli Soldiers Kill 8-yr.-old "Terrorist.'"


Death in Gaza--Israeli's Latest Massacre.


Censored by Israeli TV. Also from the "Ethnic cleansing/Arabs viewed as sub-human" department, take a look at this CBC video showing the aftermath of Israeli army actions resulting in the death of a Palestinian woman in Bethlehem. "I don't know what we're doing here," a smiling Israeli soldier is shown saying, "Purification, maybe. It's dirty here." Dirty as in needing some ethnic cleansing, perhaps?  Fortunately, not all Israelis (and, may we hope, very few) think like this; in our next section we'll take a look at the "refusniks," those brave men and women currently serving in or drafted for the armed forces who have accepted jail rather than engage in genocidal attacks on Arabs.

NOTE: The above reports call attention to the fact that some ghastly bloodletting is being committed by Israel and yet, for the most part, it is continues to be unreported (or underreported) here in the United States. Some may protest that our site is only showing the massacres of Palestinians, while equally ghastly bloodletting is happening to Israelis, especially at the hands of suicide bombers. And we at Real News 24/7 totally agree, the deliberate killing of innocent civilians--both Arab and Israeli--is horrendous and to be condemned. The difference, of course, is that in the U.S. Israel is the beneficiary, not only of billions of dollars in loans each year from the American government, but of the "Israel can do no wrong" coverage of the controlled media. The BBC, to cite but one example, has allowed the Israelis to censor and manipulate its newscasts, so that all references to assassinations carried out by that country are to "targeting killings"--the Zionist government's own euphemism of choice.  Earlier this year a modest attempt to cut through the media bias was attempted by a pro-Palestinian group, which aired a radio advertisement in Cincinnati, Ohio. Some local Jews were incensed at the station for carrying the ad and called to complain, including a rabbi who told the station that the situation in the Middle East was far too complex to be covered in a 30-second sound bite (while this is undoubtedly true, it is a very safe bet the rabbi wouldn't have whined at all had the ad been pro-Israel).

Israel's "Refusniks"
Since 1982, over 1000 Israeli Defense Force soldiers and nearly 300 young draft-age
youths, all willing to die for their country, have refused to take part in the genocidal
slaughter of  Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Here are some of their stories.

Video/Text files

More than 1000 Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers are refusing to fight in the Occupied Territories.  One member of Ariel Sharon's cabinet has called them "objectors without any conscience, " but for Sergio Yahni, refusal to fight in the Occupied Territories has to do with his desire not to participate in war crimes. Yahni, who was jailed for this, attacks what he calls "a dirty war against the Palestinian Authority," which includes "extra-juridical killings" and "the murder of women and children."

Protest letter signed by 508 IDF soldiers (this site includes a video feature from 60 Minutes on the "refusniks").

Reservist Lt. Yuval Lotem, 45, film maker and former paratrooper, is returning to jail rather than accept assignment in the West Bank. "The worst thing that can happen," he says, " is that I kill a 10-year-old Palestinian boy the age of my daughter."

"At the face of such evil as we find here and now," wrote Hagai Matar, 18, in an eloquent letter as he prepared to go to military prison, "there is no other way."

Tal Matalon is also eighteen. Persecuted in high school for her views, she's one of 280 young Israelis who have signed a letter refusing to serve in the army, if that means assignment in the Occupied Territories. "The state of Israel commits war crimes," reads the letter, "and tramples over human rights, destroying Palestinian cities, towns and villages." (If you are taken to Yahoo News's home page, do a search for "Pacifist shows Israel's other face" to read her story.) Here is the letter Tal signed, with the names of other signers.

Israeli "Refusniks" speak out in Washington.

Gush Shalom (Heb. for peace bloc) press release concerning IDF soldiers who refuse to be guards at the notorious Ktziot detention camp. (Protest letters shown here in English and Hebrew.) 

318 Israeli academics sign letter in support of  "refusniks" (complete list of names and university affiliations included).

A "refusnik's" thank you letter--five more jailed for opposing "the ongoing assault on the Palestinians and their human rights."
Yesh Gvul (Heb. for there is a limit) website. It is an Israeli support group for "refusniks started in 1982. "

And a glimmer of optimistic news from the other side, as the Toronto Star reports that 56% of Palestinians want attacks against Israel to cease. (It will be noted that most still favor attacking Israelis who violate their land, which is consistent with the "refusniks" who believe in defending Israel's sovereignty. has numerous links of interest, including groups of Israelis and Palestinians working together for peace and an archive of related articles.

The Lessons of Pearl Harbor
merican Service Personnel Sacrificed on the One World Government Altar;
The Sinister Forces Who Betrayed Them Still Have Power in Washington
Video/Audio/Multimedia/Text Files

Sixty-one years after its occurrence, the sneak attack by Japan on December 7, 1941 of American forces stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, remains, as foretold by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "a date that will live in infamy." It is an incident that continues to be of the greatest importance in understanding modern  American history--and current events, especially in light of 9-11 and reports the certain people in the Federal Government had prior knowledge that an acts of terrorism was to take place.
An excellent starting off point for background material is Osprey's Essential Pearl Harbor. Describing a site as "essential" ordinarily would be overstating it, but this one backs up its boast most convincingly, including films, audio, animated maps and planes, an A-Z of Pearl Harbor, a debate on controversies, and much more.    
Discovery Channel's page focuses on the sinking of the USS Arizona, with a "virtual attack" and rare amateur film footage that captured the event.
Newscasts aired concerning the attacks (with photos). These clips come courtesy of Earth Station 1.'s Military History page also is valuable,  having numerous external links.
Chief Petty Officer Henry Swyers' journal--an eyewitness account. (Excerpt from December 8, 1941: "Heard we lost over 2000 men. Should have been a little more alert with sub contacts in the outer harbor on the 5th. Somebody screwed up for sure.")
USS Arizona Memorial (a National Park Services webpage).
"Motives for the Betrayal" by James Perloff. "No explanation of Pearl Harbor is more consistent with the facts than to cast blame for the treachery on pro-Communist and globalist influences within FDRs administration."
America's New Pearl Harbor? This page compares 9-11 to Pearl Harbor and links to a page showing evidence of government knowledge about the former (also included are a number of links to pages on the latter).
Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies. A documentary approach to showing the treason of FDR and subsequent cover-up (includes U.S. ultimatum to Japan, Japanese code and decoded messages, a confusing "hostile action possible" warning just prior to the attack--it actually directed attention away from Hawaii, transcripts of proceedings from the Army, Navy and Congress, etc.)
Justice for Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Major General Water Short, the two scapegoats of Pearl Harbor. This page is maintained the Kimmel family and has copies of ongoing correspondence to President Bush (none of which he has yet acknowledged) to obtain posthumous promotions for Kimmel and Short, as well as numerous articles and other studies showing how the two were victims of betrayal and subsequent character assassination.
Betrayal at Pearl Harbor, a review this book, not that betrayal. The subtitle says it all: How Churchill Lured Roosevelt into World War II.

The government is seeking to force all Americans to get shots as part of its War on Terrorism
Will Bush's move to block information about the effects of thimerosal (linked to autism in children)  be reason for grave concern when small pox vaccinations come your way?


Mild to Fatal Smallpox Vaccine Dangers--See for Yourself In your face, close-up color photos of the symptoms. Definitely not recommended for the squeamish.

Twenty Reasons Not to Take Smallpox Vaccine  And here's a 21st reason: the Homeland Security Act, which  protects pharmaceutical firms who manufacture these vaccines from lawsuits of families whose members become ill or die after being vaccinated.

Nurse, Firefighters Say Smallpox Shots "Must Be Voluntary"  "It is the most dangerous vaccine that we have," said one health professional, "It will cause some healthy people to have adverse reactions that they would not have otherwise had."

Medical Cartel Gears Up for Mandatory Vaccinations How to keep your cool when the first wave of smallpox hysteria hits your town.


Thimerosal and autism, the dangers. Findings of  the School of Microbiology & Immunology, University of New South Wales, Australia. Also examines use of formaldehyde in some vaccines.

Vaccination Liberation...the Right to Know, the Right to Abstain. The website of Dr. Len Horowitz: An invaluable source for vaccination information; contains an exhaustive index of links.

Thimerosal Litigation.
One of several sites legal assistance to families who have children harmed by thimerosal. Contains several articles and links of interest.

Thimerosal Info Center. Although thimerosal has been removed from a number of vaccines, some pharmaceutical companies still use this dangerous preservative.

Disease Deities on Capitol Hill Address Autism. What Dr. Len Horowitz found out when he went to Congress on behalf of autism victims.

Bush asks court to seal MMR vaccine records. The First Family should receive some special holiday greetings this year from billion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical firms. Thanks to the president, attorneys are hampered in the pursuit of justice for victims of these companies.

What follow are two heart-felt pleas from those with autistic children. Both
are quite critical about the way in which the government is treating this issue.


Health Sciences Institute e-Alert

Deon Masker

The new Homeland Security Act is designed to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. But you may be comforted to find out that an additional provision was added to the act so that American corporations will also be protected from the parents of autistic children.

(our granddaughter has been diagnosed as one!)

Before the age of two, most infants in America receive EIGHTEEN (18) vaccinations, and on average about 12 of them contain a preservative that's loaded with mercury.

The evidence that mercury poisoning from those vaccines sometimes causes autism in otherwise healthy kids is so overwhelming that it's got plenty of people very scared. And no one is more scared than the executives at Eli Lilly, the drug giant that makes thimerosal, the mercury-based vaccine preservative.

The higher-ups at Lilly are addressing this situation aggressively. Are they making sure that not one child will ever again be injected with a vaccine containing mercury? No. But they are going to enormous trouble and expense to protect their company from lawsuits filed against them by parents whose children now suffer severe neurological damage.

And this protection comes courtesy of the U.S. Senate, through the Homeland Security Act, signed into law just
a few days ago.

Two articles about this controversy appeared in the New York Times last week. The first made me angry - then the second just made me angrier. Because this transparent "gift" to a well-connected drug company gets more and more unseemly with each new revelation.

The "Ticking" Bomb!!!

More than 75 years ago, Eli Lilly & Company developed thimerosal, the vaccine preservative that contains approximately 50% mercury. In recent decades, scientists have shown that mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin (MEANING, IT DESTROYS NERVE ENDINGS, ESPECIALLY IN SMALL CHILDREN!).

No surprise then that the high levels of mercury detected in many young children in America have been directly linked to permanent neurological damage, including autism. And the one thing all of these children have in common is that they received multiple vaccinations, beginning in the first months of their lives.

Lilly denies this connection, of course. But it obviously scares the heck out of them. Even the FDA has admitted the connection, although this admission is couched in the softest possible language, stating that "concerns" have been raised, and claiming that the agency is working with vaccine manufacturers to "reduce or eliminate thimerosal from vaccines." And even though it sounds as light as air, we know the FDA doesn't make this sort of statement lightly. Especially when a major drug company has so much at stake.

Defusing the "Bomb"!!

But when you run an international pharmaceutical company, you don't just let the chips fall where they may. Not at all - you get out there and flex some influential muscle.

During the recent political season, Lilly donated $1.6 million dollars to various candidates - more than any other pharmaceutical company. So it hardly seems like a mysterious coincidence that less than two weeks after the mid-term elections someone in the senate sneaked this vaccine provision into the homeland security bill.

And "sneaked" is no exaggeration - the provision was introduced at the 11th hour, as were six other provisions that had nothing whatsoever to do with homeland security.

But while tucking "pork" into bills that are about to pass is business-as-usual for congress, the unusual thing about this particular pork chop is that no one is taking credit for it.

As The New York Times reported last Friday, nobody seems to know, or will admit to knowing, who placed the provision in the bill, or even who wrote it.

It's almost as if someone is ashamed to be associated with this addition that will simply brush aside both class-action and individual thimerosal lawsuits aimed at Eli Lilly.

A spokesman for Lilly said that the company knew absolutely nothing about the sweetheart provision.


I suppose that includes Sidney Taural, the chairman, president and C.E.O. of Eli Lilly, who has a seat on President Bush's Homeland Security Advisory Council.


"Working it out!"

Well none of this has a very good smell, does it? Even the current senate minority leader Trent Lott recognizes the fishy odor. So to force through the passage of the Homeland Security bill, Senator Lott promised that three of the last-minute provisions (including the vaccine protection) would be reviewed when congress reconvenes next year. He said,
"We need to work on those three provisions."

Note that he didn't say that the provisions would be removed, reworded, or changed. He only said, "we need to work" on them. And that's a perfect example of some beautifully vague political-speak for you.

Meanwhile, the provision currently stands as law, sufficiently complicating all of those existing lawsuits.
It will be very interesting to see just how diligently Senator Lott's "work" proceeds on behalf of a handful of citizens against a deep-pockets pharmaceutical
giant like Eli Lilly.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a proponent of litigation. But this is not a hot cup of coffee at McDonald's we're talking about. And even if it were, the way it was swept off the table is shameful.

"Take care of the kids"

Last year, under pressure from the Centers for Disease Control, the Public Health Service, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, pharmaceutical companies agreed to stop manufacturing vaccines that contain thimerosal.

But while this mercury-based preservative is no longer in production, stores of vaccines that contain it are still being used. This is a very important detail that all parents of young children should know about because they can tell their pediatricians to use only thimerosal-free vaccines on their children.

Whether or not you're a parent of young children, I hope you'll share this critical information with friends and loved ones whose children are young enough to receive vaccinations.

Likewise, if you have a child or know of a child who is showing signs of autism, you can get further information and assistance from the Coalition for SAFE MINDs (Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders) - a non-profit organization founded by parents to raise awareness about the exposure to mercury from medical products (

Personally, I am going to take a few minutes to write to Senators Mikulski and Sarbanes and let them know that
I don't consider autistic children terrorists
from whom we require protection. You know, for when they "work" on those last-minute provisions.

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To Your Good Health,

Steve & Brenda Mungie
Grandpa & Grandma


"Whose Hands Are Dirty"
Bob Herbert, The New York Times, 11/25/02

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WFAA-TV Dallas,
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The New York Times, 11/28/02
4)"Statement of Mercury Policy Project and Safe Minds on the
Homeland Security Bill's Thimerosal Shielding Rider -
5)Safe Minds' Rebuttal to Senator Frist and Gramm's Comments on
Senate Floor 11-18-02" Press Release, Safe Minds, 11/19/02

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Hi. I've been getting these free health alerts from Jenny Thompson. There is some pretty good information that I haven't really seen anywhere else. She writes about interesting new treatments, and explains the research so it actually makes sense. Here's a link so you can sign up to get them free if you want. Let me know what you think.


As you may already be aware, you and your family members
have been moved from the FBI's "blue list" to the ATF's
"red list." In addition, DNA samples have already been
covertly obtained from you and each of your family members
and added to the National DNA Database (NDD).  They have
your fingerprints, a strand of your hair and blood samples.
Your house, car and place of business have been bugged.
Satellite surveillance constantly track your every move
through the use of multiple implants inserted without your
consent or knowledge.  Please understand that there is
no need to unsubscribe at this point, but you are always
free to do so.

You may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to:
American Police

The preceding comments are, of course, intended to be
funny.  What won't be very funny is the day we discover
IT WAS ALL TRUE...! (and then some)

An Open Letter to Parents on the 61st Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

from Gary

The author of this letter is married and the father of eight. He and his family reside in Texas. He formerly  a model maker for NASA and currently is active as portrait  artist. One of his sons developed autism after receiving the government-mandated MMR vaccines an infant.

As Americans reflect upon the everlasting impact that the "Day of Infamy" had on their country, a new perspective on how that event relates to the current state of affairs in the USA is long overdue.  For, our sailors stationed at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 were not the first, nor would they be the last, Americans killed or injured in a surprise attack by a hostile government - it is happening every day in this country.  Please read on:
There is a pandemic in America today.  It is called "autism."  It is a sensory input disorder now believed to affect one American child in every 250 born in the last three years.  My 16-year son, John, is autistic.  But as our family's video archives illustrate, John was not born autistic.   After 15 months of normal to above normal development, John was brain-injured by a government-mandated MMR vaccine, and his cognitive progress  was abruptly halted, and then regressed.  Given what is now known about the toxic effects of the MMR vaccine, there can be no doubt that John was brain-injured as a result of that medical malpractice, from which he continues to exhibit the ill-effects to this day.  It has since been discovered that regressive autism is an affliction caused by the compromising of the immune system in infants, often due to the introduction of toxic viruses and neurologically damaging mercury preservatives found in the MMR vaccine.
The MMR vaccine can dramatically arrest development, resulting in a condition that is usually irreversible unless biological intervention, via massive infusions of intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG), globulin (made from human blood) is administered at once to the affected infant or toddler.   In a report published in the "Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders," by Sudir Gupta, M.D., Head of the University of California Immunology Department, and Cathy Heads, R.N., Assistant to Dr. Gupta, documentation was provided that several autistic children in a controlled study showed improvement after treatment with IVIG.
John received 19 infusions of immune globulin, during a two year period, with a 5 month interruption halfway through his treatment, caused by the destruction of all existing inventories of the medicine - ordered by the US Government.   The cost of his treatment was around $1000 to $1500 - for the medical supplies only, and became inflated due to the artificial shortage of the medicine, directly caused by the US Government.
Like Dr. Gupta's patients, John showed improvement while under treatment by his doctor in Houston, but he reverted back to his previous condition, once he ran out of medicine.  IVIG is now totally unavailable here in Southeast Texas to patients like our son.  Thanks to the interference by the federal government, which caused the injury to our son in the first place, we were advised that he is probably too old now to receive further benefit from this treatment, even if it became available again.
In a subsequent year, John received 12 infusions of another treatment that had shown promise in several young autistic patients who had received it - the organic hormone, secretin, which is  normally used for colonoscopies in the diagnosis of gastro-intestinal disorders in children.  But alas, organic secretin suddenly became unavailable when the only manufacturer of the medicine stopped production of it,  just after a report on NBC News indicated that the hormone had accidentally been discovered to be an effective therapy for autism.
wo different toxins are likely the cause of John's condition.  First - a virulent combination of mumps, measles, and rubella viruses, have formed a glaze coating over his intestinal linings, preventing his digestive track from absorbing the nutrients of his food, which has physically emaciated our son.  The viruses in his gut also emit toxins that cause brain inflammation.   Secondly - mercury poisoning, from a "preservative" added to the MMR vaccine in use in 1986, could have caused his condition all by itself.  A hair analysis ordered by John's doctor revealed toxic levels of mercury and arsenic in his system.  Mercury has been known for over a century to cause mental retardation (the inhalation of mercury vapor by factory workers, who used it as a stiffener in felt hats, was identified in the 1800's as the cause of "Mad Hatters' Disease" - a type of mental illness).
Thousands and thousands of children have been brain-injured by their un-witting parents, who have dutifully surrendered their infants and toddlers to be sacrificed on the altar of consensus medicine and blind obedience to their government.  There are some courageous, trail-blazing physicians all around the world who are in a race against time to save these affected children from permanent mental and physical retardation.  To combat the virus contamination of the G.I. track in children, every type of anti-viral medication is being tried from IG, to Vitamin A, to Cod Liver Oil, with results that differ greatly from one patient to the next.  Now that mercury has also been  identified as one of the leading offending agents, oral mercury chelation has been attempted in a few cases, but only with mixed results.
John's mother and I hope and pray that he may someday be able to embark on a new path - indeed the only one, humanly speaking, that seems to provide any hope for an improvement in his condition.  It is two fold - first intravenous mercury chelation, which is far more effective in removing mercury from brain tissue than the oral version, but also more difficult to obtain and more risky to administer.  And secondly, intravenous hydrogen peroxide - as an adjunct to the same agent produced by the body itself to fight viruses - may eventually prove to be very effective, but its availability is extremely limited, since there are only a few doctors willing to administer it.
For those parents who have read this far, it should now be obvious  that the prevention of autism is infinitely preferable to its treatment.  If there is anything that I would stress to parents, it is this:  If you are a child-bearing age mother or father, do not under any circumstances submit your infants or toddlers to the horrors of present-day, government-mandated vaccines.  If you are a grand-parent, do everything in your power to persuade your adult, married children not to expose their children to the risk of vaccine-induced injuries or death.  There are far better means to protect your infant or toddler from infectious diseases, such as, mother's milk, good hygiene, and good nutrition, than by subjecting him to any of the current crop of dangerous vaccines.
Before he was 15-months old, our son was experimented on and tragically handicapped by an evil government, just as certain as if he had been a victim of Nazi Germany's "Dr. Death" Joseph Mengele, who carried out his grizzly experiments on children, as if they were laboratory rats.   Barring a miracle, John has been condemned to a life sentence of mental retardation by our government just as if he had been an unruly prisoner in a Soviet gulag, lobotomized by a surgical butcher for the KGB.
Strong words?  To be sure.  But consider the following:  As soon as the MMR vaccine came out in 1978, there were indications noted in pharmaceutical journals (later revealed to me by my local druggist) that suggested a connection between the vaccine and autism and several other developmental disorders.  What action did the government take?  Nothing!  Did the FDA order the suspension of the vaccine until its safety could be guaranteed?  No!!  Did U.S. health officials warn pediatricians or the parents of their patients? No!!!  Yet, the evidence is mounting that government leaders and their campaign contributors among the drug companies knew all along that several "hot lots" of the vaccine were causing brain injuries to small children, and they did nothing to stop it.  Likewise, the DPT vaccine (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus) came under suspicion 20 years ago, not because anyone had yet imagined that it might cause brain damage in babies, but because they noticed that it could kill them, outright.   Untold thousands of newborns died from the government-mandated DPT shot.  The Japanese understood this connection early-on and banned the administration of the DPT shot for children below the age of four.  Can you guess was happened?  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS, or crib death) disappeared in Japan at once.  Do you think that the US government could have been unaware of this?  Not likely!!!!
The US Government (aided by its partner in population control, the US pharmaceutical establishment) has become a criminal enemy of the American people.   Congressman Dan Burton - himself, a grandfather of a vaccine injured child,  chaired congressional hearings on the massive evidence that huge numbers of children in this country  have suffered vaccine-induced brain injuries or death, during which time numerous expert witnesses provided informative testimonies to back up such claims,  and these were nationally televised on C-Span.  Regardless, the squinty-eyed tyrant in the White House has attempted to get the civil courts to "seal" all records of evidence in litigation pertaining to vaccine-related injuries, even as thousands of American citizens are seeking just compensation owed to their families for the suffering and death that has been inflicted upon them by the drug cartel, a protected friend of the Bush Administration.  This should come as no surprise, since Bush slipped a last minute "rider" into the heinous Homeland Security Bill, which seeks to hold harmless all vaccine manufacturers from legal action by American citizens, due to the injuries and deaths caused by their products.   This was an apparent condition that the pharmaceutical cartel put on Bush for their participation in his devilish plan to subject the American public to a new small pox vaccine (which has yet to be tested, and has been admitted by the major media to be potentially fatal), and the Army's dangerous anthrax vaccine, which is one of the principle agents suspected to have caused the dreaded "Gulf War Syndrome," which has resulted in the deaths of nearly 10,000 US veterans of that war.  Legislation has been passed, or is pending, in several states that would force their residents to accept these vaccines, at gun point, if necessary, once a "state of emergency" has been declared and the National Guard has been activated to enforce the order.
Civil liberties are thus being trampled under foot as the country is being swept along in Bush's  maniacal obsession to ignite the entire Middle East in an unnecessary war that could spell the end of the American republic.  The pace of destruction of our Constitution by Bush and his war-mongering thugs is a carbon copy of how Hitler transformed Germany into a totalitarian state, hell-bent for world conquest.  Bush, now totally corrupted by the prospect of wielding total power over the globe, follows in the footsteps of the Nazi dictator whose screeching rhetoric blinded the German masses to the possibility that their glorious leader could reduce their historic nation to ruin and their beautiful cities to ashes.  Today, as the sound of war drums gets louder and louder, the American people, now at the beginning of the 21st century, are being conditioned to give their support to Bush's new federal agency to "protect" the "Homeland," in eerie similarity to the Germans of the 1930's, who were whipped into support for  Hitler's Gestapo to protect the "Fatherland."  Then, as now, citizens critical of the rush to create a police state were labeled as "unpatriotic," and eventually, "traitors."  To confine such people, federal detention centers (concentration camps) have been built and are kept in readiness all over this country, just like in Germany during the 1930's.  Hitler burned the Reichstag (German Parliament building), and blamed it on his enemies, to consolidate his power.  Now, only 15 months after 9/11/2001, the Internet is awash in incriminating evidence that Bush and his advisors were, at the very least, accomplices to those insidious attacks, and have covered up the evidence ever since, making them the biggest mass murderers of American civilians in US history.   And now, they want to subject the American people to more poisonous vaccines.  One can only imagine what is in the government's latest "witches brew" - something to make the American people more compliant, perhaps?
Well, I have news for Mr. Bush.  I already have one child who has been destroyed by a government-mandated vaccine.  If our home-grown Nazi leader has any idea of imposing his murderous shots on any more of my children, his death-dealers will be stopped in their tracks at my front door.  Thousands of other Americans are also prepared to do likewise.
How many Americans, say, 15 years ago, would have dreamed that our government would be exposed as an enemy of its own people?  Of course, a few Americans have long been aware of this reality.  Just consider the US citizens who were sacrificed in the sinking of the Lusitania, through connivance by Washington, just to get us into World War I, or the 3500 American servicemen killed at Pearl Harbor in an ambush carried out by Japan, but orchestrated by Franklin Roosevelt, to get us into World War II, as recently revealed by the History Channel!  This does not even begin to take into account 300,000 dead US servicemen that were sacrificed in that war, which the US should have tried to avoid, at least in Europe, until the Nazis, Communists, and Fascists had wiped out each other.  After WWII, thousands of American G.I.'s were secretly exposed by the army to radioactive contaminants, just so the government could see what it would do to them.  Then, there were the LSD experiments carried out against unwary members of the armed forces in the 1960's, who were deceived into allowing the CIA to cook their brains for "duty and country."   Another 110,000 American servicemen were betrayed by their government and killed during the two infamous no-win wars in Korea and Vietnam.  Finally, the latest example of Washington's contemptuous attitude toward its infantrymen and their dependents, was the subjecting of thousands of Gulf War troops and officers to the army's dangerous anthrax vaccine, along with exposure to radioactive depleted uranium artillery shells, which has left 400,000 veterans seriously ill and (as previously mentioned) 10,000 dead - all conveniently covered up by the government.
The U.S. government has thus shown over and over that it has no regard for the lives and safety of the American people - military or civilian.   But until recently, this was only apparent to a few "conspiracy nuts" like this writer.   Then, about 10 years ago, a much broader group of citizens began to "smell a rat."  At that time, parents of brain-injured children had begun to realize that their innocent babies and toddlers had been used as guinea pigs by the government's vaccine policy planners.  Now it is becoming painfully obvious to more and more Americans  that once everyone has been made as defenseless as children (via abolition of the Bill of Rights, in particular, gun ownership, etc.), no one will be safe in this country.  In fact, government documents that reveal the sinister intent behind the nation's vaccine program (ultimately, to reduce the population) have been posted on sites all over the World Wide Web.  It is now out in the open  - the government wants to kill you.  (The AIDS virus, which was developed at the CIA's former laboratory for biological warfare, Fort Detrick, Maryland, and then found its way into the Hepatitis B Vaccine used in New York City and San Francisco, is another example of a direct attack against the American people by the US government.)  They have targeted in particular the children of good parents who would never consent to the murder of their own babies by the unspeakable crime of abortion - so the government will do it for them.  God Bless America?  God save America from its rotten leaders!  If 100 million citizens were to tell the Bush administration: "We will not fight your dirty, unnecessary, and unprovoked wars of aggression; we will not pay your confiscatory taxes that are used for our own destruction; and we will not accept your death-dealing vaccines that maim and murder our children," Mr. Bush's evil schemes for his hellish world empire would collapse overnight.
Parents - wake up!  Do not let your families be victims of yet another Pearl Harbor, contrived and carried out by your government!

- Gary Giuffr

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.  Those who count the votes decide everything."
attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Lynne Landes, whose website focuses primarily on environmental and women's issues, has branched out to include election concerns. She is co-authoring a book with Bev Harris on the politics of voting machines.
Who Owns the Voting Machine Companies? Fair question? Bev Harris thinks so and launched an investigation to find out. She maintains that there are serious issues that need to be addressed:  Nondisclosure, Conflict of Interest, and Potential for Manipulation. She still doesn't know who owns Elections Systems and Software (ES&S), the company that manufactures 56% of the voting machines used throughout the country.
conflicts of interest and other serious concerns that  The firm is none too happy with her snooping and attorneys for ES&E have threatened a law suit, if she doesn't issue a retraction.

More from Bev Harris on voting irregularities:

Just a brief update: New Hopsicker 9-11 material hitting all alternative,
gay, afro-american, college media plus all the conspiracy people right
now. Another bulletin: BOOK DEAL, We've got new book coming out,
manuscript deadline Dec 10, pub date the day the new Congress takes

Latest report: (This would be far funnier if it were funny)
A GLITCH-FREE ELECTION? Well, Not Quite . . .

A compendium of voting problems found on the web site

-- "Ghost Precincts": Now this is truly scary. A Florida woman, a former
news reporter, discovered that votes were being tabulated in 644 Palm
Beach precincts, but only 643 precincts have any eligible voters. An
earlier court case in Florida found the same discrepancy, and the reason
for it was never satisfactorily explained. A reporter in New Jersey
observed 104 precincts with votes in an area that has only 102
precincts. "Ghost precincts" -- no matter what the official explanation
-- do not provide the transparent accounting needed to protect voting

-- Candidate declared victory prematurely: New Mexico candidate Heather
Wilson declared herself the victor and made a speech, even though the
margin was only 51:49 and votes weren't fully counted. First reports
explained that "thousands of new votes had been found but not counted."
Later, when thousands of new votes were not discovered after all, the
reason for her victory premonition was changed to an influx of uncounted
absentee votes, 2:1 for Wilson.

-- A Texas-sized lack of curiosity about discrepancies: In Comal County
Texas, the uncanny coincidence of three winning Republican candidates in
a row tallying up exactly 18,181 votes each was called weird, but
apparently no one thought it was weird enough to audit. When 18 machines
were pulled out of action in Dallas because they registered Republican
when voters pushed Democrat, the judge quashed an effort to investigate
the accuracy of the tally. But when Scurry County poll workers got
suspicious about a landslide victory for Republicans, they had a new
computer chip flown in and also counted the votes by hand -- and found
out that Democrats actually won by wide margins, overturning the

-- Fuzzy math in Miami: November 10, Miami Herald listed the following
figures for the total votes cast at the Democrat-friendly Broward County
Century Village precinct in the general election:
1994: 7,515
1998: 10,947
2002: 4,179
Yet a VoteWatch participant who is an accountant called Century Village
and was told that their occupancy has remained stable (around 13,000
residents) since the complex hit capacity in 1998.

-- Candidate for governor finds vote-counting computer asleep: Paul
Rosberg, the Nebraska Party candidate for governor, eagerly took
advantage of a Nebraska law that lets candidates watch their votes being
counted. He first was invited to watch an optical scanner machine, which
had no counter on it, and then was taken into the private room, where he
was allowed to watch a computer on a table with a blank screen. So much
for public counting of votes.

-- This crushing defeat never happened: Vote-counting machines failed to
tally "yes" votes on the Gretna school-bond issue (Nebraska), giving the
false impression that the measure failed miserably. The measure actually
passed by a 2-1 margin. Responsibility for the errors was attributed to
ES&S, the Omaha company that provided the ballots and the machines.

-- Trying to find 300 voters so they can vote again: In North Carolina,
one out of four new touch-screen voting machines failed in early voting,
losing 294 votes. The machines were shut down before Election Day, so
election workers looked for the 294 voters to ask them to vote again. (A
paper trail would have solved this problem.)

-- Double-counting votes in South Dakota: Blamed on "flawed chip." ES&S
sent a replacement chip; voter demanded that the original chip be
impounded and examined.

-- Georgia officials forgot where they put their memory cards: Fulton
County election officials said that memory cards from 67 electronic
voting machines had been misplaced, so ballots cast on those machines
were left out of previously announced vote totals. No hand count can
shine any light on this; the entire state of Georgia went to
touch-screen machines with no physical record of the vote. Fifty-six
cards, containing 2,180 ballots, were located, but 11 memory cards still
were missing Thursday evening. Bibb County in Middle Georgia and Glynn
County on the coast each had one card missing after the initial vote
count. When DeKalb County election officials went home early Wednesday
morning, they were missing 10 cards.

-- It might take a team of experts a month to find the computer problem
that reversed the Alabama governor's election. Local computer experts
say it could be weeks before software engineers find the mis-programming
in Baldwin County that caused the mysterious appearance of 7,000 votes,
reversing the Alabama Governor's race after observers had gone home. An
audit was requested, but denied. No paper trail...officials insist the
"glitch" shouldn't discourage voters.

-- Banana Republic goes upscale: In posh Marina del Rey, California one
precinct had no voting booths, the voting machine was broken, voters
couldn't get their cards into one machine, and someone broke the puncher
out of the machine. So voters were told to vote in public.

-- One hundred percent error tabulating Libertarian votes: In
Pennsylvania, a voter reported that he had followed his conscience and
voted Libertarian. When he reviewed the results for his precinct,
though, the Libertarian candidate received zero votes. Two ways to look
at this: Unimportant, just a vote; or, a 100 percent error. Either way,
why bother to vote?

-- "It's raining, so you can't vote" --Many voters reported that poll
workers gave them the wrong ballots, refused to provide forms needed to
vote, or offered only ballots with the wrong names on them (meant for
other districts, apparently). One Ohio voter reported that she couldn't
vote because election workers ran out of forms and refused to get more,
since it was raining.

-- Kennebunkport voting glamour: A New York voter reported disgust after
seeing photos of abundant machines with no lines in Kennebunkport,
Maine. In his crowded New York precinct he found only six machines, long
lines, cranky kids and people who were already late for work.

-- Forty-four of 46 machines malfunction in New Jersey: Election workers
had to turn away up to 100 early voters when it was discovered that 96
percent of the voting machines couldn't register votes for the Mayor,
despite having the machines pre-tested and certified for use.

-- Vote Republican (read "Democrat") -- In Maryland, computer
mis-programming upset a lot of voters when they saw a permanent banner
announcing "Democrat" at the top of their screen, no matter who they
voted for.

-- "I can't say every precinct had a problem, but the vast majority did"
-- Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Court John Dahmer said at least
20 percent of the machines in his parish malfunctioned. "One percent
might be acceptable, but we're not even close to that," Dahmer said. He
said 15 employees worked to combat the malfunctions.

-- Some Florida elections officials don't like accounting any better
than they like paper trails: An assistant for Harry Jacobs went to
precinct # 23 and asked to see the list of people who had voted. She was
told that was illegal. But precinct #23 was illegal: the candidates have
every right, under Florida law, to compare the number of votes cast with
the number of votes counted.

-- Step right in, anybody can vote -- and ya'll come back now! --
Numerous voters reported that no ID at all was requested when they went
to vote, and in several states voters reported that there were no
safeguards to prevent repeat voting.

-- "What the hell do I do with this?" -- A bag full of paper tapes that
looked like rolls of cash register tapes was handed to the County Clerk.
A computer software "irregularity" in a New Jersey vote-counting system
caused three of five relay stations to fail, leaving a single county
clerk holding the bag for a hand count.

-- All the king's horses and all the king's men...couldn't put the tally
together again: With a 34-vote margin separating the two justice of the
peace candidates in St. Bernard Parish (Louisiana), the machine ate 35
absentee votes and left everyone guessing about the outcome of the race.
The ballots became inaccessible when the system locked up; even the
technician couldn't get at them.

-- Five people of color told to step aside for white voters. Elections
official delayed their voting, then said "Ya'll ain't gonna vote today."
Two witnesses provided phone numbers, details for the press, but in
Florida, this story apparently wasn't deemed important enough to make
the news.

-- Sorry, you can't vote, no more ballots: If you showed up at the
polling place in Westwood Park in San Francisco around 7 p.m., an hour
before the polls closed, you were out of luck. There were no more
ballots. The ballots finally arrived around 11:30 p.m., and a few hardy
voters were still patriotically waiting to cast their votes. But one of
the poll workers informed them that their ballots would not be counted
since the votes were cast after 8 p.m.

-- When all else fails, use duct tape: One VoteWatch visitor reported
that in Sarpy County, Nebraska, they used duct tape to stick something
under the machine -- that's the only way it would feed the votes

-- More than 200 machine malfunctions reported in Ascension Parish
(Louisiana): An elections official gnashed his teeth as more than 200
machine malfunctions were called in. The Parish Clerk said his staff was
on the road repairing machines from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. In one case, a
machine wasn't repaired until 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. "A mechanic would
fix a machine, and before he could get back to the office, it would shut
down again," Bourque said.

-- McBride was a tough guy to vote for: One voter said that he tried 10
times, and every time he pressed McBride the Bush choice lit up. He
could only get his vote to light up the McBride choice when he pressed a
dead area of the screen. No paper trail was available, so no one really
knows who got any of the votes -- regardless of which candidate lit up.
Similar problems were reported in various permutations, for various
candidates, by several Florida voters.

-- Voting machine tallies impounded in New York: Computer mis-programming
hampered and confused the vote tally on Election night and most of the
next day, causing elections officials to pull the plug on the
vote-reporting web site. Commissioners ordered that the voting machine
tallies be impounded, and they were guarded overnight by a Monroe County
deputy sheriff.

-- Absentee voting: Washington State reported late receipt of absentee
ballots and absentee envelopes sent with no ballots inside. Oregon
reported candidates changing position after absentee ballots had been
cast, and receiving other people's absentee ballots in the mail.
Minnesota had many complaints about votes sent in early for Wellstone
not being counted for any candidate.

-- A programming error of 55 percent: In South Carolina, and it caused
more than 21,000 votes in the squeaker-tight race for S.C. commissioner
of agriculture to be uncounted; only a hand-count was able to sort it
out. Good thing there were paper ballots.

-- In Ohio, a vote-counting machine malfunctioned with 12 of the
county's 67 precincts left to count. A back-up vote-counting machine was
found, but it also could not read the vote. Election workers piled into
a car and headed to another county to tally their votes.

-- Computer mis-programming caused machine to count the wrong names: In
Taos, New Mexico just 25 votes separated the candidates in one race;
another race had a 79-vote margin. After noticing that the computer was
counting votes under the wrong names, Taos County Clerk Jeannette Rael
contacted the programmer of the optical machine and was told it was a
programming error. The votes were then hand-counted, so all ended up

-- Nearly a day later, no votes were counted in Adams County. Software
from ES&S had a coding problem, County Election Commissioner Chris Lewis
said. Attempts to clear up the problem, including using a backup
machine, failed. The problem affected at least 12,000 ballots. "The
irony is they had one of the newest pieces of voting equipment in the
state," said Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale."

-- Two South Carolina precincts working to extract information from the
computer: Pickens County was unable to get totals from two precincts
because of computer glitches. No further explanation was available.

-- Computer mis-programming overturned the result: In North Carolina, a
mistake in the computer program caused vote-counting machines to skip
over several thousand party-line votes, both Republican and Democratic.
Fixing the error turned up 5,500 more votes and reversed the election.

-- Another example of the recent "glitch-free election": In one Georgia
county ballots in at least three precincts listed the wrong county
commission races. Officials shut down the polls to fix the problem but
didn't know how many wrong ballots were cast or how to correct errant
votes. In another, a county commission race was omitted from a ballot.
Cards voters need to access machines malfunctioned. Elsewhere, machines
froze up and dozens were mis-programmed.

-- Only 103,000 votes went missing in Florida, and only 94,000 voters
were wrongfully purged from the rolls. Though there is no paper trail,
officials assure us that the counts were correct. And the purged voters
get their votes back -- next year.

-- Bergen County absentee fraud? New Jersey elections officials
impounded 276 absentee ballots because of allegations of improprieties
and Prosecutor John Molinelli said he would investigate potential voter
fraud. More than 22 percent of the borough's voters applied for
absentee ballots, which raised suspicions.

-- California machines that can't add: The problem in Monterey,
California was that the department's mainframe computers refused to add
the results of early absentee votes and those cast on touch-screen
computers prior to election day. "We didn't have any problems whatsoever
during our pre-election tests," said the elections official.

-- U.S. Senate Candidate's ballot was pre-voted for his opponent:
Charlie Matulka, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska,
arrived at the polls to vote for himself. When he looked at the ballot
he was given, he discovered it had already been filled out -- for his
opponent, Chuck Hagel, giving Nebraska the most newfangled voting of all
-- not just electronic voting, but automatic voting!

A word about "computer glitch" vs. "computer mis-programming" -- Glitches
seem to have no owner and bring with them an aura of "expectability," if
not respectability. Mis-programming -- whether accidental or not -- says
the same thing, but asks for accountability.

www.VoteWatch.US, the online repository of voting obstacles is the
brainchild of Steven Hertzberg, a California entrepreneur who created
the web site to flag voting problems. Voters logged in personal
experiences, news clippings, spam, and for awhile, too many hits to

When voters reported problems, spammers ("trolls") got busy,
dive-bombing VoteWatch participants with insults: "If you were a
patriot, you'd stand in line," "Crybaby" "Too dumb to vote!" and "This
is all crap!" VoteWatch added rules and a moderator, but it took 12
hours to cleanse the list of its trolls. Massive traffic prevented
hundreds of visitors from reaching the site, so switched to
a new, more powerful system capable of handling the heavy traffic that
proves Americans certainly DO care about their votes.

"This was an experiment set up for this election cycle, but the results
are getting a lot of attention. I'm glad we got lots of participation
and identified a few snags. I want everything to function perfectly by
the next election cycle," says Hertzberg.

VoteWatch.US --Steven Hertzberg, 650-429-2150
More: see, Bev Harris,

Nov 14, 2002 - INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE - Contact Steven Hertzberg

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